World of Tanks: Reworking SPGs. Changes Overview.

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Source: World of Tanks North America

Reworked SPGs will bring significant changes to the game:
• Decreased the duration of additional stuns.
• Increased the efficiency of Spall Liners.
• Decreased the damage caused to vehicles at the edge of the burst radius.
• Changed the technical characteristics of several vehicles.

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  1. World of Tanks North America

    Main Points of this video:
    • Decreased the duration of additional stuns.
    • Increased the efficiency of Spall Liners.
    • Decreased the damage caused to vehicles at the edge of the burst radius.
    • Changed the technical characteristics of several vehicles.

    These are a few beginning steps we are taking to making artillery more cohesive with gameplay. These changes will be hitting Supertest in the near future. Who knows what we will see next? 1 arty per game?

    Thank you players for your feedback and we hope this is a step in the right direction.

    • If they make this change early, then I bet players wouldn’t quit the game. But it’s kind of too late, because a lot of players had already quit the game.

    • Once again Wargaming proves it has idiot savants (without the savant part) developing game mechanics for WoT. It’s actually impressive how bad they are at this stuff. Players aren’t going to be cheering that their tanks are stunned for an additional 8s instead of 10s. ??‍♂️ Maybe developers should step away to get some oxygen and sunshine. Or, stop drinking so heavily.

    • +World of Tanks North America How about if an arty player shoots a tank that’s already subject to a stun there’s no additional stun effect–at all–and only damage? Instead, you want to introduce some convoluted new stun mechanic that doesn’t address the fundamental problem with arty. THE FUNDAMENTAL PROBLEM is that there is NO counter a non-arty player can take against arty. Arty sits at the back of the map the entire game and stuns, into miserable game play, some unlucky aggressive player(s). One can’t really use cover or angle their tank’s armor to defend or counter arty like they can with every other tank type. Oh, wait! Rather than use an equipment slot for something truly useful spend credits on spall liners that reduce the stun from 10s to 8s! Arty players are like a bunch of spectators randomly throwing folding chairs in front of runners as they make their way around the track. It’s ridiculous.

    • +Harry Thrower So you want all the people who are actually trying to play the game to camp behind cover … which doesn’t exist … and which doesn’t prevent them from getting stunned just so you can play on the red line at the back of the map?! This is exactly why arty ruins game play.

    • +HiTechOilCo Artillery isn’t a tank.

  2. Imagine one of the biggest guns in the hitting you for 300 lol

  3. Disclaimer: I HATE SPG’s. I hate playing against AND with them. In my opinion, anyone who plays these “vehicles” needs to sit down and seriously reassess their life choices.

    All of the proposed changes seem very, very complicated. I have a much simpler solution – remove these fun-killing, game-ruining “vehicles” from WoT.


    That seems a lot easier, no?

  4. why not just remove arty?

  5. So i can defend myself less. Awesome.

  6. make all arty like the bishop arty no stun and low pen

  7. I sold my Tier 10 SPG because you removed AP shells. All you did was make Arty Medium Tank killers so they’re still annoying to play against (More so for Med players since arty aims for the weak tanks now) and they’re completely unfun to play now..

  8. At this point vehicles like the KV-2 and SU-152 are better at being artillery than the SPG’s themselves, they have armour, health, speed and AP shells. They might as well remove SPG’s if they are going to nerf them to dust.

  9. ive got an idea change arty so the splash radius is bigger and does even less damege the more armour is on a tank and make it a bit more accurate when fully aimed so u can finally aim for weaker spots on their armour to do more splash damege. then that will make it less of an rngesus vehicle. also tell all these people to shut up about the lowering the number of spgs per team if they had the number of spgs 5 per team u would probably still find games with 3 or less because arties actually get matched up into a game. meanwhile in the land of entitled non spg players 1 spg per team 900 artys in queue never a game without arty. so would that really solve the problem? dont u like getting thoes games without arty in it at all where u can carry in ur brokenly op japanese heavy tank u filthy clubber. also why dont u give arty somthing like smoke rounds on some artys that are tier 6 and up and each smoke round will blow up with more smoke and longer durations depending on the caliber so say the m40/43 u use smoke on the 155mm gun vs the 203mm gun the smoke radius on the 155mm gun it will start out as 6 where it hit and expand to 20 and the smoke gets weaker the longer the duration so at first it will completely block peoples vision and make them unspottable for the first 3 seconds then it will just make it harder to spot people and see through it and also smoke rounds will do basically no damege maybe like 5mm of pen and 100 damege if it pens for like a 155mm gun just because its still a shell after all and maybe reduce the splash damege of arty on heavy armour and increase the accuraccy so arty can aim for weaker spots on heavy tanks and shoot at that also make it so that arty stun isent med kit removed but rather reduced by med kits.
    oh and stun will effect crew members individually so say u hit closest to the driver it will reduce driver stats a lot more and have a longer stun duration for the driver and stun will also get weaker as the duration goes on and stun will apply to non arty guns aswell but only for HE shells and will ofc be caliber based and stun will be on lower caliber guns aswell down to 90mm but will be very minimal for stun duration and effect. also stun will effect accuraccy way less and reloading will be less effected and aswell as the addition of smoke shells to arty in tier 8 to 10 artys u will get special night vision that will show shells a lot better allowing blindshots

    • Lucian/Freya Bloodaxe

      While i can agree with you on your beginning statement, i have to disagree with you on the smoke rounds and the night vision thing…

  10. 2 per team, less stun time… less splash dmg

  11. Why don’t you just do what to do in the first place and eliminate Arti all together, That’s your aim. There was nothing wrong with the way it was in the beginning, nothing more satisfying than one shot destroyed tank. You realize the game is being ruined. I hardly play anymore.

  12. I’d suggest slowing down on the prem tanks and start adding more tanks people can earn in game… I mean just add it into tech tree? If you wanna add a tier 7 or 8 med just add it into that med or heavy line, split the class tech tree route at that tier.

  13. Mark Van Schepdael

    Tired of tankers crying. How bout leaving spgs alone and reducing those able to research them unless they play them 60% or more. This limits numbers and weak tankers get more battles with no spgs? Or if every tanker who complains got rid of their spgs???? And get rid of the missions for spgs, then no tanker would own one anyway!

  14. How about limiting Arty to 2 at most per match? Problem solved, send me the invoice.
    Arty players can wait 10 more seconds to get into a match, they wait during the match so their experience is the same.

  15. So now wargaming have to make the personal missions more easily . For obj 279 (e) chimera, and Excalibur . There will be more difficult than with artys with minor stun time!!!

  16. Why not just remove them, there useless at this point anyhow and there about to be made worse.

  17. Let’s just keep effing with atre more and more. Call it for what it is, It’s another major NERF to the tank class because of all the whiners and haters. Just put it back the way it was and let’s address the ‘wheeled’ tank scourge. Their mobility
    needs a major nerf.

  18. *works on arty* still dont give more shells to the 261, gg wg…gg

  19. Try to make everyone happy and you’ll make no one happy.

  20. Go ahead and Delete SPG’s. refund me all the gold spent on them, all the credits, and all the experience on the tanks and the crew members.

  21. if spg’s can only use HE shells then why does the lefh have HEAT and AP shells??!
    are you too afraid to nerf overpowered premium vehicles like the e25 or the lefh

  22. Than next update will nerf TD for ‘balance’.

  23. give med kits a buff so they prevent stuns for 20 seconds and buff the spall liners way more than they are 50% reduce stun effects sounds better to me. I’ve been waiting for arty to fk off before i come back and play but if you at least implement ways to ignore that stun for tanks who chose to gear or / skill against it then please give players this option. change the items we use for the better make gear better make crew skills better give the radio operator and ability to see how long arty reload is on the HUD (maybe just the one’s that shoot your tank?) give the driver a skill to drive normal while stunned more options I would gladly give up on gun rammer and vents and even stabilizers even 6th sense and brothers in arms please! this just came from the top of my head right now and i’m sure a big company can do this so much better please NA tell them to do this! Also having more options in the game makes it more fun and relevant if i had crew skills and equipment set up just to counter arty then I wouldn’t feel to scared to push forward and just i dunno “PLAY THE GAME” sorry for my angry rant i’m just so upset that i was forced to stop playing a game i once loved because of silly changes that frustrate me so much. For the love of the game please help.

  24. Heinous Hein Foto Motter

    Just remove arty already you monkeys

  25. all the whiney bitches are killing this game making spgs and they cry about tds as well being to op they killing this game crying about being one shotted all the time they need to go back to playing tier 1 or 2 hame was awesome playing arty and one shot killing any body lol arty have always been a part of war but cry babies killing this game

  26. No more three a side battle #artyparty

  27. I’m still of the opinion that unrealistic arty should be just removed from the game like every other tank game on the planet has done, but to many no skill clicker players have bought Lefh’s. The world would come to an end from all the crying. This at least makes it a smidge less unrealistic. There shouldn’t be 3 SPG’s on a team. Lessened stun or not. Getting focused on by all 3 at once makes it not even worth playing

  28. I used to love playing Arty back when the damage it dealt could affect the game especially in the end. I always would assist the team which hasn’t changed, but now damage done is so minimal I hardly change the direction of the game.

  29. The problem is the stun. I’d rather die or play with 10HP with my driver and gunner dead (which I can fix) than be completely useless on the battlefield for 2 mins waiting to be killed. You are fixing it in the wrong direction. How many players more do you have to lose before you realize that?

  30. I have a better idea, why dont you erase artillery from the game once for all?

  31. Going to need a good lawyer just to play the game.

  32. Basically, the SPG’s are getting an across-the-board nerf, right? Did the SPG’s get anything of consequence out of this? No. This “rebalancing” adds no actual balance, but actually sets forth a further imbalance. Everybody hates an SPG until they need one.

  33. Please, sense you are taking away from arty, give them something in return. The current way arty is isnt as fun as the old way. The stun is more hated more than massive damage and one shots as a regular tank driver, and this nerf is only going to make arty less effective but it will still be just as big of a pain as befor.

  34. So an SPGs only dependable defense against fast tanks and hot wheels up close, shot gunning as it’s called, is gone. GREAT. How about keeping the full damage within say 5 meters or like you show at 1:30. That spg wouldn’t have much of a chance. Otherwise team loses a valuable asset regardless of how we feel about them. Still useful to have at least one in garage for certain missions after all.

  35. Una mierda el nerfeo de artys…lleno de maricas llorones el juego. Yo juego todos los tanques, pero cuando quería divertirme entraba con artys para trollear gente…ahora hasta eso te sacan. Y tácticamente la cagaron mas todavia, nadie va a querer jugarlas en torneo…una mierda

  36. I hate the stun mechanic I would rather be one shotted and move on to the next battle then get stunned and wast a repair kit only to get stunned again and again. You could give them the ability to shoot smoke screens or spotting flairs also repair kits could protect tanks from further stun time being added for a time period like 10 seconds after use. Rework them as much as you want they are a failed idea and will NEVER WORK. They promote camping and slow down the pace of the game so PLEASE remove the HE and give them all 100% AP let them kill me quickly so I can move on to the next game.

  37. Doing 25 – 50dmg per shot @ 60 – 2min reload with 0.1second stun that don’t kill crew. How does a 240mm HE gun only do 50dmg to a tank that has paper armor?

  38. nicole brian calicdan

    Its shrinks so slow

  39. Stürm Schmetterling

    There they go, nerfing teamwork again.

  40. So just remove arty from the game folks. As a combat veteran who has actually fired many tank guns, I have had arty save my butt in the real world more than once and our other WOT players do not appreciate the difference an arty supporting them can make. Also the last nerf made it so arty is basically defenseless against the high speed over gunned light tanks that our team let get to us over and over and over. More than once since the nerf I have hit a E-100 or Type 5 Heavy dead center with my M53/55 and get not one point of damage and no stun, just a big twang like a training tank round hitting the Dempsey dumpsters we used to shoot at during gunnery training so what is the point of playing? I admit I am a better arty player than regular tanker in the game especially when I usually am bottom tier and bounce everything I shoot so just remove it from the game since it is now useless and I wont waste any more money on a useless game.

  41. Finally something is getting fixed

  42. Just get rid of arties and rework them into derp TDs if you hate them so much wargaming.

  43. Yeah, your changes showed results. The result was: 1. Artillery gameplay totally messed up 2. Even more whining from the people who dislike artillery. Now you are seemingly determined to f…. up artillery gameplay even more.

    Well as a customer living in a free country, I will always have the right to stop spending money on your product. It seems that this is a right that I will be exercising very soon….

  44. Yeah? And what do we get in return for the large nerfs, hmm? Stop listening to loud whining minorities- its as bad as the dumbass SJW cancer.

  45. Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen

    it’s been 8 years since the last time I’m yawning in math class

  46. Los cambios son horribles, estáis arruinando a las artillería, simplemente por agradar a los jugadores “pro” que no saben jugar artys

  47. it would be easier just to limit 2 spg per side

  48. Stop calling a nerf a “rebalance” and leave arty alone (your paying customer).

  49. are the update for pc?

  50. How about you make the arty like it was in Armored Warfare when it launched, removing the stun mechanics and reducing damage drastically, but reducing reload and aim time drastically as well?
    For me, it was the only time I actually liked playing arty!

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