World of Tanks || SERIOUSLY!?!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Sometimes in World of Tanks there are moments that make you want to shout seriously? This one of those moments.


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. as minecraft boy is a new player with 239 games and a T8 Prem wagon in the garage, can you @QuickyBaby to ask WG to finally lock the premium shop to newbies?
    This crap is really annoying the crap out of me and it has to stop.
    ANY player should only be allowed to buy Premium tanks of a tier that he/she actually unlocked while advancing through the tech tree.
    Quit being so damn greedy Wargaming!!!!

  2. Pz looks like my regular team mate.

  3. Minecraft Boy is my new hero! Does he sell teeshirts or coffee mugs?

  4. Just the average type of player playing WOT nowadays retarded and from a “certain” country.

  5. Dont worry i know how it feels.
    In world of tanks blitz its a lot more worst. People are camping in their bases, afking and purely cashing on the game with no knowledge on how to play. Then when they suddenly jump to tier 10 they are really bad at playing the game.

  6. Satan would absolutely drive an E25

  7. He camp bush unfaire plane

  8. 9:04 he hasnt say’d oh my days in so long his voice isn’t used to it

  9. PL boy wn8 1.88 🙁

  10. Boy, I must have been playing World of Warships for too long. I would have thought that as long as a friendly is in their own cap, the enemy won’t be able to cap but I remember that is only true in WoWS. lol

  11. I think you should have said “They have your diamonds!”… Perhaps that would have gotten him to go after them XD

  12. Don’t get me wrong, WOT has a special place in my heart but boy, the player base has changed sooooo much. And not for the better.

  13. Ah my most played tank. I love it.

  14. It’s both, the next level troll bot from WG

  15. There was a time when I believed you can stop a cap progress in a regular battle by driving into the cap circle…

  16. Satan IS the black prince….

  17. Low teir in a nutshell xD

  18. Braindead Kid

  19. I’d hazard a guess that his Teir 8 premium tank is a rental. I recruited a mate and he got a Skorp G on a 14 day rental when he only had 50 battles.

  20. Welcome to low tier

  21. All you need to do is check stats of this clown. See . A lot of people don’t want to admit, but WoT stats shows surprisingly well what type of clown are you not only in WoT, but even in real life. And this one is really exceptional. Most crazy is M4A1 tank with 10 battles, 30% WR a 0 WN8 😀 😀 😀

  22. the mean of an autistic player..simple

  23. Really dumb and pointless video… Your videos starting to go from bad to worse…

  24. Typical game on the Asian Server, you can’t camp hard enough.

  25. “Let down” and “Seriously?” – are you really astonished? That happenens all the time!!!

  26. he was a putz, never seen such garbage as that.

  27. more gold spamming

  28. I am tired of bots like that too

  29. come to SEA server and you`ll get alot of stupid shenanigen from idiotics who cant understand english and just do whatever they want and insult people who ask them to speak in english

  30. :-))))))))))))))))))

  31. LOL, nice..
    but in first row its WARGAMING map design shit. Its result when map design do ppl which dont play own game!!! Now we have minimally 8 bad maps in game and almost every new map is really bad. Who a fucking WG imbecil needs put some stupid things like rocks, buldings etc to cap? Why? and why only 1 cap has this advantage? For every player which dont know map well and has no idea that there is place where enemy tank can be hidden.. its rly frustrating moment.

  32. Niklas Hallermeier

    Well.. Greets from the Console version of wot…

  33. I dont know what to say.. ?

  34. I wish I could drive down to where ur going to say hi. But I will watch ur video’s about ur trip. Welcome to the USA.

  35. 7:43, called out 🙂

  36. I think It was his own game. You aren’t understend him)

  37. QB if you play on SEA Server, it won’t surprise you on how many of this incident has happened…. Heck I even lost when an ally BC 155 58 fires 3 rounds directly on a Type 5 Heavy but doesn’t reset the Base Cap for some reason….

  38. The fact that your Base can still be Capped despite the presence of a defending Ally is Total BS.

  39. “Seriously?” And thus a new meme was born.

  40. Best troll player = noob

  41. wkwkwkwk ngakak so hard ><

  42. i thought, maybe his keyboard stopped working, until he wrote something in the chat.

  43. This is wholesome

  44. satan doesn’t drive tanks, he plays arty..

  45. QB, I have watched your videos and your streams for years, you have taught me to become a better player, if u could pin this comment, it would make my day..

    btw, pls unban me on twitch chat, idk why I got banned.

  46. Documented evidence that World of Tanks SHOULD make a basic intelligence test mandatory for all new players.

  47. Is it just me but i never see this map seen it like once in 250 games

  48. Quicky you should totally collsb with minecraft boy

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