World of Tanks || Rudy – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Let’s out the famous “Rudy” T-34-85 as featured in the Polish TV program four and a dog! Rudy will be a T6 premium medium tank coming soon! Part of the Berlin Trio!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.

Battle sound effect courtesy of Ream Productions.


  1. reversing to a kv1s could have been your downfall especially if he had the

  2. That poor dw2 had no chance

  3. But its T-34-85 with less pen :D

  4. Rudy or Cromwell B ?

  5. Karol Skowronek

    this is youre polish akcens QB realy??? ;)

  6. Peter Ganobčík

    Hi. I would like to fix some said in this video concerning tank Rudy. I
    didnt watch the TV serial but i read the book. It carry the same name as
    the TV series. I still dont know, which of them have been made first. They
    have been release at same time period. But back to facts. Rudy, are actual
    2 tanks. T34-76, which have been destroyed and second T34-85. T34-76 have
    been damaged and barrel of the gun, have been shortened . This happen as
    result of direct hit in mantled. However tank survive. In battle near
    river Odra, tank been capture and lately use as target for new german AT
    gun amunition. But the crew survived. Then they get the new tank. T34-85.
    In fact this can explain crew in the WOT edition of RUDY. T34-85 unsually
    have 5 crew members. T34-75 have just 4 . They take 4 remaining crew member
    and put them in new tank. By the way. Former comander of RUDY died and Jan
    Koss become new comander. His position been taken by Tomas Czeresniak, new
    character in later part of book. (well, no new one, becose , he have been
    in book story in earlier part of book. But not as member of tank crew.)
    Four tankers and dog is really interesting book. Unfortunatelly, as far
    as I now, the book is no available in English language. Again I didn’t see
    TV series, but I still think the book is better. When you reading the book,
    you can imagine stuff. Author of book is Janusz Przymanowski.

  7. Ivor Mlinarević

    This is your best video hahaha

  8. Oh so now even more pl players will play the game … omg staph wg just

  9. Looks good like the dog. But yeah its a novelty tank. I have the
    Chinese Type 58 which is the T34/85 and with a bit of grinding I’ll have
    the Russian T34/85. I don’t need another one.

  10. Zabawnie słyszeć wyraz “Rudy” wymawiany przez anglojęzycznego człowieka :D

  11. Who are these random guys in that tank? God damn it WG, not only it is in a
    russian tree, but you also couldn’t give it a proper crew. But I admit it,
    Szarik is great, and that sixth sense sound is brilliant. That dog makes
    Rudy probably the most unique tank in the game. It would be also cool if WG
    implemented more characteristic mods they did in the some episodes of the
    show, like cutting off part of the damaged barrel, or it’s camo…

  12. Adam Korczynski

    its worth mentioning that at the begining of the series RUDY was T-34. The
    crew of T-34 was 4 and this was the cause of the title of the series “four
    tankers and a dog”. Later on (i think the tank was destroyed) the crew got
    a new tank and that was T-34-85.

  13. Quickbaby well thats bad tank

  14. The word “Rudy” on the side of the tank has 4 hand imprints (obiously), but
    also the dogs paw <3

  15. Nate “Natetr0n101” Tron


  16. Lol qb stronk russian

  17. This tank would be awesome if it is same as t 34 85 i once did 4k damage in

  18. Crogamer productions

    well,Rudy is special tank but in my opinion it is too much simular to
    t34-85(m).But after all I can’t say it doesn’t have its own special thing
    like money making and other stuff…Nice video QB.

  19. Ivica Mijatovic

    I want!

    • Ivica Mijatovic

      It’s a cheap crew trainer, and it looks like a great tank, I still play the
      regular T-34-85 and this is mostly the same

  20. I have also seen a WG account driving a cromwell b and when you try to look
    at the statics of the account they are blocked

  21. I love that name – I have RUDY on the sides of my Obj704.. best trolling
    name ever


  23. Fun fact: In Hungarian Szarik (Hungarian wrote: Szarik) means “He is
    shitting” :D

  24. a tank for the “siemka pl :D” army

  25. What does the intuition skill do?

  26. Александр Радченко

    We need – VODKA, KALINKA-MALINKA song and Bear with balalaika !!!!!

  27. The Rudy is pure novelty and fan service. Nothing more.

  28. Any CONFIRMED info on how to get these tanks ?

  29. What is the Berlin Trio exactly? 

  30. Four Tankers and a dog is available on Youtube and is well worth watching.
    I enjoyed it and really got involved with all the characters, which is
    unusual in most TV programs.
    I must say the best bit was *spoiler*

    Driving the tank into the Berlin underground!!

  31. I can’t be the first to realize Quickybaby killed a Churchill 7 instead of
    the Black Prince right?

  32. You could watch the show mate 😉
    here you can with english subtitles:

  33. nghia vo phan trong

    I saw cromwell berlin after frist game!!

  34. Tim McCutterson

    I spy with my little eye.. A Cromwell BP.. (during the post game stats of
    the first game. Anyone else saw it? 

  35. Really funny,like this tank!

  36. You should review the premium IS-2, just like Circon did

  37. that joke was so bad and you should feel bad D:

    and you forgot about the credits you bought the prem ammu with gold not
    credits^^ so would be lesser money

  38. How much does the tank cost? 

  39. Insane video! :DDD

  40. Blanket is strictly Russian thing. Russian voices are kind of an insult for
    Polish history since both countries are not getting along with each other.
    Just sayin…

  41. Love it… going to get the “Rudy” just for the dog :)

  42. very exiting ., a T-34-85 but worse

  43. Gantugs Atarsaikhan

    Sharik is a popular dog from Polish TV series “Four Tankers and A Dog”. I
    loved that series, very excited !!!

  44. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    Szarik means balloon in russian and polish, i had a dog that i named szarik
    after the show also it was cacasus shepard instead of german shepard

  45. Someone_who_is_sad_and_will_die.

    Kv-2 can one-shoot this.

  46. i don’t want it anymore, because by putting the dog in the crew, i cannot
    use my regular T-34-85 crew in this tank

    • yes i think so, but it would mean my radio operator falling behind

    • +thensho I agree, but that seems like a small penalty for owning such a
      brilliant premium tank. The T-34-85 is one of the best, if not the best,
      tier VI medium tanks in the game. This premium tank is equal to the fully
      upgraded regular counterpart. How many premium tanks do you know that could
      offer those two incredible bonuses?

    • i judt feel it would be a shame to use my crew in it, while i already have
      the t-34-85m, in which i can use all 5 crew members

    • +thensho I think that’s a fair thing to mention, but I also think you’re
      discounting the idea that you could use either of them at any time. The
      four crew members that you can transfer would get a bit of extra training
      from being used in the premium version each day for the daily double. After
      that, I think it’s perfectly reasonable to just play the regular version if
      you’re going to continue playing with either of them.

      That is unless you’re trying to make extra credits. Then it becomes
      slightly more complicated I think.

    • i do like it ( it’s T-34-85, so that’s natural), but seeing as it is less
      usefull for crew training than a premium tank i already have, it would be
      to expensive (when compared to it’s use)

  47. Hey guys!
    You can find the trio bundle in the premium shop now. But there’s no dog in
    the Rudy:(, but you get a fully trained crew and Brothers in arms in all
    Three vehicles.

  48. Ha ha, we got one like this in wotb, it’s called the T-34-85 victory
    Only its got white stripes on dark green and black camo 

  49. so, I woke up yesterday and played some WoT with my tier 6 easy 8 fury. for
    some crazy reason, I was in tier 9 match. after 4 minutes we lost because
    one dumbass heavy thinks that its not fair to have 2 mediums in his team,
    and killed them. 16 matches later and I don’t get one winning. and than 5
    tanks on my team vs one kv-1s decide that they will not go and kill them,
    they gonna show their rear and sides… we lost. in that point on I just
    quit WoT and almost uninstalled it. so, I went to war thunder, trying to
    get my first jet. played the p-51D on domination and guess what-we lose…
    5 matches still don’t get win. jumped into my hallcat, and all my team
    decide to kill each other for some crazy reason… for the end, im just a
    normal player that brave enough to play without any piece of gold or
    premium (accept fury) and just getting fucked by all the matchmaking,
    assholes and multiplayer gaming stuff over and over and over. what should I
    do? 8 kills? NEIN! I need 15 kills for winning… b.. but im tier 6 in tier
    9 what should I fucking do? so I hope you guys waste your time reading my
    reaction, and I hope that next time that kv-1s don’t write shit in chat and
    will just play the game, or some “pro players” will not kill each other.
    what should I do

  50. That will be another prem collectors tank in my garage. It’s overall just
    the same as the T-34-85, but due to the fact this account has ALL skills
    and is played by our fav super unicum mr QuickyBaby fighting noob Black
    Prince players shooting HE, I would say this game doesn’t really give the
    right impression of the tank ;-)

  51. He really said Four Tank Men and the TOG at 15:05, didn’t he? 🙂 durp

  52. Nanopizza Videos

    T-34-85 is my favourite tank in the game, and given that this seems pretty
    much the same, with only some very minor difficultiies, I might pick it up.
    But I have a question for you QB, did the rudy feel any slower than the
    regular T-34-85, because I wouldnt wanna loose out on speed :P

    • +Nanopizza Videos Only difference i probably that regular T34-85 accelerate
      faster, but the rudy moves better on all terrain

    • Nanopizza Videos

      +jojkill Ok, so a slight nerf to the acceleration but you gain some
      traverse speed and aim time, as well as maintaining speed better. Sounds
      like a reasonable tradeoff to me. ty for the answer.

  53. RUDY IS BACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Rasmus Berglund

    Gota buy the tank when its coming out on wot!!!

  55. I read the video description before watching and though “Four tankers and a
    dog” was some kind of a satirical joke on all of those “X men and a Y”
    sitcoms the American networks are pumping out.

    Needless to say, I’d rather watch this show than most of the American ones.

  56. I don’t expect so many Hungarians with dirty things there.

  57. This is NOT exciting..THIS IS PAY TO WIN…i think you are better QB. Dont
    promote wg idioting please. AND you promote and test a nonexisting (yet,
    with FULL skills), piece on REGULAR players. This is permaban in ANY normal
    MMO games. WTF ???…thats all. Please stop this QB, or i use my vote and

    • jonathan östansjö

      +Sandor Cseke Pay to win? How?

    • +jonathan östansjö When a premium is basically better then the regular
      one…read the comparasion. wg said he never do that. Look at IS2 and the
      Cromwell B too. Both are better premiums then regular counterpart.

    • +Sandor Cseke If you didnt check the comparison he made, they are basically
      the same tank? Dont get your whining

    • +jojkill wake up, before too late. IF they are same = PAY TO WIN. You have
      no need time, experience, learning, etc. to get those SAME tanks as their
      counterpart. Use your brain please.

  58. xd 🙂 not bad the dog ^^
    nice vid ;)

  59. That dog has a rather interesting name. If you translate that word from
    hungarian to english, this is what you get

    • +Lukacsi Csaba You don’t need to translate. It means what it means.
      Finnish-hungarian is alien for Europeans.

  60. WG takes the time to implement a barking dog, yet they cannot do female
    crew voices… Seriously, it is weird having a full female crew and hearing
    a masculine “Up and and them, lads.”

  61. Will be video about Cromwell B ?

  62. I laughed my ass off at the dogs name, szarik in hungarian means “he shits”

  63. Nice they are doing famous tanks, would be really cool if they give Britain
    a premium Tiger 131 :)

  64. A german shepherd in a soviet tank 😛 spy detected ;)

  65. Damjan Šćepanović

    Dog saved me few times. ITS good to have him in my crew. ;-)

  66. They make now to much for Polish Losers. 

  67. PETA psa with Brad Pitt coming soon?

  68. quickybabay plz do cromwell berlin next I wanna know why it has that dirty
    american star on it

  69. I wish you would say “I” instead of “we”

  70. Pontus Alnemark

    What computer do you use?

  71. Nice Rudy replay, enjoy

  72. Intuition is extremely useful on tanks like the E100 that has a long
    reload, uses all its ammo types, and has two loaders. Many times I switch
    ammo types and get an instant switch which makes a huge difference.

  73. dos jump cuts be so annoying…

  74. It is not in the premium Shop yet. But I have already seen a Rudy in the
    regular game once. Didn´t know it is a premium vehicle, I just thought, it
    is a premium paint job.

  75. Hello guys, I’m really sorry for this kind of comment but I have to say
    it’s 2015 and it has become more and more difficult for new youtubers like
    me and probably hundreds of others here to get noticed, I started my
    channel about 2 weeks ago,Hopefully someone will take a look and rate my
    content, I would really appreciate your honest opinion,Again sorry guys,
    Enjoy your day :)

  76. Maxed out crew, best consumables, spamming premium ammo…….yea good
    preview :/

  77. Radek Adamowski

    This is absolutely awesome…. I always liked the T34-85 but just had to
    get rid of it to make room for progress down the line. Now there is a
    reason to have a better version of it. I think some giveaways would be even
    more awesome…

  78. Jekabs Mikelsons

    Crew names is from serial?

  79. Do more fun montages like this! It was hilarious!

  80. I think your Rudy commander has had a bit too much vodka comrade QB. I
    count 9 panzers. Lol

  81. holy shit I was laughing my ass off

  82. The only thing I could ask for is putting the T-34-85M in the comparison.
    Why didn’t you put that in as it’s another premium T-34-85?

  83. how much is it?

  84. do you think it is better than the original 3485? If it feels the same then
    I can sell my 3485 and put my crew on my new obj.140.

  85. Quinton Dombrowski

    lol. WoT needs something like WarThunder Live. In War Thunder, you want a
    custom skin? Hundreds, if not thousands user skins, maps, whatever all
    available for free. WoT? You need to pay 20 bucks. Berlin trio is a shining
    example. Of course maybe WarGaming wants to make more skins for old tanks
    they can sell off as ‘new’ vehicles for tons of money at no cost.

  86. How cute!!! Must get it!!

  87. I guess the dog was like in every Russian tank the radio operator dies…
    Hmm maybe I should start barking XD 

  88. I wonder if the sixth sense is actually on Szaric in this tank?

  89. StupidGuysDoingStupidThings

    The T-34-85 has been my most favorite tank since closed beta when I first
    started playing. I have more battles in that than in any other tank I have
    ever owned. I was ecstatic when the T-34-85M was announced, because it
    meant I could essentially play a premium version of my favorite tank. So I
    got it, and I’ve played it a lot, and I love it.
    And now they’re introducing a premium T-34-85 WITH A DOG. I will
    begrudgingly be giving more money to wargaming for this, and I’ll have
    three T-34-85s in my garage.

  90. woof woof

  91. Aww… I grew up watching this show. This tank and Szarik certainly brings
    back some good, though by now, very distant memories. I will likely get it
    for the sheer fun factor alone. Woof woof!

  92. Uh huh. “Mediorce game”
    Dude, your bad games are bloody amazing compared to us scrubs.

  93. soon war-gaming will offer a premium tank for every tank model in the game

  94. IT might have already Be said, but that’s what Intuition dies. Ot is a peek
    that gives You a small chance to change the projectiles during reload. So
    You are loading like an AP round when a big Toger shows up and you are not
    sure you can pen it. So You try to load an APCR. Normally, You have to wait
    for the reload of the first shell, shoot and then load the second. Though
    it is a pretty stupid peri since the chance is like 5% or at least that
    feels in my T-150. A few weeks waisted on that

  95. Must get this tank, just because i love dogs

  96. Actually polish community does have a big issue about this tank: Russian
    Less important – in game tank doesn’t fully look like the one from TV
    series, but these are details really right now (they already corrected few
    things) – 4 hands on gun barrel instead of six and so on..

  97. Daniel Mattsson

    QB, can I buy this account??

  98. What do they do about brothers in arm? With the tanking having a dog in the

  99. Will buy only if I can cross train the dog into my IS. :3

  100. Stick to tanks and leave the comedy to someone else.

  101. So will these be sold for money? I’m enjoying my Type 58 a ton, just
    started the T-34-85, so perhaps I’ll get this for myself if Steam doesn’t
    have the games I want on Summer Sales :P

  102. Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

    Pretty sure that this tank will be a lot more common than the fury at tier
    6, the T-34-85 is already the best tier 6 medium. So the same tank with
    bonus credits? yes please.

    NB : to the people who will start shouting “no cromwell is ze besterest
    – cromwell gun is shit compared to this one (aims slower, shells are super
    slow, alpha is laughable compared to this gun, only the dpm is marginally
    – the crom cant bounce anything, the rudy/t3485 WILL bounce on his turret
    on occasions, and the hull is sloped enough for miracle bounces and
    sidescraping 122 mm guns
    – and as a bonus the HE shells do 300 alpha on the T34-85 (hellcat
    padders/clubbers are just 2 shots, most clickers only one)

    Im replacing my regular T-34-85 with this one as soon as it goes live. Im
    wondering if i can kill the dog though. All the barking has to be fucking

    • Jean-Pierre Cloup (Kmash)

      Grinding the VK 30 01 p at the moment, the gun is awful on that thing, i
      dont mind the pen, 132 is fine, but the gun dispersion and shell speed is
      garbage. And the tank itself is shit, its slow, its just a big box with no
      speed no camo no maneuverability and no armor. Only good in tier 6 games.

      As for the aimtime of crom vs t-34-85, again hidden STATS, the cromwell
      will take around 4-5 seconds to aim fully, the T-34-85 a lot less. Because
      russia. And having high theoretical DPM is nice, but are you able to unload
      all the time? i dont think so.
      I’d rather hit harder.

      1 vs 1 both hulldown or peekabooing, a cromwell stands no chance. i ll just
      pen his turret front everytime, he will miss/bounce a couple of shots on my
      own turret.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup
      They don’t stand a chance in both of these situations… Well, T-34-85 must
      be much, much better than them.
      Face it – Cromwell > VK 3001P > T-34-85. Let me see how you hunt down KV-85
      1 on 1 reliably with your T-34-85 like I did in my VK 31001P on
      strongholds. I’ve been tearing them to shreds, one miss by him and he’s
      dead. And the turret front ate MOST of their 122 shells like nothing, so it
      was pretty easy.

    • +Jean-Pierre Cloup
      And I rather hit even harder with the same aim time and higher dpm in my VK
      3001 P. The gun soft stats are a little on the low side, but i get it to
      work most of the time. -8 degrees of depression, and nice armor for a T6
      medium, unreliable but you can bounce T5s, which is nice. It is sluggish
      but it can go up to 60 and it has ridiculous terrain resist on hard
      terrain, so it flies all over the place when its a city map. Since I
      re-bought that German moster, been doing a little over 1500 dmg per battle
      on average.

    • +Tygrysek
      Yes, I also found the turret capable of bouncing russian 122 mm guns, and
      the hull capable of bouncing T5 mediums most of the time, so yeah VK 3001
      P – borderline OP 🙂

    • +SirDigsALot90
      One of those tanks that has a bad reputatuion and noone plays it, because
      everyone, including some purple faggots, cry on how bad it is. Not even
      basing it on their experience, more like they HEARD that it’s terrible, and
      now they let the rumor spread faster and faster… VK 3001P, DW2 or
      AufklarungsPanther are great and very competitive tanks.

  103. Kitteh McKitteh

    Lol Pz. V/IV Bottom left at ~ 14:25

  104. BryanHossaPlays

    JESZCZE NIE SPOKOJNIE! Why are the crew members names not the Janek,
    Grigori, Gustlik, why are theyre names russian?

  105. QB, as you were slowly falling to your doom… “uh oh.. uh OH… UH OH…”,
    I half expected Szarik to pull himself out of the top and abandon you :D

  106. You have 9* German tanks in front of u*

  107. That dog knows how to party.

  108. ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄
    ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ►
    ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄
    ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ ◄▼ ◄ ▲ ► ▼ Sorry, dropped my
    bag of copy and paste. :c

  109. WTF SKILL’S x13 in commander i need preview with out skill’s QB!!!

    • +NinjaManZX10 Very much agree. There is no fucking way he can have a
      natural feel for that tank.

    • +NinjaManZX10 The skills just makes few % difference in every category, its
      not that much.

    • +NinjaManZX10 Without its the same. You get brothers in arms automatically
      when you buy that tank, and doggy says you when spotted, the rest of the
      skills is pretty much useless in this prev.

  110. The moment this tank was announced, i was interested. Now seeing the credit
    and xp that can be made from it, it will be my first prem vehicle buy ever.
    Fun tank, lots of credits and xp to be had… I’m ALL over it.

  111. Wil this be available in WOT blitz too? It’s my favorite movie series. 

  112. i’ve heard the ping sound in all my tanks quicky, well those with
    intuition, nothing new.

  113. I wanted to see and know more about the American Cromwell that’ll be coming
    out. :(

    • +Luke Reed Cromwell Berlin is a British tank and trains British med crews.
      I also though at first it was American because of the star.
      -And for you who though it was German….stronk logic man

    • +Luke Reed The circled star on the engine deck is an aerial recognition
      marking used by *all* allied forces from the Normandy invasion and beyond.
      The inbound premium Cromwell is definitely British belonging to the 7th
      Armoured Division otherwise known as the “Desert Rats”

    • +SirDigsALot90 It was called the “Cromwell Berlin” What else was I supposed
      to think at a glance?

    • monkeystandoffsucks

      +cwjakesteel That it was specifically made for the invasion of Berlin?

    • +Luke Reed You can at least see what it looks like from this vid, just have
      a look in his garage slots.

  114. Mátyás Ormosy

    Ahmangawd, a doge!!!!!

  115. Woof Woof. :D

  116. Thomas Robinson

    Should have asked for a French Poodle instead of the dog bone. (and maybe a
    flight of Sturmovics for those pesky Tigers).

  117. When you die in this tank the dog needs to make an horrible sound, prefends
    polish players to go full retard in games

  118. How about wargaming stop making clone tanks and starts actually working on
    HD maps?

  119. Alex Szadkowski

    its russians who drink vodka along with the accent

  120. Novel but the Woof may clinch it?

  121. Alex Szadkowski

    Not Rudi but ( Rudy ) and not Szaryk but Szarik :)

  122. London Campbell

    Cromwell b?

  123. WG can take this tank and shove it in SerBs first available body orifice.
    It is a Polish tank not a Russian tank. It is a huge “fuck you” to the
    Polish community.

    • +JaneCobbsHat Soviet tank, Poland was in the Soviet union.

    • +TheVanezi Ugh, who taught you history son?

      Poland was no more part of soviet Union than Finland was a part of Germany
      and then of Soviet Union.

    • +JaneCobbsHat I have no argument with you there after that clarification.
      Would be nice to have a tank tree like that.

    • +TheVanezi Read a bit more Poland was never in the soviet union it was part
      of the Warsaw pact there is a difference. You would think people would do
      their research on google at least before they say nonsense.

    • +Martin Wasyluk Yup, realized it 5 seconds after making the comment, sorry
      about that.

  124. georges granger

    watch one day Gaijin will add in a plane or tank that you actually see a
    dog in the crew during the game

  125. starfleethastanks

    Wargaming, Oddball ‘ s Sherman from Kelly’s Heroes please?

  126. Why crew speaks in Russian ? wtf

  127. tyshawn gillison (tymoody399)

    when you did the russian roleplay, that made my day…you should do more of

  128. Vincent “Returd” Vorone

    T34-85 is a great tank. Awesome gun for T6

  129. Robert Pettigrew

    So a premium tier 6 about equal to the t34-85 and gets limited MM wow 🙂
    what happened to prems not being better than normal tanks :)

  130. loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  131. Will Flipper appear in World of Warships?

  132. Not different enough to the T-34-85, simply a novelty, a good one at that

  133. Gonczar Kapitalista

    Must admit that WG finally does something good for us: the Poles, However
    there is one little thing that makes me annoyed – russian commands said by
    the polsh crew member. I hope polsh national voice will be introduced to
    this tank.

  134. Ho my god i am on a video i am anonymous 41

  135. Sharpclawasaurus

    B-but can the doggie get… get killed? :(

  136. I noticed the Cromwell B aswell anyone know when these tanks will be on

  137. Frederick Schulze

    I don’t know if this is a valid review of the T-34-85 Rudy. Having premium
    consumables and full perks and full equipment makes the tank significantly
    better than it would have been.

  138. Loved that sketch more pls

  139. 10:41 Premium Cromwell B ?

  140. Devon Blair (GhostSniper9)

    It was 9 tigers not 10!

  141. This tank really should have polish crew voices (Yes, we have one), it
    would work well with Szariks’ woof :)

  142. LOL that 3 steaks vodka and bone lol best radio operator EU

  143. Szarik means “Takes a $h!t” in hungarian:||||

  144. Lmao, tanks from TV shows .. seems like WG is running out of content

    • +tomzicare Are they? It’s a cool concept. Besides, they just added like 8
      new French tanks and have other Prems on the way. They are fine

    • +tomzicare
      That tank is so popular it should have been implemented years ago, along
      with first premiums. If everything goes well I’m pretty sure WG will earn
      more money on it than on many VIII premiums.

  145. Thanks QB i might buy the Rudy cause it looks like a solid medium and the
    dog barks are hilarious


  146. I will definitely be getting this I have the T-34-85M would of bought the
    Victory if it wasn’t for Blitz only love the T-34 in general. Wasn’t their
    a T-34-88 in the works as well? or was that for a different platform?

  147. Polisch accent is not how russisch …

  148. WoT has lost its charm for me… Skill is litte to no existant, its just
    about rolling dices and hoping you kill your opponent, you can aim as good
    as you want, if rng decides to hate you for god knows why, youll end up
    with 0 damage defeats, just because its “random”. And thats what brought me
    back to War Thunder. Yes, WT is the better game imo, because nations are
    actually balanced (talking about low to mid tiers here), and a skilled
    player can rely on his tank to perform how it should to. I love my M18, and
    i dont have to care what i am fighting, because with well placed shots
    everything is killable, even on long ranges. Not so in

    • Haha Wat Thunder is balanced good joke the M18 is no way overpowerd and the
      mm doesnt suck at all the Tiger 10.5 is so balanced if you compare it to
      the IS 4 or the M103

    • Seems like you’ve never hit a Hellcat… Its a one hit kill.. And as i
      said, i wasnt talking about the cold war tanks…

  149. Paweł Achtelik

    It’s nice that Rudy is gonna be in the game soon, but as a Pole, who’s seen
    quite a few episodes of that wonderfully popular piece of communistic
    propaganda, which came out as an all-round family entertaining TV show, I
    actually think WG screwed up this tank.. apart from Szarik, obviously 😀 If
    they’d gone into trouble of putting the dog in the tank, why not give the
    crew members their real names from the show? + They weren’t Russians..
    (well, one of them was Serbian, if I recall corectly) so why the hell do
    the crew speak Russian?!
    I’m sorry, I might be a touch oversensitive when it comes to communists
    (thanks to the 50 years of soviet ocupation after the war), but WG seems to
    be just playing in favour of the Russian community, forgetting who they
    actually target with this tank in the first place…

    • Procrastinator7

      +Paweł Achtelik Because as a premium tank you would want to use it for crew
      training, i.e. moving your crew from other tanks to it. Perhaps it comes
      with 100% trained crew with the proper names, that would be cool.

  150. I think it is not a bad tank

  151. i have seen a lot of people bitching about the pre t44 russian meds but the
    t-34-85 has always been one of my personal favorites and one of the last
    remaining hidden gems which people werent aware of although it seems that
    will change soon.

    • +DEANOGTO I thought the T-34 and the -85 were very good. Very much enjoyed
      them. I had ALOT of free xp, so I skipped over the T-43 as it is the
      weakest in the line, but I dont get the T-34 hate. That ZiS 57mm is awesome.

  152. I like Rudy! And I think WG is doing a really neat thing adding tanks with
    “Character” such as “Fury” and now “Rudy”, they should pu in Oddballs
    Sherman from “Kelly’s Heroes” or Bogarts tank from “Sahara”, the T-55 from
    “The Beast” …well, you get the point!

    • +Billy Ebaugh
      Bovington Tiger 131?

    • +Appletank8 That would be a nightmare to use because of the 8.8 kwk 36 that
      was mounted on the TigerI. It would only have 132mm of pen instead of the
      8.8 kwk 43 with 203 mm of pen which was actually mounted on the TigerII not
      the TigerI. It would basically be a tier 7 Vk 36.01H…

    • +Staple HOOVY
      I do vaguely remember a Tier 6 Tiger Premium rumor, though.

    • +Billy Ebaugh The T-55 form “Beast of War” (as it was titled in Australia)?
      OH HELL YEAH!!!
      I’d love to have a special voice file for it too. I can just imagine going
      on a suicide rush hearing Koverchenko muttering something about “Kaminski
      drank our brakes” XD

    • How ’bout that Hellcat from Saint’s and Soldiers?

  153. Hey cool now he siemka 300 WN8 troopers have their own tank to fuck off our
    games even better. Proud land indeed!

  154. Procrastinator7

    It’s certainly a novelty but it’s also useful as a crew trainer I suppose.

  155. im glad they didnt apparently fuck with armor like they did with fury,
    shame crew members arent named after show characters tho

  156. Played against a IS-5 today, is that the tank which will replace the IS-6?

  157. What is that Commanders Skill?

  158. Hi guys im a average wot player looking for a good not expensive premium
    i play french scouts or soviets mediums and im looking for a good credit
    maker without a premium account which tank do you recommend thx

    • +Tom Caravetta I agree with Jackmos, the 122 44 is a very good choice for a
      combination of damage, xp & credits

    • +rietkraag1 Nice light tank

    • +Tom Caravetta If this tank interests you, wait until other players in the
      game use it with regular crews. Using a crew that has 13 skills will give
      you no representation of how the tank will really work in normal game play.
      However, the credits shown from QBs games are rather substantial, and as a
      guess I would think this will really make a lot of credits for you.

    • Just putting up a review soon, one skill crew on it only & it rocks as
      well, I think you will like this tank, I do 😉

    • Take the T54 Prototype if you’re used to the soviet meds 🙂 But the Su-122
      is also a good choice, i got it and i must admit this tank is slighty OP

  159. Just looking cool, would be nice if the hands would be made Marks of

  160. i will likely use my t54 crew in this so the dog can stay

  161. Sebastian Richter

    WG has to put the original Crew into this Tank, and they have to speed

  162. The Inspire skill? You did not tell us what it means/stands for…

  163. LOL U dont wanna know the hungarian meaning of SZARIK OMG.

  164. In theory, there shouldn’t be polish voices in the tank ? bcs I still hear
    russian’s not ” prabitia” but ” przebicie ! “

  165. i love the regular t-34-85 and the type 58 so im excited about this thing

  166. Thomas Robinson

    The dog sells it!

  167. +QuickyBabyTV fun vid once again 🙂 BUT…..
    1) why did you do a russian accent for a polish “person”? (sadly, as a long
    time subscriber from Poland I have to say that your “polish accent” is
    quite terrible 😛
    2) Szarik would work PERFECTLY as a radio operator. If everybody understood
    everything that Lassie was saying / barking, then they would understand
    Szarik even better since he’s 10 times as badass. Lassie saved “little
    Timmy”… Szarik fought the nazis / germans on foot (..paw) and IN A TANK.
    SZARIK WOULD MAKE LASSIE HIS BITCH…. IN every meaning of the term 😛
    3) While the stats are ok… the only thing I personally can complain about
    is the visual aspect of the tank. The original didn’t have hand prints on
    the gun barrel. Other than that… it looks like a pretty nice tank 🙂 Too
    bad tho that Szarik is the only original crew member, and the rest have
    standard soviet voices. Then again, there are mods out there with voices
    thaken from the show, so one can always just install them :P

  168. Does it get limited MM?

  169. 14:45 we see the Cromwell berlin at the bottom :D

  170. and the NA sever proceeded to not give a shit.

  171. the dog name “szarik” means= having a poo in hungarian :D

  172. But Quicky – what will it be like from zero skills? This game had top
    skills ALL OVER! With all top skills you are like a god on the field
    matched with your own gaming skills

  173. Ok this is an Englishman being very lazy 🙂 – but how do Poles pronounce 4
    men and dog again? Also is it likely to be available with subtitles

  174. Polacy do boju!

  175. Finally something new in your video!And BTW if you give that dog joint it
    will be a Snop Dog

  176. I don’t no shal i Guy a premium tank? And so which one?

    • Aaron William Ching

      +ismail issifou T34, almost impenetrable turret when hull down, 248 pen for
      T8(4 rpm tho) and it does 400 damage

  177. As a huge tv series fan I will definetely buy it. But:
    – I prefer to have crew named as in TV series (the same as FURY has)
    – I prefer polish flag on the background of tank icon in garage. Churchill
    III is British machine, but it is attached to soviet service, so it has
    soviet flag. Similar situation is with Rudy.

  178. Dam , Need To download World of tanks in my PC , World of tanks in my IPad
    i just not enough . XD

  179. Woff Wooff quickybaby!

  180. I heard intuition on one of my tanks as well for the first time this week.

  181. amazing as always we love you QB

  182. If the crew would use ingame polish sounds that be great. There are
    allready polish lines prepared.

  183. I know the program, but I want that tank cause dogs are cool!

  184. Had a good laugh at the scene with the dog. hah

  185. Okay now we HAVE to get a Kelly’s Heroes Oddball tank with paint rounds and
    music and high top speeds!!!!!!

  186. anyone notice the gold he lose?

    • Procrastinator7

      +Amir Masoud He’s using combat rations and large kits paid for with gold.
      It’s a Wargaming account, it doesn’t matter if he pays with gold or credits.

  187. Rudy should be in Polish tech tree not in soviet.

  188. i’m so gonna get it along with the cromwell with the american paintjob and
    the soviet is-2

  189. First time ive Seen qb making a joke.
    It was horrible xD

  190. I watch some videos and read wotlabs forums about t54 first proto.. i
    didint liked it. And ı dont like matilda 4.. both are too slow for my med
    stile. I think i can pick up rudy for my russian med crew training…

  191. Whitedragonking Ocola (Whitedragon1204)

    Our radio man is unconscious :O!

  192. Ciaran Robinson

    10/10; QuickyBabyTV has only the best of accents. XD

  193. One thing they could have done: the crew’s voices are Polish if you had the
    option of national crew members on (they already have the Polish voices)

  194. I saw this exact account playing 4 days ago in a IS-5… Looked like a new
    premium coming out, it was penning their 10s and bouncing T-54s and the

  195. If the dog woof every time when you get spoted, image you you are in a
    battle with 6 light tanks on both side and all of them are pro.

  196. So basicaly this is the same tank as the regular 34-85. Just money for WG.
    I have a 4 skill crew in my t-34-85. For a reason. its one of the best
    tanks at tier 6 :)

    • +Jerry Man Makes premium tank money, and can train your higher tier Russian
      medium crews (the ones that don’t use a radio operator anyway). Plus it’s
      cute and novel, and there’s nothing really wrong with that. Other f2p games
      use special skins or cosmetic skins as their profit centers, this tank is
      basically the same thing. I probably won’t be getting one, but I don’t
      begrudge WG the chance to make some money, and this is a way to do it
      without impacting game balance at all.

    • at least it’s balanced not like the T-54 Mod 1 which is a piece of shit

    • +PH!LZOKK4 what? T-54 mod is really good. It has the best armor for a tier
      8 medium.

  197. Lorentz Lossius


    And here we can see Szarik the dog in his natural habitat, alerting the
    crew when they have been spotted by the enemy.

  198. Well it makes sense for the dog to bark when 6th sense goes off, as dogs
    have far superior hearing and sense of smell than us humans do, meaning he
    can detect tanks a lot better than us, even if we don’t have vision on it.
    Great feature WG have implemented in :)

  199. It should be polish voices in RUDY also not russian:)

  200. Sharik the dog best crewman ever!

  201. I see you ‘Cromwell B’ 😀 @ 10:20

  202. And where is paw on the gun? If WG doesn’t put paw print on the gun i will
    not buy this tank.

  203. Why make Russian accents in a video about… a Polish theme tank?

  204. grezegorz wilziamz

    Sorry QB i got mor damage in t34 85 (standard one) 3.9 k with 13 kills and
    kolobanovs, pascucci, high cal, top gun, pools and tank sniper …. of
    course with everh perk in the game…. i hav 15k battle in it…

  205. Finally, a dog that can help us sniff out the whereabouts of arty at the
    end of the game. :-)

  206. Rudy vs. Fury??

    • Fury. Wardaddy is better than Szarik.

    • +WTHisDaftPunk T34-85 / Rudy of course. One day on Highway I owned even two
      Furys in a platoon with my T34-85.

    • +ironheadfm Dont talk bullshit

    • +TheEXtremouse No Bullshit. Just simple use of terrain: I was hull down,
      the two Furys were not able to penetrate my turret, but I penetrated every
      shot, even into the turrets of the Furys. With the high alpha damage and
      quick fire rate I simply ripped them apart.

    • +TheEXtremouse T-34-84 is the superior tank in every way, the americans
      cannot beat it!

  207. I hope i can get this on the U.S servers

  208. if i play this tank i will get sad each time i get destroyed i know im
    killing a dog :(

  209. polski pancerny

    Will Rudy be available on NA?

  210. When did they make a change to the system? I am now earning real actual
    gold in games when I win. 🙂

    It’s only 10 gold per win but I love it!

  211. 2:20 xD

  212. How is it a novel tank if it’s almost exactly the same as one of the oldest
    tanks in the game?

    • +zorkan111 Exactly the same? Show us the other T-34-85 in game that has a
      dog as a crew member, not to mention some of the stats are definitely *NOT*
      “exactly the same”.

    • +vaulthecreator For all intents and purposes, stats are the same. Dog is
      just cosmetic.

    • +zorkan111 Stats maybe the same… Credit and xp aren’t. That’s why you buy
      a premium tank.

    • +zorkan111 Like collin said, the differnces on the two tanks are very minor
      because in reality rudy is suppose to be a normal T34-85. But if they didnt
      change it slightly more people would complain

    • +zorkan111 its a premium version of it. A place to use my Object 140 crew.
      To make credits, and more XP.

  213. oskar radke (OskiGamer501)

    Cudowny czołg 

  214. Alastair Gleghorn


  215. hehe…Szarik in hungaryan means shiting

  216. Bartul Javorčić

    Rudy great tank dog even better

  217. I wonder if QB is going to test the is-5

  218. The “Stalin” is strong with this one..

  219. Woof woof

  220. Cromwell B :O

  221. Vodka Command Center… Don’t show this video in Belarus, you might get
    arrested for “denying soviet soldiers contribution to the victory against
    nazi germany”

  222. [deleted]

    • I think it means Clutch Braking and other 9 skills for that crew member, or
      Clutch Braking and other for a total of 9 skills…

  223. 10:56 Cromwell b

  224. Lukáš Vejbora

    Cromwell R?

  225. A www so cute those woofs

  226. This tank is such a kick in the nuts to anyone that purchased the
    T-34-85M… The Rudy is just better in like every way… Fuck off Wargaming

  227. anyone else notice the DW2’s win ration

    • +Jesse Varner Well if you look he doesn’t even have 1k battles yet, so the
      person you should have a problem with is the dipshit in the Black Prince
      most likely telling the the new player that it’s fine to platoon up those

    • +ZerglingPack eh still

    • NinjaMonkeyPrime

      +ZerglingPack And he is in one of the worst tanks in the game. I think the
      dw2 is the only tank to get preferred MM and not be a premium. Driving a
      dw2 in under 1k games? Poor guy.

    • +BoringWill : If he didn’t have a mental disability before he played the
      DW-2, after 100 battles in it he certainly will.

    • +James Maffei
      Lol i agree with you. After the abuse someone is subjected to while playing
      the DW2, maybe something like the Stockholm syndrome would appear and
      actually start to like the abuse in the DW2 and don’t want it to stop?:))

  228. Why Russian accent don’t understand.

    • pretty sure Poland counts at that time, as either part of Nazi germany or
      Soviet union. no Poland back Then

    • +Gouky Only on a map. Poles were still Poles you twit.

    • Nationalism at this day and age rly? are you 80 or something? And even if
      Poles are Poles tank was still made in the Soviet Union.
      Unless you can find a history book starting with “In My opinion … “

    • +Greg Kopanczyk There is no Polish nation in the game, also you need to
      remember that the crew of Rudy(and the rest of that unit) were members of
      the red army.

    • +Gouky So when you are e.g British and start driving Volkswagen you
      suddenly start talking with German accent? This tank is based on a TV show
      and crew was Polish and no, they didn’t have Russian accent.

  229. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    Another premium being better than the original counterpart :/
    How can you get it?

    • How is it better?

    • +Lucas K. Indeed it is not better. But it is just as good. And gold tanks
      should not be as good as the normal tanks. it’s worrying that WG is now
      going that way. are they slowly turning wot into a pay2win game?

    • Chris LQ (Cartil)

      +Marc De Vries I don’t even know if it qualifies as “as good” to be honest.
      But even though, this tank is more in the category of “fun tanks” than
      serious ones, and therefore I don’t mind it being close from its original
      counterpart. The day premium tanks becomes better than original ones, then
      yes, it would be a pay2win game. Until then, it’s alright with me. I
      couldn’t care less if you pay or grind to get your tier 6 tank, it doesn’t
      affect my gameplay in any way.

    • +Herold der Vollkommenheit
      lol only red bobs commentet this comment. this tank is not better you
      idiots and at least it comes near to be as good as the original. if you buy
      a premium to get credits you should not have a dissatvantege. best example
      is fury. not even close as good the usual easy 8. (have XX xTE raiting on
      fury aniway so don’t tell me i dnon’t know what i’m talking about)
      poroperbly only scool kids comentet this which have not the money to get
      prem tanks.
      btw i know grammer sucked dick in my comment

    • +Marc De Vries That is true. Although it still is not OP, and the T-34-85
      itself is easy to get. Just like the fury, it’s a fun gadget tank like
      Chris LQ said 🙂

  230. Mstrike Mstrike

    Are you on a press account or server

  231. Woof woof!

  232. Wodzirej Makłowicz

    Deszcze nieeespokojne! nanana :D

  233. WG EU should make some tier 8 Polish premium since every game I see 50-70%
    of my team is Polish. Make the masses happy…

  234. i dont hear the dog

  235. That dog probably plays better than half of the scrubs on the NA servers.

  236. TheRedstonebrother

    Its engine is fueled with vodka , this russian fun tank xD Nice Preview
    Quicky 😉 I look forward watching you livestream tomorrow 🙂 Best greetings
    from Germany!

  237. Hey guys and girls, I’m in BELARUS right now having a lot of fun, will be
    attending the V-DAY parades and visiting Wargaming HQ soon. I have videos
    on all the Berlin Trio tanks coming up in the next couple of days!

  238. QB, hes biest Russian accent in ze game. XD

    • Łukasz Onoszko

      +MrDobrjak33 so u don’t know shit man 😉 they are two diffrent languages
      you little troll 😉

    • +Łukasz Onoszko
      The languages are the same slovenic group. So u r hungarian troll, not me.

    • To be precise 3 tank crew members were Polish and one was Georgian
      (driver). The show was entertaining but packed with Soviet propaganda.

      It’s “slavic” or “slavonic” group not “slovenic”. They also come from two
      different subgroups (west and east slavic). The differences are significant
      and they sound pretty different.

    • Miodrag Mijatović

      +MrDobrjak33 Although Russian and Polish are both Slavic languages, they
      don’t belong to the same Slavic subgroups. Polish is a western slavic
      language (together with Czech and Slovakian), whereas Russian is a eastern
      slavic language (along Belorussian and Ukrinian)

    • Łukasz Onoszko

      +MrDobrjak33 Man, u will say to someone from Poland, that Russian and
      polish are the same ? they are diffrent languages, and Im not talking about
      cyrilica, we can understand several words from russian but not everything,
      and they are saying it another way than we. (and I know my english suck,
      sry brah)

  239. Where can you test that tank or is it possible to normal players?

    • mightymasochist

      +rasse223 as QB said, he was playing on press account, which is given to
      certain people on certain occasions, for a limited amount of time.

  240. under 100 club

  241. “vodka command centre” fuck me I am in

  242. Nice!

  243. Looks awesome! Hope you enjoy/are enjoying Belarus :)

  244. Seemann Rammstein

    Hi noobs, how tough are you ?

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