World of Tanks – Run, Forrest, Run!

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In our hero carries a team by the scruffs of their necks while burdened with the kind of teammates who have to consult checklists in the morning to avoid putting their shoes on before their pants.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Jaystarz2000 gaming


  2. G’day mate

  3. got here at the 2 minute mark. no notification needed

  4. 11th comment

  5. I’ve been playing wot for 8 years and never had player names shown either in the side panels or on tanks. It’s the most useless piece of info in the game. All you really need is tank health. Not even a tank name once you learn the look.

  6. Premium players.mp3

  7. So…. Who says the LT-432 was a bot?

  8. Well jingles that lt-432 is probably isn’t bad because he has 2 marks on his gun barrel

  9. the LT432 looks like bad lag issues and/or spikes..

  10. 7:55 working as intended?

    • I’ve been seeing weird physics bugs like that a lot lately, I just recently had a half of a destructible house stick to the front of my IS-7, making IMPOSSIBLE to aim in sniper view. You wanna know the best part? It was actually blocking shots for me, so I just had to keep driving forward and I was basically a mobile bunker. xD

  11. Magazine, not “Clip”.

  12. Allow me to diagnose the 432 driver’s issue Admiral, I have some experience with his issue: Drunk WoT.

    • i have other possible diagnostics….. he is up there in the 420 world…. I have done it once, and tended to forget about the enemies that had me surrounded

    • At first, I wondered if he was just a very young kid. But, given that he knew which part of the mapo to go to, that seems unlikely. My guess is drunk, bad internet connection or just an old computer without a graphics card.

      Back in the early days of World of Warcraft, I was playing on a SHIT computer with no graphics card, and I am convinced that everyone thought I was drunk or retarded.

    • The driver of the LT-423 is part of a clan called (WE3D) that man right there was high m8 (he has 2 marks on his LT so I don’t think he is bad just high)

    • Some ppl play better when high. Maybe his clan is full of posers? We’ll never know

  13. I agree with you, Mr Jingles. As I am more than a little bit shit, I am aware of the level of shititude in the game.

  14. Lt 432 looked like he was lagging.

  15. LT-432 has 2 marks on his gun. So, he’s not that bad… He’s most likely having some connection trouble, is trolling or is maybe drunk or smth…

  16. Northbound Canadians

    best part of working nights is the new jingles upload on lunch

  17. 4:09 “OOooo”

  18. I’l tell you why the 432 had no idea what was going on. Someone sold a 100 game player a prem T8 tank.

  19. The name bgump is actually a Forrest Gump reference. It stands for Bubba Gump as in Bubba Gump Shrimp.

  20. Nothing can top a Mighty Jingles video.

  21. “perhaps from a country with a terrible internet connection” – So he’s german, is he?

  22. The LT-432 has 2 marks on his gun, so he’s clearly not a consistently braindead player. Seems he was having some EXTREME connection issues, the very late shot against the Lowe is a dead giveaway.

  23. People who have trouble accepting there are shit players in WoT, do not play WoT.

  24. LT, finish your milk before you get on the outer!

  25. That SU-130PM player reminds me of a Hellcat on my team a while back. I was arty with our cap pre-aimed, while the enemy team was capping, and that fucking worthless Hellcat, who had been camping the back line the entire game, flat-out refused to poke his nose above an embankment to light-up the enemy tanks in our cap-circle so I could rain arty on them.

    The Hellcat wasn’t AFK. He was literally responding in chat that he didn’t want to “risk” being shot if the enemy tanks were pointing their barrels in his direction.

    God, what a stupid way to lose a battle.

  26. It is obvious why that “worst player” didnt hit anything: he is an american spy and STALIN KNOWS!

  27. Currently grinding bc12t, my main issue is its turret position, I got confused if the tank is driving forward or backward.

  28. or that 432 could have a severe case of GF wanting his attention… I know, I know, WoT player a girl/boyfriend? Believe me, it happens.

  29. Lt432 was definitely lagging, I have the same experience alot and know exactly what it looks like and how fucking annoying it is.

  30. Sixth sense is too slow. If you think you are spoted, chances are, you are spoted. Natural sixth sense is much faster and more reliable than virtual one. After playing 25000 games, you get certain fears that help you play the game. You’ve already seen it.

  31. As again, I like to request to enlarge the mini-map – 2 clicks more…

  32. Disability?

  33. OK If you look at the LT-423 and his clan tag at end game results it’s spells out weed I believe that man right there was high as a forest

  34. Jingles if you see this, since it’s getting Christmas time, wanna release a Christmas album?

  35. The SU-130PM was low tier, and if they ran without gold ammo, how much damage can they really do?

  36. they should change the “no child left behind” program to “maybe some children can be left behind”

  37. LT-432 is likely drunk or high…. i know lagging internet connection when i see one, and that aint it…

  38. It’s absolutely a possibility that he’s a bit shit, but a choice between that you Jingles being wrong, adds are on Jingles being wrong.

  39. Love thise videos

  40. Can’t mess with him too much Jingles. The man was obviously a ruhtard.

  41. *in the appropriate actually jingles voice*
    Actually jingles, us salt miners quite enjoy laughing at the stupids in world of tanks! What don’t like is a misdiagnoses of stupidity over what looks suspiciously like lag. And as a young lad who’s had terrible internet for a long time, I know lag when I see it. That LT looked like one laggy bugger to me

  42. Erick Raúl Sánchez Pérez

    2:50 Or maybe the lack of sixth sense on the screen is yet another replay bug, because you know, comrade why invest into making all the implementations into the game the right way when we can introduce 10 more premium tanks comrade? if we can get away with fake bushes suka comrade fuck everything else and roll out your wallet blyat……

  43. Lt propably had to tab out or something

  44. 6:57 and I find it amazing that some people are SO willing to call someone else bad or “shit” when many other factors could have been (and likely were) the cause.
    Don’t complain about the toxic atmosphere in games when your own mindset and behavior contributes to it.

  45. Wouldn’t “bgump” be Bubba Gump?

  46. I watched a full health tier 8 swedish tank destroyer refuse to reset a cap because he might get hit. We lost. I recently had the misfortune to play a game with someone with a wn8 under 450 after 82000 yes 82000 games. Wots you so silly.

  47. Jingles- you should have gone for the player name and health bar….

    It’s not like you’d correctly identify a tank by reading it’s name anyway 😛

  48. Wow Jingles, there is a strange amount of defense warriors in comments lolol

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