World of Tanks – Schwerpunkt

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I must say, I’m loving my new ISP.

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  1. Jingles doesn’t mention that the game started 13 vs 15

  2. Whats going on with your MIC sound?

  3. WOT: “he’s in a Chieftain, he can catch up – very, very, quickly”
    Real life Chieftain crews: “??”

  4. It doesn’t mean anything. Wargaming could be on the moon and it wouldn’t change them at all.

  5. that was cool

  6. “show me that you got a bond auction chieftain without telling me you got a bond auction chieftain”

  7. Was like a year since I last watched one of these. Good times, also I can’t afford world of tanks. Gold ammo is not worth the money, I’m already on subscription services out the ass.

  8. add two major factors that Rommel had. firstly the germans had stolen a code book in Rome from the american embassy so could listen in on american messages.. Cairo had an American major who reported everything back to washington (they where still debating joining the war and wanted so see how the allies went). giving Rommel all of the allies plans for attacks before they happened so he was able to react before the battle started….and his secret listening platoon (that was captured by either aussies or kiwis on patrol by accident lol) who commented that the brits tank commanders radio discipline was woeful meant he had an easy time fighting the allies. Eventually the Americans realised their cypher had been cracked and changed and with the platton captured Rommels serious advantages were gone, which is when he went into his preferred defence mode with lots of mines and minefields.

  9. More clan battles pls. That’s where the game shines. Sadly it take insane amount of time.

  10. Well, this looks completely different from clan battles I participated in years ago. Insane mobility and death of artillery support made it into arcade instead of tactics. Don’t get me wrong, such charges did happen, but they were only effective against unprepared enemy, otherwise it would be just very quick suicide.

  11. Would be interesting to see the other side of this.
    We’re the enemy team static at the point of contact?
    Had they also “lemming trained” but reversed course?

  12. armoured push v lemming train 😊

  13. Jingles, you need to get some curtains up, or other furnishing in your new man cave, as all your latest YT releases have very echoey audio on your commentary.

  14. Actually Jingles, the enemy team does have a Soviet medium tank: the obj. 907

  15. You could say that battle _”tanked.”_

  16. It’s a bit like port battles in Naval Action were before they turned them into WoWS with sails.

  17. BoxFoxy Plays Twitch

    Well Dang I finally made it in a YouTube video lol we decided to do a switch a roo tactic and it just ended up working. was a feel good moment.

  18. This was awesome

    More please.

  19. Good to hear Akizuki doing color commentary in her new digs. Scritches to both your lovely 🐈mistresses.

  20. Thanks for featuring my Clan!

  21. get some damn carpet or something in there Jingles 🙂

  22. Really good pronunciation of Schwerpunkt actually. In English the term used is mass in regards to warfare.

  23. ObiWan Stromboli

    Gosh it’s been years since I’ve seen anything from world of tank and I this looks just simply bonkers. Definitely miss the old WoT game such nostalgia the old graphics and the iconic music the QuickyBaby would use in his reviews.

  24. This person’s dpi is stupid high for someone who wants to hit their shots.

  25. Mighty Overlord Jingles.

    I “personally” like the slight echo from your 3-meter ceilings.
    This was an enjoyable video to listen to, beyond your voice which is AWESOME! The echo was PERFECT!

    The battle/video with clans was also truly worth my time. Controlled CHAOS? It is an old school term from us infantry grunts. Ground combat is just that. I’m happy I survived!

    Thank you Oh Great One and I will endeavor to produce more salt from the mines in Your Great Name.

    From a fellow vet <3

  26. Mighty Jingles: “…and here we see the German principle of ‘Schwerpunkt’ being applied with great effectiveness…”
    Akazuki: “DADDY, PET MEH!!” 🙂

  27. i love you jingles but just like all over youtubers i down vote if i see a vid with a cheiften.

  28. danm i was sad seeing that ebr die i was really rooting for the other team

  29. Even now I’m just in awe of the graphics. Don’t get me wrong I despise the cash and grab that gaming is becoming.

    But as a kid first playing sonic on the Sega megadrive, to now. Blimey.

  30. This was a great watch lol

  31. Could they not all rush the cap? Enemy team would have to keep track of who has been shot to resent, no?

  32. Russia needs to get their big boy pants on and end this war now! They must stop the dictator Z !

  33. literal translation of schwerpunkt is heavy point.

  34. Camera is sickening.

  35. “InsanityDrive definitely knows what he’s doing here!”

    **Proceeds to bounce 5 shots in a row due to piss poor aim**

  36. Kinda nauseating camera movement in this one. Not easy to watch.

  37. What is with the 360° look around?!? Read the f’n map FFS! JFC! that’s annoying.

    Must be nice to be a scrub and own a Chieftain. He’s barely ranked as a “good” player (1225 WIN8) with only 46 _ACE Tanker_ mastery badges.

    Give him a “participation” award – he can follow directions from his team leader. There was nothing _epic_ about his gameplay – it was a “team effort.”

  38. The concept of a schwerpunkt or a decisive point in English military terminology has been around since at least Epaminondas of Thebes defeated the Spartans by weighting one of his flanks to quickly crush and roll up the weaker Spartan flank facing them. It was Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar’s ability to commit their best troops at the decisive point of action that allowed them to achieve such stunning victories against numerically superior opponents.

  39. So the most effective clan tactic in World of Tanks is ironically from the Ork Skool of Kombat. MOAR DAKKA!

  40. AusTankie Gaming

    Nice replay but still a big echo in that room

  41. Does this mean that purchases with WarGaming will no longer get my account flagged for money laundering>? I am pretty sure I am on a Federal list for buying a lefufufuh…. though I understand.

  42. Omg he is so baddd. Back in my day if I saw one of my guys with this kinda shot selection, aim and movement. I would go berserk..

  43. Jingles… Montgomery was a bit of a blowhard. His major turning point against the Afrika Korps came at the second battle of El Alamein, using the defensive plans laid down by Auchinleck in the first battle and a bit of luck with regards to foul weather to break the Germans(and he paid over 10k men to do it). He then went on to plan one of the most botched operations in WW2 military history(which you have mentioned previously) Operation Market Garden, despite warning from local resistance and his own staff of german troop strength. The man was a tool that was lucky.

  44. You forgot to mention that the Germans were reading all of kennedey’s reports to the us so knew what the British were doing, this allowed for the concentration of forces.

  45. Please fix you audio. Very metallic/tinny sounding.

  46. Schwerpunkt is too difficult to say — I’ll just call it —- The Shredder

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