World of Tanks || Rheinmetall Skorpion – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Rheinmetall Skorpion. Today I’m reviewing the T8 German turreted premium tank the Rheinmetall Skorpion! It’s fast, packs a punch and has a wicked paint job.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Your stream game in this tank with Ike and Jingles was great

  2. Was a good stream with Ik n Jingles but the code didn’t work for my NA
    account. I tried it several times. :(

  3. 76,3% percent low roll. nice

  4. Quickybaby do you find this tank too OP?

  5. Are you going to upload the 7k dmg scorpion game form the livestream
    yesterday ? I would realy like to watch it again on yt :)

  6. Oh I missed the lifestream because of TI6 :/

  7. As it is the opinion that this is OP is very accurate. but even if it gets
    nerfed (depends on what gets nerfed) I think the tank would still be pretty
    fun. Definitely picking this one up.

  8. So it’s a tier 8 Hellcat?

  9. Why do wargaming give us tons of crap prem tanks that nobody plays
    (sentinels, turan) and than they give us an op tier 8 td like this 😀
    Absolutely legit. (Yes, i think its op)

  10. Sacu Levi (sacuka)

    Just tell me one thing!Why the hell WG stinktteam makes good tanks for
    premium?Since 2 years good tanks come out only in premium!ItS SO FUCKING
    DISAPPOINTING,people would like to enjoy the game not to spend their whole
    money on a fucking game.

  11. First, the gameplay then the fucking speech XD

  12. i have been not play world of tanks in 2 month

  13. Dean Watkin (DeanJW7)

    a tank review of the Lowe pls

  14. How do you compare this with Charioteer? You’ve played this British TD many
    You compare it to Rhm.Borsig, but maybe Charioteer is better to compare and
    find differences.

  15. good video and cool camo on the scorpion

  16. And the Löwe still sucks hard, the Skorpion is in all perspectives better,
    the Löwe is a waste of your money…

  17. 15:49 Chocolate-coated optics! 😀 ;)

  18. “New” TD? 😀 Isnt that the same concept like the Grille? Huge, great camo,
    insane Gun with really high alpha for its tier, Gundepression and fast ? 😀
    Wow thats what we needed ! 🙂
    I will buy and absolutly dominate tier 8 games until it will be nerfed
    (what will happen after it is life)

  19. Don’t think I will bother with this one, I already have e25 and jadgtiger
    8.8 do I really need another German premium TD? Lol

  20. Дамир Бабичев

    Хороший гайд, такого у нас нет)))

  21. QUICKYBABY…..please do a tank revieuw on the removed Panter/M10. i realy
    want to know what that tank is….

  22. stop playing premium tanks ! world of tanks is turbing bad !

  23. Fap fap fap??

  24. So, it’s a tier 8 grille 15, wich is almost better in any ways than the
    borsig. Seems balanced.

  25. cealera alexandru

    This tank is ammo rack king :))))

  26. TheMisteryNoob ʺ

    did you see the quickybaby intro from Oneandonly016?

  27. I feel that i need to apologize . I am truly sorry for my one bad comment
    that i left once. I hope that you accept apology.

    And i hope for more series for beginners, like where to go on a map with
    heavy and be usefull for the team, how to sidescrape, angle… All those

    Im having most problems where to go in heavy… Coming from blitz
    community, so yes big maps, big problems. Also no hit zones and bloody arty
    too… Thanks

  28. will it be a limited time edition tank?, or permanent?

  29. 18th August.. same day as my paycheck, coincidence?

  30. This thing is OP AF and its camo paint is ugly AF. They should stop
    implementing tanks like this and the Mutz, plus the M41GF. Their stock
    version would look much better.

  31. is that a Leopard chasis?
    If it was mentioned on the video i skipped forward to the fighting haha

  32. Niclas “Clefspeare13” Schwab

    “Standard German TD” There are three, the Rhm, the JP2, and the Ferdi.


  34. Damn, I can never watch his streams cause I work.

  35. Hi QB, nice video!
    Think i will see this tank sone in my garage. Please upload the awesome
    stream with jingles.

  36. this was a part of the grille project (grille 12) amirite?

  37. 12:58 real dick move :D

  38. even quickybaby has problems with the lag..

  39. It’s pretty simple, as it stands this premium TD is far superior to the
    regular vehicle (Borsich).

    Therefore the Borsich should become a T8 premium TD (with the 12,8) and the
    Scorpion should become the regular T8 TD in the german turreted line.

  40. “Gandhi was a mistake” lol I lost it last night when you said that QB 😀
    Great stream and a great video… well done once again. Jingles and his in
    depth date search lol!

  41. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Finally something decent in german line.
    Because after that Shit called Grille 15 that is uselless. now something
    really playable.

    And, that review you did of grille 15 is a shame. You should be honest in
    the next Grille 15 review;.

    This TD, skorpion, is like Grille 15 should be. But they put that
    riddiculous not full turn turret , that ridiculous low penetration; that
    ridiculous bloom; that ridiculous slow turret and chassis turn; that
    ridiculous expensive shells; and that super ridiculous low gold penetration
    with HEAT.

    For a not expectacular speed and not a good damage rate.

  42. Yes! We definately need more premium tanks!!! Omg WG balance your game
    first! So many broken stuff ingame, but wait.. We need more premium tanks

  43. The new German Hellcat, huh?

  44. When is the Krupp-Steyr WT coming out? I was born in Steyr, so I cannot
    await it.

  45. bt-42 would be cool tank to add in game

  46. Nice, except for the fact no one but the best players will get this on the
    NA server. Yay. Another rare OP premium.

  47. I guess Skorpion is like a prem to accommodate the play style of Grille
    15..? Or to let people learn from a somewhat earlier stage the play style
    of the Grille 15..?

  48. Hey QB. How about updating the end of the video with a brief discussion of
    how this tank compares against the Tier 7 American Scorpion TD. Some of us
    can’t afford both, so which one is a better value???

  49. Wasn’t there an American td called the scorpion that u reviewed ?

  50. hey, where is comet intro???

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