World of Tanks – Rolling Thunder

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Just what World of Tanks neededæ another American premium medium . Except if you’re a Joe Average player like me, you might find this more to your liking than the others.

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  2. Defender= tier8 IS-7
    Thunderbolt 7= tier6 super pershing
    but i really like the thunderbolt 7 historical premium tanks are the best! so what’s next?

  3. 3:10 “But the 37th Tank Battalion participated in the destruction of over 55 panther and tiger tanks, while suffering only 14 losses of it’s own”

    well that’ll put the Wehraboo’s on suicide watch.

  4. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Don’t you just love Jingles history lesson 🙂

  5. I always loved the easy 8. If I still played WoT I’d totally snatch this up.

  6. Actually jingles the T71 fires HEAT as prem not APCR, and btw the only reason i do this is because he hates it 😀

  7. if jingles is not that good at WOT… then im the biggest noob ever….

  8. absolutely love the historical info jingles, it makes these reviews/previews so much more interesting! Keep it up!

  9. The M4A3 76W HVSS is the best all around of the war there isn’t a single aspect in which you can actively say is shit while it gets a hell of alot right.

    “ughhah byuyt daaa hissztoury channael sauid daa T-34-euighty fiuve wa-”

    fuck the T-34-85 that is the most over rated tank ever made (well that and the tiger).

  10. 15.08 errr Actually Jingles that’s a Comet not a Cromwell.


  11. Pfft, we don’t armor, our mobility will be armor. *Sherman next to Kam blows up* As I SAID, OUR MOBILITY WILL BE OUR ARMOR! *Another Sherman gets hit to the right* SHIT, RETREAT! Damn Germans are cheating again!

    There is a reason the Jumbo is my favorite Sherman. Sadly wish the Japanese Tiger would get a mobility buff to at least be as good as the Jumbo but… T-T

  12. Vincent Kikkert

    So many M4’s in World of Tanks… Damn… But I like the look of them, so it’s fine for me!

  13. I won’t give WG even a penny for any premium in wot from now on. The arty stun mechanic just has ruined the game… I’ve played every day since the patch and there has been like one game where I haven’t been just constantly shit on by arty and just getting constant stuns… I’d rather be one shot than the fucking stuns… And the matchmaking changes: over 66% of the games have been just team wipes… Not fun to play anymore…

  14. its a baby Super pershing !.

  15. Love the history lesson!

  16. Where’s the HMS Hood review jingles ?

  17. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    it was a comet not a cromwell =P

  18. I prefer tanks with mobility. I think I can play them pretty well

  19. Patch 9.18 only went live on the Asia server today… Sigh

  20. Looks like my kind of tank, might replace my Matilda, unless they give me a speed buff 🙂

  21. Why do people still play World of Tanks? It’s such a shitty pay2win game 😛

  22. It’s a Comet, not a Cromwell!

  23. I’ve realised my favourite tanks are thoose with decent mobility, decent armour AND has a good aiming time (+KV-2…) such as Tiger II, t-43 and T-10. Quite different tanks at first sight I know but they aren’t really that different 😛

  24. not buying shit after this last disaster update wargaming can get fucked I’m not even going to play anymore

  25. Patton said the USA fought for the wrong side in WW2… let that sink in for a moment an analyze why the Germans got angry at Jews or whatever you may think has driven them to become OH so evil.. do your research and stop getting your History lessons from Hollywood films..

  26. at 15:08 that is a comet

  27. that intro needs to change now since the last update fucked bert

  28. Ahah Jingles did is wikipedia research

  29. PoisoningShadow671

    The history lessons are the best parts about Jingles videos. 😀
    If only other youtubers like Quickybaby could do the same thing.

  30. Tsar herp a derp

    I kinda want a beutepanzer( is that how you spell it?) of the m4 Sherman, it would be underpowered though

  31. The problem is the joe avarage in world of tanks thinks hes a great player and his terrible stats are because of hackers, aimboters and gold users, or any other excuse. You need to be far above avarage to reconise how bad you are and how much you can inprove… ironic

  32. Pepijn van Heeswijk

    omg. Everybody Read the second part in the discription!

  33. What a breath of fresh air…
    There are only very few youtubers who admit they are not the best, most badass uber-rul0rz in the game.
    “Modesty is a virtue”, as we say over here on our side of the pond. Well done, Jingles!

  34. I kinda wish I’d stuck with the Shumbo instead of buying the T20. It’s not that the T20 sucks, it’s just slow, no armour, and when combined with a poor aim time/soft stats, you need to be damn good to make it work.

  35. I thought you said war thunder. You almost made my day 🙁

  36. thats why i play E75, im a joe average player but with the armor of the E75 i can afford to make a mistake

  37. I what myself when I saw war and thunder in the same video name

  38. Too bad the superpershing’s extra armour was just boiler steel, imagine if it was proper well made armour plating of equal thickness. lol I still cant get over the fact that the barrel and breech in the super Pershing and the super Pershing without the extra plates, is as long if not longer than the things hull.

  39. can anybody explain what the hell is going on at 9:06, it looks like that arty ise behind the ridge but still some how shot fired actually damaged the arty, i am confused, is it a replay glitch or i am hallucinating?

  40. Will you ever return to warthunder ? :)) jingles

  41. I don't care that you broke your elbow

    Time to wipe the dust off my su 100y

  42. Why does the Sherman jumbo have such weak armor in its turret. It historically had 177 mm of turret armor

  43. Finally got my third perks on my female crew for my M-41-90. That thing is my favorite tank even more so than the superpershing or TOG ll*

  44. Happy Star Wars day!

  45. When you can relate with jingles so much!!!!!!!

  46. “What is that Cromwell doing?”

    Stares intensely at tank…. Finally agrees with self that it does indeed plainly say “Comet” right above target tank in clear view….

  47. I need this tank in my life as badly as I needed the KV-2.

  48. NEWS just came in, WG made premium Cromwell with 150mm of spaced armor all around!

    -Standard poor WoT user- But, but, wait WG will that be OP and PTW tank in same time?!
    -WG- Nah don’t worry, top speed is only 58mph 6 less than on your standard Cromwell, also terrain resistance is much higher than on standard cromwell, and it has just 17pdr gun with 18rpm and we move it in tier 7! So you have nothing to worry about!
    -Standard poor WoT user- oh ok I didn’t know I am retarded by now, but now I know, thank you WG! 🙂 You are the bešt!
    -WG- Don’t worry we took you for retard as soon you joined game! 🙂

  49. Darwin's Arbiter

    someone send him a replay of the Girls und panzer PZ IV in the console version XD.

  50. Thanks for the history lesson jingles.. love these videos:)

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