World of Tanks – RNG OF THE DAY # 35

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  1. like every fast would have “drifted” or what u would call it there… and
    then u just need to auto aim

  2. For those who are saying its not RNG. Well let me explain. I was in this
    battle when T-54 was scouting.. he started chasing the RU to kill him..
    then things turned and RU started chasing him. but wanted to finish the
    game with out any deaths.So he got very lucky and manage to kill the RU
    before he killed him..

  3. damn i swear my rng replays were better than this RIP me ;)

  4. quick player (1KND1)


  5. How is this RNG? This is called ‘auto-aim’

  6. That had nothing to do with RNG.. -_-

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