World of Tanks || Rheinmetall Panzerwagen – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Rheinmetall Panzerwagen. Preview of the upcoming T10 light tank, the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen which looks be the fastest high tier tank in the game as well as a competent sniper!

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  1. Hope you all enjoy this video – can’t wait to play one on the live server!!

    Livestreaming right now –

  2. imagine the sheridan with the derp blasting the back of that Panzerwagen

  3. QB uploading everyday consistently????? Am I dreaming?????

  4. Are the current tier 8 LTs that went to Tier 9 overall nerfed? And are the tier 7s now tier 8 nerfed? The walker bulldog was great at tier 7 but I’m worried about it a tier at :/

  5. “Crew stunned”
    Wtf? Since when is that a thing?

  6. Paul… you mean Jingles

  7. I like the new damage indicator on screen. Hated how it just showed what tank fired on you and what their alpha damage is. I felt like it made the game so much less competitive.

  8. party type 64 experiencia 1.737 y wn8 15.549 wn8 thx coment salut bye

  9. such a bitch move blocking the amx at the end
    and yeah it was definitely on purpose

  10. One question : How did the Obj 251 fire gold HE at you ?
    Thought WG disabled premium ammo for arty …?

  11. High tiers are just unplayable for standard users like me. I would love to play more Tier VIII-X games but I can’t afford to.

  12. These light tanks looks so fun to drive but I think I need to start getting into heavy tanks

  13. Such bullshit. The T-100 LT gets 720 HP engine in it and the armor value is Turret: 180/40/40 and Hull: 100/40/40 but somehow the fucking tank weighs 15 tonnes and has a Power to Weight Ratio of 48. Yet the fucking Rheinmetall Panzerwagen has WAY less armor and has a much more powerful engine at 1,100 HP but it can only has a Power-Weight Ratio of 44….
    Fucking, WG. Russian-bias again. Lol.

  14. Wham Bam Thank you MAM ???

  15. Churchill VII Guide plz :3

  16. Reminds me of the Marder VTS-1

  17. Wow these t10lts seem to really have picked up the pace of the game. might look at playing wots again.

  18. This is gonna be my first tier 10 🙂

  19. pretty german

  20. Thank you for showing us the “Pay to Win” model. (Thumbs up)

  21. can you do a Mauchen game or review

  22. Ah the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen. The cousin of the Flakbus.

    Especially in the guns.


  23. Can we call this tank the “Cockatiel” cause that tanks turret looks like a crest raising and lowering.

  24. Anton Liljekvist

    “Bam, bam, thank you man!”

    QB, are you high? xD

  25. So is the thing that came out of the roof when aiming down a hit box or just the gun? Will it cause any HP damage?

  26. Ok all I’m reading in the comments is that the t100 should not weigh 15 t the fact is this tank had composite armour on it but because there is not a composite armour in wot it is the effective armour values of what the armour is. Also Qb can you do the Amx next?

  27. Hmm…LT100 has the thickest armor of all and still is the lightest of all.

  28. Does angled armor count for he penetration? Like if it 50 but effective armor is 75 and my he pens 60, will I get full damage penetration or just splash?


    I think that it looks cute

  30. How do the developers program tank models ? What are they based off ? (The real thing or pictures).

  31. Object 430. has .38 accuracy, not .36. The gun is a disaster.

  32. quicky baby I love world of tanks and I’m really good at the game.

  33. Nuclear Disco Donkey

    I am sorry but your 1080p60 still looks like VHS.

  34. Allahu akbar – Will! Allahu akbar! – I loved your little rant last night. It gave us a view of your personal beliefs. Church and State should remain separate – and so WoT and Religion should remain apart. 🙂

  35. Carlos Rodriguez

    Did you block your AMX at the end to get the kill?

  36. Wot Blitz Replays Universe

    wtf i made 4300 dmg with him and i don’t have ace

  37. QB should I buy leopard 1 or rhm pzw??? plz answer :p

  38. sexiest tank alive.

  39. Actually, I think the AMX 13 105 looks more bad-ass than this tank 🙂

  40. Blitzcom_____WOTB

    OK LOOK I’m a tank fan that’s why I’m playing world of tanks and I WAS a tanker and it ain’t cause I’m a soldier and that I spell badly Cause I’m French!!! That I’m not a modern guy and that I can’t go on YouTube and use Emojis!!???

  41. everybody watch in 0.5 speed, stonerbaby XD

  42. what clan are you in???

  43. The fastest tank in game, far view range, good sniper. It’s not OP ya?

  44. Hello but um… why the heck is t100lt lighter when it has more Armour(a ton more)than the Rheinmetall panzerwagen?

  45. With introduction of new LT tier 10, I think the view range of the medium tanks should be reduced to give greater advantage to LT, so that the funtion are more different and specialized to the class. The patton has 420, AMX 30B has 410, what make them good enough for spotting and negates the need for LT. Take BC 25t, way better to play this than AMX 13 105, even considering camo values

  46. from all of the new t10 lights which is your favourite and most worth grinding QB ?

  47. You know whats funny? He changed the shirt but the cup and the couch are in the same mess as in lorraine 40t preview video XD

  48. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    this tipe of game dont deserve to have so litle income of credits…
    WG should do something to the economy of the game

  49. the wz132-1 is very good at ramming

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