World of Tanks || Rheinmetall Skorpion – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Gosh ANOTHER T8 ? At least this one is premium looks to be a very interesting choice for those of you who like to a big gun.

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  1. I love you r videos
    U’r the best

  2. It looks like A Marder 38t. on steroids

  3. So this thing has 17 hp/t while the panther 88 has 13hp/t? Makes sense, of
    course a medium with a shittier gun should have a slower engine and hp/t
    then a tier 8 TD with the 128mm mounted on the same chassis right?

  4. rrrrrrrrheinmetal :D

  5. What happened to Krupp-Stehr Waffentrager?:(

  6. What happened to Krupp-Stehr Waffentrager?:(

  7. 2.5k damage = ace tanker lol sure wait until the rest of the world can use
    that tank

  8. i think, it’s not worth it…

  9. Wasn’t there a American premium TD called M56 Scorpion in a test server a
    while back?

  10. RRRRRRain metal boRRRRRsig :DD

  11. Another awesome job Quicky! This tanks seems a bit under powered for me,
    but seeing as how I’m more of a Russian tanker I guess it’s just my biased
    opinion lol. If u can do a video on the Sturmtiger(if hey actually DO
    release it) that would be awesome!

  12. The gun of this tank I think is a bit over powered cuz generally a premium
    tank is always weaker thank a “regular tank” in most cases, except type-59
    the over powered MM…I think if WarGaming keeps selling this sort of
    camping-play-style tank somehow encourages new players to camp, which is
    terrible for the game environment.

  13. Alexandru Barbaiani

    Wouldn’t you agree that it gets more and more difficult to play tourretless
    tds due to continuous map changes?

  14. Stewart The Third

    U where at games con? More like tomorrow land lol

  15. ace tanker with 2.5k damage lol wut. t8 tds should do 5k damage (isu-152,

  16. these tanks are tier 8 e25s, just watch WG remove them later on cause camo
    rating is too op lol

  17. Lol he exaggerates rolling his R’s

  18. Rrrrrrheinmetall

  19. I want to see your service record :o

  20. Why is Wargaming replacing so many vehicles? I really like the Jadgtiger

  21. will war gaming ever put in modern tanks?

    • Ashe Rheinmetal (Rhein)

      I really hate to see stupid question.

      Read the manual posted in the site, it says WOT covers WW2 to Cold War Era

      If you want modern tanks, Armoured Warfare.

      I hope everyone read a manual first before playing any games >_<

  22. Only 2 things I don’t like about your German pronunciations:
    You roll R’s with your tongue and you pronounce “-all” like “aisle”. It’s
    not RRRein-met-ile, it’s H(r)ein-mit-ahll.

    This isn’t Spanish, it’s German. You roll R’s with your throat, or at least
    that’s how I do it. And technically, you aren’t even supposed to enunciate
    the R as an English R. It’s like a Y and an R mixed together.

  23. So you can play 2 new tanks on your account in Germany….

    And these useless fuckers can’t move my Type 59 to a different server? I
    wish I was famous and got the good treatment, not this copy paste responses
    from WG

  24. QB is wearing his Twitch t shirt was that was was rare or the hoodie?

  25. One of the weaknesses of QB’s play style is that he’s so good at playing
    medium tanks he tries to play everything like a medium. Though, by WG’s
    design, it is not a bad idea, but some classes of vehicle’s performance is
    not maximized.

  26. Michael Bermingham

    lol “that was your mastery badge?” Considering it goes on the performance
    of others playing in the same tank you could have done 50 damage and got a
    mastery in it. *No one else has one ;)

  27. 1300 hitpoints is a damn lot for a T8 TD. I would maybe get this thing if
    it had like 11s reload and maybe less hitpoints ^^

  28. So many German premium TDs, whatever happened to the American scorpion
    premium TD?

  29. When is this available?

  30. ‫קובי אביטן‬‎

    why Rheinmetall Skorpion not for sale I want to buy it :(

  31. While I do have some issues with the way Wargaming goes about balancing
    some tanks, I have to say that they do at least do a very good job of it.
    The Skorpion is no exception. Yes, it gets a terrifying (to most tanks,
    anyway) 128mm cannon, and it has exceptional maneuverability for a high
    tier tank destroyer, but its armor is essentially paper thin; most tier IIs
    could punch through it.
    Now, between this and the Spahpanzer, its hard to say. It really comes down
    to your playstyle. Do you want a medium sized, lightly armored, turreted
    tank destroyer with a massive cannon and medium tank speed? Or do you want
    a small, fast, fast firing, small caliber, non-turreted tank destroyer with
    virtually no armor for its tier? Personally, I’d take the Skorpion because
    of that 128.

  32. I think the tang is ok till average. If the tanks gets 1 or 1.5 sec. better
    reload time than it’ll be ”good”.

    Life’s pretty good, and why wouldn’t it be? I’m a pirate, after all.

  33. That game wasn’t that good.

  34. Quickybaby, are you not allowed to criticize new premium tanks?

  35. I want the super sherman ):o

  36. I kinda want a tier 6, 7, or 8 prem arty. It just seems like a nice gift to
    arty players.

  37. Its 100 gold ?!?

  38. Piotrek Nieważne

    I Play Top 10 Thanks of the World of Thanks

  39. Piotrek Nieważne

    Look on My Youtube

  40. No shit, it was an ace tanker O__o, you’re the only one who has that tank.

  41. I have question, how can i record my gameplay, you know.

  42. What happened to the Skorpian in the US tree?

  43. They keep giving us german american and russian tanks.. But the British
    have a turreted auto loading 20 pndr cromwell that could be put into the
    game. Aswell as so many other awesome tanks.

  44. worse dpm than teh t-28 medium tank, but then again almost everything does

  45. Quickybaby, im sure you know this already but on the xbox 360 version of
    wot they released a light tank called the F224 AMX Chaffee. You should
    really check it out!!!!

  46. As it has the credit bonus of a premium shop tank, I’m guessing this will
    be in the shop?

  47. There are so many premium German TDs and still no premium American TDs

  48. Benjamin Bastings

    I cant wayt for the Japanees heavys

  49. My IS-3 with HE loaded will love the turret of that ugly thing they call a

  50. I know you may didnt had time to bring us a good replay, but seriously we
    didn’t see shit in this one…

  51. Wasn’t there a tier 7 German premium TD coming few patches ago? Or did they
    change it into that? Because the FV201 (A45) was also supposed to be a tier
    8 medium.

  52. I’d like WG to put this in the game I think thr rate of fire make this to
    be balanced corectly hopefully we will se this in future.

  53. So it’s Germany’s Hellcat.

  54. I love when you say “Rheinmetall” or “Waffenträger”. I’m from Germany.

  55. oh goody- just what the game needed. ANOTHER German TD. However it seems
    pretty well balanced at least.

  56. Sturmtiger ?

  57. even if u got 1 exp, u still woudve got ace tanker XD

  58. Hey Quickybaby. Have you tried out the T28 Concept? You said you have all
    of the missions done. I’m curious to see it.

  59. Minecraftster148790

    So it is like a borsig but worse in a lot of category’s 

  60. Does anyone know about the e100 krokodile, search it because its AWESOME!
    could be a new german td line

  61. Martin Bezdíček

    Will you do tank prewiews on czechoslovakia tanks?

  62. Tongue rolls on point

  63. Quicky, I am sorry, but srsly, find on google translater how to pronounce
    Waffenträger, please, do it for us :)

  64. 4:02 dat face tho :3

  65. is E50 m weak

  66. Those two tanks, I don’t know they just seem so boring. why add 2 more
    German tier 8 TDs? Just, 3 German premium TDs to the American 0? Seems
    kinda stupid to me, not interested

  67. Of course it was your Ace Tanker just due to the nature of how Ace Tankers
    work… You are obviously going to perform better than 99% of players over
    the last 14 days if very few people have the tank xD

  68. Rosarot Miststalker

    I really hope the Kanonenjagdpanzer is indeed coming next patch, I want it

  69. You can try the very popular tank called: A social life….

  70. This is one of those annoying tanks that people with money can get their
    hands on and have all the fun owning noobs

    • +fancy pickle it called buying it with real money this freeium games need
      to change its not fare that some people dont spend any money and get to
      tier 10

    • Dammit wg stop giving these “pros” all the advantage and give us some
      lesser players a bit of a fucking chance to win

  71. no my 8.8 will be gone nooooo

  72. QB, you keep pronouncing Rheinmetall as Rheinmeteil 😛 Also your rolling
    r’s are a bit laboured ^_^ Just some friendly criticism, nice video :)

  73. Martin Bezdíček

    This Scorpion is good but not OP so it’s balanced.

    Will you please do tank prewiews for czechoslovakia tanks?

  74. Martin Bezdíček

    This Scorpion is good but not OP so it’s balanced.

    Will you please do tank prewiews for czechoslovakia tanks?

  75. Thank you quickybaby.Because of you and your tutorials i became a better
    minecraft player.And im only 3 years old.

  76. hello only t34 has good pen? what about the lowe?

  77. can you upload a e75 game next time?

  78. i think it’s balanced

  79. But the FCM 50T’s Penetration is really good with standard ammo :(

  80. What dmg blocked counter you are using?

  81. I always find it funny to see a mastery badge… practically nobody has
    this tank, you have no frame of reference to compare your gameplay to…
    Getting a mastery badge isn’t very hard… Wait till the 50million+ gamers
    that play WoT have had a few months to play with and against this tank, and
    then compare your mastery badge…

  82. the picture of the lady is in the tank!! :D

  83. Oh Mother Germany

    RRRRheinmetall, waffentrrrrrager. genius qb hope it never changes x)

  84. How do i get that mod in upper right cornor?

  85. Before I even watch the video, I’m going to guess: glass canon, barely any
    armor at all, with decent mobility, and an insane DPM. Wargaming needs to
    stop putting in clone tanks…

  86. Soo 6 tier 8 german tds, kewl

  87. It might work. I think it’s balanced.

  88. my question is what effect will the release of this tank have on the
    rumored removal of the waff e100? wasnt is supposed to get replaced by a
    panther version?

  89. my question is what effect will the release of this tank have on the
    rumored removal of the waff e100? wasnt is supposed to get replaced by a
    panther version?

  90. So I finally know what that strange tank that I destroyed several days ago
    was. That tank killed half of my team before he got a shell from my IS on

  91. I’m 14 years old and i live in Estonia. English is not my native home
    language but when i watch some of your videos quickybaby i will learn more.
    You are my idol and you make good quality videos. I do also videos. I have
    an dream that one day i will be same good as you making videos and get
    people watching my channel.

  92. The hull on this thing looks exactly like on the German tier 5 light tank –

    • +Timur Pirkhal LoL, you are right. Like Leo, just bigger. Even little Leo
      has 50 mm frontal armor, and this thing has 30 mm.

  93. What is 15mm of armour designed to protect from? high power small arms of
    the time could penetrate that kind of steel.

  94. quickybaby can u give us the link to the dmg received mod or just add to
    your mod it’s sounds really helpful

  95. Hi quickybaby 🙂 first of all great video 🙂 I’ll propably buy that tank
    because I Iove my borsig and I like to make a lot credits :3 and I actually
    saw that tank IN GAME and 2 weeks BEFORE gamescom.. it was a player on EU2
    server with a russian tag after his name. I was like what? isn’t scorpion
    with C not K like skorpion?? and why’s that icon so big? how did he get it?
    but I ignored it and when it shot me with that gun i was like, what the
    actual f*ck? how it has so big gun? but yeah, I think it was a developer
    testing it.. and other thing I have been actually quite annoyed about..
    your mods.. I’m using your modpack and it works well thank you for that 🙂
    BUT you have never told on video where and how you got that “armor blocked”
    log and “hits received” log.. PLEASE reply and tell me about that mr. QB
    I’d really really appreciate that 🙂
    I’m sorry I don’t always have time to watch your streams 🙁 I have studying
    to be done, watching youtube (102 subbed channels..) and a lot of other
    things + my own playing.. But I think that’s all I had on my mind, I hope
    the best of luck to you and peppy 🙂

    ps. I believe you’ll see this :P

  96. love it

  97. mwhahaaa I just realised…..

    QB: “where’s that smoke coming from” (laughed so much at when this was

  98. Miodrag Malogajski

    where can i get that t-shirt

  99. uz the rhm wasnt op enuf, thanks wg

  100. +QuickyBaby TV could you do an AMX 50 B review?

  101. pls play with jp2

  102. You know there is maby are Sturm Tieger coming in the Game ?

  103. The M56 Scorpion is more exciting to me. Shame that’s also TBA like this

  104. You forgot the Löwe.. Basicly a german Hellcat I’d say.

  105. At 12:08… It looks like the Skorpion has the same size as a Löwe or is
    even a little bigger. :D

  106. Good cannon … But ammor sucks

  107. I hate this kind of TD…not gonna pick it up ^^

  108. I really want the Rhm. Skorpian :o

  109. They sure are scrapping the bottom of the barrel

  110. Haroldas Stankevicius


  111. How do you get the Rhienmetall scorpion?

  112. It looks amazing >____>


  114. Hi QuickyBaby.
    I just wanted to say that you have good videos with good content and
    quality edit, you have much effect on people playing world of tanks.
    I have learned english from you and ohter youtubers becouse im 14 and
    english not my native language.
    Also i’m making youtube videos and try to do my best edit and quality to
    others to watch. You are my idol and my dream is that one day i would have
    same much people watching my videos like you have today.
    Your videos are great. Keep them making ! :)

  115. how much are they paying you to speak only nice things for premium tanks

  116. According to tank compare this tank has -90° of gun depression, not bad.
    But i would still play a T34, it’s RoF might be abysmal but you still have
    10 degrees of gun depression, your hull armor isn’t completely useless
    against lower tier enemies and of course that turret

  117. Whats the name of the mod that shows how much damage u recieved and by who?

  118. My little bit of fame 😀 My Sub shows up on the video 😀

    And that gun is nuts. Wow…..

  119. another CW tank

  120. So we have RHM borsig waffentrager,Ferdinand,JGpanzer II and premium:JT
    88.We definitely need two other premium TDS

  121. ACE tanker… You are the only one there have the tank..?? 

  122. He could have just slapped on his current face cam instead of the stream
    one and reviewed the match like a replay, even if he didn’t have the file.
    Seems like less work than trying to also incorporate bits of live
    commentary. I don’t know.. maybe he had a massive zit on his face at that
    time ;D.

  123. I still really want the M56 Scorpion..

  124. Where to buy?

  125. I find it really annoying how you say Waffentrager :/

    It sound like Vaffen-(Gurgle)er

    Sorry for hate comment :(

  126. Pragerovy Příběhy

    Thank You, Quicky. For everything. Your videos arent only “WoT Stuff” for
    me. Im now 14 years old, English isnt my native language. Without you, I
    wouldnt be what I am right now. Thanks to you, I learned more from English
    than at the school. Now, Ive got the oportunity for spending one week in
    the UK for free! (School Is paying everything.) So again. Thank you. But
    for now, let the Rhm. Scorpion sing!

  127. gonna be amusing hitting these with HE from my E100

  128. Scorpion changed sides and became German tank. Why can’t WG give us US prem
    td (other than T28 HTC)?

    • In t9 matches it doesn’t. In t7,8 it does 😉

    • It doesnt have good armor

    • It doesnt have good armor

    • Paradoxical Penguin

      +Bradley Walters Not really, it has more than enough armor and gun traverse
      angles to make a significant impact on the game. Slow does not mean bad, it
      just means it’s different and has to influence the battle in different
      parts of the maps. Regardless, the T28 HTC is more than capable of carrying

      As for the American Scorpion, it’s coming as a reward tank soon enough;
      it’s not being replaced by the German Skorpion. They’re both separate tanks
      that will be introduced into the game at separate times.

    • +HappyTanker A slow tank is a bad tank as it is much harder to carry games.

  129. Damnnnn good tank

  130. Wasnt there also a plan for a krupp steyr waffenträger?

  131. Jagdpanther 2 is still the best. It can HE and Ram both of them to death.

    • +Andreas Garak What I personally did. Thought Ferdinand was a great tank.
      bought it, it was shit got the top gun. Sold the Ferdi and put it on the
      Jagdpanther 2. Now II have 1700 battles with it, it’s really fun. Just got
      a new crew on the Jagdtiger because it wasn’t worth transferring 5 skilled
      crews over to that slowmo.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup I also prefer the Jpanther II over the Ferdi. But all of
      you forgot to mention, that the Ferdi has one more Crew-Member. It has the
      same Crew-layout as the Jagdtiger has. Thats one huge disadvantage of the
      Jpanther II.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +† Masterhp † You are perfectly right. THE FERDI IS A TURD ON TRACKS!

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup You forgot something very important, you can ram people
      to death. XD

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +redred222 Because you have 3 marks on it doesnt make it a good tank. It
      just means that the tank underperforms, and the required damage is super
      low for a tier 8 TD.
      I have 3 marks on the vk 2801, and its a shitty scout.
      Every gun with 220 pen will autopen a ferdi front, and lower pen guns can
      just shoot the LFP, or the cheeks. Or flank it since its so fucking slow.
      The JP2 is just plain better. Its faster, has SLOPED armor where it
      matters, and the same gun. Plus its looks a lot better than the turd on

  132. Finally! I just saw the sneak peek of it in the video you posted from
    Gamescom, I’ve been eagerly waiting for a preview!

  133. i 100% think that the lowe should have that 128mm gun because honestly the
    lowes gun sucks and it is way too focused on being a sniper and considering
    how often rng will say no to you when shooting at long range. i honestly
    think that the lowes gun is complete crap i mean come on a 10s reload with
    full equipment on a 105 is just awful plus the penetration isnt that great
    considering you really cant flank anything.

    the dpm is the same on the t34 which gets a better turret and more gun dep
    more mobility better hull armour (the lowe may have better side armour but
    the t34 eats so many shots with its tracks) and the front hull on the t34
    is angled well so it can actually bounce stuff. the t34s gun is almost as
    accurate too the only thing it doesnt have is aim time thats the single
    area where the lowe is better and even so its only a tiny bit better.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +DEANOGTO about 1 month ago.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup
      when did you play the tiger 2?

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +DEANOGTO If you think the tiger 2 is a good tank, i dont even know why i
      waste my time replying. The tiger 2 is shit. The armor is dead weight. The
      turret gets penned from all angles by pretty much everything, and you can
      even overmatch the roof with any 122mm.
      Sure the gun mantle will bounce, it bounces on every freaking tank. its gun
      is average at best. Its fucking slow. Its huge. The side armor is shit.
      If you like to play shitty tanks for pleasure, yeah why not, tiger 2
      forever, best in slot. I grinded it, it was painful and boring. Sold it the
      second i unlocked the E75.
      The is3 is still in my garage…

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup
      our experience in the tiger 2 vastly differs for me i preferred it over the
      is3 because the is3 is completely op in my opinion it is medium fast with
      heavy armour with a brutal gun and strong turret its too much of a jack of
      all trades plus you cant forget that infamous russian side armour. the
      tiger 2 though i found to be a great balance between long range firepower
      and up close brawler with its good speed strong front when the side is
      angled at and autobounce angle with the lower plate hidden (situations like
      this are a lot more common that youd think) plus the tiger 2 turret isnt
      that bad its mantlet blocks most of the hits it takes to the turret face
      plus the cupola is pretty troll.

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      +DEANOGTO thats just ridiculous. the lowe is fine the way it is, ITS A
      PREMIUM, its not suposed to be better than a regular tier 8. With any of
      your suggestions, it would get the best heavy tank gun of tier 8. thats
      just plain stupid. 230 pen is more than enough to go through anything, if
      you have troubles with that, the issue is in front of the screen, not in
      the tank.

      I want a tank who goes 60, has a laser gun with too much pen for its tier,
      and good armor!
      And make it a prem, so i can spam gold without losing creds plz! Nonsense.

      The lowe is already a better tank than the tiger 2, it has better side
      armor, a MUCH MUCH better turret, and the front hull is just a shitty as
      the tiger 2. The lowe is fine.

  134. This tank seems almost lacking for me. The gun depression seems kinda
    lacking with the tank of this size. Even the reload was just not cutting
    it. Even the speed… Wasn’t all that great. If WG would like to me to buy
    this… Buff it.

  135. Sick gameplay

  136. Another sign that wargaming is horny to get money money an money they don’t
    give a shit about balancing tanks

    • Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

      +kevin111nov If that’s how “OP” works, any tank in the game can be OP.

    • 🙁 im srr senpai

    • +kevin111nov If you were to ever put the amount of work they put in WoT (
      but u probably won`t anyway) wouldn`t you also want money?
      THINK before commenting.

    • okay i admit it i got rekt

    • Paradoxical Penguin

      +kevin111nov It’s only OP against muppets who place themselves in an open
      field like idiots… the gun has worse rate of fire, it’s taller and still
      has no armor. The mobility and gun depression helps counter it, but all in
      all it’s just a slightly different Borsig… and the Borsig by no means at
      all is OP. The gun is good, but it can’t tank and block shells, it can’t
      really get any aggressive locations nor does it have a fear factor that
      prevents the opponents from pushing. The lack of all of these things means
      that its key influence on a battle is purely by damage deal; and any good
      player in WoT knows that there’s a whole lot more than just damage in the
      game. So is it OP? I don’t think so, not by any means at all.

  137. Jacko Sevenhundredandtwenty

    I appreciate QB’s effort to pronounce the names properly but it gets kinda
    annoying :P

  138. *Throws wallet at screen* Just take it motherfucking all wargaming you

  139. Maybe it’s time for new intro? D:

  140. That subscriber thing is really annoying

  141. I like the KanonedJagdpanzer more than this thing.

  142. stfu and take my money WG :D

  143. 301 Club :)

  144. Play World of tanks blitz on your phone

  145. u301 fck yeah!

  146. nvm

  147. first

  148. Same T-Shirt as in the Stream omg, Illuminati confirmed

  149. Why doesn’t he rename himself quickybaby on the server? it’s only 2500
    gold, is he lazy? quickfingers is a lame id

  150. I think it looks really cool

  151. First!!!!

  152. fourth…. not so good

  153. I thought the kanonenjagdpanzer was supposed to be purchasable in the store

    • +Phantom089680 I heard they didn’t release it with 9.9 because they were
      buffing it to solve that

    • I think they are both coming… But i think KaJaPa is gonna be horribly
      underpowered… It is a Ru251 without turret and slower…

  154. The power of the internet!

  155. how funny design

  156. What do you guys think of the Rheinmetall Skorpion? OP, Balanced or


    • +QuickyBabyTV The Borsig is IMO too powerful already for a tier 8 TD, great
      gun, absurd camo, decent mobiltiy and a turret. This thing has better
      mobility, gun depression, probably not far off as good camo and more HP,
      far too powerful IMO. If it goes live with these stats you could see tier 8
      flooded with these things. Sure it’s weakly armoured but this thing is a
      Charioteer with more HP, a better gun, better gun handling and more gun
      depression. I mean this thing makes most tier 8 mediums completely obsolete

    • +QuickyBabyTV Löwe has bad pen? 234mm of pen as tier 8 is not bad, ask

    • +QuickyBabyTV this is gone look a little bit like the waffentrager auf
      and btw the dicker max gets more view range then the tier 10 wt

    • +QuickyBabyTV Hey QB! I really enjoy playing my Borsig and I just unlocked
      the WT auf PZ IV. Right now I have too many German Premium-TDs: “Dicker
      Max” (first Premium Tank i bought), the E25, the Jagdtiger 8.8 (favourite
      Credit-Maker :D) and the STUG IV. It is just overkill to put more german
      premium TDs into the game. Definitely not interesting for me.

      The only reason I might consider buying the Kanonenjagdpanzer is, that I
      served in the Bundeswehr (Panzerhaubitze 2000) and would like to collect a
      real Bundeswehr-Tank.

      So I will keep the Borsig and play some fun games in it – also the
      Credit-income isn´t that bad there. No point in me for the Skorpion.

      Greetings from Germany!

    • +QuickyBabyTV I think, that I will be buying one asap.

  157. Seems fun.

  158. Crogamer productions


  159. hate to say actually say this but im first

  160. whiiiiiiiiiiii

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