World of Tanks|| Scouting 2 Win Game Play Tutorial Guide with Co-commentary by Sebastian Potachka

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks|| Scouting 2 Win Game Tutorial with Co-commentary by Sebastian Potachka
Hi guys, another treat for you, we have a great feat a bottom tier platoon I was in during a where top class Scouting by Sebastian enabled us to steam roller over our flank with ease. More videos coming including medium, heavy and TD tutorials stay tuned.
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Intro by: Laurent Caccia


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  1. Your outtro music is much louder than your voice, it’s pretty hard to hear
    what you say last.

  2. GG DAT luchs!

  3. Great video thanks. Would like to see some stuff on maps and good scout
    points bushes as I struggle spotting on some of the more challenging maps
    (if possible pls).

  4. Opinion of the spahpanzer, how does it rate as a scout to you pros?

  5. I removed the extras. Sorry for the trouble. And again that intro is so

  6. I am so sorry about the multiples of my comment it gave me an error message
    so I tried to post it again. Again I am so sorry about it.

  7. Hey sir havoc I love the new intro you put together!! Keep doing great

  8. I’d love to see a himmelsdorf scout video from this guy, not because I
    don’t believe it can be done but I want to learn how it’s done. Any chance
    you can hook that up for us mate?

  9. Great game play and insights … well worth watching twice!

  10. nice intro, thought it was an ad for a sec

  11. very nice game!
    but just to make a point I want to say that scout is a role not a tank.
    I am aware that LT have the ability to play higher tiers easier because
    their is no armor to lose it worth and the have very high viewrange so
    their spotting chances are still high. I still think the MM shouldnt be
    harder for them because with what they have for them they have their
    weaknesses like low HP and in most cases no armor so there is balancing in
    this already. I hate it if your team fails horribly by being too
    incompetent to damage the tanks you spot and you just cant carry because
    your HP pool is so low that you will just get 2 or 3 shot.

  12. i just jizzed over that intro

  13. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    nice crew

  14. what a outstanding video and intro it total rocks
    thanx for that very helpful video
    I hope it can help my with my LT15 mission
    thanx again

  15. get 5 k spotting with a tier 4…and i had a hard time getting 4 k with
    tier 8 scouts lol

  16. Nice spotting. I learned a lot for this vid. but scouts have been shat on
    by 5his game with not the same xp earning and such. there are very few maps
    scouting matters on anymore. but then again a lot of scouts like the ru 251
    are becoming medium heavy hybrids. the role of scouting I’d more useful
    when you are maxed out in mm

  17. nice intro nd very very good information. i think i will play a scout 😀
    can you upload a video who Sebastian plays a AMX elc ? i love it. but i
    dont know, what fore fittings i need.

  18. anyone who thinks WN8 is a fair reflection of skill is retarded. WR is the
    best indicator.

  19. This is great advice for only when you’re in that ideal situation where you
    happen to spawn into a random battle with competent players on your team
    who actually understand map awareness. Sadly, what made me give up on
    playing my scout tanks (which is a class I truly love to play) is the fact
    that most of the time, I wind up on poor teams with folks who camp at the
    back of the map and pay no bother at all to any of the targets I light up
    (even when I ping the map and mark targets)–then they all shout “stupid
    suicide scout” in the team chat when I get over-run by the advancing enemy
    that nobody did a darn thing about! I hate to say it but, scouting really
    is becoming a useless skill as more and more careless players seem to take
    over this game…

  20. The fact that spotting damage does not increase the WN8 is one of its
    biggest drawbacks. As long as spotting damage does not increase the WN8,
    I’d value the average gained experience per tier higher. Hopefully WN9 will
    take spotting damage into account.

  21. 90% of the time my team will sit back in their little snurgling bush and
    won’t move a meter to shoot what I spot. Of course when they let me alone
    to be overwhelmed they are more than happy to move forward, and cry stupid
    scout suicide. I’m done with light scouts, with the speed of some of the
    mediums there is no reason to go light anymore.

  22. Erm. Awesome intro… great outro music (though maybe going over your sexy
    voice a bit too much) and finally an awesome battle with some very valuable
    lessons for people! I’ve seen that position be used well before, but never
    to that extent and I just couldn’t keep up with all the spotting!!! I very
    much look forward to being able to play with seb again, he was great fun!

  23. Wow! Nearly 5k assisted damage. I have been (indirectly) trying to get the
    4k damage for IM for a while now, but can never get a team to take
    advantage of my spotting,

    The frustrating thing I find with scouting is, like Sebastian said, you
    need to get to those forward positions as quickly as possible. Often, by
    the time you realize you have no support, its to late and you are stuck out
    in no man’s land. Then you can either try to make a run for it to get back
    to safety or sit tight and hope that no one gets close enough to proxy spot

    This is why I don’t take the mission seriously. I know its there and I am
    sure that one day, when all of the planets align, it will happen.

    But back to the clip – great play and great explanations. Thanks to both of
    you (and not a bro in sight)


  24. Jonathan MacKenzie

    i totally did not know about that spotting place, props to you.

  25. Jonathan MacKenzie

    could you do this sort of thing with other maps, i like the idea?

  26. I clearly need more practice in my lights…

  27. awesome video, very helpful

  28. Hey sebastian, any planned Luchs tank company soon? Sima_simson says hello

  29. dat intro 575 would bang

  30. Sick intro bro!

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