World of Tanks || Return of the MEGA TROLL

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today 슨두부찌개 returns with an even bigger game! Lets see how the T5 French light tank the AMX as a mega troll on Airfield.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Respect amazing..

  2. 아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 슨두부찌개 동영상 또 올라왔네. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 스~은 두부 찌게이~~ 

  3. Quickybaby, do you know what equipment 슨두부찌개 is using on his elc?
    thanks for the great content :)

  4. he is legend….!

  5. one verry importend question about this elc thing:
    Why in god´s name does this > TIER5 LIGHT < tank have the same penetration as the tier10 is7 ??? 248mm pen for a TIER5 LIGHT,what absurd fail joke is this!?!?!? And 170 pen is the same joke,i wish i had that pen with tier6 light tank type 64,but no,he has a tier3-4 pen and tier1 accuratcy!!! not possible to pen a kv1 at 400meters at the front with only 128mm pen! WG IS SOOO MUCH FAIL IN BALANCING SHIT!!!

  6. Nerf nerf :)) take the amx off this guy’s hands :)

  7. Cleyson Alan Fornaza

    Guys. My mod pack doenst work anymore. Csn somebody tell me what should i
    do to have it back? The 3 folders r still in res mods folder and doesnt
    work anyways

  8. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    That guy really loves his ELC AMX and i almost spewed my drink when i saw
    his 8 crew skills!

  9. 슨두부 이양반 또나왔네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  10. I did maximum 2950.. damage (3k). But damage per game is low (490). But
    padding this. I’m learning to drive elc amx much better then old times. Now
    my one day average damage is below 1100.

  11. Lucky Lloyd Rosal

    Im getting hungry just hearing his name.

  12. 슨두부찌개 means redfish brainstew in korean

  13. Jakub Tomíček

    I drive it with my friend in Platoon of 2 ELC AMX and we form “hit
    squadron”, we pincer single enemies, or one baits and the other shoots, its
    a lot of fun! :P

  14. Absolutely amazing… I want to be like him but with my Cromwell. Currently
    just played my 1000th game in my Cromwell, got 4 perks/skills, and highest
    base exp I ever got in a game was 2400. 

  15. I’m from the Korean server too. Not a very good player. My games in the
    E100 has been utter garbage. Can you give me some tips?

    • Linus Persson Lundh

      Look at QBs E100 videos and you’ll see all the mechanics you need to learn
      to be a good E100 player. 🙂

  16. PC⬛ vehicle is Only in Korean server.
    Korea has PC Rooms where they can play games or internet. And PC vehicle
    can ride in PC Room only. 

  17. 또 등판하넼ㅋㅋㄱㅋㄲ

  18. this guy is the god of elc amx

  19. great play it was a joy to see

  20. 8 skill? No life!

  21. ㅇㄹ벋ㄴ빈ㅁㄴ바이둅앱ㄴㅌ

    Fortunely, I was won him with my little Emli :D

  22. Michael Stiles (Kamo)

    ELC armor? wut?Are you feeling ok QB?

  23. Sabia Magar Viteaza

    Take that, Tazilon!

  24. Marty H (Vellarain)

    This guy has made playing the ELC into an art form of its own.


  26. That man really loves his ELC AMX

  27. 진짜 이판하던 적팀들 얼마나 열받았을지 .. 보는 내가 열받는다 ..

  28. he is one of the best ELC user in Korea server but his language is little
    bit bad.
    and i really hate his ELC platoon. if i see them, i don’t know why my tank
    already go back to the garage.

  29. Did you know that the ELC was able to go to 80 km h, pls buff it !

  30. Benjamin Hodzic

    67 000 wn 8 holllllyy crap

  31. christopher tucker

    Masterpiece is the correct word quickybaby. He played that tank so hard!

  32. Benjamin Hodzic

    He has 2200 + WN 8 and is stll green , your scale is really bad.

  33. I’m in Korea but I want to know how do I transfer from the us west to the
    Asian server?

  34. You may have ocd if you played a tank 11000 times.

  35. Its bullshit to be light tank tier 5 and fight vs tier 8 fucking gay things
    scout my ass

  36. hayder aldaffaie

    best player ever

  37. Can u show a replay with the rhm teir 8 german tank destroyer? I wanna know
    if i should get it.

  38. 순두부찌개 순두부찌개 순두부찌개 순두부찌개!!! It means “Soft-Tofu Soup” in Korean.

  39. Anyone notice that his/her most exp earned per battle is 5095? Simply epic

  40. 또 올라갔네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  41. Could someone translate the crew skills at 1:44?

    • +Kellin Quinn From top to bottom it goes as follows ;
      Commander : camo, BIA, mentor, 6th sense, snap shot, recon, situational
      awareness, and 76% for repairs

      Driver : camo, BIA, off-road driving, smooth ride, preventative
      maintenance, clutch braking, repairs, and 76% for controlled impact

  42. hardcoreminecrafter9

    i like how quicky can pronounce his name, and Jingles would just call him
    dave :D

  43. Simply perfect !

  44. Replay of su-122-44 will be nice!

  45. Lol his username is the name of a Korean soup :P

  46. PanzerGhostDivison

    As a recruiter I still wouldn’t take this guy into a high skill clan.

  47. I feel bad for you PC players when it comes to crew skills. Even tanks that
    I’ve been casually playing a few times a month for the past year on Xbox
    360 have 8 crew skills. My T-62a diver has 15 crew skills, I have two
    American crews with 13, and four Germans between 10-13. Crews on PC seem
    over-complicated and grueling to grind.

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Ohhh bullshit. A T-62A only has 7 total skills. The commander only has 13.
      The total XP needed to train 8 skills from a 50% starter crew to Skill 8
      100% is 53,566,259 XP. That’s a total of 38,262 games. To top that off each
      game you would have to bring in no less than 1400 XP per battle. With all
      that being said if you brought in a minimum of 1400 every game with the
      T-62A (which I highly doubt) it would take you roughly 5 months straight
      without sleep or anything else to just have 8 skills on the driver instead
      of all nine. You want to try your story again.

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Correction *A T-62A driver has 7 skills (4 Main + 5 specialty) only. The
      Commander only has 13 skills (4 Main + 5 Com Spc + 4 Radio Spc).

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Ughhhh…….* Driver = 9 skills.

  48. QuickyBabyTV (pc) is internet cafe in Korea republic of

  49. Hamish Marshall

    The Koreans are still killing whales but I didn’t realize they were
    clubbing seals as well.

  50. Nice video.

  51. The new ELX sucks in comparison to the old one. It is lifted so much higher
    than it used to be

  52. Demonkiller Death

    i love to drive around the map its so fast my fav tank <3

  53. I call hacks.

    If this were me.
    1. Arty would never miss.
    2. Then id die.

  54. What is the difference between the ELC AMX and the AMX ELC bis.

  55. “Hmm… What would I play today? Ohh wait… I have only ELC AMX” :P

  56. Blancuzproductions

    I don’t see why people think he has no life.
    19 games a day on average is really easy to achieve. The only time I played
    WoT on a regular basis was for the free TOG event on EU. I averaged 22.3
    games a day over the course of 25 days (yes I did count) taking 2-4 hours I
    spent with a hobby. Average also means that you could have played less on
    weekdays and more on the weekend or free days. I’m sure there are some
    others with an average of 19+ around here. The only difference is that only
    the smallest fraction of them would play only one tank.

  57. Practice makes perfect. I was dissapointed in enemy arty. Scouts that work
    in a tiny space like that deserve some splash. But I guess none of the
    enemy arty had the energy to crawl down to SE corner. Also the enemy
    heavies just got tired and started marching when the problem had not been
    taken care of.
    I wish I also had super stealth like that ………..

    • +MajSolo or maybe I mean SW corner ….. you can both shoot at heavies from
      there and shoot along south edge. Or you could shoo this ELC.

  58. one word-ASIAN

  59. sweet yisus

  60. Praises to the might ELC AMX

  61. Nerf ELC too stronk.

  62. 어휴 노랍탱창인생 북끄러운줄 알아야지 ㅇㅂ

  63. “I’ll just call him Dave.” Seriously, though … holy crap!
    Thanks for bringing us this.

  64. Can u show the Wn8 waht he made at this game or in any other games ?
    I think that WN8 70k ~ !

  65. I heard a Chinese player had over 20k games in a T1E6 lmao, that is some
    serious dedication right there.

  66. Korean Players OP Plez nerf!

  67. Only because their enemy teams are noobs and even renting the tanks.

  68. no skill, just luck! *picks popcorn*

  69. damn Tofu Soup’s patience and decisiveness is impressive

  70. 하드초콜릿

    I work at a PC방. It will cost you like almost 1$ per hour to play in PC방,
    and we provide fast internet, decent machine for gaming and most
    importantly, so called “PC방 Bonus” for playing online games at our shop.
    (To get this “bonus”, we have to pay game companies for each minute of
    play) In case of WoT, tier 2~8 popular rental tanks with 50% crew, 50%
    extra xp, 50% extra crew XP and PC방 exclusive “tasks” such as ‘Win 10
    games, get 100 gold’ or ‘Play 1k games, get 1000 gold’.

  71. And the crazy thing is. In our culture he would be considered a
    nerd/loser/addict etc. while in korea he’s probably the local badass.

    Videogames are koreas national sport goddamnit!!!! :O

  72. hey quicky which line is best for T29 one at T1 heavy or M4 ??? plz help me

  73. To quote the Mighty Jingles, a few years ago: “If you’re gonna be an
    a**hole, be the best damn a**hole there has ever been.”

  74. 순두부찌개 순두부찌개 >Soft Tofu Stew >korean food :)

  75. 슨-두부찌개

  76. There must be sum ting Wong with this guy with 11k games in the ELC…

  77. Not that impressed.. Some stat padding kid who only plays one tank and seal
    clubs what are clearly not very skilled players. Why does this shit keep
    getting featured? Why don’t we ever see the underdog get some love and
    watch a new/low skill player roll the uniscrubs? Not some wanker who
    doesn’t do anything else but play one tank.

    • Peter Langelier

      Seal clubs? This video featured the worst matchmaking a no platooned ELC
      could get.

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Your a special type of stupid aren’t you. He was at the bottom end of the
      Tier scale. Good lord watch the gd video before commenting. You might not
      look like a complete moron.

  78. le forestier damien

    You can also troll tiger and tiger p in an e25 you go on tiger side (or
    front and back) as they can’t shot back, my best result is 3tigers trolled
    that way in the same game :)

  79. Hello Quickybaby!
    I really enjoy your videos and I am a great fan of you. However, watching
    this video I couldn’t help myself but notice something that can be
    offensive to certain people in Korea. I’m sure you are not aware of this
    but his nickname can be very offensive to some Korean people. Basically his
    name is making fun of one of our late president Kim Dae-jung. Regardless of
    anyone’s political orientation, making fun of someone who passed away is
    insensitive and wrong.

    His name 슨두부찌개 is actually 순두부찌개 ( It’s just a food commonly
    found in Korea. What this guy has done with this name is change the first
    letter 순 into 슨.

    Now obviously majority of people watching this video is not Korean and
    probably not familiar with Korean politics. To make things short, Kim
    Dae-jung was more or less left wing oriented politician (correct me if I’m
    wrong fellow Koreans). He was both loved and hated for his actions (as any
    president is) and earned him many names. Those who liked this president
    called him 선생님 which is a word used in Korea to call your teachers (not
    just school teachers, it can be used so that it has a deeper meaning). Now,
    people who didn’t like this president also didn’t like the people who
    supported president Kim and in order to offend (make fun of, degrade,
    whatever you want to call it) them, they started to copy and say 슨상님
    (instead of 선생님). This is because the people who liked president Kim mostly
    lived in South-West part of Korea where the regional dialect makes 선생님
    sound more like 슨생님. Basically they copied the regional dialect and made
    fun of people who liked the president and the president himself.

    Of course this kind of action is not very welcome in Korea and 슨상님 is
    usually used on the internet. However, nowadays they started to get
    creative with the word and started to mix words that sound similar. Hence
    the word 슨두부찌개.

    I just wanted to tell you that there will be some people who are offended
    by the guy’s nickname. Especially because there is a big internet community
    (ilbe – this is the name of the community) that uses this word, and this
    community is hated by many others. People from ilbe take pride in revealing
    themselves subtly (such as in this video) and there is a section at their
    website where people post how they managed to slip in these kinds of words
    into whatever they can. And these guys started to use more of this word 슨상님
    after the president Kim passed away. I think that’s not an action that
    should be condoned.

    Like I said before, regardless of one’s political orientation, making fun
    of someone who passed away is offensive to… anyone really. It’s
    insensitive and wrong.

    Keep up the good work.

    • +kennybopper Why is calling out names and making fun of dead politicians
      out of boundary? They are dead and do not exist anymore. Strange logic u
      got there. You should know that your logic applies to ‘alive’ politicians
      then, why don’t you express your opinion on anything productive? It’s funny
      how you ‘liked’ a video making fun out of an alive politician lel. and +1
      to darkarcangel, welcome to the internet.

    • +kennybopper DarkArcAngel is ranting your comment because your comment has
      nothing to do with this video clip. What is the point of your ranting about
      his nickname? You have just pointed out that his nickname ‘soft tofu stew’
      could offence to someone while that your very first comment (which has
      nothing to do with this clip) could offence to someone else, or the player
      itself and also QuickyBaby. So just knock it off or if you want to keep
      your whining, then do it to the War Gaming Net, not here. and fuck that
      German migget with the ugliest mustache. Now do your whining to me for
      making fun of the Nazi dead politician.

    • +kennybopper Plus, freedom of speech does not work that way. It’s not like
      where you cannot oppose someone else’s POV. If you see flaws in someone
      else’s argument, you can point that out.

    • +U2 빠돌이 I actually think the mustache is cool. Too bad people can’t have
      that mustache because of an idiotic racist retard.

    • +a152411 Too bad people dont know what racist means because of an idiotic
      racist retard.

  80. 슨 슨

  81. #GetAlife

  82. Just reverse to a wall stops all that circling rubbish 170 pen for a t5
    light is just op an is6 t8 only has 175

  83. I spilled water on my keyboard and some of my keys aren’t working; I hope
    it works after drying out….

  84. 13:37 – “FOCH” …so much irony.

  85. Such irony that the ELC has been buffed in the last patch. As if there was
    any need for a few mm of extra armor :D

  86. This made my day, his previous ELC video is one of my all time favourite

  87. i love this tank
    its my go to “im having a bad WOT day and need to cheer up” tank

  88. +QuickyBabyTV when is your quickybaby replays windows going to update to

  89. beautiful girl in the chamber

    kv-85 is goood! ))) kis you)

  90. What about that auto tune someone made? I can’t seem to find it but it is
    very funny

  91. Thanks quicky, now I know where to sabotage people with my ELC 

  92. wish I had that much free time

  93. Christian Wertti

    How does he roam in the replays?

  94. It s ugly now in hd. I have 3k battles in elc

  95. I dont understand korean! which crew skills? and in what order??

  96. Christian Wertti

    I thought I was a special kind of little tanker when I killed an IS with a
    Pz 38 nA.
    Now I’m a special kind of stupid for that. 4844. Phenomenal.

  97. throughlifeagain

    `This guy is a god in his elc.

  98. Foxhound Fennec

    Dude wtf,
    19games a day with an average of 10min.
    This dude is playing 8h a day just with the Fucking elc this is sick….
    No Fucking life .. this is really sad not cool or something

  99. Hooooly!!!!

  100. megatroll….sitting in a bush and sniping.

  101. So they can rent tanks in Gaming cafe? How does that work? I heard on
    Chinese server you can have a unique camo, and x1.5 exp for each game in
    some good ones…

  102. Sander Wieringa

    The same spot i always use in my ELC. Absolute topspot!

  103. s anagnostopoylos

    great player BUT he also have 3 tier X artys and 2k battles with them….
    skyfapper confirmed Kappa

  104. Marko Djurdjevic

    He plays like me :)

  105. I wish the Luchs could mount a 90mm. I would be willing to accept increased
    MM and the tendency to backflip when it fires. Make it happen, WG~

  106. does this guy has a life ?

  107. MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

    Nothing special in this replay.

    • +MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank idiot

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Mopar & Abrams = Fail. Btw I doubt you have even a fraction of that dudes
      ability. Not that I am overly impressed by it but he’d probably obliterate

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      +vaulthecreator Aww you mad?

    • MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank

      +DarkArcAngel2129​​ 0 shits given. 11k games in a ELC I wouldn’t be at all
      surprised if he did. 11k games in a easy stat padding tank and only smurth
      on xvm most likely means I’ll destroy him in a HT or Medium.

      Mopar and Abrams are my preference of choice.

    • +MOPAR Or No Car / ABRAMS Or No Tank Nope, not in the slightest, thank you
      for your concern however.

  108. 14000 games, get a life

  109. Asians… huh

  110. Dante Skin.png

  111. well 14k games in ELC, 18 games a day….
    I rather taake a mountain bike ride, shoot my AR, play with my kids and get
    a boner a couple of times a month……

    You choose what is best for your life…. if you actualy have one, omg

  112. Ubeleavably skillful playing, just awesome!!!

  113. LOL that T34 at 3:07 just completely ignores the other T34

    This is precisely why the SEA sever is the worst. the players are TERRIBLE.

    • +Sync Misa and they all fire nothing but premium ammo. even when it is
      completely unnecessary.

    • Well obviously you didn’t listen because this is the Korean server, not the
      SEA server

    • +Hayden Jenzen To self-entitled “I am more awesome than the players in X
      server, the server is terrible” people, such minor details are unnecessary

    • +Tenshi2akuma yeah, i always find people will bag on players saying the
      server is bad, even when they don’t know which server it is.

  114. Wow great play thanks for the share

  115. christian mccullough

    Quickybaby would you consider starting a arty series like this I know that
    people for. Like arty but watching them gives away all they’re dirty little
    secret as jingles would but it please and thanks for another good video and
    have a peaceful Sunday 

  116. My max base xp was 2865 in a mostly stock 100M1 on the old sandriver. I
    still remember that game…. But that was patch 7 something. Maybe early 8.

  117. No life

  118. funnest haha grammer nazi ftw

  119. Peter Andreas Kirk Lossius

    1 million likes!!

  120. Christian Hostetler

    In the spirit of the Asian servers
    Ho Li Fuk what a game

  121. No life 2.0

  122. 8 skills in a crew, and me thinking i’m a badass for having 5 skills in my
    121. lol

  123. Yourack disciprine


  124. Collin Mitchell

    When i get into a tier 6 game in my ELC AMX ooohhh,I wipe my hands with
    gleam >:3 i havent played very many games in my elc but i have already
    mastered the art of side-hugging-mega-troll

  125. Mastermsn Gaming “mastermsn” emd122

    yay Korea 

  126. I reached 2k battles in ELC AMX and got my MoA up to 100% but never got
    that much xp….GJ :)

  127. Tiger2 front armor penetrated with 170mm pen…hacker

  128. this makes my 4,600 dmg battle in the SU-122-44 seem like nothing

  129. too bad this guy can’t handle any other tank as good as his elc

  130. Ha. I’ve gotten tier x in that Elc Amx more often then Teir VIII. In the
    beginning of the video of that spot, I would not taken that spot if there
    are more then one arty which I’m surprise no arty is at the SW corner of
    the map to counter that spots. All that asides, what a great replay this
    game was and thank for the upload.

  131. yeah, 슨두부찌게 returns!!!!

  132. could someone give a link to his WoT profile?

  133. why did he just got 3 rings he may get another

  134. Vitárius László

    well hes good but he had a lot of luck too

  135. DAMN!

  136. Antonio Golubovic


  137. “the best player”….well, of course he’s asian.

  138. The French Bastard

    so basically it’s the fastest tank destroyer in the game

  139. Wow. Just wow. Amazing game.

  140. johnathan francis

    QuickyBaby, can you review the T28 Concept please!!!!!!

  141. And i was proud of my first mark of excellence which i got lately

  142. I met a guy with 82k games … Comment what we shall call him xD

  143. Karl King Of Ducks

    I love my elc very much! Even in the replay on January I mentioned it! I
    currently have 2 marks and I really want the third mark on my strnk gun
    barrel! I play the elc as highly mobile tank destroyer utilizing my 20
    cammo rating my crew cammo and a net making the elc a ghost. What I also
    like to do is jaust with enemy tanks and drive past them shooting on the
    move. But my fav is hiding under their guns and trolling back to their
    garage. About the HD model now… YES it has CHANGED the tank making it
    even more light profile. It’s size has changed and it now resembles the irl
    tank. Also I shall make a note that the tracks clip through their covers on
    bumps which is not nice WG… Highly recommend this to highly experienced
    TD players with nice crews but not to murican LT players because they will
    SUCK! The elc is an art of its own. Also get a female crew with Commander
    skills being 1:Sixth sense 2:repairs and driver skills being 1:smooth ride
    2:repairs. One last note is equipment. I use cammo net (ghostability) binos
    (TD playstyle) and vents to get xtra high crew skill. Also odd consumable
    choice is 2 reps (1 small 1 big) It will get you a second chance as modules
    are rekt by every shot because of the small size of the tank and the
    inevitable cramming of modules in the chassis. elc amx 10/10 “Would be 1
    shot by 122mm again!”

  144. 11K + gams? Wasted time that could be spent living a real life.

  145. Seapanners nanners

    Just got past the ELC had to sell it to get the 12 T which I think I am
    probably one of the only people to love it. I already have three tongues in

  146. Jochem van Pamelen

    I think the funnest rhing to do in your ELC AMX is sidehugging your

  147. Watching this guys replay last time you posted it inspired me to rebuy the
    ELC and learn it. If I was half as good at the ELC as this guy id be pretty
    happy lol.

  148. Ivor Mlinarević

    That tank is amazing!

  149. The ELC AMX is the mega-troll of WoT. Had one kill a M44 yesterday. Not
    surprising? Ok, how about doing it after the M44 had derped him at point
    blank range and living?

  150. elc not in HD? how old is this video

  151. ELC master ACE :)

  152. Emilien Gosselin

    This guy…

  153. He only played around 700 battles not in his elc amx…. dafaq? Them
    Koreans XD

  154. Yes, he is a awesome elc-driver and a good player, but atill, all I see is
    massive Statspadding.

  155. And one morething.
    There is more crazy ELC AMX Master in korea.
    Not an only 슨두부찌개.
    Im very glad to see the Korean player in famous youtuber’s video.

  156. PCl is meaning PC방
    You can call it PC Room.
    PC room is one of the hot space to Korean, cuz there is many adventage to
    play a game in a PC room.
    So Wargaming open up the event.
    Dont need to buy.
    Just get in to the PC Room and enjoy the game.
    Oh, While u play in PC ROOM you need to pay a money for an hour.
    Ex) 1hour = 800won(0.8$)

  157. Toasty Roasty Man

    q/b I know you have your own mod pack but your missing a lot my friend> The
    solo mod pack has so much more and allows for disabling some of the more
    useless Special effects like “engine exhaust” and many others and you will
    get a significant FPS boost just with that one alone. It also has some
    great character voices like “the Minions” from the movie “despicable me.”
    You haven’t lived till you hear the minions sing the song “YMCA” when your
    starting up your tank ! LOL Please try the mod pac.Your fans will thank you
    for it. Your mod pac is frankly far too boring. Just give it a try for a
    bit and see if I am not right. 🙂

    Just one more thought. This amx driver is truly amazing !

  158. 8 skills????????????????????? My god… 

  159. Got my first 2nd mark, in this tank, it is the only reason (kind of) why i
    play WOT!

  160. ELC is amazing 🙂 Love mine and I’m nowhere near as good.
    I think since it was changed in 9.6 – the aim thing – it’s been nerfed. HD
    made no difference to it though.

  161. Main reason this guy is so good? Map awareness

  162. ㅁㅊㄷ ㅁㅊㅇ

  163. QuickyBaby nice video but if not problem pls add mod called “XVM on live ”
    that will be show us how much WN8 your guests make on epick battles :)

  164. what an amazing replay! this guy really loves his ELC….

  165. Best ELC driver worldwide

  166. For those of you wondering, the PC[] in Korea would be PC방, romanised as
    PC-bang. These PC-rooms are usually dedicated to purely computer gaming
    rather than simply browsing the internet. They usually also allow you to
    stay for long hours, with some providing food and drinks and many are open
    for 24 hours.

    • +Tedrick Leong Does those gaming cafes provide funeral services too ? For
      overtired players…

    • +sleeptyper no there is too much smoking(although law forbids it, for the
      sake of getting more smokers who comprise the majority of people in pc
      rooms it is normally dismissed) you start to get headaches after a few
      hours. So unless you’re crazy into games you’re most likely to get out
      before dying. Also, law forbids underage from being in a pc room from 10 PM
      to 8AM.

    • +Tedrick Leong ive heard therere a lot of those cafes in China too. Asian

    • +Tedrick Leong How are they set up, do they by how many hours they use them
      or pay to play for a set number of hours and pay again if they go over the
      allotted time?

    • +Tedrick Leong To further clarify, “bang” (pronounced “bahng”, not “bayng”)
      simply means “room” in Korean.

  167. when Quickybaby was looking at the number of games played in the ELC, if
    you look carefully it says both ELC AMX (the old name) and AMX ELC bis (the
    new name). Why does it do that?

  168. Damn thats some serious skills…

    So anyone going to call this guy noob for using half premium ammo? No? lol

  169. He should send this to WOT best replays. I think he has the chance to be
    number 1 with this awesome gameplay

  170. 15:00 that’s not dedication, that’s no life.

  171. well either he has no life…. or he has nothing in his life… THATS 19
    GAMES A DAY!!!

    • 19 games a day isn’t a lot!!! Lol Everyone thinks it is but I can play 19
      games in like 2 hours. An average game only last like 6-8 minutes and if
      you think 2 hours of video games a day is a lot then you need to get off
      your high horse because you just watched a 20 minutes youtube video and are
      probably about to watch 5 more. *Not attacking you specifically I am just
      yellin at everyone who says 19 games is a lot. Because it isnt..

    • but thats just one tank… one tank. and im willing to bet he plays more
      than one tank -__-

  172. 인기 많네 ㅋㅋ 슨두부찡

  173. 19 ELC games every day? I think we found a person with no life

    • niklas stockman

      +Ville Lepoaho

      because 19 games per day takes 24 hours.

    • That would take on average of like an hour and a half to two hours so he
      has plenty of time for life. I bet you play games much longer or even watch
      tv for much longer. Although playing the same tank that much is pretty
      ridiculous. I would probably blow my brains out if i played the same tank
      for 2 hours a day every day.

    • +Zak Loveland playing the ELC is veery much fun. You can play it all over
      again but still have that much fun, cause you can do much more thing in
      that tank

    • Life should be filled with things that bring joy. If this thing brings him
      joy, who is anybody to judge?

  174. really great play. bst elc driver ever…

  175. Im guessing this replay was before the patch, because the tank is called
    elc amx, not amx elc bis

  176. mean 순두부찌개

  177. Just look at that clean UI…

  178. GalaWOTs Galavits

    that guy needs the medal of awsomeness, because he just completly rekt

  179. ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

    lol this pen is crazy especially with APCR, 248 pen is more than E75 tier 9
    heavy AP 246 pen!

    • niklas stockman

      +ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

      cant really compare them m8

    • ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ

      +niklas stockman Of course not but for a tier 5 light tank it has a lot of
      pen even with Ap shell.

    • +ʝ αℊ⋒αr123987ჯ It’s a lot of pen on a gun that has an absolutely
      HORRENDOUS aim time and as a result of that aim time sometimes just
      horrible accuracy and RNG especially if you don’t let the gun fully aim
      before you fire. The aim time, the armor, the relatively low health pool
      and the fact that it faces opponents three tiers higher is what keeps this
      little monster balanced. I’ve got 2 marks of excellence and played 693
      battles in mine and can tell you that it’s by far one of the hardest tanks
      to master in the game.

  180. There’s a huge difference in playstyle compared to his other match. The
    first one was a tier 6 match, the best matchmaking an ELC can get and a
    tier where there would be more players who are less experienced than in a
    tier 8 match and he took advantage of that and just drove around all over
    the place.
    In this one he was way more cautious, he stayed behind bushes as much as
    possible to get the best advantage he can get and took almost no risks
    compared to the tier 6 game.

  181. Nice zoom mods there….

    • Thats nothing bad compared to those aimbots… And regular bots. These
      people should be banned forever

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      Oh no a zoom mod what ever shall we doooooo…….you do know that zoom
      mods don’t improve RNG or a Tanks actually aiming circle size. Will unless
      it’s that “for scrubs” warpack.

    • +DarkArcAngel2129 nice whinie, mate. I never said anything like that.

  182. I’m a South Korean. Let me explain the “PC-Cafe” thing in detail to you
    guys and QuickyBaby.

    All those white and narrow boxes in the game are Korean letters.
    (Characters, Alphabets, whatever the term is.)
    I think QuickyBaby’s English client cannot recognize these Korean letters
    because, well, obviously it’s not a Korean client.

    The white box between the “PC” and “Tank name” is also a Korean word. Not a
    dash-. It is “방”, which pronounces as “Bang”, and has the meaning of
    “room”, These PC방s or PC-rooms are not strictly like the Internet cafes in
    the western world. These PC-rooms are more heavily focused on gaming, and
    have many relationships/contracts with major online game companies.

    League of Legends, by far the most dominant game in South Korea, is a good
    example. Riot Games Korea (Not Riot Games HQ in California) made a contract
    with thousands of Korean PC-rooms. So, players playing League in affiliate
    PC-rooms are granted to play every single one of the Champions(a.k.a.
    Heroes, Characters) in the League, even though they don’t own those
    champions in their personal client.

    (League of Legends are not just offering users free giveaway. Players pay
    0.8~2 US$ per hour for the PC-rooms, and a small portion of that revenue
    goes to Riot Games.)

    Similar thing goes to World of Tanks Korea Server. WoT Korea wanted to
    promote World of Tanks more actively, and they contracted many PC-rooms,
    and started to rent ‘free’ Tanks to players playing in PC-rooms.

    WoT is not really popular in South Korea. (Obviously, no North Koreans can
    play computer games. :P)
    5000~8000 concurrent connected users at peak time…. This is not an
    impressive number, if you consider that South Korea is a nation of 51
    million people cramped in a land slightly smaller than Kentucky.

  183. I’m also really glad you showed an ELC in a tier 8 match instead of tier 6
    which seems less satisfying to watch.

  184. >2015
    >still uses rage comics

  185. ib4 someone: violent stetpedder! Kappa

  186. really really really nice game, but i wonder about his stats, he has “only”
    2.2k WN8, but the way he drives his ELC he has for sure 5k avarge WN8 on
    the ELC

  187. 슨듀뷰쯰게이

  188. That spot at the start should have been bombarded by SPG much earlier

  189. we need more 슨두부찌개 games! They are soooo good!

  190. I had to find out what those crew skills are. I think they are like this.
    Camouflage, Brothers in Arms, Mentor, Sixth Sense, Snap
    Shot, Recon, Situational Awareness, Repair
    Camouflage, Brothers in Arms, Off-Road Driving, Smooth Ride, Preventative
    Maintenance, Clutch Braking, Repair

  191. This game proves two things.
    Firstly, if your light tanks suck and the enemies do not, you are screwed
    and vice versa.
    Secondly, the non-existing weight of the tanks if it comes to acceleration.
    The ELC may be light, but still, it would not be able to go forwards and
    backwards that quickly. This problem is even bigger by heavier tanks. I
    know that WoT is primary a arcade game, but WG should fix this.

    • +Vlad Pomar Not enough. Not even slightly. And the tanks in WT are not
      realistic, the are pseudo realistic at their best.

    • +Christian Wertti I do not want to have random outcomes as soon as arty is
      ingame. They either hit you and wreck you or miss you all the time. Too
      much randomness, too little transparency. This is just bad and lazy
      AW is still not perfect in this case, but at least they are trying to
      How I want to see the MM?
      Firstly, no tier 3 tanks will meet tier 5. This is simply too much for
      beginners. Same for 4 against 6.
      Then, add a skill parameter into the system. No teams of red barons vs
      unicum only teams anymore.

    • DarkArcAngel2129

      +Colonel Radec you do understand that a skill based system is unfeasible
      right. Everyone will be green eventually. If tomatoes face tomatoes
      eventually the system will register some sort of improvement when there
      isn’t. Why? Because tomatoes can eventually look good facing tomatoes. Some
      goes for unicorns. Unicorns facing unicorns, eventually the system will
      notice some is not doing so epic and drop them down by comparison. I mean
      it is common sense.

    • +Colonel Radec If you’re playing in Sim battle for tanks in WT it should be
      as close to realistic handling as your going to get in a computer game.

    • +DarkArcAngel2129​ Yes, therefore you would have actually some improvement
      if it comes to their skills. Tomatoes that are always dominated by better
      players will not learn anything, they will just become frustrated.
      Most people who are against a skill-based MM are just afraid that their
      stats will drop as soon as they have to face mostly players on an equal
      level. Which is kinda ridiculous and shows perfectly how stats ruined the
      You say they will not learn anything if they are mostly set against
      combatants on the same level. I say they would learn more from this than
      getting stomped all the time by superior players. There is no excuse for
      not taking a persons skill into account if it comes to the MM.

  192. Imo, I dont like the HD model for this tank

  193. Tier 8 a bad matchmaking for an ELC? No, tier 8 is a normal match and tier
    6 is easy mode.

  194. ELC AMX is the best lt that i have played…..i have crying a bit to sell
    it to buy the amx 12 t

    • +Ville Lepoaho okayy thanks 4 your advice

    • Yea Rest in Peace sir, because the 12 t is unrivaled in how bad it is and
      the 13 75 isn’t much better.

    • The 12 t isn’t bad as a flanking tank, but it’s entirely situational. You
      have to have support so they don’t shoot you, but you can’t snipe with it.
      Same goes for 13 75. The strongest thing about them might be that they’re

    • +Jared Calvin 12t is fun and its really easy to spot with it

    • +Noah07 But it’s still the worst tier 6 light tank. That’s my opinion, but
      I bet there’s a lot of people who agree with me.

  195. How do you kill that which has no life?

  196. PRO AS FUCK

  197. Well, after that video I just wish I will have at least one teammate like
    that player just for 1 time)) It’s real remarkable play for ELC AMX in that
    kind of matchup)

  198. it looks very bad if so good player doesnt use the prem. account, he also
    could have a new record of xp

  199. 19 games a day… And i start raging after 1 or 2

    • Nathan saunders

      Well of your using jest one tank… I play around 25 games back to back in
      my loltractor (30% survival rate) so about 4 games a hour for 4 hours a day
      or so

    • 19 battles per day means that you play EVERY DAY. And if you play every
      day, yyou have no life. But we can’t really know that, since that’s just a
      calculation. It could be that he players once a week, but then he does 133
      battles in row xD

    • This might come as a shock to some. But there are people who have no legs
      or are otherwise disabled/ill. They have less options to entertain
      themselves and socialize. Something we, “healthy” folks don’t even think
      about. Video gaming is one of the options. I know of disabled vets, who are
      playing games almost every day simply because they spend most of their time
      in chair or bed. Them nolifers…

    • +Origami Chiken Let me bet: This guy has all his limbs attached and working

    • +Ville Lepoaho It doesn’t really matter. You can bet on anything as long as
      it’s important to you. My point was that people, who wrote comments about
      him having no life, don’t know anything about that person. If anything,
      they spend their own time in Youtube comment section writing insults. Is
      this “having life”?

  200. I preferred his other replay. It was more funny, but still this was a great
    game, and I always love seeing small tanks do big work.

  201. Жуков Георгий Константинович

    14,8k battles played with light tanks, and only blue stats? wtf…fail

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      I don’t think so.

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      I had 2400 wn8 but I stopped playing, because my pc is died…

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      but whatever.

    • Жуков Георгий Константинович

      hungarianchessplayer23, that was my acc, but I sold it.

    • You’re actually right. Considering how much wn8 he got for that game he
      should have like 4k wn8 on his whole account since that’s all he plays.
      Apparently these good games are rare for him. Not bragging but if I
      re-rolled my account and then just played light tanks I would have
      retardedly high wn8.

  202. Quickbaby do you play World of tanks blitz?
    And do you know anyone that plays World Of Tanks Blitz?

  203. BigBoom TankDriver (Dutch)

    looks like sealclubbing in tier8 games, very well played

  204. hello i’m korean

  205. I wish this guy would stream his AMX games

  206. ilarionas avgoustou

    does that guy have a life? omg

  207. Pragerovy Příběhy

    What is worse than an ELC AMX? 3 AMX´s in a platoon :)

  208. awesome !! :)

  209. So much luck

  210. Tiaan De Swardt

    Personally, I would be bored playing the same tank over and over again.

    • +Tiaan De Swardt Same here, that’s why I have 18 completely different tanks
      in my garage

    • Tomasz Antochów

      +Ville Lepoaho only 18? Most of the players I know have between 20 to 60 in
      their garage. I considered my amount quite low, when infact, I have about

    • Tiaan De Swardt

      +Ville Lepoaho Yeah I have quite a large amount of tanks. I don’t get a lot
      of time to play so grinding them all is quite slow and thus my progress is
      slow as well

    • +Tomasz Antochów Could that be because I don’t use any gold in this game?

  211. pausing vid now, off to play my elc

  212. Title makes no sense.

  213. Snippsnapp Gaming

    301 views and 301 likes lol!!!

  214. Google translates his name to “Branson tofu stew”

    • +Linerunner99 Depends on how you cook it and how often you’ve eaten it. In
      my opinion it’s much better having this than a veggie burger. Honestly,
      however, I still cannot understand why grown ups enjoy putting them into

    • +CloakingDonkey I have had it only twice but it is really, really good imo.
      I won’t lie, I was more than a little suprised XD

      Poor tofu, it suffers so much stigma lol

    • +darksoul1381 I wouldn’t do my body the disservice of putting a veggie
      burger in it either so saying it’s better isn’t saying much.

    • +Linerunner99 I’m saying that the contents are similar in that both are
      made from soy beans. Except that I find hand compressed and well seasoned
      tofu much more tasty as a food. Also much better with cooked kimchi eaten
      together. Comparing a veggie burger to tofu is like comparing canned fruit
      to fresh fruit

    • +darksoul1381 or probably more accurately comparing a mcdonald’s
      cheeseburger to a completely homemade cheeseburger

  215. Using the ELC is rather easy but this guy is a master. The funniest game I
    can remember in this tank was in tier X. Used all my gold and did somewhere
    around 2,2k damage. Only got a first class from it. Ohh, Wargaming, you so

    • Kaloyan Nikolov

      +Dreadnought You’re full of shit doe, ELC is tier V and gets matched to t
      VIII only. Why do you lie?

    • +Kaloyan Nikolov Matchmaking used to be a lot broader. Also if you platoon
      with a tier 8 tank, it’s possible to see your ELC AMX against tier X even

    • nuclearsharkattack

      +Kaloyan Nikolov Early days of WoT the MM for scouts was brutal, the ELC
      could see Tier X game after game.

    • +Kaloyan Nikolov You’ve never heard of platoons have you?

    • +Kaloyan Nikolov You seem to ignore the fact that universe existed way
      before you started playing WoT. And things tend to change. There was a time
      in WoT when tier 1 tanks were matched against tier 10s even without fail

      Ignorance might be a bliss. But you shouldn’t be so openly proud of it.

  216. I do like the ELC AMX…or what ever it is called now. It has some major
    limitations with its lack of armor, lack of a turret, slow aim time, and
    slow reload. These limitations are needed though because it would otherwise
    buzz-saw though the enemy team, ha.

    • +rietkraag1 Umm, no, but it is a draw back of the tank.

    • Sharpclawasaurus

      +WhiteBaron777 I read somewhere that it could only turn the turret while
      stationary. That’d be a nice feature to add, hint hint Wargaming.

    • +Sharpclawasaurus Yes I read that too. Have not been able to ask any
      authority on the matter if that is true or not, or why that is so.

    • Sharpclawasaurus

      +Jesse Sisolack It probably had something to do with the crews’
      positioning, you can see how cramped the tank is. Maybe they had to assume
      a special position to rotate the turret, making driving difficult.

    • +Sharpclawasaurus That is an interesting idea. Yes, the tank is about as
      large as a small SUV. It is rather cramped. What did that fellow call it.
      The turret monster might get them if they are not careful, ha.

  217. The player name makes me hungry lol

  218. What a replay, this guy is insane

  219. I know him….
    I met him on as Enemy team and it was total Nightmare…

  220. Why do you cover up chat?

  221. This guy, this fucking guy. What he accomplished in 2 min would already
    have been a good light tank game for me

  222. This fucking guy is a god.

  223. I also had such a game in my ELC, 4k dmg and a topgun, but unfortunately
    my driving wasn´t the best and fell down a clip 🙁 still 2.2k base exp
    for that loss (rly WG!?!?!), what I find a bit strange but I took that with

  224. Look at the wn8 he got ridiculous

  225. 240 dmg with AP 320 with HE 80dmg more that is not over 50% more dmg but

  226. Tim Brennenstuhl

    No real life ?

  227. Can someone translate those crew skills?

  228. I’m so excited for another one of his replays!

  229. stattpadding like a pro

  230. Canadian Graham

    that is so amazing

  231. ELC is OP :D

    • +Maarten severijns this tanks are not OP thex are verry good at one ore 2
      thinks but at the ather thinks they are very bad (sry my english is not the

    • +Maarten severijns I put woman crew in the ELC. only need 2 of em. just got
      2nd mark of Excellence. dont think ill ever get the third

    • +Luke Roberts Ikr! I’m having trouble getting my second mark 😛 it seemed
      soo easy going from 65% to 80% but now I’m stuck and keep going back and
      forth between 79% and 80% :/ maybe I’m just playing too try hard or
      something, guess I just gotta relax and think and not look at the % until
      I’m there so I don’t rage haha.

    • +Luke Roberts 2 girls, 1 tank XD

    • +John Deere im stuck at 90% 🙁

  232. This guy is too good… Almost deserves his own show :D

  233. YES he’s back!

  234. Guys how much latency do u usually have ?
    I have about 150-170 cuz i live in Europe but play on NA server :/

    • +Niklas Schmid At me only a Bit above 5ms

    • 34-40 Norway, EU server.

    • I have no problems and im from the eu and play on the NA server
      I like the NA server better, it has way more events. You can get a premium
      tank almost every 2 months or so. None of that on the other servers

    • +ultraboy222 When I started playing wot the eu server was so dead it could
      easily take 5min to find a game or it would time out. so i made a account
      on NA server. despite being from europe. he might have been in same

      personally i would love if I could play on eu server but with 7k games and
      almost all the prem tanks under my belt and many ace tankers I kinda don’t
      want to start over.

      Heck id gladly pay 200 euro for wargamming to move my account to eu if that
      is what it took.

    • +Mirza Ajanovic I get 75 – 101 – 135 – 171 – 208 – 300 – 999 ms ping.

  235. one does not simply ELC into Mordor

  236. I’m Omid. 

  237. MDR the troll haha! :q

  238. I welcome the return of 슨두부찌개 the worlds most experienced and arguably
    skilful ELC AMX player – let’s troll out.

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  239. ohhh no. this guy is insane.

  240. filip korthals altes

    great video m8, one of the most OP tanks.

    jganther 2 or ferdi?

    • +filip korthals altes you couldn’t even watch it he uploaded it 5 minutes
      ago and you commented 4 mins ago… -.-

    • +filip korthals altes jpanther 2, Ferdi relies on it’s armour and it can be
      easily penetrate by most tier 8 tanks, even some tier 7s. go for the
      jpanther 2, it’s much better

    • +filip korthals altes JP ll. It has a great superstructure, so it’s got
      damn good armor, and it’s sooooooo fast, nearly impossible to flank, and it
      gets to positions very quickly. Ferdi is wayyy too slow, and relies on
      armor but it fails with very known weakpoints.

    • filip korthals altes

      +FireBlade98HUN ya i didnt even watch it indeed, but al his videos are
      awesome so i was true. and actually it was a great vid 🙂

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