World of Tanks || Return of the Good Guy…

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The return of the good guys of World of Tanks.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. +Dion SneezitLP Same here, its even more fun with the t54 proto and its
    troll armor.

  2. That i like and have done my self when jpe100 came to my rescue i stuck
    with for the game spotting and drawing fire for his big gun to work its
    magic and we both messaged thx to eachother after(xbox)

  3. +Jason Weiss A tank on 1% is just as dangerous as a tank on 100%, keeping
    guns in the game is a very valuable tactic which is paramount to an
    organised teams success in clan wars!

  4. +Baba Novac It comes with modifications, but a few updates ago it was added
    to the game, check the settings and you will find minimap options.
    To the other one, yes. The circle around that blue circle is the viewrange
    with binoculars I think and the square is the render distance.

  5. I like that πŸ™‚

  6. +Derakan You know, good players know when to go, even though sometimes I
    see these and think “dafuq, we are even, with you and your skills we could
    actually win this battle over here”, they just run off and leave me alone
    with two oranges or reds which help me hold the flank long enough to get
    help again

  7. +blue4600 I get sworn at and teamkilled all the time for falling back. And
    I’m not even that good; a little above average, and a lot of that is I
    usually know when to gtfo. I can spend the entire game doing short tactical
    withdrawals as the front line keeps moving backward and my team evaporates
    around me, only to be teamkilled at the end by one of the last players
    standing for “camping base”.

    WoT players are almost universally assholes.

  8. +Jacob Harris yes he was.

  9. Eternally Angelic

    +Molon Labe

    And “Trolling” being an every day normal thing of no shame. Back in my day
    it was called being an asshole and nobody wanted to be one.

  10. Eternally Angelic


    You need to be careful when doing it. Ensure your teammate isn’t loaded and
    ready to fire before the enemy, and the enemy isn’t a 1 shot kill for him.

    I’ve had it twice where a teammate goes in front of me to “save” me, when I
    already had the shell loaded and the enemy tank is an easy 1 shot for me,
    he takes the kill, backs up, and a tank in the rear kills me instead.

    Sure he was trying to save me, but since he wasn’t paying attention either,
    he robbed me of a kill, and didn’t stay to ensure the other enemies
    couldn’t shoot me until I got behind the wall.

  11. +Hayden Jenzen Yes true on the attention point. However if it was done to
    legitimately save a fellow team mate and it made a difference in the game
    then I say post it. I mean sometimes a small incentive like getting
    featured on QB vids might encourage people to do the right thing more
    often. That can only make the game better as a whole.

    That being said you saw how QB sent gold to “Little Foot” for being the
    good guy and and not being the one to send in the video. That in itself
    should stop the”LOOK LOOK WHAT I DID!!” crowd or at least reduce the number
    of “Attention Seekers”. Since submitting your own video of you doing
    something “good guy” in the game will not get you gold.

    I say keep this type of game play reviews going regardless if self promoted
    or by someone else. I feel it makes WoT that much better in the long run.

  12. +MasterMech77 Very true. I guess i agree.

  13. +Hayden Jenzen That is bullshit. A teammate in the middle of the game
    thinks “OMFG here is an opportunity for me to save this guy and get
    attention. YAY!” – unlikely. Its fine for a teammate to act then upload it
    cos why not…?

  14. +C.J. You’d think so but people would deliberately go out and try to save
    people for attention.

  15. Its hard to play the E100 without HEAT πŸ™‚ that thing has no pen

  16. i know, i have 1 E100 in my garage, but i shoot almost only with standart
    ammo , and it works

  17. But with heat uve got the oppertunity to derp πŸ™‚

  18. yeah and for lots of trackings

  19. +Richard Gustafsson Did he just used Tiger 1 and Armor in one sentece?

  20. Eternally Angelic


    Seems so, and to save a T29 who had a better chance in most situations to

  21. Richard Gustafsson

    The Tiger has a massive HP pool though

  22. +Richard Gustafsson i know the Tiger I has a bad armour atleast i save the
    T29 from getting his ass kick

  23. +Eternally Angelic it was in a Tier 8 match lol

  24. +DakuHonoo It was the end of the game so it did not matter

  25. +Syfer Polski yeah, that’s true …although the repair costs got higher and
    there’s something nice about finishing on full health

  26. +DakuHonoo If its end of the game, I wouldn’t care. I have had a match
    where an enemy player took the hit for his ally in a close game. So to me
    if you take the hit but keep someone in the match where he can continue to
    dish out damage then sure, I wouldn’t mind saving him. Earlier today me and
    friend (me in a tiger and him a IS-2), he saved me from certain death (as I
    was pretty darn low on HP) by shielding me from getting shot at and we
    continued to dish out damage. if it weren’t for him we would have the 5+
    enemy tanks rush down our sector as we were the only 2 tanks in the area
    that was in the position to stop them. Not only did he saved me, we
    destroyed the entire enemy attack and our team flanked around them and lets
    just say we destroyed them one by one after keeping most of the enemy team

  27. +DakuHonoo I probably spent at most 10,000 credits and in return made
    someone happy, felt good myself and denied the E-75 a kill (troll face).

  28. +QuickyBabyTV yeah, i didn’t realize it was the endgame

  29. +regresspiral OLD SCHOOL

  30. I salute you and thank you for your brave actions sir!


  32. +jjgjosh123 no platoons, no clans.

  33. +QuickyBabyTV Admitedly does make it more impressive πŸ˜€ But it is a shame
    that it isn’t done as much in randoms as in almost every other game mode.

  34. +Tank Troll I wasn’t being sarcastic, nor I was talking to you.

  35. Can you prevent me from replying? No, if you weren’t sarcastic, you’re dumb
    as fuck, i still hope you are joking…

  36. +Tank Troll I don’t give a shit about your opinion, pl low bob. No one was
    talking to you in the first place, so mind your own business you sad
    pathetic pl tomato. After your wn8 gets to triple digits, then you can talk
    to me.

  37. “PL tomato” i suppose your mom is getting nailed by a polish dick?

  38. Not even worth asking…

  39. I know

  40. +Melvin Lambert I don’t want to jailbreak my device to be able to record
    both sound and video, maybe it’s something I’ll think about in the future.

  41. Ok because I would record a match and send it to u if u would post it
    because I I have I have a android

  42. One very very big bodyguard πŸ˜€

  43. +Dennis Krikke Yezzir!

  44. +Monthy Greg I need that kind of protection when im in the locust

  45. +Monthy Greg a moving fortress

  46. +Gary Zhang XD Too good lol

  47. +Black Jesus it’s more of a fact that these take a long time to research
    and montage, I’ll get back to making them now I have more time on my hands!

  48. General Saufenberg

    +frealms this is exactly what happend to me. i shield a guy with very low
    hp, take the shots from the enemys that almost kills my teammate. my
    teammate shoot in my engin, set me on fire and kills me for blocking his

  49. +Rickard Shen It’s indeed a good way to win if they can shoot properly.
    Nowadays I only shield good players this way, because honestly I’d rather
    keep my gun active and a few additional hitpoints in check rather than
    saving a bunch of sheep if you know what I mean. Apart from the cases where
    I can’t win if I don’t shield someone, no matter their skill.

  50. +Lucas Pintilie I agree. I’m pretty conservative with shielding people when
    I’m in a paper tank. After all, it’s gonna cost me repair. But for example
    in an IS-6 you can generally shield without really sacrificing much.

  51. +Juggernaut I bet you are a happier person than those who push and block
    their allies to get more damage.

  52. +QuickyBabyTV THIS ^ Exactly, it makes the game more fun in a way,
    especially if you’re grining a tank for 5 hours, or your gpu card is dead
    and the only game you can play is wot on the lowest settings (like mine is
    πŸ˜€ ) Anyways huge thumbs up for you for everything you do for this
    community ! ^^

  53. +Feral Feline Was i writting to you, mad man?

  54. +kakhoofd 75 It’s not for everyone. He picks one he likes from time to time
    and rewards it. Also, you can’t do it for platoon or clan mates. It has to
    be random πŸ™‚

  55. +Feral Feline yeah duh, but it’s still a bit unprofessional to just
    randomly throw money at this guy, just because he didn’t have a great game.

  56. +Battle typhoon The difference is that Littlefoot probably didn’t know
    about the “good guy” thing Quicky is doing. While the players who sent
    replays to QB probably behaved nicely because it’s the right thing to do,
    Littlefoot wasn’t even aware of “the campaign”.

  57. +kakhoofd 75 It’s just a commercial stunt on his part, he gets loads of
    money from WG for promoting useless premium tanks (Berlin trio) and by
    bored old men donating on his twitch channel, this is just buying publicity
    by him.

  58. +TheBlazinAsian XIV it’s the same as people crying “hacker” “cheater” in
    game after they get killed, they just look like morons.

  59. TheBlazinAsian XIV

    A reply!

    Ty for noticing me senpai!

    But yeah all in all said

    Whenever a salty tanker dies, it’s simply – omg, hacker, nice hacks,

  60. +Battle typhoon Its completely circumstantial really. If you can pull off a
    save, while more or less guaranteeing you’ll come out of it okay, its worth
    trying to keep the extra gun in the game. But if its a situation where, for
    example, the last clip he showed with the pershing pushing forward,
    absolutely not. The whole point of saving another tank is to keep both his
    gun and your gun in play, when you have four tanks shooting at a lowe, and
    your in a medium tank, you dont rush out in front of the lowe. It worked
    out okay this time around but 9 times out of 10 that situation would have
    ended with one of the two tanks dying there.

    As for the other replays, those were more or less worth it and the people
    involved made good calls. Especially the game where the guy got 8k damage.
    We didn’t see the rest of the game, but im positive having that extra light
    tank alive contributed to the win if you consider how much the 140 had to

    So yeah, your right, most of the time its a useless thing to do, and often
    times can just end with both people dying anyway. But sometimes, if your a
    good enough player, and the circumstances are right, you can come out doing
    a good thing, and also help to ensure a win.

  61. +Battle typhoon I dont care about the repair bill to tell you the
    truth…Just the “thank you” from the other player is enough for me…I
    rarely see that in wot and imo,actionslike these counts a lot more than a
    repair bill…

  62. +James Bond not to even mention that more often than not, ammo ends up
    being more costly than a few thousand to repair a tank.

  63. +Battle typhoon You are right!! I got TK after I saved a my team mate. Do
    you know why they TK me? They just want the medal that they never get
    before. Sigh…

  64. +Battle typhoon What you get out of it (besides just being a good
    teammate/person) is you keep another gun in the game for your team. That
    translates to higher win rates, and more xp/credits for you. I’ve had games
    where I saved someone, and he then proceeded to carry the team. Those are
    games my team probably would have lost, that we ended up winning. If you’re
    so worried about a bigger repair bill, why are you playing at all?

  65. +Malcolm Baker I meant the oil from the engine

  66. +Ammar Ashoor Not disagreeing with you. All sorts of flammable materials in
    a tank. Oil not the least.

  67. +Antohi Robert I think going into deep water (where drowning counter
    starts) extinguishes the fire. You’re also unable to shoot when in deep

  68. +Antohi Robert T62A not getting ammoracked by a shot that went right
    through his tank:)legit
    T62A still being able to shoot after his crew would have been

    This is WoT, not a simulator.

  69. +Antohi Robert honestly, the engine is completely closed up from the sides
    and the water isn’t deep enough to cover the hull, therefore the water
    can’t get into the engine.

  70. +Matthew Bibbs Same here! Time flies very fast πŸ™

  71. +Matthew Bibbs me2!!!

  72. +Matthew Bibbs Omg mee too! I remember watching those when I was 8 and
    younger :’) now I’m 18 lol time goes too fast.

  73. LittleFoot is actually from “The Land Before Time”

  74. Yes I have said it was on the land before time

  75. +The Warlord of the Rising Sun that is not true. Difference usually is that
    good player can tell the difference when it is worth it to protect someone
    the same way as to say when it is better to use someone for greater good.

  76. Maybe you do need to be selfish to be a “good” player as you said?

  77. +The Warlord of the Rising Sun I dont know about that. Im fairly decent and
    Il often do something like this just because it means my team has more guns
    in play which means a higher chance of getting a win.

  78. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    +Yasin Parti If that’s the case I’d rather stay average. I have at least 10
    players who are “Great” or “Unicum” rating in my ignore list. And there’s
    being selfish, and being openly toxic, which I should mention is usually
    the case with these so-called “Good players.”

  79. +The Warlord of the Rising Sun The diffrence is, that I as a player with
    2200 WN8 think that saving my health is worth more than saving a Teammate,
    bec I will have a greater Impact on the game. However, this is not to
    generalise, but I will not drive in front of a Teammate to take several
    hits allowing him to suicide somewhere else.

  80. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    +steve walker Ha, you think that’s something, I lost a game because I got
    killed by HITTING A TREE.

  81. +The Warlord of the Rising Sun haha lol

  82. genericwittyname

    +The Warlord of the Rising Sun Dude that’s literally not possible in WoT?
    It might have slowed you down so you got shot? Trees can’t do damage to

  83. +The Warlord of the Rising Sun that is WarThunder

  84. +Tearan I died from hitting a building in war thunder derp

  85. General Saufenberg

    +Pepper462 you are an idiot! be glad that you are in god condition. you
    never know what could happen to yourself. all it takes is a cra crash or
    some serious disease.

  86. +General Saufenberg “all it takes is a cra crash or some serious disease.”
    Or just one or two guys with baseball bats

  87. +UnstablePyro19 check out if you can use the controllers. If you can’t but
    still move your fingers, those controllers can be customized. I’ve seen
    videos on youtube from arcade gamers, who do this for fitting the original
    controller electronic to more arcade style controllers. And then there is
    TrackIR. It’s a cam looking at a special hat or cap you are wearing, which
    is normaly used to controll your view in a flight simulator. There is also
    an open source project called FaceTrackNoIR. It works similar like TrackIR
    but uses standard hardware but more work to configure. Those software
    tracks the movement of your head. Then there are eye tracker. They track
    where you are looking at the screen. First used by marketing and GUI
    researcher, that hardware is now affordable and is use by gamers and
    streamers too. SteelSeries release a product lately. And one thing: When
    you get the game for you to work, it would be great if you could publish
    that information how you did it. I’am only fond of alternate controllers,
    but did not deliver first hand experience.FaceTrackNoIR

  88. +UnstablePyro19 Love your positivity and profile pic!

  89. +larsvd meyde T71 has APCR as standard too πŸ˜€

  90. i am not saying they are bad players. they are just them ost poisonous
    players from whole wot comunity, being rude and insulting everything and

  91. +Alexander Klein I have 1.5K games in the T71 XD so I know πŸ˜› still gold is
    APCR or HEAT so heat would be an option πŸ˜›

  92. +Richard Gustafsson Well……thinking about friendliness so high that you
    want to teamkill somebody, that is not a high expectations πŸ˜‰

  93. Richard Gustafsson

    My brain tricked me when I read you comment πŸ˜›

  94. +Richard Gustafsson That is the definition of friendliness on the Test
    Server πŸ˜‰

  95. Richard Gustafsson

    Well, yes XD

  96. +QuickyBabyTV These videos are just awesome. Thanks for another awesome
    video, QB! πŸ˜€

  97. +QuickyBabyTV Love the Good Guy series also. Must be hard to accumulate
    enough footage to put one together given the amount of a-holes in the game.
    That might be a fun series idea – put together a companion series to Return
    of the Good Guy called Return of the Asshat. You’d probably get enough to
    crank out a new video each day!

  98. +QuickyBabyTV sometimes i did save an annother tank, often than they run
    away and i get killed ^^ esspecially if they shout for help. So being the
    good guy is not often rewarded ^^

  99. +Pascal Winter no good deed goes unpunished…. I get that a lot, punished
    that is lol

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