World of Tanks || RUN AND GUN

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m pushing the French light to the limit playing my favourite play style – run and gun!

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  1. QB just saying you need a obj 268 vid you barely have any

  2. Hey Quickie Baby. Just want you to know that I watch all of your videos and Jingles. It’s great entertainment. Believe it or not, I have NEVER even played world of tanks. I just like watching the videos and commentary. Thanks for all that you do. – Andy

  3. german bulldog cause all the other tier 8 light are useless now

  4. Jhunel Patrick Eraña

    oh my beloved 13 90! hahaha

  5. quickybaby do you ever read the comments?

  6. (7:50) you stuck his turret maybe?

  7. PeoplesYT People

    I don’t know, am I early?

  8. Abdullah Aldulaimi

    It’s a beautiful tank I love it ?

  9. Make a review about the hydrostat tank that are currently on sale in EU server please

  10. Yay!!! I just got my T49!!!

  11. Fav LT atm is a shared top place between Tetrarch and RU-251. the tier 10s just seem pointless compared to the t9s, tier for tier they all suck when comparing them to the t9. About the 1390 specifically, initially I uttetly hated losing two shells, but once I adapted to the new playstyle I learned to enjoy the new one as well. Still prefer the old one, the new one does not really have the same kind of panic factor when you blaze around a corner fully loaded.

  12. The reason I rarely play my Amx 13 90 is because I just got the Batchat 25t,and……..the batchat is a 100 times better than the amx 13 90.emm QB,should I send you my 7254 damage game in El Halluf in my batchat??

  13. Machy the guitarist

    Hey quickybaby, I want to ask, is in WOT some good and fast way how to earn lot of credits ? I am not talking about buying any premium vehicle or use any premium comsumables. Thank you

  14. Thegreenmachine7703

    My favorite light is the amx elc bis

  15. What do you think of the amx 13 57 now?? I think it’s a beast

  16. This is my fav tank in the game who agrees with me

  17. I like the bulldog alot, I dont use the autoloader it got so bad now 😀

  18. QB make new reviewfor plz for AMX 13 57GF

  19. Tyngchinchilla Chang

    What do tankgun projectiles look like while traveling through the air?does it look like those in warthunder or those in world of tanks.

  20. My fav light is the ELC AMX. Its like a musket that runs around pops a shot at a tank and books it. Plus hiding under a tanks gun depression is always fun.

  21. the bulldog is better with the last gun nd if u manage to develope Brothers in Arms u ll see that this tank isnt bad … i got the ace many times with it

  22. count on QB to play only OP tanks

  23. I’m sorry to say but from watching these videos of world of tanks the graphics on the PC of the tanks catching fire or blowing up are worst then the Xbox 1

  24. Crusade Gaming TBOG

    I love the French Light Tanks, they’re an absolute blast to play, especially once you get past the locked turrets. I’m currently on the 13 75 and it’s brillaint. The places thank tank can reach and just unload into people, very fun tank to play!! I was going to head into the Medium line and enjoy the BC’s but I think I’ll continue on with the light tanks!!

  25. Quickybaby. Thoughts on t49 with new gun? I run vertical stabilizer and faster aim equip, I can out snipe/snapshot many tanks when peak over ridges etc. It’s underrated alternative to derp gun imo

  26. my favorite tank currently is the AMX 13 75(im still grinding xp on it)
    ive never carried so often in a tank
    and love how you can run and gun in it

  27. Mr quickly baby, the t49 did not tango with you on purpose, ur shot possibly has jammed his turret, therefore he tangoed for you hahahaha xD

  28. They stole my 59-16’s auto-loader!
    As in the whole thing. No refund, no anything!

  29. My favorite light tank has been the 13 90 and it still is. Its also the most played tank I have with ~1400 games 😀 It did use to have more passive game style because so long reload, but when loaded I usually just went for it and founded all 6 shells use full. Now you don’t need to really think about reloads. You can just all the time go for that.

  30. Should you keep your t54 ltwt or get the t-100lt?

  31. RonnyLama Richardson

    some early tier games please. Tier 4 or 5 and not premium..THANKS

  32. Having played WoT for a long while now. In a heavy or medium tank, you will get shot by tanks you can’t see. I am done playing a game where I can’t shoot back

  33. You’re part of the reason I can’t ace this son of a bitch.

  34. did anyone else notice the *4* Skorpion G’s on quickybaby’s team in the first battle?

  35. I actually enjoy the 13 105. In a head to head with the 1390, the tier 9 does kind of pull ahead though. Hard to resist that extra shot.

  36. T54 ltwt is mae favorite

  37. to be honest you actually needed the 6 shot autoloader on the old 13 90 since back then it had horrible gun handling in every possible way being capable of missing shots from 30 meters (also the penetration)
    now it is way more reliable with 4 shots than the old version with 6

  38. what bitrate to you use to record you videos?

  39. I think this “publicity” for the 13 90 is shitty. I mean if you don’t use coffee you can really struggle to get up to max view range. Sometimes QB I think you should play tanks also with a “low” crew of 1 or 2 skills.

  40. Kryštof Doležel

    T49 dpm, fast, good cammo

  41. Wachira Narongsack

    Bc12t is great aswell!

  42. in my kv 85 i got 5 kills my total xp? 847 something like that wtf for five kilsl sould be atleast a 1000

  43. @QB Console player here, I currently love the RU 251. still at tier 8, with that excellent mobility and flexibility, I feel that it stands above the rest of the “old” light tanks. Hope you read this comment!! If you do, thanks so much for your time!!!

  44. I think i watched this live. Eerily familiar

  45. At the first time when 1390 move to tier 9 and just take four shot in a magazine, i thought it was the end of 1390. But soon i found out that 1390 can play like a little bat-chat(though i didn’t have it). THAT FOUR CLIP MAGAZINE IS AWESOME!!!

  46. @11:24  orb or dust?

  47. 1st replay just shows what I HATE about WoT even if you have a pretty damn solid game if you take any sort of damage or module damage you automatically have lost credits. The tier 7+ economy seriously needs to be fixed. Because this is the thing. If the system is meant to give people incentive to play better it FAILS because tier 8-10 players seem to have a vastly lower IQ than tier 4-7 players. If the system is just that way to may people pay for credits then screw Wargaming. Twats have more than enough broken ass premiums to sell to make their money without fucking with our credits.

  48. 3 of these motherfuckers platoon, and say gg to your ass!

  49. At 10:25 he said his intraclip reload is about 2 can he unload all of his 4 shots in 3.6 seconds?? did I get something wrong?

  50. i hate this tank. if you pull the trigger the crosshair opens up like the poohole of a passionate gay. And it feels like ages to aim.

    Can someone tell me the equipment quickybaby is using?

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