World of Tanks || Running Riot

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Today I’m running riot in the tank the .

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  1. new mod pack when?need for periscope and crew for automatic load because this usless WOT not made this to go automatic, it s hard for them in new patch to make this automatic?

  2. “Excuse me kind sir, may I have an UPDATED modpack?” {in a british accent}

  3. the headline sells newspappers

  4. Everyone in the comments calling QB out for his minor mistakes? Give him a break, everyone makes them, I am sure each of you have as well plenty of times. Because guess what, we are human! What a concept.

  5. Tor Egil Gulliksen

    When’s the new mod pack coming ?

  6. “parting blow”;-)

  7. Quickybaby modpack 9.19????

  8. yes 2000 dpm but the alpha is so low and you barely ever get chances to use the short reload. one of the worst tier 7/8 lights ive ever had tbh.

  9. well truly thankful for this change since 2 tiers higher much making make up for everything else for me at least!

  10. I love this tank. I Aced it in my 5th battle with it and I still play it till this day.

  11. Loved this replay QB!!! I absolutely love the LTTB now. I liked the tank at tier 7 and I got two marks on it….but I didnt think it was an amazing tank really so I sold it. When the new patch came out I bought it back and I love it now. I very quickly three marked the tank and it has now joined my group of fun keeper.

  12. oh god, Russians put ammo on everywhere of thier tanks. Well Done QUICKYBABY, keep surprising us 🙂

  13. RollerCoaster47

    I sent you a much better LTTB replay on that map a couple years ago.

  14. Braedyn Hamaliuk

    the lttb was my favorite tank and still is, I generally use the amazing H.E. rounds in close range so I don’t think the view range need effected it much… the domain on the other hand, now that’s a different matter. Even though it has been nerfed more than buffed I still believe it is the best tier 8 light tank. That is all. Thank you

  15. I loved it I had it before the update and reached the t54 lightweight and now that its a teir 9 I also love its armor

  16. those horsepower figures area indeed Brake Horsepower.

  17. Everytime I see a light tank replay I can’t help wishing they’d just never done any if these stupid changes

  18. Do you blast Def Leppard’s “Run Riot” while playing this tank, Mr. Quickybaby? :]

  19. David Mr military

    Lol the monster M41 black dog ?? who else heard him say that

  20. Nicely done.

  21. make the LTTB great again wg !!!!

  22. Linh Nguyen Tang

    Guys QB is on his vacation to Belarus with Peppy. He’ll give u that modpack when he’s back (I think)

  23. Update the mod pack plzz

  24. ChristianMan 777

    I may be mistaken, but doesn’t the second best gun on the LTTB have 8° of gun depression rather than 5° and doesn’t lose anything? I know that’s the case on Blitz, but I don’t know about PC.

  25. ralph cesar yabut

    Hello QB, Do you have a mod pack for 9.19?


  27. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    m41 walker bulldog is a premium what?

  28. Admit it – you just wanted T10 scouts to be light assault tanks, with all the alpha, DPM and armor of a medium, along with the mobility, view range, dispersion and camo benefits of a scout. =D

  29. Rommel Delos reyes

    lol depression xD

  30. off topic:
    The lorraine 40t got major NERF’d. The aim time, reload time, speed are horrible. I believe it’s WG’s new strategy to make money I”ve noticed recently. They start out with OP prem tanks that everyone wants. Then they slowly Nerf them until they are useless to play and they introduce new exciting prems to replace them $$$$.
    Quicky try your lorr 40t for a few games and tell me what you think? Credit making on a non prem account with it doesn’t exist either. Need to get about 2K damage to break even. about like a tier 10 med used to be.
    My $.02 for whoever cares.
    I’m about done with this game since I have been playing it since it came out of beta, but it’s about $$$ and lost the fun factor for me now.

  31. Clearly, the LTTB needs more dpm. *sarcasm*

  32. 10:20 that wink though…

  33. Alexander Williams

    Anyone else watching YouTube cuz they got banned from defending themselves from a team killer? I am

  34. so is it a tier VIII or tier VII

  35. Nuclear Disco Donkey



  37. Light tanks should not have good DPM, they should have good cammo and good view range and speed. DPM should be secondary.

  38. Is that light tank play? Then I once more don’t understand, what QB uses this class for. This replay would be possible with any halfway decent fast Tier 8 medium. Any T-44 could have done this similarly or even better. He peaks and shoots all the time as he would do in a medium. That’s why they have nerfed the DPM of this class. To discourage this medium-like behaviour.

  39. SGT Morningwood

    “42 rounds forced us to have to dip into our apcr rounds”……….
    Dont load apcr then? so you dont have to “dip into” apcr rounds xD
    oh yea right world of tanks my bad

  40. M41 Blackdog! New American tier 8 light tank!

  41. hey , how can i upload a replay if your replay site does not work?

  42. when come new xvm?

  43. Have you stopped using mods ?

  44. 5:05
    “it’s time to high-tail it out of there” – hits a rock immediately

  45. hey quickybaby im a big fan and have whatched almost every video u have ever uploaded i was just wondering if you could activate colour blind mode as i cant folow the game very well as i cant tell if u are shooting a freindly or enemy for i am colourblind

  46. You can also mount vert. stabilizer now on LTTB.

  47. Looks like a fun tank to drive!

  48. Come on Qb you can do better than this, shows us a replay where you do 4k plus in a t10 not against puppys, aka t6’s and 7’s 😛

  49. Russian Bias showcase not watching

  50. Angana Kalsare Palihapitiya Gamage

    pls do a tank review on ISU-152.

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