World of Tanks – Retro

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which I dig back through the forgotten mists of time pre-WOT 1.0 and show off another replay that slipped through the net.

All music licensed from and


System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX100 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

If you have a of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Carlos Carrillo

    Dammit Jingles. I told myself that I would be going to bed at the reasonable time of 2:00 am PDT, and then you have to upload a new video to keep me up for another 15 minutes.

  2. 14:55 – I heard that Jingles.

  3. 6:05 IS-7? Jingles, that was an IS…

  4. Patrio Graysmark

    Part of me wondered up to the end if the CDC had flipped to his (or her) side.

  5. 5:44 merry christmas

  6. So shot in tracks of object 263, frontally, will kill object!? Can anyone explain that logic!?

  7. Don’t mind me. Just on break from a 12-hour shift in the salt mines.

  8. lol the guy saying the fv4202 is a sniper….i mean yea you can play it that way but has he ever looked at the turret armor. and the slope of the hull as well. That thing can bounce a suprising amount.

  9. BeastOfAustraliasEast

    haha fucking hell carry of the week much ?? if this is a woman than us men have to do allot to get to her lvl fuck props to him/ her, her/him nice match

  10. “Yep, I’m afraid you’ve come down with a very nasty case of Kathigitis. It’s a horrible, disfiguring, flesh-eating disease and by the looks of things it’s started on your face.” – Dr Jingles

  11. sooo, how does one get old replays like this to actually work? every time theres a patch all my replays get completely borked. which is a bit sad

  12. Now he has an extra 3 meters of armor.. lol!

  13. Saradis Apostolidis

    Its Kathighitis and it’s greek for professor.καθηγητης

  14. zuuter7th gaming

    48!? i thought you are like 60

  15. 5:45 he obviously sacrificed enough dissidents

  16. To many weak spots on Object 257, I think they should buff that babe!

  17. 6:05, yea I hate it when my IS-7 cupola gets shot too

  18. That prima victoria was a bit slow in the mind… could ‘ve easily flanked ( 3:20 ), but didn’t. So the excessive gold amo use is just the cherry on top…

  19. Jingles, you should play tomb raider and bring back wanker of the week

  20. Καθηγητής=Professor(Kathiyitis) all i’s read as the first one

  21. That`s “russian RNG” !

    A VERY big middle finger for ALL other nations in the game.

    Because WG ist a RUSSIAN company.

  22. russian accuracy. higher number better, DA!

  23. I wasn’t aware that the IS-7 could get sniped into the commander’s hatch in a tier nine game

  24. Tyfttggg Trddgh

    Jingles! U can explain the situation on the map without zooming it in.. It covers all screen and we can’t see shit behind it.. We are not blind! :* Thanks

  25. i havent seen it anywhere in the comments so ill throw the useless info of the day here.
    Mr Jingles since you were wondering, his name is Greek and it means “professor”. Male or Female.
    *flies away*

  26. Jingles please stop doing the ” or her ” thing it’s irrelevant I don’t think anyone actually cares if you call players a he

  27. Okey I’m just gonna stop here mid-video and say it:

    THIS is why a lot of your replays don’t make through Jingles filters, he forgot about a guy/girl who single handedly took down entire enemy team……what exactly do ppl need to do to…… Jingles……don’t ever change 😉

  28. Lol what happened!? Did jingles take his meme pills today!? Those constant jokes were great! xD

  29. Russian Number Generator. Magnifique. Astounding. Blessed by Stalin.

  30. good old jingles calling the IS an IS-7

  31. That was insane, masterfully played. They definitely earned their marks. Couldn’t stand the arty overpen and sold mine, nice to see someone who plays it well for a change lol.

  32. Jingles my platoon mate sent you a replay of a tense match we had in our kv2’s hope you even got to see it I don’t expect you to show it (because we were playing blitz) but I hope you see it cheers jingles! ✌?️

  33. Jingles stories are the best stories

  34. ” Sniped the hatch of a moving IS-7″

    *ERRR AKTUAKKY* Jingles that was just an IS, a significantly easier target wouldn’t you agree?

  35. Skull Fragments

    “Armored steel butt plug” … @ 13:07

  36. Kathageetees? Greek?

  37. here we can observe a tank from the obj. family building its nest, in preperation for winter.

  38. I’ve played Girl from Impanima in my Jazz Band before, fun piece

  39. James magnussen

    It’s an Is not an Is-7

  40. Why is he angling his tank? Isnt it better to face enemies straight up when you have that pike nose, if you angle to the side like he did the enemy has a shot at your pike nose straight on the side that you counter angled?

  41. Marianne Jensen

    Isn’t it “…great responsibillity”? 12-kills pool’s medal? Didn’t you say that 12 kills was a kolobanov’s?
    Wonder if “Kath” have been loading premium on the way to the point, where Kath is today? Properly not. Most likely, it’s more me being held back, by those countless times I get shot as the first one, and can’t get the option for using the terrain and stay hidden. It’s gonna take me quite some time, to still learn to use the options of concealment on the maps, and thanks to all those who have been yelling at me, when I was new, unsure, vulnerable, and just wanted to do good, I also now have a problem with patience. I listened to them, and have later become a too aggressive player, who apparently right now throws gas on the fire (or however it’s expressed) to those random-yellers, but I better say this at the same time. Yelling at someone making them rush out, in their later games, is only going to bite you in the ass. Because, then they do, and what have they really done? If you can’t be calm and constructive, you better shut up, once you’re shot to a wreck, in a battle of world of tanks. Bet you’ve got plenty of other tanks to grind. “Mary, why don’t you just close your ears and ignore it?” “….new, unsure and vulnerable” -The filter wasn’t even created at that time, when those random teammates got to me, with their nonsense shouting.
    Seeing those replays, great entertaining, well played….. but it does make me dream, that I was that good. And no matter premium, “Kath” must have been playing honestly, for quite some time. Grinding, and adjust the gameplay when things didn’t work

  42. Hello Jingles .. Thank you for sharing my video, I hope you enjoyed ..
    Kathigitis in greek means (professor) ?
    Obj+vodka= beast

  43. Jingles why do u have trouble pronouncing his/her name? didnt u watch the Video? it was Bob the Builder! 🙂 loved how s(he) build that “But Plug” as u called it 🙂

  44. oh look another tank video…. I am sorry Jingle now i must unsubscribe… you become who you are because of Ships… and you abandon this game…

  45. andreas pedersen

    “Kath adjust the armored steel buttplug” im so happy to support you on patreon 😀

  46. woo actually able to see a jingles video within an hour of upload 🙂 awesome

  47. Ivan Stepanovic

    Object 257… Pretty fast, good pen and alpha, very well armored, nearly impossible to track and damage at the same time, almost impenetrable even from side (except a tiny weak spot, narrow strip above the tracks)… Not OP at all. And here, top tier in 3-5-7 MM template. yeah…
    Would have been a great game if he/she wasn’t in that thing. This way, all these achievements are questionable…

  48. Just an IS not IS-7 – Don’t change!

  49. Quote…. “3 meters of addition armour….” classic jingles
    I noticed the very last comment in chat…. “Kreta ?”, does that translate to cretin btw ? if not it should.
    wp Kat..

  50. Actually Jingles, It’s a tier 9 game, there is no IS 7 here!!!

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