World of Tanks || Sentinel – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

. Crikey, what’s this T4 /Australian medium all about?

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of a online game which available as a free download. It one of the best games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. “What a piece of junk”…only it not only looks like one, it IS one.

  2. Hey QB i have got a replay for you but i cant upload it on WoTReplays. Its
    IS-3 Hearthbrake.

  3. If you are a homo you see a dong, but if you are not a homo you see a
    nipple or tit….In a nutshell this tank blows

  4. The Balance team should be fired already. After 300 tanks this wankers
    still dont know how to release a decent tank.

  5. Off to the scrap yard with the Sentinel

  6. its not russian so its shit…. simple as that

  7. Nice. A Tier IV T-28 has better DPM than the Tier IX E-75…

  8. WOT Santinel sucks arse …. go for AC IV Thunderbolt in War Thunder

  9. shame the sentinal had real potentiol, not why WG have made it T4 orwhy
    they have nerfer the 6 pounder so much? Should be same gun as
    Crusader/Church3. Top gun could even be the 17pdr…

  10. guessimalivinglegend

    A tank with a dick in front and it can’t penetrate most targets ? Damn,
    that’s some really sad stuff.

  11. quicky baby wow, by watching your videos I have improved do much in the
    last 6 weeks . I was a very bad tanker , now I can go in and do some good
    for my team . Even though my stats are bad they are slowly going up … up
    300 in the last 5 weeks (personal rating) Once again thank you so much ..
    And thank you for not putting people down.

  12. Why does WG hate British tanks?

  13. Graf Brot von WoT

    Lol. This one likes suprising but sex with it’s rapid fireing “gun” xD

  14. how to grt cromwell b?

  15. I think this is a fair review , not sponsored , maybe you could say this
    tank is a bit bad or really bad

  16. ervinas petrauskas

    wtf what is on the new tank on the frand is a like nose

  17. Two words crappy tank

  18. how good will it do with ramming? especially at top speed?

  19. this tank seems to be mediocre at best.
    if you want a sealclubbing tier 4 medium tank, get a matilda.
    if you want a british medium tank to earn credits with and to train your
    medium tank crews with it, get an FV4202P.

  20. this tank is male

  21. As Jingles say : “It’s a good tiers IV premium tank BUT it’s a tiers IV

  22. Terrible tank that I won’t be purchasing unless it gets a buff. If they
    slash the aim-time it would probably be playable although the dpm needs a
    small buff alongside that.

  23. The fuck was JewGaming even thinking? Who in their right mind would buy a
    tier 4 premium that can reach a high top speed but is actually as slow as a
    heavy and has mediocre armor + a TERRIBLE gun. This is perhaps the most
    counter-intuitive tank I’ve ever seen in this game. It looks like it should
    be amazing in one category but then is held back by all the weaknesses WG
    gave it. This tank really is begging for a buff to its engine power, aim
    time, and DPM.

  24. 0:26 penis LOL

  25. “AC” actually means for ‘Armored Cock’… jk

  26. Once again Wargaming shafts British tanks.Seriously whats the point in this
    tank,we already have a crap medium In the Matilda BP.

  27. Tank is poop

  28. hey quickybaby can u do a garage update on all the current tanks you hav

  29. They should have added the version with the 25pounder. Also the tank is
    powered by three V8s, because Straya.

  30. play with T-34-1 and film the rewiew of T-34-1

  31. The matilda is just OP as all hell… How it got trough quality control

  32. useless tank.. fucking WG morons

  33. TheMisteryNoob TMN

    its on blitz, isnt it?

  34. Landoforpresident

    that’s a big clitoris

  35. The wallabees will hate WG

  36. As an Australian, I wont be buying this tank. Thouroughly mediocre just
    like the real life thing, this does not make me proud as an Australian at

  37. Yeah, I don’t need to own it to hate it. Maybe at the end if QB donned a
    reporters hat and said “…and now for the weather report”. THAT would
    pique my interest.

  38. hey QB – was wondering if you ever post games where you get absolutely
    destroyed? would love to see the flip side of the coin versus you just
    soapboxiing all your ‘ace tankers’.

  39. “Huh the gun sucks, maybe it’s mobile”
    “Huh it’s not mobile, maybe it’s well armoured”
    “Huh it’s not well armored, well it’s probably got some crazy matchmaking”
    “There is nothing good about this tank

  40. I thought the sentinel has an excellent view range compared to the other
    tanks of it’s tier. Wonder why he’s not reviewing much about that..

  41. “The Old Firm”? daaaaaayumn… XD

  42. There’s also a version of this tank called AC Thunderbolt with a 17

  43. At least it’s not the Matilda BP.

  44. it looks like a ram-2 and the gameplay aswell
    but then with a d1ck

  45. Wow this tank is utter garbage. Literally food for everything else.
    Seriously,I’m not sure what SERB and his cronies are smoking out of those
    rolled up hundred dollar bills,but THIS is certainly going to be a decision
    they regret. And I can already hear the shillers coming out of the woodwork
    to say this POS has a “unique playstyle and a high skill shelf” Just like
    that POS we all know and hate at tier 8,the lowe.

  46. I have to agree QB, it looks as if the Sentinal is only good for crew
    training, awesome vid man.

  47. Bet you they see this and buff the shit out of it like the (P)

  48. Im making three videos my first time!!!!!!!:)

  49. this tank has a much better gun in war thunder.

  50. its a piece of junk!

  51. tier 4 medium tank?

  52. the dick is the hardest things art of the tank

  53. I’m Aussie, can’t wait for this thing!

  54. You’re essentially giving mosquito bites. I can now feel what the Aussies
    feel in world war 2 especially in the Pacific.

  55. It dosnt even have penatration to make up for its other stats

  56. “I love my Cromwell.” Do you mean the B? Before, you told us the Cromwell
    wasn’t your style, but a few more kph made you change your decision.

  57. Came for the Penis Tank, left to watch porn

  58. well we got that on blitz earlier than pc did. but its a big fat tank at
    tier 4

  59. Wish they could either give it the 17 pounder or the two howitzers

  60. I’m no longer proud to be Australian.

  61. ConfusionDistortion

    Think he expected too much out of this tank. It wasn’t a good tank IRL, so
    its not going to be a monster in game. Besides, premium tanks are not
    supposed to be as good as normal tanks on the tech tree anyway. this is a
    aspect to premium tanks Wargaming has explained more then often enough, but
    it always falls on deaf ears.

  62. Wonder if Wargaming is going to put an Australian Tech Tree in game

  63. what type of mic is QB using? Where could I find one also?

  64. It’s been in Blitz for a pretty long while. It’s an American tank but
    because it’s returning to its home in Australia, it will now be considered

  65. What is with WG and giving the British prems that are too shit to live?
    This thing’s abysmal, it doesn’t even match any competitors in most
    categories much less excel in any, so why would I buy it? I know prems are
    supposed to be worse than other tanks but this is getting ridiculous,
    they’ve literally released a tank you pay out of pocket for that’s almost
    as bad as the AMX-40. Ludicrous.

  66. Not only is this tank increadibly horrible but even from a business stand
    point this tank makes no sense.

  67. the mishengun port looks like BOOBS!!!!

  68. world of tanks nOOb warr_2015

    not the tank im gonna buy to have fun in…

  69. My god this tank is dire

  70. im sticking with my churchill 3. . . it can dominate the lower tiers with
    it. or i could go with the leaf and wreck the mid tiers XD

  71. My god they made a Australian tank shit at least the Churchill tanks
    Or good cause they were made
    In Australia

  72. That awful feeling playing this game for 4 years waiting for a tank from
    your own country (Australia) to come out after realising that the tank is
    ABSOLUTE GARBAGE for its tier. *sigh*

  73. wg clearly don’t play their own game

  74. I didn’t know “generic” was a synonym for “piece of shit”.

  75. gg wg another underpowered shit tank which is a good target for the
    excellent russian tanks

  76. Gotta get it anyway because I am Australia.

  77. i think i can speak for all Australian players when i say this tank is a
    slap in the face to all of us who were excited to see one of our own in the

  78. penis tank :)

  79. BAHAHAHA. I lost it when you said it doesn’t have PMM. Yet another crap
    premium British tank.

  80. so basically what you are saying is that if the tank goes in game as is..
    anyone purchasing this pile for anything beyond having it as garage
    decoration or using it as target practice in a training room should be
    banned for violations of the CoC.. got it.

  81. My frist thought: PENIS ON A TANK! THATS A FIRST! :D

  82. whats the point of a tank like this ?

  83. Good tank worse dpm and damage is just not good enough to keep pace with
    other tier 4s, getting a tier 2 gun on a tier 4 isn’t really working out,
    see how quickybby was trading shots with O-I and Kv just not good enough

  84. At least u can pen a lot of tanks, say that to my T-50

  85. When you spell Australian wrong in description …

  86. Michael Cartwright

    They should just cancel this vehciel and make the AC4 with the 17 pounder.
    What the hell Wargaming.

  87. this stripper should be a non prem tank lol

  88. It’s an Australian tank.

    Don’t really need any other reason to buy it

  89. Feared Chicken Nuggets

    This is the most op tank in the whole game!!!


  90. I had a good couple laughs when QB poked fun at that Pz 1c rolling around
    in the dirt…too funny!

  91. setinel and matilda having fun time

  92. Imagine this vs a Tog

  93. Wish it would shoot boomerangs and boxing kangaroos :p

  94. Zerobladetion Wot

    Am so sick of Premium British tank with P gun high rate of fire their so
    many of them !!!!

  95. Looks like I will not getting it

  96. war gaming dosnt care its free money for them. the only people who play wot
    anymore is hadcore fans of wot. they know they could release a turd with
    tracks and collectors will still buy it just to have it. $$$

  97. I also watched Jingles’s preview. Neither you or him explicitly said the
    tack was complete shit. So I will say it for you. The tank is complete

  98. holy shit this tank seems awfull

  99. This “thing” is the tank embodiment of crap. (maybe more the embodiment of
    urine, due to the shape of the machine gun port at the front….)

  100. No wonder Aussies lost war to Emus… X___X

  101. gj wargaming -___-

  102. I love your work quicky ?

  103. was useful thx QB, will not buy it :)

  104. A turd is a turd …….

  105. why would anyone buy this it fucking suck there is alot better tanks u can
    get for free

  106. haha the gun is such a low caliber that it actually sounds like you’re
    bouncing every time you hit the O-I Exp. What a pea shooter.

  107. Must be bad if even QB says so!

  108. When will thy release the AMX M4 mle. 49?

  109. no real point in this tank

  110. well…

    …the tank is crap!

  111. I do wish they’d release the AC4 Sentinel instead. That would be a much
    more fun tank to play.

  112. And people be fair to the sentinel its was made for fighting Japanese tanks
    and infantry in Australia not Europe and tbh Japanese tanks and infantry
    would’ve been easy pickings even for this tank as it would’ve been
    realistically facing tier 2-3 Japanese med tanks and also they’re was a
    version of this tank that had a 90mm gun not too sure or its was 17 pounder
    from firefly

  113. Toasty Roasty Man

    “Beer Boob” How Australian ! LOL

  114. This better be a gift tank

  115. What is WG thinking putting out trash like this?

  116. Well… Fucking WG, made my tank utter trash… YAY!

  117. Lol WoT Blitz has had this tank this tank vs a Val 2 is an interesting
    battle to watch

  118. That POS sees tier 6? Well WG can shove off then, I’ll stick with my
    VK20.01D and T-28 for tier 4 tanks-they at least can compete in tier 6

  119. what’s the point of this tank? it looks like a fat stubby penis and plays
    like dog shit…..why is this in the game?

  120. wow trash tank

  121. A new premium Tank??? Oh hell yeah. Thanks WG, you da best. OMG, I can’t
    believe its another tank………and premium at that. WOW.


    Wargaming said “PYSCH” when they made this tank. LOL

  122. Bob “The great and powerful” Ruseman

    Penetrating your tank,
    then Penetrating ur bitch.

  123. Think i’d rather play my T-28E with F-30 when it comes to T4 prem tanks
    without Pref MM
    I think if it had Better engine power i’d be interested in it

  124. this thing looks terrible

  125. It’s like a shitty ram II

  126. We Aussies ain’t the best at making tanks u know? We just good of being the
    2nd best developed country in the world.

  127. This tank is the worst tank in the game !!! (Even the M3 Lee and D.W.2 are
    better !!!)

  128. Well its another useless British Premium just as bad at the FV. Usually
    people playing WoT that act like those kind of things and now we got tanks
    with them fitted. Again if you think its a bad/poor/inept tank just say it!

  129. Why did they have to give it its original gun?There were variants with a 25
    pounder gun and a 17 pounder.They would have been much better.

  130. Night Stalkers Gaming

    “The old firm”…

  131. I think at the lower tiers having sub-par premium’s isn’t so big of a deal.
    GIven that a reasonable proportion of the drivers will be higher skilled
    players using it for crew training & it’ll be coming up against n00bs &
    scrubs, if it was too competitive it would just be OP. Pound for pound
    clearly not, but I guess you have to try to take into account the likely
    drivers of any vehicle.

  132. this was in world of tanks blitz before haha :D

  133. mr qb can you please guide me in arty what is you tip for me please

  134. glad they didnt go this way for the RAM 2… although the RAM was made a
    while ago

  135. looks like junk to me… might make a good reef though.. drop that thing
    into the ocean.

  136. that mic does nothing…

  137. baby penis

  138. WG never learns, buffs is-6, makes shitty fv, buffs is-3 and all that shit,
    they never learn

  139. Wow, it’s the biggest piece of shit I have seen in a while.

  140. It is painful watching this. This is the worst tank I have ever seen.

    EDIT: The reason why this truly is the worst tank I have ever seen is
    because it has the potential to be a decent tank but you can visibly see
    how it is held back by the aim time and the engine power.

  141. so it has bad armour bad gun and bad mobility sounds worth it!

  142. Hey Quickybaby I love your new Mic it sounds great

  143. Smooth buttery voice with your new mic QB. Now a little more to the point –
    that tank looks like crap.

  144. Tomáš Kondr (JdaxCZ)

    Quicky can i ask you why do you think that T26E4 is worst tier for tier in
    the game? i really like it….

  145. does anyone know if its possible somehow to get your hands on cromwellB?

  146. How much will it be?

  147. quickybaby I downloaded ur mod but it’s not working

  148. Wargaming hating British, confirmed ! x)
    Let’s recap, The old FV4202, the FV4005, the old FV4202(p), the nerf of all
    the brish arty line, and now this ?
    Buy russians tanks kommrads, rusiian tanks stronk.

  149. 1:51 you look like Nicolas Cage

  150. Looks like an tank of autism

  151. sad. pos tank. looks like wot just trying to make more money from new

  152. This is like a Matilda but worse all over.

  153. Where are the Polish and Italian tanks?

  154. Could have at least put the AC IV version that used the 17pdr in

  155. might be the next free x-mas tank ^^. I don’t think anyone is spending
    money for it.

  156. As an English person who plays World of Tanks like QuickyBaby it actually
    offends me how they can put out a British tank so bad.

  157. I’m not saying this is the case haha; but is it just me or does wargaming
    seem to go “Hmm it’s a vehicle in the British tree…what stats do we
    normally decide for ourselves…?Ah lots of gun stats and hidden stats…so
    we’ll make them shit!”? ^^
    It’s almost like they can’t really afford to make up armour values, engine
    statistics etc etc but they feel a need to make something really suck
    without a good reason. Never seem to really notice that with vehicles that
    aren’t British; which is curious. It’s almost as though they are trying to
    show British tanks suck…but need to make up stuff to ‘prove it’ 😛 Just
    my thoughts.

  158. A “do not buy” then! Cheers QB

  159. How can you get yer Comet crew in this tank with a special account?

  160. so basically this thing SUCKS. it’s just a cash grab from noobs and tank
    collectors. pretty sad. i can understand why they made the fv4202 p bad;
    because you could get it completely free, but to pay for a tank that’s
    pretty much the worst in it’s class? i just don’t get it

  161. sooo projectile vomiting is possible side effect for buying this thing

  162. get the T-28 F30 and reck everything at tier 4 and 5 :)

  163. “Ooh err missus”, Lol!

  164. Brian Kirkpatrick

    Why does WG put in these garbage tanks in the game? They can do much

  165. the sad thing is that the tank is really cool historically and I was
    excited to hear they were bringing it to the game. :(

  166. Won’t be buying this rubbish tank.

  167. A new British Medium? I’ve been waiting for this. Oh…. Why are the
    premium British tanks so low level? And why is this one so rubbish?

  168. This stupid tank looks like it has the Pz S35 gun except without the 1.1
    second aimtime that the S35 gets. WG should really lower the aimtime on
    this tank below 2 seconds, so that it aims faster than it reloads.

  169. Lukeyma7 Awesome Dude

    i’m soooooo happy they have finally got a AUSSIE tank I have actually seen
    the one they refurbished and sent to Aus at the Australian Armour and
    Artillery Museum but when I was there it had just arrived and needed to be

  170. Pay to win?? No

  171. I love your videos quickybaby you inspired me to play effective and your
    videos helped alot i got from 467 wn8 to 1683 wn8 because of you ;)

  172. great video 😀 the mic is great and the sound quality increased massively

  173. So it is THE worst tank in WOT. Wow, so bad I have no words to really
    describe this POS. Le garbage!

  174. lets hope wargaming buffs this tank for a bit

  175. This video does not play.

  176. The tier 6 seems more competitive, even though the only good thing about it
    is the 17 pounder gun.
    So, the tier 4 is like an AMX 40, with less armor and even worse gun!

  177. YAY! another rubbish prem for the Brittish!
    oh and no chieftain! >: 0

  178. yet another terrible Brit premium. At least us console peasants won’t have
    to worry about it for another 2 years.

  179. This is so utterly disappointing. This tank would have had a lot of
    collector buys or similar for the novelty, but there is no way you could
    buy this like this. I was very close to insta buy on this when announced,
    watched the WG vids on restoring the model out in California, it was going
    to take it being a massive let-down not to. Based on this, that let down
    has happened, no way will I buy this. Which is such a shame :/

  180. This is a close quaters fighting tank, the only problem with this tank (in
    my opinion) is the hitpoints, and alfa damage.

  181. Barnabás Horváth

    Love the penis on the front of the tank <3 8===D

  182. Chris “Dudi4PoLFr” D

    Sorry but this tank is pure $hit….

  183. Change 2.7 to 1.9 and this tank makes sense

  184. This tank looks like a pervert

  185. Michael Krejbich (Michael123cz Gaming)

    6:27 lol watch carefully the Pz I C 😀 ,,they see me rolling…” :D

  186. I hope this tank will be buffed before it is released…

  187. watched jingle’s vid, watched qb’s vid.
    just another worthless belarus moneygrab to scam new players.

  188. It has a small dick.

  189. Random dude of Internetshire

    no one spells (what) “wut” as whut

  190. Geometrydash vikstr44

    Nice vid

  191. this tank has some of the same problems of the mt-25 well if they were to
    buff the pen to around 90mm on the auto-cannon it could be fun

  192. 1000 DPM really? Even M3 Lee has 2200 DPM lol

  193. Maciej Pawlikowski

    The Dick Tank

  194. damn that tank is a pile of garbage the Ram II is a good tank in my opinion

  195. So it’s a tank with a penis … SOLD !

  196. It feels like Wargaming is really struggling to balance premiums without
    preferential matchmaking. This tank just seems terrible. No armor. Terrible
    alpha, pen, DPM and aiming. No engine power. This is the kind of rubbish
    that would fit at tier 3.

  197. “The Old Firm”… I see what you did there ;)

  198. It’s like you don’t want to be completely honest because war gaming will
    get mad. This tank is just complete garbage maybe the worst tank tier for
    tier in the game, makes far less credits than a t5 non premium, just an
    insult that they want their players to pay money for it.

  199. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Chode Tank Confirmed

  200. I was looking forward to this tank being in the game, but now… it’s a
    waste of money.

  201. in other words, What a piece of shit!

  202. Hey QB, I really do appreciate your videos. It’s made me a better
    player…. A much better player.

    But I’ve always wondered why you call it theory crafting. May you please
    tell me why that is?

  203. Its a premium tank, wargaming wants to show that its not pay to win

  204. Is this a machine gun port or are you happy to see me?

  205. That’s an awful tank. Any comparison with the blitz version?

  206. this tank sucks

  207. Why is WoT spending effort and development on such a bad tank? Are they
    making materials designed for us NOT to buy?

  208. Looks weird. The fuck is that tumor on the front supposed to be?

  209. qb ur so immature pointing that thing out in public :P

  210. well dont judge it so hard, u are looking at wrong things about this tank,
    its made to kill enemy at laugh, not by shooting them to death :P

  211. Don’t waste your money on this turd tank.

  212. its got a penis on the front

  213. WG just make a garbage

  214. This tank is trash. Why is it here?

  215. So another shit premium tank.

  216. Buff just buff ur

  217. oh look another terrible British premium … hope they buff the thing…
    cause I`m getting the feeling that WG went for “historical accuracy” on the
    sentinel instend of making it a semi competetive prem :/

  218. Worst tier 4 tank, the A-20 is fantastic, Th PZ 3, and the Mathilda are all
    10X better.

  219. Y_Ddraig_o_Bryste

    Trust the Aussies to make something with a penis on.

  220. Sebastian Richter

    Didn’t the Sentinell have a 17pdr gun?

  221. THE ARL 44 IS OP !!!!

  222. lol was that a dick joke at the start??

  223. Matteo Leforestier

    360 p…

  224. why is the video quality 360 p

  225. Second

  226. the quality

  227. What is wrong with quality?

  228. lxljessicalxl77 lynn


  229. 360p?

  230. Wow, tier 4

  231. i saw this tank week ago and i said too je has a penis!

  232. video is in 360p :(

  233. i have it its an amazing tank

  234. lol whut… 360p

  235. orgasm D:

  236. orgasm D:

  237. awful tank

  238. I like Pants and plants

  239. first

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