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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Sandbox Test Server. Today I’m looking at upcoming Sandbox test server a sink or swim moment for World of Tanks.

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I really hate what they did to the sound of the guns. :(

  2. Is he trying to grow a mustache?

  3. well i skipped through, no gameplay…

  4. At least Armored Warfare got their artillery system right on release day :P

  5. just got my invitation to the sandbox and am downloading it now

  6. 1. Premium ammo make less damage (10% or 20%).
    2. Kick the average damage and put static damage (example: IS-3 can make
    290 or 450 damage with his 390 average damage its very weird). That 2
    thinks is most important for first changes.

  7. they need to make an singeplayer mode where you choose what nation and what
    type of tank nation (can be changed afterwards) and then then you have to
    grind out xp and the campaing wil have like realistic mode about ww2 and a
    zombies mode where its against zombies I will try to email them my

  8. i just got inv for it

  9. stop this wg. we need NEXT. 2 arty maximum per game , reduce tier 9 and x
    arty 50% dmg potencial , stop rng like low roll when u need to finish a
    tank , do something with gold couse armor doesent egzist in this game just
    press 2 and no armor tanks like mouse and e 100 u can make idiots from tham
    when ever u wont , STOP with idiot mm like one team have 7 meds and others
    1 is this fair ?? NO LETS MAKE A FCK SANDBOX U XXXXXX

  10. a good idea that I think would be balanced would be first of all to not
    allow tier X vechicle guns to shoot premium as they don’t rly have anything
    higher than them such as tier XI for instance, and tanks such as E100 ,
    just must have a downside right – they can’t be just strong in every aspect
    2nd of all, for tier IX and below make it that heat gets +25% more pen from
    standard ap round or reduce it’s dmg by 15-20% as for exemple the low avg
    dmg guns don’t suffer that much still
    this is just my opinion

  11. Got accepted into the Sandbox, downloading now. Just watched your video,
    “no incentive or rewards for players”….. not so excited now.

  12. everybody crying about -2 +2 mm its fine just buff and nerf some tanks and
    done its just fine

  13. One problem I always saw on WoT is the cost of tanks/ modules.
    Initially(tier I/IV) the profit in credits is extremely low, in fact many
    people stop playing WoT because it takes ages getting from a tier I to tier
    V. A similar example, but relative to experience, is the cost of research
    of one single module ( it can even cost more than 100k experience).
    I’d definitely enjoy to see in the sandbox server changes to this
    department, maybe increasing the value of damage given out/received and/or
    kills relative to credits and exp, instead of reducing costs in exp and
    credits for each module and tank.
    Also, the only nation that truly helps(and not even substantially) a f2p
    player is Germany, with its many moneymaker tanks, and I’d like that other
    nations had similar tanks.

  14. This game is starting to go to shit , so they better get it right. I want
    more maps and not just corridor playing bullshit. If your tank can climb
    hills and snipe then so be it. Otherwise they might as well stick to the
    soccer I had more fun playing that than the regular game!!!!

  15. Jesse Silva (DaDutchRambo)

    is it just me or is WG really listening to the community!

  16. tries to change the game….leaves 25% RNG….well done WG let’s not fix
    one of the most broken mechanics of your game

  17. Downloading the sandbox… in 48h we’ll see…

  18. “That is the role of SPGs.” Yeah. Piss off tanks with no armor. Yay.

  19. so in sandbox you will have you garadge tanks or all of them ?

  20. Wow. WoT comment sections are full of whining children.

  21. Patriotic American

    I get nervous when they talk about major gameplay mechanics getting changed

  22. Bring back those Bushes -_-
    Now only MT HT

  23. That is a fascinatingly innovaite idea in game design, and I’m very glad to
    see WG being so smart about this :)

  24. they should give daily gold for loving into the game,like if u agree!!

  25. Its so funny how noobs want “-1+1” mm, you wont be able to for example kill
    tier 6 tanks with a tier 8, the game would get boring

  26. QB!
    Will the cutrent test server be removed?

  27. Do you have the sandbox or not?

  28. In my opinion the MM is ok, but it would be better to make it based on the
    players stats, for example: I’m done with 20% win chance games in a tier 8
    game while I am tier 6….and also would be very nice if only 25% of your
    ammo could be premium ammo.

  29. let us hope that those “selected” to be sandbox testers are balanced
    players themselves, not just the usual crowd of “bigwigs” with their own
    agendas and distorted view of what makes a game great.

  30. Reduce the repair cost of Tier X and I will be happy
    We grind all the way up to tier X and be somewhat dissapointed of the huge
    repair cost per game, even in a win credit loss is inevitable most of the

    I know WG intend to tell us to grind another tier despite playing that tier
    X forever, but this isn’t right..
    We play for fun and sometimes competitive, and the reapair cost is very not

  31. unknown_gunner187 Gamer

    when it’s gonna come?

  32. Re-balancing tanks — whatever. From what I’ve been reading the only thing
    that desperately needs changing is something they say they’re not changing
    — MM. Example: Tier VIII match, there are 12 players that are tomatoes or
    potatoes in the match, and eight of them are on one team which thusly has
    little or no chance to win. The game’s biggest issue. I’m a programmer, I
    refuse to believe that evenly distributing the players chosen for a match
    can be “too hard”. QB, you really want to do something to dramatically
    improve the game, hammer this point when they invite you in to be a tester.
    Fiddling with stats to make the KV-1 the King of Derp over the O-I Exp.
    might make Japanese-hating KV-1 fanboys happy, but does nothing to fix the
    most egregious issue with the game, which is the huge number of matches
    which are over before they start.

  33. Limiting gold will not happen as WG wants you to waste as much silver as
    possible shooting OP armored tanks.
    25% RNG will not change as missing tanks with your gold rounds is good for
    WG’s profits.
    +1/-1 will not happen as WG wants to force everyone up into tier 10 tanks
    that are even more expensive to run.
    WG wants everyone to buy premium tanks to help fund their accounts with the
    silver needed to play.
    Arty will not be removed as refunding an entire tank category would pry
    $$$$ from WG’s tight ass.
    All the anger and hate at gold spammers is misplaced, for the real blame
    lies with WG’s business model.

    I think WG does not understand economy of scale.
    WG would rather have 1 million customers they suck the life blood from than
    5 million happy revenue units.

  34. I love the idea of this. War Gaming has always been fairly open about the
    game development and that is great. They have always reviews about the
    updates and they tell about the hard data and feedback to back up their
    reasoning for changes. This sandbox feature seems very interesting way to
    test bigger changes to gameplay and really prove or disapprove the concepts
    and ideas through the community itself. So the players themselves are
    testing if things work or not and WG can analyze the data. Nice…

  35. Anyone get an invitation to the Sandbox test yet?

  36. Wot is balanced enough only bots are crying that they can’t kill anything
    with 2 tier lower tank.

  37. Hi Quickybaby, do you play some review of VK 45.03?

  38. Does the sandbox server include changes to ammunition costs or credit
    income tier4tier? I simply do not drive tier10 because it is really
    frustating winning a round and losing credits. It also happens partially
    when driving selected tier 9 vehicles.

  39. Hope they kill Artillary -_-


  41. Will not test +/- 1. No nerfs to Japanese Tanks armor? I think I am not
    alone in saying Booo to this.

  42. Hope this will improve some of maps and location on maps that is
    explotiable like a crossing over wall shoud not able to do.

  43. did Quickybaby ever get a Silver Youtube Play Button?

  44. SIlentXHunter gaming

    I would love some changes to the ammo and matchmaking system to make it a
    little more competitive a.k.a maybe a ranking system?

  45. Czech CURRY Soon okc bandwagon

    1 internet for the Serb photo good sir.

  46. Fuck yeah! Got my approval for Sandbox!

  47. Just received an email saying I was selected as one of the testers 🙂
    Hopefully you got one too Quicky.

  48. interesting how the pc still has the old mm but blitz has +1,-1 mm

  49. The Star of China

    11/10 best thumbnail in the whole of YouTube

  50. Wot blitz already has +1/-1 matchmaking, also the standard consumables have
    a 90 second recharge, no artillery

  51. Quickybaby can you do an IS-4 tank review? It is a touch choice between
    IS-7. Also…I don’t think you have done it before. Thankyou in advance :)

  52. Abbadon Despoiler

    +/-1 tier MM is impossible, for that you would have to have equal number of
    players of the same tier. Problem is that not everyone playes tier 5’s, 6,
    7, or 8 all day or in the same time as you do. If you implement +/-1 max
    tier, then be prepared to spend atleast 15 min. in queue almost every time
    you hit “Battle” button. And I wish they limit the artillery players to 1
    per match, since it should be a privilege to wreck someone across the map,
    suing satellite view.

  53. Jochem Sturkenboom

    +1/-1 matchmaking is already being “tested” by WG on WoT blitz. They just
    put it in the game and now we have it. It’s not that great

  54. I think the sandbox is a good thing, however i think that WG should do more
    to maken the economics in WoT better. right now a avarage player can’t make
    a lot of credits in the high tears and a lot of players get frustrated and
    play other games becease the can’t proceed and still affored to play there
    T9 and 10s
    QB a nice video as always

  55. My most enjoyable games ive played have been in games where arty wasnt
    present. Did everyone just camp the back of the map? Fuck no! we played
    properly! And we could play aggressively without fear of just being shat on
    from across the map by some T92.

    There will probably be that guy who says “yeah but it only ever happens 10%
    of the time” It doesnt matter! Why should it happen at all? What does arty
    even bring to the gameplay? It just makes salty chat, salty community, and
    salty youtube comments! (Like mine)

    I will never understand the logic behind such a game mechanic and for newer
    players getting shat on by a grille at tier 5 they wont get it either, and
    will just quit playing.

  56. I would love to play on it just to play with some radical changes that I
    may never see again. Sort of a, what could have been experience.

  57. Overall I think that the sandbox server is a great idea. There is no other
    way to safely test new, game changing even, content in my opinion

  58. Aivis Imants Augstkalns

    pls dont make this even worse

  59. even tho I’m very new to W.o.T on the pc. I do play W.o.T blitz on my

    one thing I was thinking was this. could they on the sandbox test server
    try this idea out. when someone is playing artillery. if you hit a tank,
    the crew get a slight fire speed buff, but if the artillery player is being
    targeted and shot at. even tho the round did not hit. the crew receive a
    nerf to the rate of fire/ fire speed. but it’s only for a short time?

  60. Italy tree

  61. That thumbnail killed me lol

  62. Gangl Dávid Szabolcs

    Also when will they add the fucking chieftain??? I want it so badly!!

  63. So many comments with people complaining about the requirement for tier 10
    tanks to join the test server…
    If you don’t have a tier 10 you don’t have the experience required, to
    understand world of tanks.
    And if you complain that you can’t get a tier 10 tank because its too
    expensive and the game is Pay 2 Win so only premium players can aford it….

    Wot is one of the best free to play games. Free players get everything that
    premium players get the only diference is the fact that you get 50% less of
    xp and credits per battle. Everything else is the same. So basicaly if you
    are a working adult you have the same chances as a free to play kid with
    all the time in the world. The only difrence is time spent in the game.

    ANYWAY … I got my Invite to the test server 10 minutes ago … I’m happy
    to give WG my opinion on the changes.

  64. Gangl Dávid Szabolcs

    How to solve it: fix MM
    WG: lets sendbox eh

  65. How on earth are you going to keep thousands of people under NDA? no
    chance.. it will be leaked anyways. If you have 5,000 players online at all
    times then what.. you will need like 10k+ or 15k+ signed up? or even more
    lol.. NDA *facepalm*

  66. They should make around 6 premium ammo limit

  67. I stopped playing World Of Tanks due to the limited number of maps. I
    seemed to only ever play on 5 or maybe a maximum of 6 maps which is too few
    to keep people interested. If they added 3 or 4 new maps or brought back in
    some of the oldest maps then I would play more

  68. Thanks for the info Quicky! Not many Youtubers can be as informative as
    you, which is nice hahaha.

  69. do you have to have the t10 in you garage, because i sold it recently

  70. I get paid for testing software so why would I do it for free?

  71. players with aut a premium accaunt can not make profit in tier 9 and 10

  72. TheOneWhoMustNotBeNamed

    they should tweak matchmaking at least, if I’m tier 6 i end up in a tier 8
    game or tier 3 i end up in a tier 5 of 6 match which is absolutely insane.
    And its only better to play up to tier 7 or 8 because after tier 8 oh my
    lord you start to lose credits instead of earning anything.

  73. This sandbox will not fix anything the same problem will be there,which are
    1, illegal mods that break the game ( the new aim bot, reball dot, knowing
    where the enemy gun is pointing) 2, Premium ammo, when some tanks pen goes
    up by nearly 50% or over 300 pen makes armour pointless. .3, M/M is broken
    I took screen shots from last night games I had 5 games 3 in a row where as
    a platoon of 3 helping a new player out. Where the only T4 tanks on either
    side 3 GAMES !!!! IN A ROW how can we make any difference when you cant pen
    the T5/T6 heavy tank from the front and your on maps you cant flank ?? so
    you have to use gold ammo. 5, RNG so many times the roll is low leaving
    tanks on 1-5 hit points I see alot of damage is 60% lower than normal 35%
    time above and just 5% around the stated damage.Game mechanics how can it
    be that you get the tank mostly the Japanese tanks can fire at the ground
    in front of you and cause 300-600 damage with out even hitting you you dont
    get that with arty alot of the time.

  74. I like your channel, BUT get that gay badge off your top lip please.

  75. so damn disappointing, no rng change and mm will stay +2, that’s all I
    really wanted

  76. All these retards saying make it +/-1, then bitch about fighting tanks two
    tiers higher. Alright morons let’s do some math. You’re tier 6 +/-1 will
    make you fight tier 5, 6, and 7. That means you are gonna always have
    people fighting two tiers up.

  77. I already panic, knowing WG in recet time, they will screw this game like
    it isn’t theirs! Just fix bloody mm!

  78. Permanent*

  79. #MakeWotGreatAgain

  80. WG in this sandbox nerf or buff tank?

  81. i stop playing wot for a year now … i not coming back .. but i still like
    to watch you QB.

  82. Toasty Roasty Man

    Q/b can you ask WG if a new version of historical battles will be tried on
    the sand box server?

  83. I think that whole SB-server idea sounds very promising. They will invest
    ideas and time into further developing the game, trying to give players
    additional options so the game keeps improving and that we all can have
    fun, right?
    I hope that they will some issues again, like historical battles. I liked
    the idea of that very much, it just didn’t work out so well in the game.
    I’d love to see that as a futer SB project ;)

  84. I think that no reward for playing on sand box server is a mistake. Players
    would play only 10 – 20 games on sand box and then back on normal server
    becouse there is no reward. They should tell us that they will give
    something like for example one month of premium account for every player
    who play more than 200 games on sand box test server.

  85. Sᴏᴄɪᴇᴛʏ Pʀᴏʙʟᴇᴍs Sᴀᴛɪʀᴇ

    *The most important thing they can change is the community.*

  86. Tree Of Isolation

    “Shedyuele” QB, mate. It’s sked-ju-el.

  87. Paragonnova (RR Moderator)

    When it comes to premium ammo I feel that they need to lower the amount of
    damage that premium shells do when compared to there general average
    alpha. This would mean that players would have more than one downside other
    than credits to firing premium ammo other than normalization and cost. If
    we limit the damage of premium shells, then players could choose between
    sacrificing damage for penetration and vice versa. In addition to this,
    when it comes to APCR in particular it is also more historic in that a
    smaller projectile with more penetration that could lead to a through and
    through (Where a tank is penetrated through one side and the round
    continues to penetrate the other side of the vehicle which includes the
    round exiting the tank as well.) would actually cause less damage. Though I
    do understand that Wargaming does not strive to make the game realistic or
    historic in any sense.

  88. Нећу Давамкажем

    +1 to removing arty (or making it real), +/- 1 MM + fix it, remove premium
    ammo, make game playable for free players.

  89. There should be higher requirements to be able to participate this test.
    Ex. 10k games and 50% win rate.

  90. I still have no idea what this sandbox wot is..

  91. In my opinion this great. WG is finaly doing something sensible and I think
    this is going to be better than just putting out new tank lines and tanks.

  92. So after a year of sandbox, they will change like 5 unbalanced tanks, thats
    whats going to happen since i doubt they will nerf arty
    And those huge rebalance will piss so many tomatoes off that they will lose
    too much of the playerbase

  93. I hope they revisit the RNG mechanics in the game. I know they said they
    won’t, but 25% is just ridiculous.

  94. Honestly WG fuckheads should do that you get +-1 mm tier if you’re in a
    stock tank. It’s fucking retarded that you need a full gold loadout to
    grind this shit. Many tier 9 tanks are abysmal with their stock
    configurations and you need 60k+ for the best gun, that’s simply retarded.

  95. I haven’t touched world of tanks. I am a little afraid to jump into it due
    to how much strategy there is in the game. I have barely any knowledge on
    the game, only what I have seen from Quirkybirds videos Quickybaby. Should
    I pass on the game since it is 5 years old now and everyone is pro? Or
    should I give it a try. I heard it is slightly pay to win due to how hard
    it is to get credits etc.

  96. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    It’s not ogre, It’s never ogre

  97. Ich Bin Ein Kappa. 10/10 shirt

  98. The only thing i am worried about, that if the “sensible” players lose will
    to be the cheapest testers in the world for WG, it would start to look
    similar to test server (team kills, prem. ammo spams, etc) and in fact
    nothing really is going to get tested. As you proven with the Japan HTs on
    live Tests…. no1 really fired std. ammo.

    Also i hope that people realize this game is like WoW, you cannot balance
    it 100% for “pvp”. It is RPS-like based system.

  99. buff obj 268

  100. Matchmaking based on player stats to allow for fairer battles? i.e never
    60+ %er games per battle? This should really be implemented imo

  101. If they only test tier 10 tanks together, it’ll be yet another move away
    from true scout tanks (that primarily spot) having a meaningful place in
    the game. The effectiveness of this mechanic has already been severely
    limited, and a large amount of interesting gameplay has been lost, with the
    game turning more and more into a high speed medium tank brawling match.

  102. Lol a guy on YT and another one

    Nooooo! I like that the nations have their own advantages!

  103. I honestly believe if ur 2 tiers under ur tank crew should get a fear bonus
    of 5%extra skill or something like that

  104. the thumbnail:D

  105. I think they want to rebalance all game because they want later to ad new
    high tier tanks or to progress the game with modern tanks with higher tiers
    in the same game.

  106. ILLUMINATI confirmed.

  107. Everybody cries about gold, yet no one ever considers the insertion troll
    armor tanks. This is why the use of gold has sky rocketed. People can play
    like retards because of strong armor and 2 tier imbalances, yet the guy
    shooting gold to survive this injustice gets labeled noob. Fix the +1/-1
    and troll ass armor. IDC about gold…. learn not to get shot.

  108. I really hope they don’t just put good players on the sandbox servers. The
    majority of players aren’t good, and if they aren’t taken into
    consideration this could really screw up the game.

  109. Really you need a fucking tier 10?

  110. If they made arty like arty from AW i think there’d be far lest vitriol and
    more fun to play.

  111. IZI way how to solve problem with premium ammo – make them cost like normal
    ammo, they will get higher penetration then normal ammo but smaller damage
    then normal ammo

  112. one T10? in a fucking pay 2 win game like WOT? nah, that isn’t worth my
    time. fuck WG.

  113. as long the rng is current form game will be shit,and i hope that they
    redoo spoting

  114. So basically yet again Wargaming ignore the public. Almost everyone wants
    +1/-1 matchmaking, the configuration of SPG’s and a less bs RNG system (as
    it is really just luck to git enemies). Oh I forgot they do this to make
    people empty their pockets

  115. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    Please WG just the MM +1/-1 artillery does less less damage( I don want
    that thing with the arty doesn’t do permanent damage cuz that would fel
    unrealistic and no I do NOT play arty).

  116. Waffentrager Auf. E-100

    I hope they wound bring back tanking co-efficient, blocking 15 k damage in
    a Maus but only 2000 XP is just disappointing…

  117. Tier spread should not be made +1-1, as players will still complain that
    tier 9 mediums feel so much more stronger than tier 8 mediums. One example
    of this would be the T-44 and T-54.

  118. T10 need some serious change. no point in playing those vehicles atm

  119. Its funny they want to start at tier 10 because, a lot of reasons players
    either don’t play or they lose a huge profit in that bracket. It makes
    sense as a free to play game but, when i only feel like playing my tier 10
    vehicle and i run out of credits just playing a few games. That’s when you
    grind credits just to play your favourite vehicle. Not including premium
    consumables. I’ve subbed for this game once i hit over 2,000 battles just
    to run a profit. I noticed tier 7 and up without a premium account you
    would never gain anything unless you were pro player.

    Wargaming is taking on a huge challenge that will really mean…. This game
    will have to be almost completely overhauled. I do want to see these
    changes just how far are they willing to go.

  120. If wg will change for example how much gold rounds you can carry in your
    tanks the mm would need to be +1 -1 otherwise some tanks would just be
    absolutely useless

  121. Most ‘op’ tank I have ever seen caernarvon, with a decent DPM of 1440 and
    180 alpha damage. BTW it is an T8 TANK

  122. No +1/-1? Looks like I won’t be redownloading the game.

  123. so quicky must you have t10 or can you have t8 too

  124. Aquatec (U.K.) Limited

    +/-1 MM would be for whining babies. Sure you get the occasional unlucky
    roll of the MM dice but those are opportunities to make massive XP, if you
    note down your average tier in battles you’ll see over time its pretty much
    50:50 placement. The only time that doesn’t happen is if you concentrate
    yourself on TD’s and Light tanks, if you have a range of all tanks you will
    get balanced MM in my experience.

  125. By what you say QB: im not seeing those radical changes they are talking
    about… meh.

  126. oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo what
    sandbox wow

  127. Want players to play more tier 10s? How about fixing the credit system.

  128. 88mm L/71 penetration buff
    In real life the penetration was much better than in wot,
    235mm with AP
    305mm with APCR
    (both at 100m)

  129. TheTiredBobcat6222

    Application sent. But Didn’t get it on the mail, What do I do?

  130. my wishlist is:

    -remove / completely change arty
    -make mm spread 1+ / –
    -balance pay 2 win ammo
    -make it possible to play without premium account
    -have something that finds out when people use aimbots etc.
    -fix camping maps such as malinovka and prohorovka
    -make stock grinds less painfull (over 100k xp for a single module is just
    -make the matchmaking more balanced

  131. Cristian Gabriel Capatina

    On your T-shirt says: Ich bin ein………….? Was bist du QB?

  132. Hey QuickyBaby! Please, can you tell me what equipment and what crew skills
    shoud I have on ELC AMX ? ( I am more like a brawler and not like a scout)

  133. WoT would be more better if there were more tanks, for example: Swedish
    tech three, or even Italy’s tech three

  134. i have 1 t10 but i just cant get day i was playing and there was guy
    and he said bc is getting nerfed… can you say anything about that,QB?

  135. φ Wehrmachts Fury

    I want them to rework spotting, It angers me when things are in a open
    field and get right up my ass until spot them.

  136. will there be alot of money and gold there on the sandbox server like the
    test server?

  137. Zoran Janicijevic

    No changes to RNG, no changes in +2/-2, no changes to accuracy, no change
    for arty…..What dramatic game play changes they talking about?!?!?

  138. Who is going to miss T92 ruining your T95 or Maus? I sure as hell won’t!

  139. reduce arty damage by 60% would be appriciated

  140. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Thats a very interesting information. To participate on the Sandbox server
    you need at least one Tier 10 tank. When its true, I want them to put this
    info for people before sending application to participate. When I don’t
    have any Tier 10 tanks in garage but applied for testing, but never get
    considered for it without knowing that 🙁
    Also not sure, if not giving any rewards is a wise move

  141. i hope they buff e100 penetration from 235 to 245

  142. Why so you have a German Text Shirt ?

  143. juan miguel escoto

    what about the painful payment of the repairs? especially on tier 8-10?

  144. Denzell Rodriguez

    Honestly, I like the game play focused direction they’re taking however
    major changes will finally be attended to through this sandbox version. If
    only they considered preventing arty from one shot you or shooting AP when
    you finally got to their base.

  145. If they invite me without incentives, I’m not gonna accept it. You can’t
    consider the opportunity of testing new stuff as incentives. We’re also
    players, we need to sacrifice our premium account time and grinding time
    for our tanks, to test something new for WG without incentives to
    compensate our time lost on our premium account and our own account
    grinding, NO. Go test it yourself WG, I’m not gonna waste my time.

  146. The only think we need is to balance the matchmaking, I dont like to play
    with my tier 6 and 8 tanks and to fight tier 8 and 10 its soo balanced to
    get 1 or 2 shtoted.

  147. Long and short, all ammo pen is getting nerfed, arty is being super nerfed.

    Game will completely change over next 18 months. I wonder how many long
    time players will leave, quite a few I would think.

  148. While they don’t touch my E25 I’ll be happy :D

  149. “as someone hoping to be invited to the test server” ofcourse you’ll be on
    the test server, streamer favoratism ;P

  150. If i have already se nt the application to the sandbox but i need like 20k
    to my first tier 10 will i be accepted when i get it?

  151. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    What is written on your Shirt? Ich bin ein …

  152. Can’t wait what other changes they do to arty to fix such a broken class…

  153. Hey Quickybaby i hope you are already preparing for a 400k contest you
    earned them :).

  154. So I guess if I mainly play on console and only own a T10 vehicles there I
    won’t get a chance to play this…

  155. is ther a test server for mac?

  156. When will we get the date where we get our invites?

  157. Professional gamer

    Is7 bufffed? Pls ;-; 3.0 diperson o.1 sec aim time and 300pen ap rounds
    also 570dmg becuase ger 128mm is 56dmg

  158. Vacuous Statement

    Lmao love your work

  159. “Gold” ammo load outs should be limited… That would make a huge

  160. Sounds good

  161. +1/-1 Matchmaking would be so much better than now because it really sucks
    when your enemy has all advantages over you like Tier 8 mediums vs. Tier 10
    mediums or a Tier 6 tank vs. a Tier 4 tank !

  162. Stiggiekaptain WoT

    How do we sign up for the sandbox server?

  163. Алекс Сивов


  164. wg need to remove arty and admit they made a mistake putting them in a game
    called world of tanks,literally nothing of value would be lost

  165. Totally underwhelming by the sound of it with no changes to RnG and plus
    1-1 mm

  166. qb you know you dont need the headphones anymore because of the new mic

  167. when u stream next time?¿ ? and Gl&HF ALL

  168. They really need to add +1 -1 mm but with scouts not including the duck
    should be +2 -2

  169. Who is in the thumbnail

  170. +/- 1 ffs it would solve everything plus limit to gold for each tank

  171. I tought in the sandbox server you can put any amount of alpha dmg, armor
    or anything from the game, but it only affects your tank, and you can test
    like a Bt-2 with 999 mm armor all round, and 1000 alpha dmg with 1000
    pen… I tought

  172. SerbBox Server

  173. 🙁 I dont have tier 10 but i have some tier 9 and many tier 8 and i cant
    get in sandbox…

  174. I still dont understand

  175. fourth xD

  176. Hey Quicky, what’s the phrase on your T-shirt? It looks german :-D

  177. Quickybaby ur getting close to 400000 subs u gonna do a video about that

  178. hopefully arty gets nerfd to death

  179. 1:07

  180. Watched this 1 minute ago 203rd person

  181. I am early, let me make a joke.


  182. Will I get top comment, or be at the bottom.

  183. Quickybaby can you please do SU-152 (tier VII) review

  184. Stoleyourlife Over and over


  185. Я Первый!!!!!!! I am fist!!!!

  186. first

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