World of Tanks || Setter – Tank Review

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World of Tanks – Setter. The first of the new British light tanks in the line is quite something…


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. You feel you cannot carry, like with an arty!

  2. they have something, they look also, i have an idea, instead of buffing these tanks, just tune all the rest of the tanks to this one 😀

  3. A good honest review QB. The British LT line sounds truly tragic. I can’t say I’m even going to bother with them. WG……’re shit. What a way to represent the nation that invented the TANK. You suck.

  4. Change it WG or don’t be surprised when people rag on you.

  5. a lot of these British light tanks IRL were not so good. but the Brits had enough wheeled recon vehicles that could’ve made higher tier light tanks? what if they went that route instead?

  6. How do you polish a turd?
    QB elaborates.

  7. Passive scouts that have..
    less view range than their competitors
    less camo after firing than their competitors
    less camo than their competitors (at lower tiers)
    less DPM than their competitors
    less Alpha than their competitors
    less maneuverability than their competitors
    less purpose than their competitors, even the Rheinmetall Panzerwagen.
    Absolutely disgraceful.

  8. Why so much gold? The British light tanks are supposed to be known for their standard penetration.

  9. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    I have boght back and fully equiped cromwell on the 1st oportunity i have after i heard that British top tier light tanks would be launched on WOT, and well by now i have arround 5k Xp grinded on cromwell and i really dont have any rush to grind this line…. i will keep and ocasionally play cromwell to get that 2x Xp bonos on it but i will not buy Setter or any of the other british light crap tanks before they get at least worth of it….they are absolutly trash tanks i didnt even know that WG would be capable of such a pointless work on a tank line… well im not a great player i know but i’m a veteran i have been playing this fuking game since february 2012 and i have seen a lot of shit by WG but i really wasn’t prepared to this epic amount of shit from WG men… i really can’t understand them at all… why?? Just tell me why… i really just want WG to justify why they put so much effort in to a tank line and they get really great tank models (brit lights really are very good visualy, their models are great and they look amasing!!!!) but i really dont understand why WG would have such an amount of amasing work on the tank models to then put the most epic amount of a shit to this tank line… i really dont get it… there is such a great amount of bad work and there is no sence in this tank line… i really dont know how to begin with… WG… This line like it is right now it feels like if you take all the 1st 3 tanks of that line and lower them all 2 tiers you would get good and balanced light tanks… just imagine that you lower them 2 tiers (the tier 7 becomes tier 5, tier 8 becomes tier 6 and tier 9 becomes tier 7), if you dont change any thing on them and i mean ANY THING!!!!! ( besides HP of course, BUT ONLY the HP to make them balanced with their new tiers), the result woul be 3 good light tanks but in tiers 5, 6 and 7, and not in tiers 7, 8 and 9… even on the caliber of the gun they would have average calibers to the tiers 5 and 6 and good for tier 7 there are other tanks with 90mm on tier 7, thats odd… are these well balanced tanks?? I dont think so.. even then AMX ELC bis would be probably better then Setter..
    Just take one of these 2 aproches to this line, make them really the “Alpha Kings” of the light tanks, or give them an Autoreloader gun (to make them really unique) or Autoloader gun (to give them an chance to fight back other light tanks)….

    -1st and this change is for all of them besides the kind of aproch that WG takes in to this line.. WG should give to all of them the traditional standard HESH from the Britsh tanks (not the crazy premium HESH ok LOL), just make the penatration work like the wheeled vehicles make the pen the same as its caliber, it would work just fine!! Besides that WG should stop this non sence of the ammo count limits for the Brit light tanks that is completly stupid and make no sence… just look to the wheeled vehicles and ELC EVEN 90 examples… if they can take that amount of shells these tanks can take more shells then they have right now for sure.. And the other main characteristic of this line should be the cammo rating, WG make them the “kings of the cammo rating” ammong all light tanks, they are the samllest and the lightier of all the light tanks it really dont makes any sence to have tanks with the size of the british light tanks get worst cammo then wheeled cars or other light tanks, they are as compact as ELC EVEN 90 and they deserve to have propper cammo… way better cammo then all the wheeled cars and all the other light tanks like the ELC EVEN 90. And for last the DPM… DPM sould not be in any case lower then the Wheeled cars of the same tier, that makes no sence at all, cars have the mobility so Brits shoud have the cammo…

    -If WG take the Autoloader/Autoreloader aproach it would be preaty easy just keep all the other caracteristics besides the ones i refered on the previous point (Ammo Count, Cammo Rating, HESH shells and DPM) and give it an Autoloader/Autoreloader gun balanced to the tier of the vehicle. Easy!!!
    With the Alpha aproach it would take more work, but i beleave it would be the better aproch.. Well if WG take the Alpha Damage aproach they will need to change all the guns from all the tanks to higer calibers and thats the way to go to have a proper speciality of high alpha and high concealment and poor DPM (but better DPM then the wheeled vehicles of course), give a 90mm gun to tier 7, a 100mm gun to tier 8, a 105 mm gun to tier 9, and a 120 mm gun to tier 10 with the same caractheristics of the branch that would be a great way to make it work like it needs to.
    But if i would make the dicision on this matter i would even take other more radical way to solve this problem, just like i said before, if these tanks where downgraded by two tiers they would work just fine and so i would do just that!!! Take all 3 tanks lower them 2 tiers, GSR 3301 Setter becomes tier 5, LHMTV becomes tier 6, and GSOR3301 AVR FS becomes tier 7, balance their hitpoints and the rest just stay the same!! Then i would get 2 proper new tier 8 and tier 9 tanks for this branch equip them with proper guns ( 100mm gun to tier 8, a 105 mm gun to tier 9) balance them in the same way as the other tanks of that branch (with all the caractheristics that i said before). Then i would take Manticore and give it a proper new 120 mm gun and keep all the rest of the stats besides the cammo rating, that needs to be properly buffed of course.. That would be the way to go to get one complete British Light Tank branch continuing from Covenanter tier 4 light tank to Manticore tier 10. Like that we would get an entire British Light Tank branch with the Alpha and Cammo experts.
    For me this is the way i would like to go but would work just fine even if they keep all the tanks in their respective tiers get 2 new tanks at tier 5 and 6 arrange all the guns (a 75mm gun to tier 5, a 85mm gun to tier 6, 90mm gun to tier 7, a 100mm gun to tier 8, a 105 mm gun to tier 9, and a 120 mm gun to tier 10) and adjusting all the stats to have the same spirit on the branch i would be happy on either way with that.
    And for the love of God give HESH for everyone please!

    -WG if you are there and read this post you should take the sensible aproch to light tanks for God sake… its really easy to make light tanks unique and fun.. please WG do it… WG you can make any of the light tank branches unique and specialized in some thing, to have a special way to play.. The French have Autoloaders and the super fast and agile Wheeled Cars, American have DPM and are all round “Jack of all Trades”, Chinese have super torrets and good gun stats with great penetration (like the Brits and germen should too), German (should be) the Snipers, Russian have the Armour (and way too much mobility for that armour…), make the Brits kings of the Cammo Rating and Alpha Damage!!! Please WG make light tanks balanced please.. Dont need to do much just make the RHEINMETALL PANZERWAGEN
    the same changes that you give to Leopard 1 and make it special and unique, make it a light tank sniper!! And please nerf a litle bit the mobility of the T-100 LT give it its proper weight, with that kind of armour it most have more mass… T100 LT should get at least 25 tons of weight i really cant understand how a tank with that ammount of armour has so litle weight… unbeleaveble… i can accept that it has less weight then WZ-132-1 because it is smaller and WZ has a great thick torret but the mass diference sould be litle, 25tons is a reasonable weight for T-100 LT. WG just give it its proper mass and adjust the power to weight ratio of that tank give it more or less the same hp/t ratio then WZ 132-1 and AMX 13 105, and you can give it a litle buff to agility buff its traverse and terrain resistence to give it even better hability to avoid incoming fire.. T-100 LT will remain the best active spoter of the traked light tanks but will be less OP and even will give it a new fun feature… Rammimg capacity!!! There is other thing that i think it could be diferent and that is the view range… T-100 LT, Sheridan, WZ 132-1, Panhard EBR 105, and Panzerwagen are great with their view range but AMX 13 105 and Manticore should get better view range, +10mts of view range in AMX and 20mts on Manticore would make them great!!!

  10. i would like to see this line given a huuuuge camo buff. make them the stealthiest LTs by a large margin. Leave everything else total crap.

  11. Why is this thing so tragically awful? You don’t have to buy Serb any hookers and blow to drive it.

  12. At least it’s not another OP light tank that completely nullifies the competitive ability of most vehicles. What’s the point of playing anything that isn’t a fast light or medium tank?

  13. Oh boy the review for the Upsetter!

  14. Wargaming is old news man. They have let the game completely die. It’s just one premium tank after another. No attempts at balance, no new maps. Movin on

  15. Qb u sound so defeated in this video 🙁

  16. At least now I have an excuse for enjoying my terrible but attractively quirky Tier 10 German light tank: It could be worse. It could be British.

  17. Νικος Χριστινιδης

    The dpm is really horrid but as far as the alpha dmg goes i have one word for you “Panther”

  18. so the tech three is shit . ok ,not youching it with ten foot pole ??

  19. Herlief Swenhaugen

    Now the Panther looks pretty good, huh?

  20. I’m disappointed (but not surprised) that QB doesn’t have the balls to call WG out on this bullshit. He’s the biggest english language WoT streamer, so they might actually listen. Instead he just says it’s bad with a whimper so as not to make Serb angry.

  21. Idk what it is about this tank, but the visual model is straight up fire

  22. Maybe fore the premium tank, it’s ok, but not fore the regular, IMHO.

  23. Gonna be honest QB, it might be time to start diversifying your channel. This release makes it pretty clear WG has completely stopped giving a fuck. I used to be pretty skeptical of claims that WoT was dying; I thought those people were hyperbolic and over-dramatic. But if this is the kind of quality control we’ll be seeing going forward I’m really concerned for the game’s future. And you can’t make a living making videos about a dead game.

  24. Compare this tank to the Type 64 lol this seems like a tier 4 compared to that

  25. Thank you QB. I really do not understand why WG put the line in as-is. It was clear from the testserver that the line is below subpar.

  26. Grievous Woundess

    WG staying true to form.  If its British make it suck or so unenjoyable to play no will go into the British line.  AT2 anybody?

  27. Quicky speaks as he feels. Good on him!!

  28. I played this tank while remaining as frugal as possible. It’s the worst decision i’ve ever made. My M3G FT makes more credits than this tank tbh, and it’s 4 tiers lower than this.

  29. 7:54 it says turret armor of the side of cmcd is 0…NONEXISTENT

  30. this light is do baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

  31. Photographer Jiri Kuchar

    Tragedy WG!!! Fix it please ???

  32. For being the worst tanks in the game- they should at least be the least expensive to research in the game.

  33. Matias Morales Priori

    @Quickybaby You seem to be so burned out with this game lately…

  34. At least it’s not line of hot wheels

  35. Who is this tank for?

  36. Trying to like light British tank line but it like driving a pinata everyone just smashes u.

  37. 135 damage with a 6 SECOND RELOAD WHAT? that’s just HORRIBLE!

  38. HE rounds on that have a lower DPM than AP rounds on the other light tanks oh my lord

  39. “The Shitter”

  40. Its funny how unenthusiastic you sound ?

  41. You should not be able to carry games in a light tank. You are there to spot and support. I do understand that this tank is shit as none of the stats are good. But lights should not be able to dominate.

  42. Pray for our Aufklärung panzer panther ❤️

  43. Are the British light tanks going to be on the Xbox one console on world of tanks as some of the updates take fairly long time to arrive to the Xbox one console and I end up not playing on world of tanks as the updates take a fairly long time to arrive to Xbox one console. If anyone else is on world of tanks and the new British light tank line comes out please let me know thanks

  44. Didnt play it but killed it already 🙂

  45. At least they are not overpowered

  46. Honestly, they would’ve been fun 5 years ago…

    Now; with wheelies and worse maps: not so much

    Also how does this tank play in a T9 game? Lol?

  47. Hi! I have just started the game 2 days ago. I play on my phone. What should be the first line to grind? I am already grinding the kv 1. Please let me know 🙂

  48. Batbayar Batdelger

    UPsetter 😛

  49. I feel like it would have made more sense for these British lights and wheeled vehicles to trade guns. Wheeled vehicles would have insane mobility with a kind of crappy gun and the British would have the high pen HE/HESH, but the tanks are kind of bad.

  50. Needs a bit more damage and less reload time and only then it will be good

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