World of Tanks – Send More Tanks

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

You know that bit in Return of the Living Dead when the zombies eat a couple of paramedics then get on the ambulance radio and say “Send more paramedics”? Yeah…

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  1. KV5 train is thing of beauty. Long live the king of ramming

  2. The at8 and at7 were hard work to grind through but so worth it to get the at15

  3. I imagine that the enemy team in the first half of this, video were probably thinking the same way a japanese soldier in a Bonzai charge thinks…”this must be the best way to die for our emperor!!!”

  4. I love the intro so much, thats my favourite part, other than the video commentary!

  5. Explosive Substep

    well to be fair lmao the kv5 is a premium tank so it has its own premium account lol

  6. Syahareen Sha Rani


    I feel bad for that stock Vk 36.01 having to grind that stock tank is a living nightmare and using the derp 105 meant to shoot HE now is gone ….

  7. Kristoffer Mangila

    Damn… another Jingles video… right after watching HeavyDSparks’ video about a salt mine!

  8. Marccus form borderlands NO REFUNDS!

  9. Actually, Jingles….I’m not Dave!

  10. I could be mistaken, but I do believe that -SBN- is the clan of Steven Wallst of KV-train fame.

  11. Pzulio Maccavellion

    I’ve always loved the Mighty intro tune!

  12. GammaTheScientist

    Sorry Jingles, I am disagreeing with you on this one: War Gaming, please do change. While the money hungry shitshow is amusing at times, your greed has ruined an immensely fun game. I can no longer enjoy playing this game I enjoyed long ago.

    My only consolation is knowing they’re never going to change. That way, I know I don’t have to hope I’ll get to enjoy World of Tanks again.

  13. social3ngin33rin

    Kv5 used to have a soft spot…then WalletGaming buffed it….
    Lolol Russian refund

  14. Humans learn, animals can learn, even plants react but not your average wot player from east europe.

  15. I remember screenshots of KV-5 with like 20 holes in R2D2. Any how any tier VIII tank is good as top tier. The imagine KV-5 vs STI or E75 or 50TP armor or Concept 1B or Conqueror on the ridge. Or share damage out put of other Tier IX heavies. Even gold ammo will bounce every shot.

  16. Jingles’ russian accent is the best ever… GG

  17. Naked tank + no 6th sense = I have some minor concerns

  18. Childish Soldier

    Your intro has changed so many times throughout the years it’s honestly hard to believe it

  19. I can remember the days when it was an auto pen through the machine gun turret and no-one played it.

  20. That was the lemming train to end all lemming trains

  21. They are moving in herds!!

    *Jurassic Park theme ensues*

  22. This reminds me of the “send dudes” meme

  23. This lemming like behavior is more common than you think. Tanks just hitting a rock over and over, mindlessly following one member through shooting galleries, their turrets targeting ground even while being hit, not responding to being hit like they are afk, etc. The game is infested by bots.

  24. Hi Jingles,

    Thanks for featuring my replay! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this result without the help of the T-29, arty and Tiger 131. Shoutout to them as well! The KV-5 is an absolute meme and I would recommend it to everybody as it is currently available in the Bond store. Is it the best tank? No, certainly not. Can it surprise people and inspire teamwork? Yes, definitely! Is it fun and makes it good credits? Hell yeah!

  25. I was part of the team of idiots that APersonthingy employed to help with that intro. Was one of the TOGS that came majestically from the sea.. only to end up being rugby scummed off the cliffs till we all died gloriously taking all the other plebs with us.

  26. Robert-Jan Thuis

    You can combine the KV-5 with 2 FCM 50t’s to create the KV train, the nightmare of anything on the reverse side of a hill.

  27. AT8 is bad? Well Disagree and even claim that the tape player is quite good on tier 6, slow but British in nature 🙂

  28. In the first replay he managed to capture my team in action. I was lining up for random battle but got the same guys anyway, we had different tactics for different maps obviously, but majority ended in giving me oportunity to farm amazing scores but dying 8v1 instead. I cant remember why I quit this sheep of a game…

  29. In “Fury” it was a firefly with a 90 mm. So it could penatrate a tigers frontal armor. That being said it had no need to go forward to kill the Firfly. Probabl should have retreated or a least displaced.

    • It wasn’t a Firefly- it was an M4A3E8 ‘Easy 8’ Sherman with the 76 mm gun- in technical documents M4A3(76)W HVSS

  30. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Order of the day! No Blood Saussage for the Belgian Monsieur!

  31. anything lower then tier 10 it dont matter how strong your armour is.. the stronger your tank the more you can guarentee the baboons are just going to faceroll the 2 key….it is about time wargaming faced up to the fact they have destroyed the game since making premium ammo available for credits .. i mean you have tier 10’s spamming tier 8’s because they just dont care that it costs few credits now….either they need to nerf the premium round damage or about time they bought in a shell limit of premium per game. actualy make a tier 10 think hold on do i really need to fire a premium into a tier 8 etc.make players actualy use there brains & bring a bit more enjoyment back to the game for all players….

  32. On the rare occasion I watch one these replays remain extremely happy to have stopped playing it years ago.

  33. Good afternoon Minor Jangles

  34. send more cops

  35. Jesus WG, never change…

  36. American Patriot

    I’ve some of the best games in the KV-5! Such a fun tank! Too bad I quit tanks due to Wargaming being money grabbing fukwits…

  37. Similar fun can be had with KV-1 when matchmaking has the KV-1 top tier.

  38. In the words of General Ta Hun Kwai: “Tanks! Build more tanks!”

  39. Second prem tank I bought after the Type59 back in the very early days. Late 2012 if I’m correct. Loved this beast, though haven’t taken it out in a while.

  40. The Burlesk… hate that tank.

  41. cause : effect
    jingles keeps forgetting to equip grenades on one operator in that bloody space marine game
    i stop watching the bloody space marine game

  42. I remember playing this tank with a friend, I gifted him a KV-5 and we had so much fun in this beast, even with a soft R2-D2 on the front.

  43. APersonThingy has to be the best username 2022 lmao

  44. “WG, we love you just the way you are” yaaaaaa, I’m gonna say no.

  45. Am I the only one who checks the Red team list to make sure my names not on it ?? 🙂

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