World of Tanks – Roflstomped

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Roflstomp. acronym ; compounding ; verb. To defeat or overcome something or someone so completely and effortlessly that the entire ordeal is laughable and comedic.


System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Jingles, you’re an absolute great YouTuber but this video was a bit too random and the factchecking was terrible. Yes, you’re known for ocassionally messing up a random tank in the list, but:
    The first replay the player was driving a Centurion AX, not a 7/1. Which means it’s a top tier tier 10, not a tier 9.
    Second replay: the M60 used to be rare. However, with every new campaign the CW players can select their choice of reward vehicle between the M60, 907, VK K, 121B or T95E6. So there are not 30 anymore.
    I appreaciate your videos and commentary but some simple fact checking in obvious ways would make for better content imo. See this as a tip, not an insult.

  2. He not hesh

  3. Was the tank in the thumbnail an M60A1?

  4. oh jingles. please never get an editor. i will miss your rocks hiding under rocks analogy’s

  5. Jingles bring us 4k or 2560 x 1440 res videos pls !!!!!

  6. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    During the X5 Weekend that was on not to long ago, it was like this all the time mostly (mostly on my team…….). Also been getting them a lot now a days….. (I just prefer close games most of the time).

  7. This is… uh… a lot more normal than rare, at least as far as the games I play.

  8. Jingles, you’re just trolling us now!

  9. jingles…u filthy…….!!!!!!!!!! why would u show off a HESH only replay? 80% of the wot player base dont know when and when not to use HE. Now all the pubbies will go and load HE on their tanks, cause its so easy to do 5k dmg in it, u know, u´ll always do dmg, u dont even have to aim….and it does more than AP….

    u´ve done it jingles!!!!!!

  10. The best thing about Jingles’ speech mistakes is how he is so confident in saying what he says and he doesnt even notice XD
    “Look at them scurrying for cover like rocks exposed to daylight when you turn over a rock”

  11. Actually Jingles…………………..

  12. Hi Jingles, From South Carolina

  13. love that tier 8 medium that just hid in the back with the arty waiting to kill steal…….superhummus gj

  14. Edge_of_Insanity has witnessed the edge of insanity.

    He’s doing it on purpose

  16. Is Jingles drunk or something? JINGLES! Are you drunk?

  17. Jingles was quite amazing in this commentary today!

  18. Why is the thumbnail an m60a1 instead of a normal m60

  19. whats the tank on the thumbnail?

  20. The m60 is my dream tank on wot I’ll never have one though 🙁

  21. ‘Higher DPM than a Parachute Regiment Clothing store on the top of Mount Everest’ love the, albeit slightly out of date, reference!!!

  22. It’s amazingly insulting how shit jingles is at not being able to identify that Mr Crow was not driving a Centurion 7

  23. The M60 was given away in a second campaign to a lot more people (they have the option of the M60 or a German Tier 10 which name I forget). My mate has one now

  24. i loved this video but for real again with the green and blue players…. that m60 driver does not need 34 fucking heat rounds like for real dude that is sad

    • infinitelyExplosive

      He has enough shells in that tank to carry a few premium ones. What’s wrong with that?

    • lmfao sorry but 34 rounds is MORE than a few prem i would be fine with yaknow anywere from 8 to 20 but 34 is to much it just goes to show that he deponds on gold rounds more than skill

    • infinitelyExplosive

      You say that like gold rounds can make up for bad positioning or game sense. Sure I’ll happily admit that I dislike the way they are implemented in WoT but it’s not like spamming prem can raise your WN8 more than 100-200pts.

  25. PvtReaper89 lost son of Fenris


  26. Love you jingles!!!!!!

  27. Lol…M60 a medium tank!??…clearly the developers have never seen an M60

    • Yes the M-60 was a medium tank and the M-103 was the US corresponding heavy tank. until they stopped using it and did away with the term medium and changed it to main battle. But yes the M-60 is a relatively big tank. and yes I have seen both, actually I see both most days.

  28. my life in a nutshell

  29. It’s true what jingles said “have you been in the sun too long?”. Because it’s not a centurian M. 7/1

  30. Um, he fired only HESH because he knows WoT is becoming pay to win and the relevance of premium ammo isnt even as high nowadays because heavies are OP when top tier. He’s actually got the right idea.

  31. Foxy The Pirate Fox

    What’s the Tenk in the thumbnail

  32. Just saying, hesh isn’t supposed to penetrate lol

  33. Was just thinking on the second video only one guy killed all the tanks on the enemies team, once he died they had no idea what to do so they went the way of arty

  34. He and regular HESH:

    The proper ammunition that should be used to damage heavily armored targets instead of loading the gold

  35. Jingles, you live in Britain; no one is going to ask if you have been in the sun too long.

  36. Whats the name of the race of players that play both World of Tanks and Russia Toda- *cough* I mean War Thunder.

  37. I have played “with” an M60 in my team on the Asian server quite a while ago… Only ones I have seen this tank..and I am playing since 2012

  38. Actually jingles the M60 is also on blitz and was also given out on the NA server one of my friends has it

  39. did you take this video form the SEA server?

  40. I was cackling throughout that suicided session with Edge_of_Insatnity and his buddy 3rdguards so freaking hard.

  41. been away for so long grinding to improve my GPA at university. haven’t heard this guy in months but felt right at home once the video buffered and i heard the iconic ‘Howdy Folks…’ . Keep doing what your doing Paul its quality stuff that case of cola extra combat rations stuff and brings back good memories from when times were simpler.

  42. Jingles you parsnip. When are we gonna see you in a tank again? (

  43. twohandedly, Cmdr McJingelberry?

  44. team “we can’t kill them”
    Arty “hold my beer”

  45. frm 8:43 until end just pure adrenaline…

  46. #NetNeutrality
    Jingles, please talk about Net Neutrality in a video. It is quite concerning.

  47. While the people featured were good players, they couldn’t have done that if it were up to their skill alone. Mr. Cro was blessed with an actually competent team (I wish i could get some of those) which backed him up the entire way. And the second clip was down to the enemy team being your slightly below average retards.

  48. You need a Ram Denied screen like your Kracken Unleashed one.

  49. Lol second video was from the NA server. I’ve played enough games to know this was rigged as all fucking hell.. The other team should have just suicided and fucked WG’s numbers up for a match.

  50. “Michael Bay movies are just a action junkies wet dream”

    WoT- hold my beer*

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