World of Tanks – Schrodingers’ Tank Destroyer

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Source: The Jingles

When does a Destroyer not exist? Well usually when crowbar it into World of Tanks. Doesn't mean it's not going to be fun effective to play, of course.

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  1. The Mighty Jingles

    It seems that in talking about an entire line of TDs that didn’t exist I managed to pick a battle featuring the only one that actually did. The Mighty Jingles, being crap since 1970!

    • To add to the fire, the Ho-Ri also existed, only in prototype form but it indeed was real again, forgot which tier it is in wot and also not the configuration we have in the game. Basically it was a japanese looking Ferdinand tank destroyer with a 105

    • Bjørn Eirik Størkersen


    • Jingles I know its not the old days and your not playing WoT but on Thursdays could we get higher tier tank play ? 9s or 10s personally not a fan of the seal clubbing low tiers

    • I was going to comment an “actually Jingles” but it seems I don’t need to

    • Definitely a harmless MC-kun

      Don’t worry about it old man, the point you are discussing is still valid considering the made-up tanks wargaming been releasing over the years…

  2. Oh Jingles, you poor, innocent fool! You think the simple fact that it’s fictional doesn’t cause *huge* explosions in the Battletech/Mechwarrior community when someone introduces something that isn’t canon? When PGI introduced the Roughneck to MWO shit got rather toasty on the forums as it’s not a mech that exists in the fluff! Never underestimate the ability of a geek or nerd to get angry over fictional stuff.
    Damn fine mech to drive and answers the question we’ve all been asking since we saw Aliens (that being “What happens if you stick armour and guns on a power loader?”) but it ain’t canon.

  3. I read that several Japanese nobles that opposed the war and spent the under house arrest a long way from anywhere that got bombed. One was a diplomate who had served in Australia and had warned about the threats. After the war he wound up running the post war diplomatic corps for Japan. However two others were engineers in the military field. It makes me wonder if Japan actually jailed their smarted people.
    The Diplomat saved hundreds of people. While he was technically under arrest he still had clout with the emperor. So he could still demand people to work his noble estate and with a few well placed hints got a large number of fellow ‘dissidents’ sent to work his farm and mansion. They probably hated it but they worn in Tokyo, Hiroshima or Nagasaki when those cities burned.

  4. A cynicism-packed episode, but justly so. i can’t wait for WG to come out with Cold War Era stuff. you gotta know it’s coming. USS Ike, Warthogs, Abrams. i can wait. good vid.

  5. The Adventures of TheAngrySnorlax

    I like to think we are all built on the hull of the Panzer III

  6. Jingles, the Maus has a turret! Are you thinking of the E100?

  7. Jingles. Please explain the naval logic about something being set a thousand years in the future should be even considered for historical accuracy, when one it’s science fiction and two could never be possible being history being set 1000 years in the future.

  8. Thomas Kositzki

    Actually Jingles… All three types, the Ho Ni ! to III, were build and saw action. In very limited numbers (due to limited industrial capacity of Japan) but they were build and fielded and lost.
    Another thing: people who are historically interested play WoT?!? The tank game with 0.3 Gs of gravity where every tank drives like a Go-Cart? XD XD XD
    Hint: better play WT if you want historical accuracy.

  9. I do kind of find the choice for the japanese tier 10 medium weird. Why the STB and not the type 74, why the prototype and not the service vehicle it lead to. Or do it like with the leo, put the stb as tier 9 and type 74 at tier 10 with the type 60 as a tier 8 with the 90mm it actually had.

  10. Actually jingles this would have to be Takahashi’s tank not schrodnigers.

  11. If you want to know what tanks or vehicles actually existed in ww2 just look at War thunder as they only add vehicles that actually had a production run or took place in a conflict. Something they do better than WG.

    • They have prototypes in the game. The object 120 is a prime example of a premium prototype. But there’s quite a few tucked in the normal trees. The Yak-2 KaBB for instance.

  12. 6:55 and as Rodney showed some Tigers at Normandie, when facing warships, say from the IJA’s biggest enemy, the IJN, it doesn’t matter how good your tank is, battleships will win, that’s if Mogami doesn’t torp all the transports first

  13. Jingles the Ho-Ri prototype did exist.

  14. This is separates World Of Tanks and War Thunder.

  15. Ah yes, the Horny Tank.

    Also, Jingles speaking about the Maus but the actually talking about the E-100.

  16. apparently The tier X Ho-Ri 3 actually existed and was built and tested….but was only in the prototype phase. The Ho-Ri 1 and 2 were only paper tanks but they took those two concepts and put it into the Ho-Ri 3 which was completed in 1944..the only one to exist

  17. Wikipedia page for “Japanese tanks of World War II” – the first picture has Type 3 Ho-Ni III in it.
    Oh Jingles, never change.

  18. Nice one Jingles

  19. Wrong. Ho ni 3 existed, there are even pictures of it after the war. And there was even a Ho ni 1 and 2 with different configuration to the Ho ni 3. You may want to get your facts straight.

  20. I dont mind blueprints, its the ones that were never even blueprints that gets me

  21. That the Japanese had somewhat crap tanks and anti-tank capabilities did matter. It meant that they had no interest whatsoever to fight the Soviets.

    And regarding the “historical accuracy” argument War Thunder has also done some pretty ludicrous stuff. Like denying later Tigers their APCR rounds but giving some Soviet tanks post-war rounds…

  22. takin a p… takin a p… takin a p —- boring blather

  23. AjSliter Productions

    Ho Ni I was produced in 1942 and 26 vehicles were produced as an open top self propelled anti tank variant of the type 97 chi-ha. Ho Ni II added a fully enclosed superstructure and changed the gun to the 105mm Howitzer. 54 Ho Ni II vehicles were produced starting in 1943. The Ho Ni III uses an upgraded Type 3 75mm gun that was on the Chi Nu with an up armored superstructure. 34 Ho Ni III vehicles were produced starting in 1944.

  24. Stefan Skoglund

    It is somewhat surprising but understandable the very little amount of armour and selfpropelled artillery which the Japanese army had – but then the Soviet Union declared war in 1945 and attacked in Manchuria using tanks….

    Japan didnt have the resources to build the amount of tanks which Germany did.

  25. Yup, the Japs only managed to get up to tier 5 before their winning streak went down like a lead balloon.

  26. Indigenous & Sober

    I miss when the Obj263 was a tierX.

  27. Noland Mcdaniel

    Had to dislike video for spreading some false information lol srry

  28. Mechwarrior isn’t historically accurate …yet!

  29. Thanks Jingles, your knowledge of the war machines of the past is fun to learn about.

    • Except in this specific video Jingles proved he is often talking out of his behind as so many of the comments already have proved that Japanese tank destroyers did exist, I have a model in 1/35 scale, made by the well known Japanese model maker Tamiya, in my collection. The Japanese also made various selfpropelled artillery with 75-105 mm guns mounted on excisting tank chassis.

    • @Trident65 Everybody makes mistakes. He still knows volumes more than I ever will.

  30. Burke Motorsports

    GG !

  31. He pretends to be a schlub, a man of the people, a regular guy. But Jingles is actually a renaissance man, with all the skills and knowledge.

  32. Shawn McAuliffe

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with MechWarrior, but htere’s nothing historically accurate about it.” – Yet…

  33. Russia's Greatest Spin Machine


  34. handgranate2008

    Welp what happens/d to WoT will be happening to WoWs too, since wargaming wanted to go down the road of quantity over quality or better said instead of optimize tanks/ships they just bring more “new” stuff in that is mostly unbalanced until it triggers more then enough of the playerbase and first then they will look over that stats of the new vehicles/ships

  35. Definitely a harmless MC-kun

    Still an entertaining video so don’t worry about it old man!

  36. The MAUS most certainly did have a working turret…two hulls were built, but only one turret. Check Kubinka.

  37. Why do you show us boring t5 gamplay

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