World of Tanks – Rheinmetall Skorpion Review

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  1. when are they gona start selling SUBZERO !?!?

  2. niels van den ham

    i lmost think that the tank Comes from armored warfare

  3. well if i had 40eours i would definitely buy it, bit since i make 400e per
    month(because shit country), its just too much for me, saldy :/

  4. I think I’m definitely going to buy it because it seems like I can have a
    lot of fun with it. I’m a big fan of my jtig, and jpz but it seems like a
    good way to try and get used to the grille line

  5. Good review but it has no armour so noobs won’t play it or will camp and
    ruin more games ??

  6. Looks like 1 I would buy…. though kinda concerned the nerfbat will iht it
    fairly hard…. mobile platform with a good gun… works for me..

    Oh and a good review mate…. The way you did it seems to work better for
    me that way….

  7. Would buy it if i had money meh

  8. whens it released?

  9. the grille 15 has alright camo

  10. Three mark incoming?

  11. The gun is effectively too good at T8 and I’m afraid this will end up
    seeing the nerf bat post-release. Feels like a wicked cash grab as this is
    easily the best premium tank in a LONG time and will easily take over the
    top credit grinder for most players able to actually grind credits.

  12. E 25 is life, E 25 is love :P

  13. Only complaint is that it gets a radio operator instead of a loader. Means
    I can’t double train my crew perfectly between it and the E 25 or Borsig.

  14. What do you like about the T-54 mod 1 Anfield? I’ve got that and the CDC
    and I find the mod 1 is too slow to be effective. The gun is alright but
    runs out of ammo all the time and the armour is ineffective against the
    250+ pen rounds people just shoot through the turret.

  15. Great review!

  16. Looks good, although WG has had enough of my hard earned coin for the time
    being 😛 One thing u forgot to mention is, the commander is the loader so
    no separate loader to grind out of your other german TD’s sadly so…

  17. It look so very funny to play. I buy the AMX CDC bagette but I die so easy
    in it only have 470 average damage 🙁 You think this would be easy premium
    than on the CDC bagette? Thank you for review, it is better than
    quickybabys which said skorpion had highest alpha of premium when SU100Y is
    bigger alpha.

  18. Jeremy Schuller (GamingsFinest)

    Anfeels buy le tonk xD jk

  19. Nice review. Definitely interested in buying, would be nice to have a prem.
    German TD that actually has a turret.

  20. Dwaik ster (Dwaikster)

    a td with poor camo value… war gaming doesnt give a fuck any more lol

  21. Hadn’t really thought much about how much the gun stats affect the earnings
    of premium tanks but this seems like an incredibly enjoyable tank for the
    most part. Reasonably mobile platform with a gun that doesn’t hit like a
    wet noodle on a premium is kind of a nice change..

    I’ll be here, with my löwe:^) The premiums that are available now are so
    much better than what was around when I picked up that hurdle of a tank~_~

  22. Great review mate. Very informative. 10/10

  23. Instead of fixing all the Problems in the game we get more and more Pay2Win
    Prem. Tanks. Like the Mutz/Rudy/Cromwell B/IS3A or this one. They even take
    out the cheap Prem. Tanks like the T14. So if you want a Crew Trainer…pay
    40$/40€ and get one…Thumbs down for the next Pay2Win Prem. Tank…

  24. Wow, Anfield actually enjoys a premium tank :O

  25. I forgot to mention it but this tank is like tier 3 level signal range
    lmfao, don’t know why, it could be a minor factor on big maps when you
    can’t see your allies or enemies on the opposite side.. I don’t know why.
    Balance! idk. lel.

  26. more like SKORPIOWN HA AMIRITE kill me

  27. Tesla The Brave (Esminets)

    This will sell like cheese cake ;)

  28. hey anfield, are you still making modpack for this current patch? been
    using yours for 2 years and I’m missing it now lol

  29. This will sell like hot cakes,or like the old Type 59

  30. I’m early

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