World of Tanks – Retreat – Kite Positioning

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Source: Anfield


  1. First

  2. Internet restored a day early :^)

  3. Good vid mate

  4. If you can upload, you can stream. Get off your lazy ass. We have some good
    music to listen to.

  5. as my friend says do be afraid to use your engine, you have it for a

  6. MilchintolleranteSchokolade Mit ADS

    “Searches for Unicum Experience, Link in Description”… Did not find it 😀

  7. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    Hey +Anfield, Are there any tanks that you are looking out for on the
    Advent calendar?

  8. Nice !!!

  9. when I take long breaks from the game I often forget how to kite and it
    comes back to me.

  10. Lmao, that 13 90 called you a moron

  11. helpful, keep up the vids! thx for the insight

  12. you got some funky FOV going there, dont you? your t62a appears to be
    longer than a damn battleship lmao

    but great video anyways buddy

  13. Yo friend Anfield, i have a replay thats exactly what i think you meant for
    your commentary over someones gameplay.
    Its a STB1 game where i did close to my avg dmg in that tank so nothing
    special. It is a win where i felt like i missed out on so much but i cant
    really out my finger on what i did wrong aside from taking 1 unnecessary
    hit from t30.
    Also i cant find where you want the replay to be sent so pls let me know if
    youre interested. Fenks

  14. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Really very good video, nice positions and suggestions.

  15. How long do you have to keep the chair promo for?

  16. Congrats on the move, great vid btw

  17. Nice replay Anfield. I to struggle with this map, and I just can’t seem to
    find a way to play it well consistently. It needs to be “re-balanced” so
    the field has more opportunity to advance.

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