World of Tanks – Risk It For A Biscuit

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

What happens when the irresistable force meets the immovable object? When the immovable object is a Captured King Tiger, you’d expect it to be not quite so immovable, but when the irresistable force is a Lemming Train…

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. 6 seconds ago xD

  2. miners roll call!
    edit: no, no, no, jingles, the C in King Tiger (C) stands for Capitalist

  3. 1st wohoo

  4. Hello Mr.Jingles

  5. Last time I wad this early jesus was a baby

  6. Lifelong herpederp reporting in.

  7. We are waiting for circon game, check your email jingles.?

  8. WoT looks slightly cold maybe?

  9. last time i was this early the universe didn’t exist

  10. Just to let you know I am playing World of Warplanes right now just for a change.

  11. 2 minutes? Last time I came this early, it was because I was losing my virginity.

  12. Awesome intro !! Cheers ??

  13. *30.02m is the real panther, the other one is a German take on a T-34

  14. 30.01D…yeah jingles ?

  15. Kind of cool to see a tier 7 King Tiger considering how bad the tier 8 version has gotten power creeped.

  16. Really Jingles, complaining about is not pushing and using “gold” ammo even though he is completely stock and using 85mm.

  17. хфф на сите хрватска

    War thunder is the best

  18. 2:35 actually Jingles, I think you’re talking about the VK 30.02 (M), or the premiums Polish Pudel and the French Bretagne Panther.

  19. a stock IS, RIP

  20. dat savage opening

  21. I usually just refer to the fourth group as potatoes, but I like herpaderps.

  22. At first glance I thought the player was TotalBiscuit. RIP

  23. WoT is carrying on being dull. Just drop some new tanks and we don’t need to fix the maps.

  24. How dare you forget the blitz community

  25. Meanwhile in World of Tanks Blitz

    *Everyone will get the BT-SV. For free. As a Christmast gift* . While PC player have to *buy it in expensive bundle* 😀


    The downtiered Panther with the famous 75mm gun is called the VK 30.02M.


  27. world of tanks including premium tanks only in lootboxes

    jingles : world of tanks is the good guy

    yeah right 😉

  28. The Herpederps!! hahahaha

  29. Mini map? What mini map? ???

  30. Risk it for the biscuit? Where’s Skill4ltu?!

  31. And WoT gose hold my beer 😀

  32. Wish that i can get a lemming train like that in a tier 7 haha i get around the corner and there is 6 tanks rushing me like they are playing CW Lol

  33. Vk3001M is a down tiered Panther
    Bretagne Panther and Pudel are down tiered panthers.

  34. @Jingles, plz do a vid on War thunders Holiday event 😀 actuly pretty good and decent compared to WG… a “fair” done it right event 😀

  35. Could someone explain to me what’s happening in world of warships at the moment? I find myself outside of the loop

  36. Love the extra dose of salt into the wound that is world of warships and wargaming in general at the beginning!

  37. Wow, this actually got featured. Tanks Jingles!

  38. Claus Kellerman calls them muppets, but both terms fit.

  39. The requirements to acquire this tank are ridiculous to say the least.

  40. What’s the controversy with WoWS?

  41. That LEO took forever to aim and still bounced?

  42. My twitch prime sub to war gamings channel ended ages ago and I’ve subbed to others. But I can still play the king tiger ?

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