World of Tanks Replay | WZ-132 | Know Your Role

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Source: Maxwell

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  1. Kristian Mattocks

    More mine craft videos please!!!

  2. Thanks for putting my replay :)

  3. nice video maxwell

  4. that tea drinking top hat tipping British man

    *intro plays*DAMN motherfucking intro get’s me all the time…

  5. Mathis Prost (LuxMandible)

    very nice replay and good game. WZ132 is my next tank in line (yeah!).

  6. Would you accept me emailing a Xbox1 Beta replay? It’s 5 mins with the
    start cut (Because of course you can’t record 10 or 15 minutes back)

  7. great game, I struggled with the wz132 after loving the wz 131. This makes
    me want to try again with it.

    • +slacko1971 The WZ-132 is a easy tank to learn don’t think of it as only as
      a LT think of it as you want Flanker/Long range Supporter and MT based on
      tier MM

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