World of Tanks || Secret Santa + Hidden Bonus Code!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I at just how “Special” the World of Secret Santa is… As well as a hidden bonus code in the calendar!

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  1. By Pirulax Gaming Pc Raffle

    800k euros of money to WG in 1-2 days. LOL

  2. I got a tier 8 German heavy tank

  3. Hello QuickyBaby, a lot of your video included a short part of another
    video at the end. Can you add a link to those videos in later vids so we
    can watch it? It’s sometimes frustrating to be unable to find those funny
    videos that were shown in the end. Thank you!

  4. go buy yourself present, thats name for this action, what secret santa…..

  5. Dam it why u post the code on yt I found it 🙁 I hope its one per account

  6. I press ctrl + A but nothing happened

  7. I get 750g for 2.97€ (around 2.17£), so.. it’s ok for me..

  8. obviously the code isn’t on the SEA server special, because fuck you thats
    why. We get less events, less bonuses, more expensive tanks and now also no
    special code.

  9. Undertones? It IS gambling.

  10. i send 3 gifts and got them back:
    250 gold and T2 Light… i think that is cool

  11. hey i accidently deleted all the stuff in my res mod folder what should i

  12. Hey Quicky-Baby, do you make another video if you find the last part of the
    bonus code and Tell uns about das t?

  13. I dont think that QB saw this code by misstake…

  14. Spent £18 and only got 4500 gold, so you did better than me Quicky

  15. ”He accidentally pressed ctrl e” and guess what-magic happens…xDThis is
    so retarded, we’re not all stupid man.So explain to people how you realized
    there is a secret code or who told you that…xDBut i guess we all know who
    told you…xD

  16. i have got a same idea like you quicky (with codes)

  17. pay to win again

  18. i got a type 59

  19. It’s time to change the intro :(

  20. is there a teir6 Japanese premium?

  21. If I didnt have to buy christmas presents I would have bought so many cool
    tanks from the Advent Callender :/

  22. I play World of Warships mostly. Left tanks after 3 + years at Open Beta. I
    put in 99. cents US and got back 750 Doubloons and a notification at the
    end of the event you will receive a red flag with some candy cane on it or
    something to display on your Ships. its 6.99 for 1200 Doubloons so .99 for
    750 isn’t a bad deal at all… the flag….plus you just gave someone
    a free gift in the community. Might be a kid who never gets Doubloons and
    only plays total Freemium. :-)

  23. guys how i can see the ”special code” in the advent??? i try to copy it
    like i think QB did but nothing, can someone help me pls? i want to see the
    last part in the 25th day of it,thnx a lot

  24. i spent 24,75€ … got 5975 gold … sucker …

  25. got 500 gold for 2 gifts

  26. I’m just going to point out there there is most likely not a single gift
    being “given out” in this event. If you buy 25 gifts, you get 25 gifts. If
    you buy 10, you get 10. If this was a real secret Santa design, you could
    buy 10 and receive 25, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    So what I think is happening here is you are just buying random rolls for
    gifts, and your “donation” of gifts don’t actually exist.

  27. u might get a free kv-santa

  28. 24 wargaming staff have watched this video

  29. i just bought 1 gift, because why not, and i got a Dicker Max

  30. im unlucky

  31. Yay WoT Case Openings are finally a thing …wohooo!!!

  32. i cant find the calendar can somone gimme a link to it thanks :)

  33. how do you know anyone receives the gifts you pay for? Smells like a scam
    to me. Pay and spin the roulette, see what you get!

  34. Yea but what if we have half your brains baby. I’m handicapped.

  35. Can you do another video for like when the next part of the code comes out
    Only ask because im on the na server and we dont have that page

  36. I spent 99 cents got 250 gold… considering that is roughly 10K in
    Credits… not a bad thing

  37. So I’m going to pay for a gift for someone else in hopes of getting a
    bigger one.yeah right fuck that and WG

  38. this event is a royal screwjob !! the only person that gets the gifts IS
    YOURSELF !!! DON’T BE A FOOL YOU’RE NO SANTA.See if you could choose to
    whom you want to have a gift I’d beleive this santa business …but secret
    santa ….BULLSHIT!

  39. Anastacio Vergil Aviado

    its an illuminati code!

  40. Secret Santa = Russian Roulette with our wallets!

  41. yes..kevin wolthuis This, to be a secret Santa in this regard i would
    expect someone less fortunate to receive the price and i would settle for a
    “token” of some sort.

  42. Screw war gaming santa…..Hopefully there building burns to the ground.

  43. Hey QB hey guys, mby someone wrote this allready, but i also spent Money
    and made a minus as i looked ONLY on Gold and realized after a few
    Minutes …”ohh i got also 14 days Premium Acc ” which made a + Profit of
    it ;). Mby take a second look, (just mby xD) merry christmas and happy
    holidays Hohoho…

  44. I got a t-59 but I already got one ;_; I am pretty dissapointed here.

  45. The secret codes don’t work on the asian australian server

  46. Gave out three gifts :)

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    MMM is a web for us to get a money in our spend time. first provide help
    and you will get help

  48. Paid $24.75 for 25 gifts:
    2x 500 gold
    14x 250 gold
    1x 100 gold + 3x large repair kits + 1 day premium
    4x 100 gold + 3x large repair kits
    4x 375 gold
    Total: 6500 gold (normally $29.79, saved $5.04)

  49. Sirapop Kiatchaipipat

    its illuminati

  50. checked all days in the SEA calendar and there were no codes. is there any
    on the NA server?

  51. why is the american server better than the asia server??

  52. Deleted world of tanks because it started to get too pointless ! It is a
    game that stopped satisfying me.

  53. illuminati confirmed

  54. Blighty_SlowReflexes

    I thought I knew most tanks but the M43. Toldi III is new to me. WG must
    really dig deep into the archives.

  55. Sigh… really WG?

  56. i paid 10€ and get approximately 3500 gold and 3 large repair kits

  57. I bought 5 gifts

    One was a KV-5

  58. It will be on Dec 24, there are 6 days between 4, 11, 18, and 24

  59. Good ‘ol World of Tanks RNG eh?

  60. I’d rather buy the specific item.
    Knowing my luck with WG, Stalin is not with me.

  61. Comming soon….

  62. thank you quickysantaLOL for sharing the secret code. I can’t use it
    because I,m in Asian sever ,but you still share with us

  63. Hello comrades hope you all are having a great day and always remember,
    death is the solution to all problems, no man no problem.

  64. I wish there was an option to send specific people random gifts anonymously
    instead of someone who is random.

  65. Hey do the M43. Toldi III tank review if you have it

  66. Good to see Quicky not pedal this event for Wargaming, Cheers Vasi

  67. i like your c.h.

  68. Yet again, ASIA server gets screwed, nothing in our calendar.

  69. Wargaming is like daddy, always disappointing on the holidays.
    Hey, you forgot, it is the sense of gifting on the holidays, and just like
    a holiday at the office, it is a dice roll on what it is worth, so.. while
    you might have lost out, there is that sense of community and giving and
    friendships, where this is all the family that some of us have you know?

  70. well atleast you got a jagdtiger88

  71. The whole game is nothing but gambling. How is this Secret Santa thing
    being gambling a surprise?

  72. #quickysanta

  73. WG is trying to lure another type of customer, the gamblers 😀 and
    apparently the whole “trap” works just fine, they just tell people theyre
    lucky, but in fact all “secret santas” are being robbed for their money…
    if i wanna pay for something, i will, WG… until that, please DONT FORCE

  74. SEA server have none of that ….again:(

  75. for my gift of 34.25 CAD I got back a KV-5, 6200 Gold and 24 large repair
    kits in return!

  76. I think the last part will be on the 24th day

  77. Is this on the NA server to? The bonus codes?

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  80. The numbers Mason, what do they mean?

  81. Before I watched this vid, I was ignoring the Secret Santa thing because I
    didn’t know what it was. Now I am ignoring it because I know exactly what
    it is. Thanks QB.

  82. I apparently got lucky, I spent $15 on WoWs secret santa and got about a
    thousand more doubloons than I would have gotten from the shop, and got
    about $15 worth of gold plus some large repair and medical kits for $10 in
    World of Tanks. While I came out ahead (That gold might end up going into
    buying a Type 64 while it’s on sale), it does seem like I got lucky. I also
    received the items in less than five minutes both times.

    That said, shame on this event for it being a gamble that can be lost. I
    had hoped that the event would be generous if random, and give everyone
    20-30% more value as a trade-off for the fact that players cannot choose
    what their money is spent on, as a gift to the community. Instead Wargaming
    seems to have set up a one-armed bandit for the holidays.

  83. I got 3000 gold for the eight gifts I send. Basically it is not a bad deal,
    considering the costs in my country. No premium vehicles though. I guess
    you should be damn lucky to get one.

  84. Got 625 Gold for one gift

  85. Seems like RNG determines your gift. Merry Christmas all.

  86. not buying shit from WG since 2013

  87. Ben “BluudLust” NoLastNameGiven

    I got 16000 gold from $50 sooo yeah…

  88. its not a Secret Santa program – its just an alternate name for Random
    Purchase Prizes (basically gambling for random items)

  89. Agree 100%. I would have preferred buying the Cromwell B pack that is going
    on here in Australia.

  90. To be really honest, this War”Earning” is the reason why I do not play WoT
    anymore. Anyway, wish you merry christmas! :)

  91. After thinking about this for a few minutes here’s an idea. Everyone who
    was going to do this Secret Santa decide on an amount, then multiply that
    by 30%. Now go ahead and buy what you wanted for the original amount (gold,
    tanks, whatever) and then donate that 30% to a charity.

  92. Lol, I was the “20% more than I paid” from the forum. This amuses me

    Was definitely worth, though. I used the gold to buy an STA-2, that tank is

  93. fuck wargaming

  94. And as usual nothing on the SEA server… :-(

  95. Gambling is bad. Thanks WG, but I already knew that. Kudos to QB for
    providing this service.

  96. Bonus code

  97. lol, just buy one gift and let the money come in

  98. Can anyone gift me something i have hard time in wot right now :(

  99. Great video and on point. Maybe I’d consider this secret Santa thing if
    their in-game economy model wasn’t unsustainable without premium account or
    tank and basically broken to suck money from people.

  100. Where do I find the Advent calendar or is it an EU server only thing?

  101. Did WarGaming forget that it was the season of giving, not taking…

  102. i gave 25 gifts, 35$ got 14 gifts 6900 gold and some xmas camos

  103. you always give the best advice quickybaby! I’ll be spending my money on
    tanks I know I’ll be getting during the advent calander specials


  105. I tried it out I sent two gifts and only got like 500 gold. I guess that’s
    what I got from whomever I got a present from but if it is all ransoms
    shouldn’t we all be getting more here and there from others? Or is in not
    really a secret Santa and just a roulette game of spend this much and see
    what ya get them game is over?

  106. QB The xvm is not working, theres no “sign in” in the modxvm site.

  107. Bought 3 gifts and got 4 back 2x 250 gold and 2x 375 gold
    I did this for fun

  108. I got 6600 gold for 9 pounds

  109. Spent $4.95 got back 1225 gold and 3 lg Repair Kits. Ahead for me.

  110. If you only got that much gold you should have gotten bunch of large repair
    kits or maybe some premium time. At least on the NA server it seems
    that the minimum you can get in a gift is 100 gold and 3 large repair kits,
    making the minimum prize worth 250gold (full price LRKs).

  111. So basically, buying 25 gifts in the secret santa is a waste, as you only
    get 250 gold on average 25 times. Not a big gift? Well glad I only bought 1
    to test then. But bought one for WOWS to, and got 2 days of premium, 250
    doubloons and a pack of different flags. 35 flags of 5 to 10 in each one.
    So that was worthy of it. Only got 250 gold in WOT.

  112. I bought one gift and got a T34 premium American heavy tank!

  113. Luck of the draw.

  114. if u think u got trolled Then listen: u might remember the WZ-111 Mission
    where u had to do lots of kills and a lot of dmg at each nation. if u
    complete 1 nation u get a file and all files from a nation together Is at
    the end the WZ-111. wg said that if u dont complete all files From all
    nations then u get for each completet file 2500 gold (isnt it?). I managed
    to complete 3 so i would have got 3*2500=7500 gold (=T26E4) nearly. but i
    got Not 1 Coin gold. thats Getting trolled.

    ( if i am anywhere wrong then pls tell!!)
    thx for reading

  115. i got a type 59!!!

    no.. jk. i did not

  116. Congrats with the live stream man. Nice stream shirt hahaha

  117. Operation Domination

    Can’t wait to find out what the code is :D

  118. And the winner is WG… big surprise. LOL

  119. That codes are alien msg that you need to shout out my channel name on your
    channel :P

  120. I bought 5 gifts for €4.95 and received 3x 250 and 2x 375 gold. Which is
    1500 gold. I could have bought 2500 gold for 10 euro. So I got lucky.

  121. Does this work for console?

  122. I paid 3 US dollars and I got 3k gold

  123. Wargaming is The most Greedy company i ever seen….. fuck you greedy

  124. I got 14 days’ premium and 250 gold first time.

  125. can u make a vid on the imaginary fireworks fiasco, from the charity
    stream? :)

  126. 4+7=11 11+6=18 18+6= 24!!! The last code will come on the 24! I think it
    will be a cool prize because it’s so hard to find it (CTRL+A)!!!!

  127. I have a friend who got a leFH arty and a Skoda T 40 as well as 4000 gold
    for $15 (USD)

  128. who is that stu pid who spends momey on a game??

  129. Careful QB…keep exposing WG’s fuckery and there’s going to be a knock on
    your door late one night and it won’t be Santa Claus…

  130. yea i felt like i got screwed

  131. Quantum Imperfections

    I actually tried it out (all 25 gifts). I got about 6880 Gold & 9 Large
    Repair Kits.

  132. Make a video on the last code remaining and the final code, as well as the
    “gift”. Pls!!

  133. Wg is killing you, guys…
    Milking, milking, milking…

  134. i got 15100 gold for my 60 gifts so i made out better then if i just bought

  135. What a screw job.

  136. Thank you for your honesty QB! I thought you are helping WG making money
    with your premium tanks reviews and everything…I also thought you are
    egocentric and stats paddler like most of the unicums in this game.I even
    wrote you once but you did not write back.I am happy I was wrong about you.
    You are doing good work.Keep it up.
    Best Regards.

  137. )::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::The US server dosent have awinter

  138. You should have played the, “do you know who I am” card with Wargaming lol

  139. Ha, ha, ha. I bet that Secret Santa low roll for QuickyaBaby will easily
    cost War Gaming between $250,000 to $500,000. Hey Wargaming, almost like
    being team killed eh?

    I bet a couple coders are going to the salt mines for that little
    oversight. Next time:

    if (SecretSantaDonator.YouTubeSubscribers >= 300000)
    //sucks to be you. Serb needs a new dacha.
    SecretSantaDonator.ReceivedGifts= SecretSantaDonator.Donated*.8;

  140. Anonymous Anonymous

    1 gift = 350 gold… Not so exciting. Won’t be doing that again~

  141. Not to sound ignorant but the world was a better place when the Russians
    were devout communist instead of greedy capitalist.

  142. Mr. Hua (Kullimies)

    just please make a more deep video of these codes.

  143. 1,375 gold for 5 gifts, nothing else :(

  144. Well, I bought some Secret Santa stuff yesterday, and today I got an extra
    375 gold from some random dude. It balances all out…

  145. That santa IS-6 from one of WGs Videos would be awesome

  146. Yes, since the code format is xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx then there has to be 1
    more part.

  147. that code could be a low tier premium tank, a garage slot or some gold or
    prem acount.

  148. Huh…well that’s…underwhelming.
    Anyways, I really came here to congratulate you on the absolutely MASSIVE
    success of yesterday’s charity stream QB. I got there about an hour before
    Jingles showed up and left just before you reached the 20,000 mark. So
    again, congrats on a job well done, and keep doing what you’re doing.

  149. about that secret code: at my advent calendar, there are no codes, just
    long spaces…

  150. Thanks for letting us know how it works QB!

  151. john j (sniper exe)

    Darn, you beat me Quicky, I had already found the hidden code parts.
    When looking at the source code of the page one can find out that they were
    intentionally put there.
    I was going to announce it at the forums at 24th (as I beleieve the final
    part of the code will be revealed at that day), but yeah.

  152. Wargaming loves RNG so much they put it into their marketing ideas. LOL

  153. don’t forget you have most premium tanks already on your account so they
    could not give the same tank again.

  154. +Quickybaby, will you make another video if you will find the fourth bonus

  155. wow at least WG could have said that you might not have got the dame amount
    of gold, like you said gambling.

    Hopefully they do nothing for the bonus codes and we all will get some free
    stuff from WG (probs not)

  156. i think the next day is the 22st because there is some different html
    written however i dont know or it is correcly because the next ‘code’ isnt
    already in there.

  157. I got 3weeks of premium and over 1k gold for $5

  158. yeah the last 7 gifts i got was 250 gold next 250 gold next 250 gold next
    250 gold next 250 gold next 250 gold next 250 gold bugged out on me i got

  159. spent 35$ us received 25k Gold

  160. this for pc only or xbox one


  162. So its just playing a slot machine with a guaranteed win for every roll …
    Thanks for the video so i dont waste my money on it

  163. WG really trying the patience of loyal players… So little is done to
    enhance the gameplay and overall comfort, so many wrong and really greedy
    decisions. WG do not play with your loyal player base, this is not 2012,
    there are a lot of alternatives now. People ask for balance changes, for
    better optimization… and what they give us? New tanks? Did we ask for new
    tanks..? Is that why people leaving WoT, because there isn’t enough
    tanks..? And now this, some fucking casino gambling bullshit..? That’s why
    I don’t play WoT anymore, and I guess won’t be any time soon, cause it
    seems WG just doesn’t listen, they could and they do hear us but they
    simply don’t want to listen.

  164. p2w

  165. did someone get a gift in wot who didnot sent any gifts?

  166. thx Mr. Quickybaby

  167. i got for 5 € 1200 gold and 100 large repair kits…not bad

  168. 10 and got 2300 gold

  169. can find no secret code in SEA server website QQ

  170. I’ve waited almost an hour now, still nothing (paid for 25 presents 52
    mins. ago)

  171. I can’t even find the Winter Calendar on the NA

  172. Vaidotas Jankauskas

    so who buy e25 and gift to ther player???
    you pathetic sold out kid qb dont fool us

  173. I think the secret santa thing is very VERY greedy from wargaming…

  174. cool

  175. I think the secret santa thing is very VERY greedy from wargaming…

  176. Not interest in there santa stuff, tired also to see some premium tanks not
    worth it ! QB keep up your good work buddy !

  177. Sorry i ment to say robbing bastards! :)

  178. You should of gave your money to text santa, wargaming are just gangsters!

  179. Quickybaby is quite right this secret santa is like a lottery ticket i
    lucked out my self spent 5 American got 1350 gold and 2 large repair kits
    so i won out rather nicely

  180. Only received gold and it is worth less than what i put into this thing.
    I’m a fool for thinking it could have been worth my money. Silly me.

  181. the last code should come on 25th of December

  182. the 4th, the 11th and the 18th. 7 day difference, meaning the last one
    would be on the 25th. This couldn’t be a coincidence

  183. I guess I got luck. Spent $14.85 and ended up with more gold than I would
    have gotten otherwise!

  184. The ‘ATX’ code was on day 4, a week later at day 11 it was gh12, and than
    another week later at 18 the bn15 code popped up, that means that the kast
    code is most likely to pop up on the 25th or christmas dat itself, very

  185. those codes appeared at the 4. 11. and 18. December. if that “7 Days
    intevall” does continue the next code would appear at the 25. December wich
    would be not in the advent calendar obviously. So my guess (and hope) is
    that wargaming will add an extra day to the advent calendar, on the 25.
    December with an special something. My guess would be the IS-3 Auto

  186. Watch me get 2,500 gold…

    OH I GOT 5000 gold and I payed for 25 gifts…………….. dont do it

  187. Screw secret santa…. Greedy russians as always…

  188. Kosntantinos Kontousas

    if you have to pay real money its a bad trick from WG to get more money!!!

  189. Jessé Roy-Drainville

    I bought 7 gifts (9,52$ NA) and received :
    – 9 prenium repair kit (450 gold or 180 000 credits)
    – 1425 gold
    So 1875 gold equals about 9,50$ (same price as i paid),
    Or 1425 gold equals about 7,62$ + 180 000 credits
    I don’t really recommand this…. Except if you REALLY want the BEAUTIFUL

  190. Throdwobbler Mangrove

    I got a Type 59 today with full trained crew today. For free.
    Thank you Obsidian :D

  191. not worth it

  192. there are 6 blocks between each (special) code and wen you do the last
    block with a code nr. 18+6 you get 24 and 24 is the last day from the

  193. May the Codes dont work because someone had activated Them already

  194. A santa for wargaming ? lol

  195. We want this on mobile.

  196. Nothing on SEA server.

  197. where’s the advent calendar at? i’m on the NA server Thanks

  198. Thanks for testing this for us!

  199. if you check the source code there is no more codes in addition the pattern
    goes up in 7 because its 4, 11, 18 but there is only 24 days in the advent
    calendar so the last bit of the code will not be able to be accessed the
    same way. maybe the eng code will be given out or something

  200. Got 1500 gold with 5 gifts (5€)

  201. I bought 2 gifts JUST FOR THE MEDAL! I love medals – I am kinda seeing them
    as collectionable items more than I see them as awards! And… in the 2
    gifts I got no more than 675 gold… But it was worth it! (For the medal I

  202. How did the stream end? Ikzor was so drunk he was yelling all the time…

  203. Geez… Bah Humbug QB. Do you add up the value of all the gifts you get
    under the tree and then complain to the givers that you spent more on them
    and should get a refund?


  205. wow free- IS3A- with those calendrer codes or ??? just trolling

  206. how do you get that gold

  207. i got just about 6.300 gold from my 25 gifts, converted to my currency i
    pretty much got what i paid for.

  208. WOT asia don’t have this code thingy…

  209. The last code will be on the 4th advent

  210. hmm….4, 11, 18. All of these numbers are exactly a week after the last.
    So if it follows that pattern, the next code should come out on Christmas
    Day. That seems to be a very peculiar coincidence….

  211. At least for NA I’ve found it pretty worth. I got slightly over 250 gold
    per dollar which is as efficient as it gets and a bunch of prem repair

  212. Wtf i got a Type 59! :O

  213. The Anonymous Patriot

    I bought 2 gifts on the NA Server
    I got back 350 gold and 3 Large Repair Kits.

  214. Wait what WG ringing the till again i don’t believe it

  215. for me it was 60 mins xD for 300forint (1€) i got 100 gold and 3 large
    repair kits… well…

  216. Casey “Yescek” Raymond

    A tip of my hat, good sir.

  217. not played it yet but the little gift tank is at least cute looking

  218. TY, QB for the heads up. I appreciate you keeping WG in line.

  219. my account been created in the day of xmas didnt i get anything for it?

  220. Wargaming marketed it as a ” Secret Santa ” , but really your just buying
    gifts for yourself. It would have been a special event if they gave the
    presents to an ACTUALLY random player in the system. While you would
    receive random gifts in the same manner as currently. This would mean
    Wargaming was adding something to the pot. I guess that would effect the
    general economy of the game, but they could have been small gifts, with a
    small chance of something good. I know I would still be pleasantly
    surprised with a gift of 25 or 50 gold Christmas morning, coming from
    random players. The ” Secret Santa ” program is just another corporate way
    to re-frame a situation, to pull at your heartstrings, and make it sound
    like your getting something extra, but not really. Well…. Merry Christmas
    all, from me. We just got our first snow on the ground here yesterday !

  221. QB can help me with a wargaming code?Please

  222. i want a gift

  223. All for 30 dollars

  224. Strange, I got a Tier 8 premiums worth of gold along with a premium tank.

  225. Secret Santa RNG! I like the idea of ‘Secret Santa’ if the random gift was
    to players that didn’t have to pay into the system themselves i’d be more
    into it. I think that would be cool if you could slide the bar all the way
    up and rain down gifts on everyone instead of just other people that paid
    in. As QB said this make it feel more like a slot machine. So with that
    said i’ll probably do the same this year as I do every year and just select
    gifts for my friends and save a little money by not doing the secret santa
    and perhaps save a little money to get them something nice. ….. Really
    with Secret Santa you cant be sure you’re really even giving to other
    players…. could just be a Random Number Generator buying stuff for
    yourself…. See, thats why I cant scold you and say Tis better to give
    than receive you made someone else happy (and the fact you give all the
    time with this channel, I cant say that either, you give all year around 🙂
    ) because really we cant be for sure our gifts are really going to anyone.
    Cool concept though just a bit poorly implemented.
    EDIT – Oyie long post typos abound.

  226. QB you a**hole!!!! You took wargamings surprise well ahead. They would have
    told us on the 24th:”And for the real tankers of you, you may find a secret
    code if you search our calendar”.

    Now wargaming is sad and mad. ^^


  228. you could have the codes in the wrong order

  229. I got some large repair kits as well as the 5.5k gold you got. Still felt
    like I got stung.

  230. I think it’s every 7 days because it was 4-11-18 and now the next code is
    25 I think so

  231. Every year since 2012 I give away a wot gift to a random user who post in
    my forum topic. To date I’ve given away 2 IS6 1JT88 1 type 64.
    Unfortunately this year due to the company I was working for went bankrupt
    I cannot do it this year.

  232. Was thinking you CHOOSE who to give it to. Am I right thinking that WG’s
    awesome great RNG will give the gifts to ANOTHER person that bought into
    it? or ANY random player? Yeah…screw this.

  233. 24.75 euros for :

    3750 golds
    3 big repair kit


  234. nobody presses control and ‘a’ on any website, QB has been told be wargaming
    conspiracy theory

  235. I want GIFTS :(

  236. I had a few bucks sitting on old gift cards and spent ~$4 and got 500 gold
    and 500 doubloons WoWS… so yeah, I wont spend my own money.

  237. First code: Day 4
    Second code: Day 11
    Third code: Day 18

    There are 7 days between each code. Following this trend, the last part of
    the code is day… 25? But that’s not on the calendar…

  238. Thats the christmas spirit spend money and do not get anything free at all
    way to go.

  239. spent 25 US got 8030 gold definitely a lottery.

  240. It’s a secret santa event, but if you don’t buy gifts you won’t recieve
    anything. So you actually being a secret santa to other people that payed.
    And not for the people that don’t have money to spend on games 🙁 So it’s
    like buying yourself something, not doing any good to the community.

  241. We thought this trough on WoWs as soon as this Secret Santa “game” was made
    offical and came to same conclusion that the only winner here is WG. Actual
    you buing “gifts” for yourself!

  242. I bought one gift and in return received 250 gold.
    I’m satisfied 🙂 .
    You have excellent video , a man can learn a lot from you , thank you :)

  243. they should of said “random but close to spent amount” to clarify it’s not
    100% guaranteed to give you the exact amount. however it’s not worth crying
    when life gives you lemons, so keep on moving and making my day :)

  244. its fake.. ur money didnt go to other player , but WG take ur money, and
    return it with other stuff with lower value.. there is no proff u already
    gv that 18 GBP to other player.. !! WAKE UP GUYS !!

  245. hey QB.. I’m not 100% sure but it seems that u get better chances if u send
    gift by gift, not 20 at the same time.. if u do one by one u get different

  246. I’m that amazed anyone trusts wargaming enough to even try this?

  247. After giving 25 gifts I got 6150 gold and 12 large repair kits. I’m happy.
    I didnt add up the value, because thats beside the point….its GIFTING,
    and I’m not Uncle Scrooge. If I buy a gift for someone then I’m out the
    total cost of the gift; If I get a gift from someone I dont run to websites
    and find out how much they spent on me. The stores make the profit at
    Christmas, be it World of Tanks or World of Walmart, and our reward is the

  248. those codes are not working what am i doing wrong ?

  249. its crap along with advent calendar its all about how to get your money

  250. Wargaming wins everytime, no matter how much gold you get, the gold doesn’t
    cost wargaming anything in production or something like that, so no matter
    if you get 100 or 10000 gold for 5€ for example, they win 5€

  251. 0,99€ and i got a 2500 gold. Well yes pls! xD

  252. Rather than participating in this whole secret Santa thing, I would rather
    just buy something for myself, so I’m guaranteed to get what I want, and
    not pay anything extra for it.

  253. Well i don’t know if they are gonna give rewards for the secret codes wich
    are really nice, now lots and lots of people will know there are ‘secret’
    codes, so idk if the reward is worth a lot of gold.

  254. I spent 99c and got 250 gold upon logging in.

    250 gold is about $1.29

  255. Saša Marković (Cane)

    I sent one gift and I got 250 gold

  256. 5 gifts got 1700 gold ☺

  257. Payed for 3 Secret Santas and got 750 gold for it…If I had gotten 1 more
    SS the total of 1000 Gold I got for it would have saved me about 10
    pence….WOW, what a special… :(

  258. I payed 50 cro kunas that woud be 1500 gold and got 2250 gold :D

  259. Lol all these selfish bastards saying it aimt worth it , arent you atleast
    a bit happy you helped other people?

  260. It’s a bit more rewarding in Warships where there are more possible items
    to receive. I spent $$$ and ended up with 75 of the Holiday Camo and about
    6500 Doubloons.

  261. Don’t base your gift giving on what you get in return.


    its lose for u but it may be a gift for me.for me buying a premium tank is
    a cost of 1/4th of my monthly just enjoy giving some gifts QB

  263. Join Quickybaby on this week’s episode of “Derp of Wargaming”.

    Seriously, Wargaming have screwed it up.

  264. I FOUND IT!
    I pressed at the calander ctrl A and I saw under the calander there will
    probarly be and extra slot. So I think at the end if you put in a code you
    got an extra day with a special!

    (sorry for bad english)

  265. Bonus codes are sets of 16, and I assume it’ll be free premium time which
    is always nice. Good find QB although I wonder if it’s EU only.

    Strange that you didn’t come out ahead on the secret santa, most people are
    making more than a straight purchase unless buying in bulk.

  266. I bougth 1. I got 250 gold. I would prefer cheap prems.

  267. I spent nearly 2€ (2 gifts) and they gave me 500g for that. They saved me a
    few cents so that was nice :D

  268. QuickyBaby, make new intro, with HD model :D

  269. Cristea Andrei Ionel

    remember when events DID NOT REQUIRE YOU TO SPEND MONEY? … fun times
    ,well greed conquers all :(

  270. That should be “RNG Santa Minigame”

  271. some random albino dude

    well on the US world of warships secret santa i have spent about $20 and
    the best i got was a tirpitz…. so yeah i did pretty dam good :P

  272. Thanks for the honesty. I also got a bit screwed by this secret Santa
    thing. Kind of like real life secret Santa lol. You put some thought and
    effort into a decent gift and get a $10 gift card to some place you never
    go lol.

  273. somone in my clan got 15 Days premium for 1 gift xD that lucky basdard

  274. Oh, man… I found that code too! It’s so bad to give away this secret. I
    was hoping for an ultra rare tank code, then i enter a match and everyone
    is like “OMG, where did you get that beauty?!?!?”
    Fun ruined ;_;

  275. I got 2k gold and 360 days premium for 10 euro 🙂 bes purchase ever thx

  276. about 6k gold with a mass of prem consumables into the mix for 15 presents.
    on ships I done the same and got 4k gold with prems and a weeks of prem
    time. can’t b all that bad

  277. I’m more intrested to see what the bonus code is. Maybe the teir three
    Hungarian/German medium that they were talking about gifting?

  278. For that money you are giving as well as receiving. So I’m just assuming
    what you got was also giving to other players. Hense the secret Santa part.
    So I’m assuming while you got 80% of what you paid. It was really 160%.
    It’s just that other players got the other stuff? Or so I’m lead to
    believe. Could all just be a scam. Who knows.

  279. i paid 40€ and get ~8.000 Gold..

  280. the Medal tells everyone, you are dumb enough to buy something -.-

  281. were is the advent callender?

  282. £10.08p = 4575 gold and 6 large repair kits for me

  283. Secret Santa? Bah, humbug!

  284. I’m from SEA Server and i’ve check the advent calendar and nothing show
    up… Only a blank space like QB get on some of the days…

  285. This system shouldn’t unlock any special vehicles, because they should gift
    a tank during the holidays. The gifts that you get should be worth at least
    the same amount of money that you spend on it.

  286. i earned 1 euro compared to gold not on sale.

  287. 625 gold for sending only 2 gifts, so i did good!

  288. Стефан Србија

    Y’all stupid for letting you get deepthroatet by wg

  289. At least you dont need to check on your wife, that s good

  290. i got 40% less -.- and i bought 25 gifts -.- FUCKING WARGAMING !

  291. The 88 Jgtiger got a huge buff, i recommend people who was wary of buying
    it before to buy it now. It’s a beast now that it’s armor is better and
    have less weakspots+38km/h top speed.

  292. Yea, I wish I had watched this b4 I got the chump of the month award!!!

    Tx WG

  293. Even the gift-making is screwed up

  294. secret Santa my ass….Whore Gaming hates me so much that I will not only
    get shit in return, but they will probably send me a check to pay this
    secret Santa shit again…

  295. QB will you tell us the full code if you find any more of it?

  296. I don’t get any secret numbers when I press command + A on my mac :(

  297. I got for 10€ 2750 gold

  298. i actually didnt make out terribly, i managed 19000 gold for 75$. which
    wouldve cost me 78$

  299. abro4all the frontier justice

    qb if you find the whole code plz make a vid with it in it.

  300. i bought 1 gift and got 500 gold

  301. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    Is it worth it to try randomly insert that last part of the code ?? Maybe
    it will be a well – knowed word just like 4ALL, TREE, CODE . . . . . . . .
    HELP :D

  302. Can’t believe people buy gold at all, what a waste of money. Played happily
    for years and never spent a penny

  303. I did the lowest one for 72p and got 375 Gold from mine just out of random
    and because it was cheap, why not :)

  304. Got the same gold like you. Not worth it.

  305. Rng in this event too eh!

  306. Truely, I’d rather gamble for 20% difference up or down, being that I at
    least have SOME chance… still, a bit of a ripoff.

  307. Yes, it is gambling. And it is illegal :)

  308. JOIN THE DARKSIDE!!!!!!

  309. WG nasty gold diggers

  310. Not worth it :/


  312. I prefer WG being a little less blatant with their money grubbing nonsense.

  313. nevermind

  314. Maybe you didn’t get any premium tanks, becouse you have all of them
    already and system knows it and just spamed you with gold.

  315. fucking WG

  316. WG greedy fuckers

  317. Yes for what i know the majority of people receive 250 gold per gift. If WG
    wanted to do this the least they could do is not screwing the players that
    are giving them money (Holiday spirit right? lel) and give the players an
    equivalent amount of gold thaat they’ve paid…

  318. no luck too :(

  319. You the real MVP QB
    You gonna make some highlights of Ik from last night? That was some next
    level hilarity.

  320. AXTH GH12 BN15

    For copy :)

  321. some one been naughty… Santa don’t like naughtiness

  322. I’m Omid.

  323. gamble for anybody is bad

  324. Good job finding qb

  325. RNG you are silly

  326. hmmm… I hope I can unlock the tanks.

  327. Kinda bad system

  328. This is bullshit… -.-

  329. QB you are a genious by discovering it, maybe it’s something like a Type 59
    (unlikely but i can dream)

  330. what button do i have to press can anyone tell me pls

  331. I believe that hidden bonus code will be 3 days of premium account

  332. I did it and i didn’t realise that you could send more than one.. But hey?

  333. undercover santa maybe XD

  334. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    2:05 Santaaa!!!

  335. give me a premieum tank like gift ^^

  336. think the codes are for a secret present or something like that:):) really
    need a premium tank but have no money :(:(

  337. I have checked out the source code for the rest of the days and found no
    other parts of a possible code.
    Still I’ll press Ctrl-A everyday I guess

  338. I think it’s really a bonus code

  339. IT SAYS “Guaranteed the equal amount you spent on gift back as in game
    prizes” YEAH F*#$!!% RIGHT

  340. I’ve got 1250 gold from 4 gifts, which is nice.

  341. I didnt pay it and I got nothing :D

  342. QB, if you don’t get gagged by WG, keep us updated, please :)

  343. I spent £18 to get 5500g that I could have bought for £14.52 and saved 30
    minutes of my life – THANKS WARGAMING!

  344. I’ve given 10 gifts out and I’ve only got 5 back so far :(

  345. oh yeah pay yes so not change mm and clickers top tiers every battle

  346. Wow, thats like telling your kids that the spinach is candy, only to make
    them eat it.

  347. I hate those ‘gambling’ events.

  348. more money for warming i guess

  349. Wargaming…

  350. holy shit im early

  351. no luck :)

  352. WG greedy assholes

  353. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  354. last day of school starts in an hour, WINTER BREAK!!!!!!!

  355. can i have one?:D

  356. Worst system ever

  357. ooh

  358. waffles

  359. gift me some T8 premium tanks pls :)

  360. Finally 3rd!

  361. yeah

  362. I got 100g and repairkits for 1 euro. Its something… I guess?

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