World of Tanks – Sandbox Arty Stream Highlights

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  1. In-case you missed the stream these are the highlights of the need to know
    stuff. I have an actual edited video that was supposed to be released 2
    days ago but i’m still waiting on permission lol

  2. what’d they tweak? link plz.

  3. soooo nice no one will play arty anymore because there will just be no more

  4. someone already dropped a hate lul

  5. That blasr radius

  6. So basically your crew take a huge dank bong hit when you get stunned. Got

  7. wew, could it be true? Could arty actually not be the number 1 cancer in
    this game anymore? It only took them 6 years!

  8. Bat arty best arty if these go through?

  9. The T marking might be useful to use as a guide to counter enemy arties or
    do blindshots.

  10. I hope they bring back all chat again. It was such much better with it for
    those moments when you’d carry a game and the enemy would praise you as
    your team blames you

  11. I almost don’t even want to play anymore until this is in place because
    after seeing this, I will just be going back into getting fucked every game
    by 3 artillery no matter what I drive.

  12. Bullshit patch… just bullshit… fck that wg… .-.

  13. “Yo Fam’ that kinda shocked me, I think I need therapy” xD I’m fucking done

    We need a mod that has these kind of quotes from the hood whenever your
    tank gets stunned by arty once this comes live :D

  14. You should try shooting a Rhmbus point blank.

  15. Has the reload on arta been buffed along this ? That would be acceptable to
    an extent since reloads were so ungodly long for the massive howitzers due
    to loldmg levels.

    It looks like damage might still be good on clusters of enemy since the
    Alpha is lower but AOE is massively improved. And you get assist… and you
    don’t just lose half your modules and crew and HP whenever some shitter
    decides he’s gonna summon RNG and left-click his 2D adventure game.

  16. get fucked cancer shits

  17. Also one more question… You’ve selected clips so it’s hard to tell the
    bigger story but did they improve the dispersion, normalize the sigma like
    other tanks inside your aiming circle ? It looks like it but that’s just a
    small sample of shots here.

    Aiming time and accuracy buffed as well a bit ?

    Plz Anfield :)

  18. So arty now is useless. Great balance (not)

  19. I think the stun mechanic is shite as well though… I could do without
    that, why can’t they just follow through with the nerf properly instead of
    trying to bring in some redeeming factor for arty twats…

  20. Anfield do u think they will change the missions for Obj. 260 etc. cause of
    this arty changes?

  21. Do you play on a 4K monitor? The UI looks like it’s that size

  22. Being able to splash through walls/rocks is important I think. While taking
    cover is less of an option, so is camping, plus it’s not a stupid amount of
    damage like it used to be. It just forces the issue.

  23. I really enjoy the changes, just one problem is the improved AOE will
    affect teammates as well.

  24. It’s so weird seeing arty have direct hits for only 400ish
    I’m happy

  25. they shouldn’t change the stuff just put 1 max arty

  26. Also no more bullshit shotgun in the face when approaching arty…………

  27. wow I might actually come and play WoT again, arty is the reason I quit

  28. Man it look awesome, but I feel like you shouldnt get dmg while sitting
    completely behind a rock and the arty hits its otherside… but otherwise
    this is a huge thing. many stapadders are crying though… :P

  29. Splashing through massive rocks really shouldn’t be a thing if this goes
    live. That shit’s nuclear.

  30. Rupert “Tracy Bloody Grimshaw” Martin

    to be honest now they’ve ruined the game. artillery is useless now because
    the stun mechanic is useless and doesn”t even work. it should be that the
    crew should be dead for whatever amount of time. WG have now lost a chuck
    of arty players and now you’ve lost me.

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