World of Tanks – RNG or SKILL? Crazy Comeback!

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Source: Svatekl2

or skill?

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  1. RNG

  2. Jared Fitzgerald

    Really… out of all your games THAT was somehow awesome, I got those games
    all the time in my T32. I dont really see how yours is special.

  3. GG my friend………enemy mistake not continuing to push and your
    skills/T32 held them off.

  4. First off:
    Happy late Birthday
    The T 32’s Turret gets mad epic bounces when hull down and supported.
    They failed to push and overrun you when they had the chance. They had
    about a 30 second window when they could have rolled over you, You did well
    and exploited the indecision of you enemy. GG.

  5. ns gg

  6. ‘murica. Love the T32.

  7. The only thing the enemy team had to do was just all push together. Anyways
    since they didn’t, you managed to have an epic game 🙂 GG MAN!

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