World of Tanks || Return of the Good Guy…

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return of the good guys of of Tanks.

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  1. I just got my IS7 so i was going to play the first game in it,
    We where on Kliff and the enemy heavies where pushing us i got tracked for
    the 2nd time and a IS4 putted his tank in front of me so that i could
    repair my track and continue to fight we both had a great game of both
    having 6k of damage and now we play a lot together just because he saved me


    need more good guys, great video!

  3. I love to do that in my invisible TD. Catching killing blow aimed on
    spotted teammate must be pretty confusing (“WTF”) moment for enemy.

    But sadly more often heavy tanks are not before me but hiding behind me so
    when spotted a took shots and die… think that Bad Guy series would
    have far more episodes then Good Guy.

  4. I just wanted to ask you if you could play W.o.T common test some day. Mail
    me if you can.

  5. this video makes me break down and weep!

  6. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    Brilliant idea Quicky- I wish people would play as teamsand use the chat
    for something other than cursing and calling people noobs, its really
    unnecessary. Kudos for playing like a grown up and promoting team play :-)

  7. I really think Teamplay and helping others should be promoted more. Even if
    i don’t think you can cure the community from being “not really good”,
    everything that makes it even a little bit better is worth it.
    WoT should be a Teamgame, and you should help your teammates if you can.
    So i think those videos are great and it should be appreciated more, even
    if the helping player does not have a great game like the pershing. He took
    i think 350 damage or so protecting the Löwe, who then did 3k Damage to the
    enemy Team. So indirectly he had a big role in winning this game for his

  8. Ghaha. That guy would be like Waaat?

  9. Teamwork? Is that even allowed in pub matches?

  10. Teammates are not worth saving. If I conserve my HP, i know for certain
    that I will use it to carry hard. If I waste HP saving a random pubbie,
    there’s a good chance they will screw up again and die anyway.

  11. I think my moment was one time a T57 Heavy was unloading on one of our team
    mates and I was in my T28. I pulled up and blocked his last shot that would
    have finished off my team mate. He did thank me but I had been left on
    perilously low health.

  12. I really wish if other pro players would think somehow like u…most of
    them only spread the thoughts: “in a random battle, ONLY yourself
    matters…ur teammates are there just to get wrecked instead of u”… what
    an idiot message….this way im not wondering that random battles develope
    just more and more random…or should i say CHAOS? :/

  13. Say my name QB!!!!

  14. I actually did that in my E 100. I saved an artillery piece from certain
    death by putting my tank in between a T54E1 autoloader. He was like what
    the hell is this guy doing? Is he seriously saving an arty? IN AN E 100 ???

    Edit: And at the end the arty got the kill xD

  15. What’s the namen of the mod where you can see you wn8 after a battle?

  16. jared hk (Digingholes)

    Littlefoot :’) reminds me of the land before times movies I loved those as
    a kid.

  17. Learn to play without bullets premium. You do not know how to play without

  18. We need more of these quickly, Quicky. Much more. Positivity in the
    community is at an all time low and a series of videos like this, if
    popularized could mean a change in behavior 

  19. I’m always worried when I try to block shots for other people because I
    always think I’m about to get in the way of their shot and take a shell in
    the back of my tank

  20. always do stuff like this i mean a stock t-44 meat shield is better then
    losing a waffle thrower E100

  21. thanks so much for this… way to much selfishness in the game now…team
    work means, some will die (sacrifice play) in order for the “team” to
    win…pretty simple

  22. so many different thoughts on how people should respond to the goodguy
    challenge per say. if you need to think about being a good person,well
    then maybe your doing it wrong. there are lots and lots of respectable
    things people could do in this game but as we know more often than not your
    just going to get cursed at in chat. i have found that in order to play and
    have fun i must put a clip over the chat screen that blanks out the
    window.i can just flip it when people start acting foolish. if it comes
    down to helping a teammate or pushing him in the water then there is no
    choice. there shouldn’t be for anyone but as we all know, there is. maybe a
    feature like this will start a trend of good gamesmanship for us all. it’s
    always worth a shot to do the right thing QB, salute. Droffats

  23. Nope. Too many tomato diddlers in WoT to do this. I really don’t blame the
    E75 driver in the first vid. I too have a pathological hatred of all the
    broken commie crap in WoT (fake/russki devs automatically equals broken
    commie shit in any military vehicle game). Though I do fault the moron for
    going up the hill in a heavy on Himmelsdorf.

  24. tazmaniakingzz tzkingzz

    hahahahahahha “oh mister t-62 A you are making your self look so silly
    right now” 3:50

  25. Definitely like this! It is encouraging to see people play like as if this
    is a team based game! lol

  26. Sweet work By all

  27. I Love this seris ;)

  28. Miodrag Mijatović

    It’s only logical that someone who calls him- or herself “Littlefoot” is a
    nice player

  29. QB, I like your “Good Guys” series of videos. I believe that it helps
    promote teamwork towards the common goal of winning the match. This is a
    stark, and positive contrast from the current trends of obscenities
    and insults in game chat.

  30. It’s seldom that good teamwork in complete random PUBs is emphasized, need
    more vids like this.

  31. Hey +QuickyBabyTV, I really like these videos! Glad to see them again :)

  32. I play on Russian servers. and I’d like to say that idiots are absolutely
    the same everywhere) same mistakes, same absence of logic and strategy. We
    call them cancers or dears because of hands in form of claws or hooves. I
    wish I could play on EU or US servers but ping is quite big around 150ms to
    EU and 300 ms to US. After 20 000 battles I have 58% rate. From Russia with

  33. To be on a winning team, you must first be a team player! Excellent work
    again, QuickyBaby!

  34. most wot players are trolls

  35. But wot does not have a replay system i have not clue how are you saveing
    those replays its fucking stuped 5 years old game and does not have a
    simple save replay option :D

  36. Interesting im noob but i protect my tanks but other playes dont protect me
    they will block me or shoot me :D

  37. I always asked myself, if tank could catch fire while they are in the
    Now (3:20) i know :D

  38. Dude keep it up.. I really enjoyed this and it’s quite exhilarating to
    watch strangers help each other for no immediate gain.

  39. These are the best videos. So good to see and highlight this kind of play.
    Kudos to you for taking the time to pll these together and post.

  40. hi need some help I got a windows 8 laptop and don’t know how to bring up
    my replays of world of tanks can anyone help me?

  41. Tinker_Toy_Gaming

    I really love this series. It makes me smile when players ACTUALLY look out
    for their teammates and work together to go for the win. I look forward to
    seeing more!

  42. That littlefoot gets in his garage and looks to his gold and then he thinks

  43. I jumped with my KV-4 on a is-6 I saved my spg 🙂 (i did 1200 dam)


  45. Thank you for bringing it back!

  46. I hope littlefoot sees this video!

  47. keep doing these videos there great

  48. That was so nice of you to score the little dude some gold.

  49. I offen try to shield my teammates aswell, but some of them just want to
    get killed I guess. They drive out of my cover directly in front of the
    enemies gun and die, lol.

  50. i´d really like to know how littlefoot reacts to that xD

  51. Really pleased that you are doing this and I hope that it helps to improve
    the overall experience of the game. At the moment it can get very
    depressing with some of the comments that fly around, even from QSF clan.
    Anything to help improve teamwork is brilliant so thanks QB.

  52. I only remember one of my good guy moments. I was in my IS-3. A friendly
    AMX 13 90 got tracked in the open, I drove in front of him, and then
    started reversing so that I could push him into cover. Took 2 hits, but in
    return he stuck with me for the rest of the match, helping me out by
    spotting and flanking. :D

    • That i like and have done my self when jpe100 came to my rescue i stuck
      with for the game spotting and drawing fire for his big gun to work its
      magic and we both messaged thx to eachother after(xbox)

  53. It’s so beautiful… I … damn it Littlefoot I said I wouldn’t cry! What a

  54. Very nice video QB really like this series :-)

  55. This is a good idea, this game has turned so toxic i’ve virtually stopped
    playing it.

  56. French tank , German voice . WAT???

  57. Michal Veselovský

    Why is chat doubled? oO

  58. Hi QB!!!
    Can you do a review on the M48 Patton please.Cause I want to learn about
    it’s strenght and it’s weak point.
    Thanks a lot for all great video you’ve done for us +QuickyBabyTV

  59. Will please put your facecam elsewhere, all of us would like to see the

  60. can you try a game called robocraft??? It’s wot and minecraft put together!
    you can find it on steam it’s on the top free games list

  61. stepping in front of my allies just gets me shot by them :(

  62. I see no point in sacrifacing my HP for 40% WR player. I would rather use
    him as meat shield and save my HP…

  63. I love this series. A player of QB’s caliber promoting teamwork is a great
    thing for the WoT community.

  64. It seems to me that most people have no idea if you’re trying to help them
    or what to do when you are. In my KV4 I’ll suggest in chat that people who
    are getting hammered use my armor as shield and they still don’t. If you
    block a shot for people they seem to get mad and jump right out around you
    to get killed. I really like this type of video, keeping your team alive
    is important. Thanks.

  65. More of the good guy pls

  66. Me and my brother both have the Tog, (our first premium tank) and when we
    got it we made roadblocks on small maps like Himmelsdorf so our teammates
    were able to get away :)

  67. I love you QB because of this series, you should make constant event. :)

  68. What you call being a nice guy is simply playing with your team in a
    teambased game, rather than being just 15 guys randomly stuffed onto one
    side. It should be the rule, not the exception…
    This is unfortunately something you will not encounter often in WoT, since
    most of the players are unable to understand the concept of playing in a
    team together.

  69. I think my good guy replay was in pz IIIa i put myself between a pz IIc and
    the arty. But after this guy pull back to try to kill the ennemy tank and
    die… :'(
    I didn’t already understand why he has done that…

  70. It certainly makes a nice change to see some positive plays in the random
    world. Unfortunately, we seem to get flooded with all the negative stuff,
    so this definitely makes a refreshing change. Random acts of kindness in a
    world of tanks. Nice. And the Littlefoot action would have probably got him
    a medal in a real conflict. Almost brought a tear to my eye…almost. Nice
    jesture, QB, sending him the gold. He deserved it.

  71. Oh yes! I needed this…there is still hope for the WoT Community :)

  72. I had a game yesterday on the Xbox version of WoT in a T80 light tank and
    in a tier 6 match I managed to pull just over 1.5K damage and 5kills thanks
    to me helping out a Churchill VII with a M7 (medium) tank and I was only
    able to win because I protected that Churchill while setting up in a good
    spotting position to allow the Churchill to damage anything coming to our
    base where we turned a 2vs6 into a 2vs1 the last tank was a Panzerjager
    38(t) and luckily he only splashed me with his 105mm howitzer taking me
    from a low 59hp to 16hp and I managed to set his engine on fire with my
    messily 45mm Pop gun. 

  73. Yeah I had such a moment once. I was in my Tiger II and rocking the top
    tier defending the Siegfried line, northern city edge. The enemy was
    pushing hard, but they weren’t my tier, not one of them. Suddenly, a SU-100
    was tracked in the open and pummeled by incoming fire. Within three
    seconds, it had lost half its health.

    Rushing forward, I drove right in front of the trapped TD, soaking up shot
    after shot, angling my tank and turret and doing everything I can to
    provide full cover for the SU aswell as keep myself alive. In the end his
    tracks went back up, he reversed, I reversed and he thanked me, quite
    politely, in chat.

    We went on and finished the game with a very tight win, even though neither
    of us survived. Still, it was my (second) proudest moment I had in the game.

    (My proudest one was winning a 6v1 in a VK36.01H… hard to beat that.)

  74. Yeeeeeeees, Finally a good guy video. xD

  75. these are the real MVP’s :)

  76. i think that wood be a good way to be the good guy lol

  77. Well, i slowly stopped being the “good guy”
    Everytime i go out to save someone, they are either dinosaurs about it and
    complain about either “killstealing” or just run away after that leaving me
    alone with several enemies…

  78. ha what do you all think if world of tanks had smoke ammiunition. like for
    a example a kv4 drives out in to the open and them he is geting shot at you
    see it but you cant do anything to help him but if you had smoke shell you
    can us them to hide him. o and the smoke only last about 10 seconds.

  79. FINALLY! Some of YOUR replays. We really missed those, and watching past
    broadcasts on Twitch gets boring after a while. Welcome back!

  80. nice one for promoting teamwork and not hating on others… GJ

  81. Thank you for promoting the Good Guy attitude! Appreciate it!!

  82. A while ago, i managed to save with my E5 friendly 50 B, then we turned the
    battle around as i was trying to bate shots from enemies so he could unload
    to them while reloading and clip them down. Unfortunately didn’t save
    replays at that time…

  83. Who else got reminded of little foot the cartoon as a child 

  84. Should be more emphasis given to good guys reported by others than for good
    guys who report themselves imo. But in any case, much better to focus
    YouTube videos on the good than the bad or ugly.

  85. Though such behavior in WOT would be considered desirable,I don’t see how
    it makes any strategic sense for a better player to sacrifice the hit
    points of his own vehicle for the sake of another.

    • +Jason Weiss A tank on 1% is just as dangerous as a tank on 100%, keeping
      guns in the game is a very valuable tactic which is paramount to an
      organised teams success in clan wars!

  86. Excellent series of videos. GG Good Guys.

  87. Last time I tried to help someone by blocking incoming damage they team
    killed me for blocking…. In fact 90% of the time I try to help a player
    they swear or team damage. Its not worth it.

  88. I really likes the idea of being good guys video. It helps to promote good
    attitude and comradeship in teamwork based games. The series should be put
    more common, although it would be super rare to find a good guys doing good
    things in WoT.

    Now, I’m not saying that WoT community is mostly toxic, but the truth it
    is. With that kind of basic point to start with, it’ll be hard to be good
    guys. Hard, because either they misjudge your action, or they call you noob
    for doing good things, or they will simply be ungrateful. Other times,
    there’s some players that plays poorly but demanding his teammates to do
    something to help him. Wth this, it is hard to be good when your team are
    the one that is bad. But with this, it will be extremely gratuitous to see
    good guys doing good things to other good teammates.

    I really dont’t mind when people needs help. Sometimes the situation gets
    messy and it’s common in the game. Keep on doing good things as they may
    lead into other good things. That teammates you’ve just save might be the
    one who holds the entire enemy charge and win the game. Or both of you
    might be the sole force to win the game. Who knows, at least a good process
    is still more appreciated than not. As with that, I really hope that people
    still wants to play good and do good. Those kind of attitude is far more
    satisfying than being the sole assholes that uses his teammates and being
    egoist. Ego never prevails in a teamwork situations. It’s either your will
    get nothing or everyone on your team lose.

  89. I started watching your videos because of Jingles, I like the good guy
    videos this is my first one I have watched. I wish more players were like

  90. I really like this. It will now give people more of a point to help team
    mates. I will now always help teammates.

  91. Lasse Hovlandsdal

    I really love this series, it is great to have people get some recognition
    for their valor.

  92. Terencio Gravenstijn

    i know how to upload a replay but not how to make one

  93. Holy shit littlefoot

  94. QB thank you for sharing this video with us :)

  95. Who in their right mind would give this video a “thumbs down”? Guys like
    QB who have great exposure, hopefully will do more of these videos to show
    that the gaming community is not a cesspool of vitriolic behavior and

  96. Martin Sandqvist

    I was driving my stock E75 and was permatracked by an T62A, and then an
    E100 drives in front of me and takes a hit so that I could repair my tracks
    and drive off and surround the T62A and destroy it with some help from the

  97. Pretty boring, I do this stuff often especially using my heavy as a mobile
    shield for TD’s that want to poke and retreat.

  98. I love these good guy videos you promote teamwork from strangers well done

  99. i’m new to wot, how does he have that blue circle in the minimap? and what
    is it? The view range?

    • +Baba Novac It comes with modifications, but a few updates ago it was added
      to the game, check the settings and you will find minimap options.
      To the other one, yes. The circle around that blue circle is the viewrange
      with binoculars I think and the square is the render distance.

  100. I don’t think we’re playing the same game here, that or EU cares a bit more
    than NA. I’ve started preemptively angling my armor and counting reloads
    for tanks on both sides of an engagement in my Caern when I feel a derp
    coming on…saved me from taking a nasty 150 HEAT shell from a Rhm in the

  101. Hey Quicky, there is enough negative and abusive chat, trolls in WoT’s,
    good on you for trying to do your part in highlighting the players who rise

  102. Being a good guy to secure the win: Last second suicide to protect the

  103. QB.. that was awesome that you did this. I missed these videos. I try to
    cover my team as much as I can. I wont upload as mine aren’t very good. I
    cant wait to see more of these!

  104. Those who are cool in video games are those who are cool in everyday life.
    Maybe even more cool, since they doesn’t have that screen.

    For those who aren’t selfish, a big Thank you seriously. You are amazing

    Personally I try to help when I can, not that I always do because sometime
    I just don’t feel for it and want to do my own stuff, but I try as much as
    possible. Sometime it take 10 secondes, 10 secondes is nothing in your
    life, but still too much for the majority.

  105. MOAR

  106. Generally if they’re a good player and not a dick to others I’ll go out on
    a limb to save them. However if a tank is cockblocking people, being rude
    or whatever I’ll let them go in the open and track them so they die that
    way they’re more useful as a dead tank hull to use as a shield than they
    were alive getting in the way.

  107. More please!

  108. Honestly most of the time when I am trying to do similar things to help my
    teammates I get accused of trying to kill steal, even if the teammate is a
    one hit kill and the enemy is not.

  109. I tried being a good guy once. I was in my M5 Stuart on Himmelsdorf, back
    when I was just a noob. I saw a T29 tracked with his drivewheel around the
    corner on heavy tank alley. I was a one shot, and unable to penetrate the
    remaining tanks, so I drove around the corner and died, giving the T29 a
    hulldown position to shoot back at the enemy heavies. He was then able to
    finish off 2 or 3 heavy tanks safely, and ended up with a top gun. You know
    what he said in return? He accused me of blocking his fire and “griefing”
    him. That was the last time I sacrificed anything for friendlies.

  110. Back in closed beta, my favorite good guy thing I did was turn my tank
    sideways to give a tank on my team a bunker to fight from. Except I was a
    near stock M6 and he was a Maus. It won the game, he got 4000 damage (with
    6’s in the game it was quite a feat)

  111. Really awsome QB giving Little foot 2,500 gold! :)

  112. I’d been missing this video series. Considering that the World of Tanks
    community does have its share of negativity, I LOVE Good Guys showing
    camaraderie and decency. Please continue to do these videos in the future,

  113. is it just me or did the t62a look like he was a victim because of how
    short it is

  114. Could somebody please tell me if this graphics card could handle WoT on MAX
    graphics? Sapphire Radeon R9 270x card I think it’s called.

  115. guys when im trying to log into test I type in the right password but wont
    work so what do I do?

  116. i had such a game today too.
    Saved a SuperP with my obj.704 side while he was reloading and a enemy
    Superp wanted to kill him 🙂
    but my SuperP didnt even realized it at least he had a great game after

  117. In the post game stats you can see that that pershing was a red player, I
    bet that a unicum wouldnt have done that for another player. 

  118. I’m not a good player but when I decide to save a player because I’m full
    life and not him, it’s allways : “I have save you, your welcome”, two
    possibility it’s a bad player (no answer or thanks) or it’s a good players
    (in this case it’s allways “shut up noob I didn’t need help”).
    And see a good player save a bad player ? Impossible ! How many times I die
    because good members of my team left the position, let’s me alone and
    didn’t help alone when I just need a fucking support.
    Finally, help a bad player why not, a good player ? Why ?

    • +Derakan You know, good players know when to go, even though sometimes I
      see these and think “dafuq, we are even, with you and your skills we could
      actually win this battle over here”, they just run off and leave me alone
      with two oranges or reds which help me hold the flank long enough to get
      help again

    • +blue4600 I get sworn at and teamkilled all the time for falling back. And
      I’m not even that good; a little above average, and a lot of that is I
      usually know when to gtfo. I can spend the entire game doing short tactical
      withdrawals as the front line keeps moving backward and my team evaporates
      around me, only to be teamkilled at the end by one of the last players
      standing for “camping base”.

      WoT players are almost universally assholes.

  119. That was so funny QB a bumb wiggle 

  120. try to save an ally KV2 in my wz-111 and got ammo rack cuz that guy can’t
    aim and nail a big fat shot right behind my turret.

  121. Nice to see that this game is not only full of bad words

  122. yes qb! more of these kind of replays! too many players using their tanks
    to push out other tanks into line of fire.. we need to promote players use
    their tanks to tank shots for others!

  123. SuperPershingProductions

    I killed all of my allies, where is my gold? D:

  124. Lol that T26 must have been “Wut” when he received the 2500 gold

  125. I love this series, plz keep em coming!!!

  126. Eternally Angelic

    Saving a tank and player who goes on to have a stellar game,and hold the
    rear flank alone until help arrives securing a win is anything but a “dry”
    game, regardless of what the stats say. littelfoot had just as stellar of a
    game, because Haml would of been killed otherwise.

  127. that obj 140 was a real gold noob using his standard ammunition

  128. Travis Tynes-Peissner

    Right on! I remember one day a friendly Luchs driver was tracked right in
    front of me. I rolled forward in my panther and blocked the incoming fire
    that would have taken him out. The friendly Luchs driver about flipped
    out. He couldn’t believe I’d taken the hit for him. Made me feel good. :)

  129. hail to the Quicky for that 2,5k gold 🙂 they say u cant buy respect, well
    u have mine already but u just raised it a little bit more – if its even
    possible – and hopefeully same for other lads and gals watching ur channel

  130. Sadly the moral decay of society and spoiled rotten kids these days, means
    that asshats and the d-bags will be the norm. Great video though.

    • Eternally Angelic

      +Molon Labe

      And “Trolling” being an every day normal thing of no shame. Back in my day
      it was called being an asshole and nobody wanted to be one.

  131. Do we want more?? *YES*, yes we do! xD

  132. It’s definetly a good idea to promote this play. Alas I can see plenty of
    times you wont get any thanks. You might even be accused of kill stealing
    or being reckless by driving in front of a guy and getting his shell in
    your rear end!

    • Eternally Angelic


      You need to be careful when doing it. Ensure your teammate isn’t loaded and
      ready to fire before the enemy, and the enemy isn’t a 1 shot kill for him.

      I’ve had it twice where a teammate goes in front of me to “save” me, when I
      already had the shell loaded and the enemy tank is an easy 1 shot for me,
      he takes the kill, backs up, and a tank in the rear kills me instead.

      Sure he was trying to save me, but since he wasn’t paying attention either,
      he robbed me of a kill, and didn’t stay to ensure the other enemies
      couldn’t shoot me until I got behind the wall.

  133. If you send in a replay of yourself being a good guy, you Aren’t. Only
    replays of people being saved or witnessing a save should be put up.
    Otherwise it’s just doing it for attention.

    • +Hayden Jenzen Yes true on the attention point. However if it was done to
      legitimately save a fellow team mate and it made a difference in the game
      then I say post it. I mean sometimes a small incentive like getting
      featured on QB vids might encourage people to do the right thing more
      often. That can only make the game better as a whole.

      That being said you saw how QB sent gold to “Little Foot” for being the
      good guy and and not being the one to send in the video. That in itself
      should stop the”LOOK LOOK WHAT I DID!!” crowd or at least reduce the number
      of “Attention Seekers”. Since submitting your own video of you doing
      something “good guy” in the game will not get you gold.

      I say keep this type of game play reviews going regardless if self promoted
      or by someone else. I feel it makes WoT that much better in the long run.

    • +MasterMech77 Very true. I guess i agree.

    • +Hayden Jenzen That is bullshit. A teammate in the middle of the game
      thinks “OMFG here is an opportunity for me to save this guy and get
      attention. YAY!” – unlikely. Its fine for a teammate to act then upload it
      cos why not…?

    • +C.J. You’d think so but people would deliberately go out and try to save
      people for attention.

  134. its probably hard to find material of these videos but you should do more
    of them, they also usually prove to be pretty exciting game play as well

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  137. there are people
    for whom this game
    replaces sex :)

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  139. You take videos of this?! Omg I never saw but A lot of the time in My T71 I
    body block a lot of tanks because I know that they will probably do a lot
    better than me (I’m not the best player) and it just makes me feel good and
    I like the thanks I get. Hmm I should really send you in one of my replays

  140. My best good guy moment was when i was in an e100 and an amx 50b on about
    450hp had just been rushed by a t57 he took 1 hit but then i rushed between
    them and i took the rest of the shots for the amx.

  141. I loved this series before! I’m glad to see it back again.

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  143. Krešimir Turkalj

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    steamroll. :)

  144. I see what you did there. Return of the good guy, return of the Jedi….

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  146. My allies prefer pushing me to the front :/

  147. Elliott “Lost One” Gaal

    Man, you should see me with my light tanks then. Taking shells for my
    Especially the LTTB, that one IS-7 player must hate how I boxed him/her in
    train yard by intercepting their tank and saving my teammate even if it
    cost me my tank.

  148. I was a good guy many moons ago. not certain what I was driving or what my
    teammate was driving, but I very much appreciated his thanks and comments
    about how rare such a move is in this game

    At the time I wasn’t certain what he was on about, as I had recently been
    watching a video where they demonstrated how do put your self in position
    to protect a teammate under duress.

    Now more than 15k games later, I too know how rare it is having never seen
    it done since.

    Very excellent of you Dr. Quicky for show us all a different way to play!

  149. Valentin Kovachev

    Nobody has ever saved me.. I have protected some teammates from dmg,
    nothing crucial for the team, just a little team play, but nobody has stood
    in front of me to protect me from harm .. ever…

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  151. 8:37 so what would the opposite of that be?

  152. definitely like this good guy videos, and hats off to you for giving the
    under dog a reward for sticking his neck (tank) out there when he didnt
    have too…right on

  153. Id love more of this series, It’d be great if the Wot community can all
    around be more positive, and this might help with that. There’s so much
    anger in chat (im not innocent i hate to admit) so it’d be great to see
    less selfishness and you’re right it would make games more interesting and

    Oh and if you struggle to find replays for this series, im sure you could
    just show clips of people killing arty…. You temporarily become an angel
    when you kill a clicker ;)

  154. Really cool that you gave that guy 2.500g reward, wish I could see his face
    when he realise he has all the golds :)

  155. “here is the E-100” -bang HEAT sound

  156. hmm I ussually try to save our arty with my T54ltw… It is heavy and fast
    so it is working very well.. you never know when that “RNG hammerer” saves
    u :D

  157. was playing with my Tiger I on himmelsdorf and i saw a T29 got track in the
    open i did not hesitate as i go in and use my armor to protect the T29 he
    thank me later on :)

  158. can you show us the whole game of the obj 140? like to see how he did that

  159. Blancuzproductions

    I was playing IS today in a t9 match and had the luck to meet every t9
    heavy of the enemy team. Since I can’t penetrate them up front I just found
    myself some hole where I could at least try to bounce something and took
    the shots for the other heavies behind me. Finished 14th since I did no dmg
    but whatever, we won.

  160. Sry my english it not the best but my best good guy game play was at I
    driveed with my Leopard at the fire line from an enemy IS3 and a one shoot
    AMX 12T but that what is realy funny at that is that the AMX12T is killed a
    AMX CDC what want tu rush me at the end of the battel

  161. I think it’s great to have examples of players randomly helping others in
    games. Too often in WoT and FPS type games in general people are just mean
    and curse others out. I mean it is a game so why can’t we all play and have

  162. +QuickyBabyTV you do realize how much health you both lost just to save one
    almost dead tank, do you?

    • +DakuHonoo It was the end of the game so it did not matter

    • +Syfer Polski yeah, that’s true …although the repair costs got higher and
      there’s something nice about finishing on full health

    • +DakuHonoo If its end of the game, I wouldn’t care. I have had a match
      where an enemy player took the hit for his ally in a close game. So to me
      if you take the hit but keep someone in the match where he can continue to
      dish out damage then sure, I wouldn’t mind saving him. Earlier today me and
      friend (me in a tiger and him a IS-2), he saved me from certain death (as I
      was pretty darn low on HP) by shielding me from getting shot at and we
      continued to dish out damage. if it weren’t for him we would have the 5+
      enemy tanks rush down our sector as we were the only 2 tanks in the area
      that was in the position to stop them. Not only did he saved me, we
      destroyed the entire enemy attack and our team flanked around them and lets
      just say we destroyed them one by one after keeping most of the enemy team

    • +DakuHonoo I probably spent at most 10,000 credits and in return made
      someone happy, felt good myself and denied the E-75 a kill (troll face).

    • +QuickyBabyTV yeah, i didn’t realize it was the endgame

  163. Tanker Dude (Tank3rDude)

    This is an awesome series Quickbaby!! I have seen this in game a few times
    and helped a few even myself, but rarely do people actually thank you for
    it. But when they actually do it is fantastic.

  164. Did I just see a Tier TEN game on Komarin? :o

  165. where i can send replay of battle ?

  166. do you get get gold if your replay appears in the good guy video?

  167. That depends if its good player its worth to sawe but if its red or yelow
    shit beter to use them.
    BTW som of them is not sawe only cut off other tank to dont steal dmg and
    frag not all but some of them.

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  169. Your videos are always very dark.

  170. Bartul Javorčić

    I saved IS-6 by sacrificing my Pz IVS since he is a more important tank in
    the battle

  171. Wonderful to see! This is hands down the best WoT-series I’ve seen :D

  172. Tier 10 game on Komarin map??? How old was that replay?

  173. i check if there polish and if so i let them die xD

  174. I love this, keep it going Quicky, keep doing the good guys videos coming,
    its refreshing seeing these, especially with all the trolls out there in
    game. Love it. thank you.

  175. How do we submit World Of Warship replays?

  176. Once in my T28, teir 4 Russian medium, south spawn on Pearl River, a M3
    lee, M6, me, and a few others went middle. The enemy team sent their
    (Pre-nerf) Kv-1S, Hellcat, M4 ans someone else. The enemy took a shot at
    me, left me on 2 health, I fell back, the enemies pushed, the flank was
    nearly dead, so I rushed out parked as a human blockade, and then died.
    They tried pushing through, but our M3 lee went and turned to his side, and
    died strengthening the blockade. The M6 went hull down, and ended up with
    3k dmg that game. Quite the tale.

  177. Niek van der Meulen

    i try ti be a good guy in World of Tanks but mostly i fail at protecting or
    helping my teammates, and then they think i wen’t in front of them just to
    pick up the kill (Wich they still got).

  178. Been called an Idiot for trying to save team mates numerous times… Once
    someone accused me of kill stealing cause he couldnt position himself
    properly after I positioned myself infront of him to save him… But as
    someone mentioned in the comments, its usually us Noobs who are good guys
    while the “PROs” call us idiots for making a good guy move :/ Hope these
    videos change the mentality…

  179. it’s always an absolute joy to see team effort in random battles

  180. more of them

  181. hmm seems that if people uploaded ESL games then this series would never

  182. My last replay on ISU 152 with VI canon…has a very good guy saving my
    life and not be able to thank him……player Viper on a T44 :)

  183. The accusations of being a gold noob are the best when you’re not even
    using gold. Get it from time to time when I fire APCR from my Bat Chat,
    140, and 907.

  184. You, sir, are a gentleman. Hope this will work! :-)

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  186. I saved someone once when i was in my tog i think it was a panzer 4 so that

  187. Enough jerks in World of tanks. We need people like this 😀 Good Luck on
    the battlefield

  188. Was playing in a Waffenträger Pz. IV, and an enemy Fv 215b 183 rolls up. An
    E-100 teammate of mine decides to use me as cover and let the 183 one-shot
    me -_-

  189. Great stuff QB! We need more of this!!!

  190. Yesterday I was able to save a friendly 121 by simping a few E50 shells for
    him in my T-54. He was so amazed that someone in a pub match had taken a
    bullet for him, this sort of brotherhood should happen much much more

  191. They look more like blocking friendlies than saving allies

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    while i was in my type62… Really cool guys and the enemy raged sooooo
    hard xD

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  198. loL…what if they are not trying to save their team mates, they are just
    doing it to earn more xp…..just saying…:D

  199. I can’t even count how many times I’ve saved people by blocking enemies’
    shots and all I got was them calling me a noob for blocking their return
    fire, and half the time, they just shoot me for it. I love WoT random

  200. I’m glad to see this series returning! These replays always are exciting.

  201. “I just saved you” “now you have to let me rub my tush on your tank”

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  203. nothing more satisfying than eating shots for ur team mates:
    enemy KV2 comes to shoot a 400 hp team mate, i come in my tiger block the
    shot , receives 300 dmg, then tiger went nom nom nom

  204. I play my kv-5 a lot. Can I pen without gold? No! Can I be a big target?
    Yes! Can i block shots from hitting every tank? Yes! Thats pretty much
    every game for me in my kv-5 lol

  205. The Sick Horse Ranch

    This is your best video series by far! You can’t post enough of these IMHO,
    the team base can get so incredibly stagnant in pub matches. I think these
    videos spark new interest and breath new life into the game! Thank you for
    the upload QB!

  206. I remember a good guy time i had when a friendly luchs fired at my Tiger I
    for nothing i acted in a good way and gave him a warning that if he do what
    he did again he gonna die and when he actually did it again i killed him
    even thought that he didn’t cause me a 1 damage . that is a good guy act
    right ? :P

  207. really, 2500 gold, for a random person, damn, just goes to show QB has
    money to blow

  208. He he he… im going to be a jerk for one second and say these “Good guys”
    are just farming Damage and kills from poor defenseless players on their
    team XD no jk, but still lol, rewatch the video with that mind set 😛 happy

  209. Patrick Trombley

    The luchs really appreciated that because it kept hiding behind him.

  210. I don’t have a PC capable of running WoT, so I play the blitz version of it
    in my mobile device. I implement this tactic to try and save others that
    need it simply because winning as a team is far better than someone
    carrying the win, and 2vs1 is better than 1vs1. Not many people appreciate
    what I do, but those that do appreciate and take the time to say thanks
    makes me feel good. I think everyone should implement this tactics because
    it could make the difference whether your team wins or loses.

  211. I really think this series can promote a positive environment in WoT.
    Honestly, WoT is known for the stereotypical MMO toxicity, and I would love
    to see some of that fade away. Thanks for this, Quickybaby! PS: congrats on
    your marriage. =)

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  213. I love the Good Guys Videos keep it up

  214. But, most (not all) tanks that were getting saved stuck around egging on to
    be killed like that first and third clip.

  215. DEZiiRE_GH0sTy Lee

    well i was in my tog2 sheilded a easy8 and kv 85 from a tiger and type 58
    and got no thx soo much for being a good guy:(

  216. makes me sad that common sense teamwork is such a rarity that it warrents a
    war gaming kinda brought it on themselves i guess because apart from
    spotting everything that you get xp for is selfish stuff

  217. 1:25 how did E-75 made 1194 damage to IS-8 ??????

  218. You know why there is only 4 episodes of good guy? Because this happens so
    rarely that its hard to fill episodes with. I usually get killed by my team
    rather than helped

    • +Black Jesus it’s more of a fact that these take a long time to research
      and montage, I’ll get back to making them now I have more time on my hands!

    • General Saufenberg

      +frealms this is exactly what happend to me. i shield a guy with very low
      hp, take the shots from the enemys that almost kills my teammate. my
      teammate shoot in my engin, set me on fire and kills me for blocking his

    • +Rickard Shen It’s indeed a good way to win if they can shoot properly.
      Nowadays I only shield good players this way, because honestly I’d rather
      keep my gun active and a few additional hitpoints in check rather than
      saving a bunch of sheep if you know what I mean. Apart from the cases where
      I can’t win if I don’t shield someone, no matter their skill.

    • +Lucas Pintilie I agree. I’m pretty conservative with shielding people when
      I’m in a paper tank. After all, it’s gonna cost me repair. But for example
      in an IS-6 you can generally shield without really sacrificing much.

  219. Ever since I’ve seen your first good guy video I’ve been helping people out
    every time I can, it’s usually not worth it but to hell with it ! ;)

    • +Juggernaut I bet you are a happier person than those who push and block
      their allies to get more damage.

    • +QuickyBabyTV THIS ^ Exactly, it makes the game more fun in a way,
      especially if you’re grining a tank for 5 hours, or your gpu card is dead
      and the only game you can play is wot on the lowest settings (like mine is
      😀 ) Anyways huge thumbs up for you for everything you do for this
      community ! ^^

  220. I have not been saved…I have been pushed and shot at by “friendlies”
    though :|

  221. Earning 2.5k gold from Quickybaby if you be a good guy in WoT??? That i
    didn’t know that…..

    • +Feral Feline Was i writting to you, mad man?

    • +kakhoofd 75 It’s not for everyone. He picks one he likes from time to time
      and rewards it. Also, you can’t do it for platoon or clan mates. It has to
      be random 🙂

    • +Feral Feline yeah duh, but it’s still a bit unprofessional to just
      randomly throw money at this guy, just because he didn’t have a great game.

    • +Battle typhoon The difference is that Littlefoot probably didn’t know
      about the “good guy” thing Quicky is doing. While the players who sent
      replays to QB probably behaved nicely because it’s the right thing to do,
      Littlefoot wasn’t even aware of “the campaign”.

    • +kakhoofd 75 It’s just a commercial stunt on his part, he gets loads of
      money from WG for promoting useless premium tanks (Berlin trio) and by
      bored old men donating on his twitch channel, this is just buying publicity
      by him.

  222. thatbattlefield dude

    One time in my t32 in a tier 10 match I did this. A death star was being
    tracked by 3 tanks so I drove out in front fired one shot then turned my
    turret and looked at him while they shot me hahah. It was so sad 

  223. Got back to back tracked in my KV-2 and a teammate blocked shots until I
    got it back up. He ended up being left on 72 hp but he kept me alive and I
    ended up having a good game after.

  224. ShadowsDexl lWoT Blitz Replays

    I always do this when I see someone in trouble. They normally think I’m
    trying to steal their kills though…

  225. “Aren’t you the …good man?” – Blade Runner

  226. Moussa “Micro” Hammadi

    it’s not that big of a deal I always do it to other players although I
    haven’t seen anyone saving me in any game #EU1xD

  227. So glad Littlefoot gets awarded for his selfless act. Way to go

  228. Please do more

  229. how do i watch the replays?

  230. TheBlazinAsian XIV

    But the 62a fires apcr for standard ammo just like the 140 and t71….

    How the fuck does he think that they’re shooting gold? :/

    My mind is confused :'(

    • +TheBlazinAsian XIV it’s the same as people crying “hacker” “cheater” in
      game after they get killed, they just look like morons.

    • TheBlazinAsian XIV

      A reply!

      Ty for noticing me senpai!

      But yeah all in all said

      Whenever a salty tanker dies, it’s simply – omg, hacker, nice hacks,

  231. I was wondering where this series went :)?!

  232. In my opinion, this kind of “saving each other” in randoms is a bit of a
    waste of time. I might sound like a cynic, but hear me out:

    1. While it on a rare occation does make the guy you are saving happy, it
    rarely does much more. In fact, you are more often than not simply going to
    get in the way of each other.
    2. You get little to nothing out of it, besides the occational “thanks”
    from whomever you are helping. All it does is make your repair bill larger,
    as well as risking getting shot in the rear because you are going in front
    of a team mate – and that is bad for both you and the guy you are saving.

    This ís, of course, only relevant in random battles. In the competitive,
    team-play oriented matches like skirmishes, team battles and clan war
    campaigns, of course everyone are going to be backing everyone up. I think
    that you SHOULD try to “save” each other. In random battles however, things
    are just too unorganized and, well, random for it to work out.

    • +Battle typhoon Its completely circumstantial really. If you can pull off a
      save, while more or less guaranteeing you’ll come out of it okay, its worth
      trying to keep the extra gun in the game. But if its a situation where, for
      example, the last clip he showed with the pershing pushing forward,
      absolutely not. The whole point of saving another tank is to keep both his
      gun and your gun in play, when you have four tanks shooting at a lowe, and
      your in a medium tank, you dont rush out in front of the lowe. It worked
      out okay this time around but 9 times out of 10 that situation would have
      ended with one of the two tanks dying there.

      As for the other replays, those were more or less worth it and the people
      involved made good calls. Especially the game where the guy got 8k damage.
      We didn’t see the rest of the game, but im positive having that extra light
      tank alive contributed to the win if you consider how much the 140 had to

      So yeah, your right, most of the time its a useless thing to do, and often
      times can just end with both people dying anyway. But sometimes, if your a
      good enough player, and the circumstances are right, you can come out doing
      a good thing, and also help to ensure a win.

    • +Battle typhoon I dont care about the repair bill to tell you the
      truth…Just the “thank you” from the other player is enough for me…I
      rarely see that in wot and imo,actionslike these counts a lot more than a
      repair bill…

    • +James Bond not to even mention that more often than not, ammo ends up
      being more costly than a few thousand to repair a tank.

    • +Battle typhoon You are right!! I got TK after I saved a my team mate. Do
      you know why they TK me? They just want the medal that they never get
      before. Sigh…

    • +Battle typhoon What you get out of it (besides just being a good
      teammate/person) is you keep another gun in the game for your team. That
      translates to higher win rates, and more xp/credits for you. I’ve had games
      where I saved someone, and he then proceeded to carry the team. Those are
      games my team probably would have lost, that we ended up winning. If you’re
      so worried about a bigger repair bill, why are you playing at all?

  233. I doubt the E75 was mad either, you did feed him 900 damage XD

  234. I saved a light tank in my Tiger when he was tracked and only had 250 hp

  235. 8:42 LOL. 69. :D

  236. T62A burning in water:)legit

    • +Malcolm Baker I meant the oil from the engine

    • +Ammar Ashoor Not disagreeing with you. All sorts of flammable materials in
      a tank. Oil not the least.

    • +Antohi Robert I think going into deep water (where drowning counter
      starts) extinguishes the fire. You’re also unable to shoot when in deep

    • +Antohi Robert T62A not getting ammoracked by a shot that went right
      through his tank:)legit
      T62A still being able to shoot after his crew would have been

      This is WoT, not a simulator.

    • +Antohi Robert honestly, the engine is completely closed up from the sides
      and the water isn’t deep enough to cover the hull, therefore the water
      can’t get into the engine.

  237. I love watching these kind of replays :D

  238. Wish I saved a good guy play I did a while back in Mountain Pass saving a
    T34 with my Obj 704. Of course I accidentally shot the T34 in the ass as
    he moved into my firing circle just as I shot, but I covered him and he got
    away. Gladly I bounced a shot from the JagZilla looking at me.

  239. You should do a Leopard 1 review

  240. FunnyVideosShowPL

    Tried to defend Borsig (1 shot kill) with my Leopard 1 hull from the M103,
    but he hit him anyway. I felt pretty sad :c

  241. nice its back

  242. World Of Tanks Blitz Gaming

    I also did that but on Blitz i was lower tier and protected T29 by being
    his “hull shield” 😀 and i gave another T29 a 7th kill I could’ve killed
    the last one but gave it to him for free.. And i stole a kill from Pz lll
    but gave another kill to him :D

  243. Your Awsome

  244. i have a replay up where i threw away all of my lowe to help out a
    jagpanzer. he was tracked up on a slope by a obj 140 and had half his
    modules knocked out, i saved him with less than like 400 hp left

  245. Good on Littlefoot :D

  246. The good guy never gets the grille

  247. This is nice to see in wot I’ve played for a few months after watching
    quickybabys videos and this rarely happens on the NA servers

  248. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    I wish good players were good guys… But all the good deeds seems to come
    from the “noobs…” Almost all the good players seem to use others for
    their own gain, then blame their team when they lose.

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun that is not true. Difference usually is that
      good player can tell the difference when it is worth it to protect someone
      the same way as to say when it is better to use someone for greater good.

    • Maybe you do need to be selfish to be a “good” player as you said?

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun I dont know about that. Im fairly decent and
      Il often do something like this just because it means my team has more guns
      in play which means a higher chance of getting a win.

    • The Warlord of the Rising Sun

      +Yasin Parti If that’s the case I’d rather stay average. I have at least 10
      players who are “Great” or “Unicum” rating in my ignore list. And there’s
      being selfish, and being openly toxic, which I should mention is usually
      the case with these so-called “Good players.”

    • +The Warlord of the Rising Sun The diffrence is, that I as a player with
      2200 WN8 think that saving my health is worth more than saving a Teammate,
      bec I will have a greater Impact on the game. However, this is not to
      generalise, but I will not drive in front of a Teammate to take several
      hits allowing him to suicide somewhere else.

  249. I once saved 6 guys in my E-100 by sidescraping out in front of them and
    takimg all the hits while they fixed theyrctracks. Saving them from certain
    death. It really feels nice to be thanked in this game when you save

  250. I love good guy series

  251. ATGolden channel (mighti)

    Hehehe , I do these kind of things every single game for the past 3 years
    on wot.. would be nice if everyone was like me and the gentlemen on the
    video ;)

  252. You can quickbaby
    Im from spain 

  253. one day I was in a FC AC td and my team pushed me down a hill on province
    and got me killed instaly!?!?!

  254. +QuickyBabyTV Hey QB i’ve been trying to play WoT but its hard for me
    because i’m in a wheelchair and have limited use of my hands. But what kind
    of tips do you have to get better at WoT?
    BTW love the streams =)

    • General Saufenberg

      +Pepper462 you are an idiot! be glad that you are in god condition. you
      never know what could happen to yourself. all it takes is a cra crash or
      some serious disease.

    • +General Saufenberg “all it takes is a cra crash or some serious disease.”
      Or just one or two guys with baseball bats

    • +UnstablePyro19 check out if you can use the controllers. If you can’t but
      still move your fingers, those controllers can be customized. I’ve seen
      videos on youtube from arcade gamers, who do this for fitting the original
      controller electronic to more arcade style controllers. And then there is
      TrackIR. It’s a cam looking at a special hat or cap you are wearing, which
      is normaly used to controll your view in a flight simulator. There is also
      an open source project called FaceTrackNoIR. It works similar like TrackIR
      but uses standard hardware but more work to configure. Those software
      tracks the movement of your head. Then there are eye tracker. They track
      where you are looking at the screen. First used by marketing and GUI
      researcher, that hardware is now affordable and is use by gamers and
      streamers too. SteelSeries release a product lately. And one thing: When
      you get the game for you to work, it would be great if you could publish
      that information how you did it. I’am only fond of alternate controllers,
      but did not deliver first hand experience.FaceTrackNoIR

    • +UnstablePyro19 Love your positivity and profile pic!

  255. Пешко Бешко

    If the guy I am saving is a good player,so its worth it!I prefer to not
    waste health for a retard who won’t do shit anyways :)

  256. I’m absolutely baffled by the T62a’s accusation of the 140 being a “gold
    noob”. What a goose.

    • +larsvd meyde T71 has APCR as standard too 😀

    • i am not saying they are bad players. they are just them ost poisonous
      players from whole wot comunity, being rude and insulting everything and

    • +Alexander Klein I have 1.5K games in the T71 XD so I know 😛 still gold is
      APCR or HEAT so heat would be an option 😛

  257. Oh yeah love These kind of guys !!

  258. Just got here from ur stream! Ty QB

  259. I hope you guys all welcome the return of the good guys! Submit me your
    Good Guy moments on the website!

    I’m LIVESTREAMING right now!

    • +QuickyBabyTV These videos are just awesome. Thanks for another awesome
      video, QB! 😀

    • +QuickyBabyTV Love the Good Guy series also. Must be hard to accumulate
      enough footage to put one together given the amount of a-holes in the game.
      That might be a fun series idea – put together a companion series to Return
      of the Good Guy called Return of the Asshat. You’d probably get enough to
      crank out a new video each day!

    • +QuickyBabyTV sometimes i did save an annother tank, often than they run
      away and i get killed ^^ esspecially if they shout for help. So being the
      good guy is not often rewarded ^^

    • +Pascal Winter no good deed goes unpunished…. I get that a lot, punished
      that is lol

  260. Yes! more good guys replays!

  261. Nice Video 🙂 Love the good guy series :)

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