World of Tanks || Sandbox – Buffing Armour?

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. There’s a new Test Server which aims to improve the game experience for heavily armoured tanks – let’s check it out!

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  1. Peter Švančárek

    Some of tanks have very, very inaccurate guns, often unable to hit
    something right in front of tank while on move. T49, ELC AMX, lower tier
    Sweden TDs… hell even hellcat is very inaccurate after so many nerfs.

  2. While I think all of these are bad ideas, I can at least understand the
    thinking behind all of them, except one. Why is it necessary for all the
    tier 10 heavies to have the same alpha? I LIKE that there’s a bit of
    diversity between the 120 and 122mm guns. The 120s fire faster but do less
    damage per shot than the 122s. This is a good thing because it adds variety
    to the tanks. This change just feels like they’re trying to make all the
    tier 10 heavies have basically the same gun, which is stupid and boring.

  3. I would like to see “gold” ammo removed from random battles only, be usable
    in CW and SH, because there is just no skill in loading OP penetration
    shells. The rest is fine with me, thou I wonder what accuracy the IS-7 will

  4. This a load of a**. So in short, they are going to nerf dispersion values,
    especially at long range, which will make it quite hard to hit enemy weak
    points. Cromwell drivers are f*cked I guess.
    All of this also means we will be inclined to press “That 2 key” more
    often, which will lead to us constantly loosing money and being unhappy
    with our results in this game. That will lead many more to buy premium
    vehicles, premium time, gold etc.
    Nice going WG. F*ck this game more please. It’s not like it is already hard
    for us F2P players.
    Armored Warfare sounds nice all of a sudden.

    Also, the majority of the shots we are going to take, under the pressure,
    is when they are not fully aimed. Again, tanks like cromwell are f*cked,
    cuz firing on the move is one of the things I like in tanks like them.

  5. Why do make bigger maps? Just make a tanks less reliable.

  6. Not good thing at all.

  7. Russian guns are generally getting nerfed? IS THIS REALLY WORLD OF TANKS?
    oh wait, it’s sandbox server, that means that it probably won’t happen.
    They’re just curious to see what it’s like if they did.

  8. He said it – pay to win. It is going that way!

  9. Lol,QB your new hair cut makes u look exactly like my English teacher:)

  10. “The Jagdpanzer E 100, FV215b (183) and FV4005 Stage II outperform other
    vehicles in their tier thanks to downright devastating alpha damage.”

    4005 is OP -wg

    “The T57 Heavy, T110E5, AMX 50 B and Kranvagn deal 400 alpha damage with a
    120 mm gun. It’s just 10 points more than the 105’s, and a good 40 points
    less than the 122 mm. To balance these underpowered heavies, we boosted
    their alpha to 440. ”


  11. “Let’s nerf a tank with shity DPM and speed by removing 100 alpha
    damage,perfect idea!”

  12. Get a haircut mate ;)

  13. So a 30% reload NERF to the Kranvagn? Meanwhile, TVP 50/51 unloads the
    equivalent of a Object 140 shell every 1.5 seconds and has a clip reload of
    just above 20seconds. But I guess that’s working as intended?

  14. I like the point that they reduce the accuracy of guns to make it harder to
    snap shot tanks at larger distances. Yesterday i had 3 ridiculous rounds in
    my new Lago where i was only snap shooting at 300+ meters and made 3 tank
    aces in a row! That was no skill, just the abuse of rng. i just hitted
    almost every time nonetheless how little i was able to see of the opponent
    tanks. But i dont like the fact that wargaming ist going to change/nerf the
    alpha damage in the way you showed here. I agree to you that they better
    should change the alpha of the few 122mm guns instead of that what they are
    planning to the 120mm guns.

  15. Excellent video as always. I think wargaming is leading us to use our
    credit card. At the begining, when the game was launched and It wasn’t
    completely developed, they needed gamers in order to close the battles.
    Now, they have enough gamers to close a battle in a short period of time so
    they are trying to increase its income. Theres a lot of gamers playing wot
    without paying (as me for example).

  16. This is ridiculous. It’s so obviously pay to win that it’s infuriating.
    It’s the premium rounds that need their penetration nerfed.

    Maybe nerf the accuracy of premium ammunition? That might sound weird but
    basically you’d then be paying to be able to not aim at weakpoints as much.
    So it’d be a way for players to deal with new vehicles they don’t know, but
    an experienced player would be better off with normal rounds except for
    extremely close range.

  17. I despise nerfing the penetration and the dispersion… What do you want to
    do in your grille 15? Trade shots at 100m with an e-100? The game will be
    broken and i hope they overthink their ideas!

  18. Теодор Вичев

    thei are idiots man, they whiting on the game again

  19. delete wot folder soon

  20. this is so fucked up…. this game gets more broken and more rng based then
    its ever been…

  21. Wargaming – Asinine idea factory.

  22. So tanks with already a pretty low penetration (most likely lightly
    armoured tanks) have to move even closer to the heavy oponents in order to
    get a shot in? Doesn’t that give the light tanks etc a huge disadvantage?

  23. These dpm “buffs” are neglect able 50 dmg increase at tier 10, 9 or 8 won’t
    do anything dramatically the only thing that massively will change would be
    e potential damage on the autoloaders now it certain death to any tier 8
    and some tier 9’s with a bit of luck

  24. WOW! Upon completion of this video, it does seem as though WG has some
    really great ideas about how to unbalance the game.
    Penetration rolloff after 50 meters?!? Cuz, historically, tank penetration
    values are rated at 1000m+…

  25. And let’s not forget that the T10 medium with the 120mm gun, the T95E6
    apparently does *NOT* get a damage increase, because Reasons(tm)

  26. Bad changes to the game, lots of people will leave because of them. Remove
    arty all fucking ready and leave the rest of the game alone.

  27. We can all boycott WOT simple solution

  28. This idea has been rolling around in my head a bit. What if they
    implemented a gradual increase in price to premium ammunition. For example,
    once you pass let’s say 5 rounds, a 2% price increase is applied and once
    you pass 10 round it goes up to 5%, so on so forth. I think it would make
    people only stock up on what they needed instead of just loading
    all/majority gold ammo.
    I also don’t like what they could potentially do to the accuracy if these
    changes were made. I think the guns should be accurate when fully aimed but
    have significant inaccuracy when not completely aimed. That would make me

  29. Wg had a hard decision.. they could either ruin the game even more or
    actually fix the real problems.. I guess we already know which one they
    will choose..

  30. WG are prob only doing it so people buy more gold…. And im one player
    that dont buy gold for ammo.. only if i need to get another tank and want
    to convert from the tank line thats very rare.

  31. Accuracy system:
    Quote: “The reworked system makes hitting weak spots at range more
    difficult for guns with bad dispersion (0.4 and up), while aim time, armor,
    and gun stabilization become more important.
    With fewer shots clustered around the center of the aiming circle, it
    reduces the number of “unbelievable” shots (hitting weak spots without
    taking full aim, or on the move or at great distances).”
    – I think this can be a good change if I understand this correctly, so in
    case of not fully aimed shots the accuracy is worse. Still there is the
    questions what happens to fully aimed shots then. No changes?

    Damage scaling:
    – I felt never that Jageroo is overpowered with its high Alpha, as it is
    shooting slowly and has nearly no camouflage.
    – The change to the HESH rounds of the FV …I can agree that they need a
    – For the Heavies giving the autoloaders even more burst damage will
    significantly increase the threat level as they would be able to burst down
    targets with higher health left and the 3/4 sec more reload for the clip is
    in my opinion neglectable, as hiding/running away this amount of time most
    often don’t make a difference.

    Penetration Mechanics:
    – It’s a decent buff to all vehicles which have high DPM/RoF and were
    already used for close combat, like Obj 140.
    – Vehicles that were more used in a sniper role and have less DPM/RoF will
    suffer even more, as they cannot stand toe to toe in close combat
    situations vs first mentioned vehicles. Talking about E50 M for instance.
    – If they do not change anything with the HEAT rounds….well they will
    become pay to win, as they don’t lose any penetration over distance, still
    rendering even the heaviest armor useless.

  32. btw great vid again..maybe you should in WG’s balance part…

  33. “if” this will reach the live server. It might mean I will no longer play
    on my wot account. Nerfing accuracy and pen……..

  34. I don’t really get why they have to make all guns do similar damage, why is
    it good if there in no diversity in damage???

  35. Pay to win… No Thanks i will stop playing.

  36. If these changes make it in, I will quit for good. Then this game is not
    savable anymore.

  37. this is a terrible decision of wg. seems like they are trying to avoid the
    real problem that premium ammunition is just to good. So greedy of them to
    even risk ruining a game with good potential…

  38. Wtf the aim circle thing was changed so the shots are more towards the
    middle now they just undo that and put it back to how it use to be.
    Wargaming is such a messed up company

  39. welcome to the magnificence of the sandbox server : MORE MISSED SHELLS AND
    mean this will take the character off the game and make it borderline

  40. gah.. kv2 will still be the most accurate tank

  41. Spend more credits and make less.

  42. WG should not change useless things and balance things such as MM and not
    like making more gold shell players and please finaly make an HD model for
    OBJ 268 !!!!!!! Please QB do your best and force them to dont be pricks

  43. So this will kill of the KV-2

  44. They are making the existing problems worse. People don’t quit the game
    over the fact that they don’t feel heavy armor is strong enough. When that
    is the case, these players usually drift away from heavies towards other
    kinds of tanks, but stay in the game. No, but players quit over the notion
    the game is exceedingly unfair for those who cannot pay to play. With these
    changed they will make the perception of unfairness even worse when free to
    play players will fail at sniping and will think “ok this distance is a
    safe distance, when I try to snipe at this distance I usually fail” only to
    get totally wrecked by pay-to-win snipers. They will feel more like WG is
    using them as moving targets, and so, they will quit. In droves. This is
    bad to paying members too, because community will shrink, which in turn,
    makes the investment they made in the game to devaluate.

  45. Why don’t they just reduce the vision range of all tanks -50 except for
    light tanks?

  46. It’s as though WG are just indirectly phasing out German Heavies….

  47. I feel that WG are sneakily trying to make this a pay to win concept, this
    opinion is also justified by the recent premium tanks which are more than a
    little OP. In this example of proposed changes unless they apply similar
    changes to the penetration over distance or alpha damage of HEAT the gold
    spammers will gain an even larger advantage. I personally feel this is not
    good for the community and will create even more animosity towards gold
    users. INHO the message WG is sending with this is buy lots of gold rounds
    or loose to the big clan players who earn gold through clan wars or heavy

  48. This is just bad. why I payd for my AMX M4 49L to deal damage with standard
    amo? as Iam heavy tank I expect to deal damage witouth aiming too much on
    weak points. I dont use any premium amo in this tank if this changes will
    be implemented I will need to ? That is just not fair!!! im paying for
    acount all the time also i use gold amo on other tanks a lot and many times
    I purchase gold so I can put some nice camo on tanks. It looks that all
    what we need to do ist just paqy and pay.!!! That is not nice WG!

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