World of Tanks || Roy the Boy

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. Today MoshiMoshiRoyMustangDesu going to have their work cut out for them – it looks like a job for “Roy the Boy”!

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  1. fking cancer weeb name

  2. lol second replay of Emil 2 on mountain pass (remember LordOfThe69?)

  3. his name is “hello its roy mustang”. God i love his name lol

  4. Hate playing my jadgtiger nowadays 🙁 everyone just pens straight through my upper plate, angled or not.. Hell, some tanks just pen the fucking superstructure no problemo (scorpion G I’m looking at you)

  5. lul classic roy kids makin it somewhere

  6. What I think of WoT nowadays with shit like the Maus and improved equipment for bonds in the game: 俺のWoTがこんなに糞ゲなわけがない!

  7. QB what’s your opinion on the new Arty changes? I remember you made a video on it a while ago, but now that it’s been out for a while I would like to know how its been going.

  8. look shots on t28 prot. ….

  9. what a luck?

  10. Moshi moshi?
    Hai, Roy Mustang desu ne.

    It’s starting to rain…

  11. @Travis Hunter

  12. “Unless he lows incredibly low” -QB 2017

  13. And so, this is the story of how the comments section of YouTube ran out of creativity and resulted to correcting each other on small aspects of the actual video.

  14. 175 cm 52 kg 5.2 meter kuk


  15. QB, I think this might be my favorite replay I’ve ever watched that you’ve shared/commentated on. Not only was it an incredible game, all credit to that goes to the player (I’m not even gonna attempt to spell out his screen name), but you’re commentary was so on point and well done. Good on yah! Keep up the great work, I love your content!

  16. I think that the medal people wants the most, is the Raseiniai Heroes Medal.

  17. Roy the boy or dan the man?

  18. *ROY’S OUR BOY*

  19. Comment section full of full metal alchemist, I just want to point out that the m40/43 “tankriding” was hillarious, and the music was so fitting there hahahaha

  20. Dear QB i uploaded tp woreplays a vid where i got 1764 xp in my caernarvon.would appreciate if you would take a look 🙂

  21. again QB exemplified us the full power of retards in this game…. coming IN LINE in front of Emil2 with -12 on gun ? it is like in old german school of shooting: from left to right….or right to left… how retard you could be (T28prot) to go forward in front of a full load Emil? he didn’t realise Emil don’t move because he focus on him?…. i don’t have that luck in random…

  22. I think he did only 300 dmg to the T28 prot that he fire to the thickest plate on that tank so the shell loosed energy if he fired on a light armourd plate he wood do better,so every time fire at the light armourd armour even if u have grate penetration.That is my thinking about the giving damage and taking it

  23. min role unusual??? just buy patriot, 180 dmg all the time, cos it’s american….buy rusian defender and you will magicly get luck level 9000 and get high role shot after shot…cos it’s rusian…not american…you get the point…

  24. Next up: Dan the Man!

  25. Why did he get a Pascucci’s medal? You need to kill 3 artilleries, not just two.

  26. Henri Liimatainen

    im not going to watch some filthy weeaboo, dislike

  27. “Oh you’re up, this is good…we’re going to rob a bank”…so annoying…

  28. wel emill 2 is just more Op then the maus!

  29. dont be coy, just feel the joy of the roy boy toy

  30. I had similar battle. The same map, but amx 50 100, Kolobanov, Radley Walters, 7,3k dmg and 1992 exp 😛


  32. Hello. Roy Mustang here. Is the translation. xD

  33. Emil 2 is better than Krangvang, tier for tier.

  34. gg, BUT image having to do HT15 mission and after that game NOT doing it!!!

  35. that retard 46% tomato looser m53/55 got 3 kills. Arty cancer still reward shit player.

  36. *loads heat and fires at maus* looks like I can get you on your knees lust!



  38. penetration loss ofer distance of apcr is the same as ap, if apcr is standart, originally to help tanks like leopard1 to perform their sniping role, but it aplies to emil II too

  39. Sebastian Florentin Dudău

    QB can you do a tankreview on the tier 8 premium heavy tank lowe i want to know more about it and i am very interested to pick up one for my self i want to know if has any weakpoints now it has been buffed.

  40. I dare you QB i fucking double dare you, find an amazing replay with such a long and hard to pronounce name and keep saying that troughout the hole replay! Oh boi i would love to watch that.

  41. Eddie Winchester

    ‘ Moshi moshi, roy mustang desu’ = Hello this is Roy Mustang
    Roy Mustang = Flame Alchemist in FullMetalAlchemist the anime

  42. Am I the only one hearing Webshite at 14:47?

  43. Gustav Schnitzel

    called him Moshi, writes Roy

  44. what was that aimbot look alike around 7:00 in???

  45. i dunno but since i love to play in tier 8 with 9 and 10, top tier always seem to be terrible players in the games i play. even tho i win alot they seem to be dying first constantly therefor pretty much useless to have around. also tells how Tier 8 players in general are more skilled. or the game is just broken.

  46. He’s calling him pussy in german

  47. +QuickyBaby 7:45 it’s the same Maus, the one on the bridge was killed by Jpe100 at 6:50

  48. FMA boyyyyy

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