World of Tanks || Setting a Trap – Teamwork #12

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How to set a trap to overcome a superior enemy team – emphasising teamwork with Ikzor in the T10 American heavy the .

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a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Hey guys I hope you like this insight into teamwork and setting an ambush!

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Great video QB :D

  3. YES been waiting so long for entertainment

  4. nice

  5. mojimax multigamer

    hey first comment

  6. mojimax multigamer

    can i have tips for the t28 prot it is shit!

  7. yay lower than 301 :D

  8. awsome

  9. Is for Claus is for to try for to gets somethings straight. Is Quick Baby
    is say is have to be very careful is for to be so tricky situation is for
    to be so goods team for be enemy. looks enemy is so goods looks enemy is
    39% for chance looks how goods enemy is for to be for all goods enemy is
    for to go hills is so tricky is so hards is so goods enemy player. Is
    true? NO! For whats is for to happen? all goods enemy for be on hill for
    Quick Baby and for IK gets for hill so whats do all goods enemy? Is for
    shoots and fights? NO! Is for takes cover for behinds church for takes
    shots for kill Quick Baby and IK? NO! Is for focus fire for 1 tank for to
    kills? NO! Is for to pulls back for to gets hulls down for far side hill?
    NO! Is for to points fronts armor for at enemy? NO! Whats for do all
    goods enemy for to have 61% chance for win? Is all runs way like stupids
    littles girls for see spider! Looks me I so goods enemy. Is for I be so
    goods I for wins hill! Looks me oh oh looks two heavies tank runs way runs
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    So goods enemy! So tricky is situation! Is take Quick Baby ands IK for
    37 seconds for to kills all “goods enemy” LOL! Is so tricky! Is so goods
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    Quick Baby ands IK is for to play smarts for just drives straight for
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    situation” is for be really just for to have hill full of stupids scared
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    full of chickens for when lets fox inside! Is all runs round like stupids
    chicken! Is goods video Quick Baby. Claus is for to like for watch all
    stupids runs way. 

  10. Hey,I have a question. So I’ve installed freecam mod for replay but I don’t
    know how to toggle it :/ please help,thanks.

  11. T110e5 is very good medium tank

  12. 1000 WN8 = good player? Yeah… sure maybe in your wet dreams, good player
    is +/- 1450. 1000 WN8 player is just average not good.

  13. Off to the live stream I go!

  14. Typical scumbag unicum jerk sacrificing a friendly T-62A so he can pad WN8
    and win rate 😛
    EDIT: Is this not obviously a joke? Apparently I thought the “:P” tongue
    thingy meant I was joking or something :(


  16. Love your vids QB! One question plz, I have always used your xvm mod pack
    and I like it a lot but it doesn’t have the “on the spot” stats after each
    game like I see on your vids. The one with the colored bars next to each
    player on the results page and your stats for that specific match n such.

  17. many thanks for your tips I have learned so much and continue the good work

  18. Quickybaby what HD tanks are you looking forward to the most? im assuming 2
    of them will be the Comet and the Cromwell but what will the rest of yours
    be? (the cromwell personally is probably one of my top 5 favorite tanks to
    play at tier 6 along side the kv-2, t-34-85, arl 44 and the sherman jumbo)

  19. quickybaby I have te mission wit my medium tank to set a tank on fire how
    to do this the best plzz help quickybaby 

  20. I was in my stock comet yesterday and I managed to get 3 kills and held a
    flank by myself but even though I was the only decent player but that’s the
    thing I always do well but my team collapses just to quickly and that’s why
    my Win Rating is stuck at 48.7

  21. One really important skill i have learned through experience in this game
    is judging when you should sacrifice you own hp in order to make sure that
    your team keeps most of theirs. this is something i often do in my e 100
    because i will throw my tank in front of enemy guns to absorb all of the
    hits then my team will usually recognizes what i just did and then take
    advantage of it but you cant do something like that in a tiger because in
    that tank you need to conserve your hp rather than risking it.

    i have also noticed that the statistically better players (usually not
    better than the regular orange player in my opinion) will usually call you
    a noob for trusting your team and leave you to die where as the
    statistically worse players will genuinely try and speed up the game rather
    than leaving you to die. its part of the reason why i stopped using xvm
    because if i saw a team with mainly greens on my side i would immediately
    assume all of these guys would let me die if i was a aggressive where as
    red players wouldnt. you may think this is bull shit but this has been my
    experience of the game over my 18k games.

  22. Awesome as always, thanks!

  23. What, so bold claims! I am not the only constant factor in my games. There
    is another, but not all know what that is. That another constant is called
    “bad team mates” and they are everywhere. And sometimes, even you are them.
    That’s something you should constantly think about. And by “you”, I don’t
    mean quickybaby but people in general.

  24. How to increase stats and grind easily? Just find some good players to do
    tank company or team battles with. Or at least platoon with them. And make
    sure you have voice chat to communicate with them. 

  25. If you wanna be a good teammate, always read the team list and say what you
    wanna do in the chat. If you see somebody take a flank alone, go help that
    guy. See what he’s shooting at and shoot at the same target. Its gonna take
    away enemies and help you survive. If you see somebody push, help them
    push. Don’t stay back or they’ll get isolated and killed. Often times I get
    a situation where we overload a flank and it’s a perfect opportunity to
    push. So I push and the rest of the team stays back. So I end up dying, the
    targets disappear and theres 10 people camping without targets to shoot at.
    Most importantly, don’t be afraid to say what you wanna do in the chat and
    use the “help” and the “follow me” and the “requesting fire at” commands.
    Communicate and be courteous. 

  26. Hey I realy enjoyed the team work you did:) On my world of tanks account I
    bought the chaffe that I have no idea how to play:/ So please do a epizode
    of It! Great video keep up the good work:) And thank you for making world
    of tanks awesome! :D

  27. Lol at like minute 6:20 something he said popsibble rather than possible.
    Hearing that made me want a Popsicle.

  28. +QuickyBabyTV I really enjoy all of your videos and most of they help my
    gameplay! I don’t expect a response but one would be awesome. thank you for
    your awesome content!!!

  29. I would love to see enemy chat :D

  30. IK AND I

  31. Im part of the Crazy Train [CRYZT] on the NA server, and we believe the
    Cromwell needs to be played as a fast assault gun, AND as a scout tank,
    overwhelming any enemy with 3 Cromwell’s is exceedingly easy. So supporting
    your team, by defending a flank, or by encouraging an assault, is the way
    we play that tank.

  32. Nice video, 🙂 Most of the times wolfpacks of mediums just overrun enemies
    bad this time, you proved them wrong. That was a really nice tactic.

  33. That 13 90 you bounced off of must feel like he was the luckiest scout in
    the world. I don’t understand how you could possibly bounce a 120mm shell
    off a tank with 40mm of armor anywhere; it should overmatch and normalize
    enough to pen from literally any angle.

  34. 666 likes :D

  35. Typical WT-E100 retard, instead of shooting down to Maus and FV183 he went
    to front lines, not penetrating two times from is “UP” tank, blocking
    people behind him and receiving hits instantly going to 1% health. Fucking

  36. Thanks for posting this video QB. Anyone can post a seal-clubbing replay
    where you had a plus 70% win chance against a total tomato team, where no
    skill is required to obliterate them in only a few short minutes. However,
    this replay gives someone like me hope (a fairly novice WoT player with
    below average stats) that with proper skill and teamwork, you can in fact
    turn a badly matched game against you into a total victory! Personally, I
    think WG should implement some sort of bonus XP and/or credits when you win
    a battle that XVM predicted as a total loss for you…

  37. What I really hate is when a statistically good player (or bad but the good
    ones should know better) dies early and then either blames just arty for
    his death, because obviously arty are snipers and are choosing not to hit
    the targets and let them die, or just blame the whole team for the rest of
    the match calling them noobs and telling everyone to report players who
    didn’t go die with them etc. I often feel like just giving up just to prove
    them right, whining in chat after you get yourself killed in the first few
    minutes is rarely anyone but your own fault. I guess asking for some
    maturity in an online game however is totally pointless.

    sad panda :(

  38. GG!! Hi,i am italian and you are good player. Sorry for my English bad!

  39. hey i have a question, i have ~5300 average Damage in my E-100, is that

  40. Am I the only 1 that finds it weird and disturbing that QB chose to show
    tank health in % instead of actual hitpoints….? % is just so useless in
    giving information…

  41. Hey Mr. Fingers, when are you going to make a new intro for your videos?

  42. secretly that 13 90 carried the game and the post game stats are all

  43. Speaking of teamwork and traps….did you look at that replay I submitted
    on your replay site? It was for myself and a clanmate of mine (his name
    was Glaber).

  44. A lot of the time you can play just for the xp. But the important thing
    to remember is that a lot of xp doesn’t mean good performance/good game,
    the xp reward system is just not that perfect and it probably never will
    be. The ultimate goal of the game is to win the match.
    Imagine if WoT had an extremely simplistic xp system. If your team wins
    – everyone gets 1k xp, if your team loses – everyone gets 0 xp. I believe
    that team play would quadruple and selfishness would practically seize to
    exist. People would simply use their tanks to help the team the best they
    can, whether that means doing 0 damage and taking all the hits so that
    others can shoot, scouting not just for the spotting damage but for intel
    on where the tanks are going, or meat-shielding an important player so that
    they could go on to help the team.
    Anyway, i would LOVE it if WG implemented such a system for just 1 week
    on WoT and see if the meta of the game changes (not permanently, this is
    online gaming after all, for a month maybe). 

  45. I won a 26 percent game in a tier 10 battle, me in my T110E3 and a FV215b
    183, total fucked the enemy team, he got 5 kills, I got 4. And 4000 damage.
    So woohoo!

  46. Hey QuickyBaby, how du u find this replay? 🙂

  47. hey quicky, can you put the link for the mods you are using. thanks

  48. Wow
    These guys are setting up elaborate traps and killing entire enemy teams in
    pristine pc graphics

    And I’m just playing blitz, arguing over cap/attack

  49. How to be good at world of tanks… from someone who hasn’t played the game
    1.) Get a vehicle you like
    2.) Learn how to play it
    3.) Learn the strengths and weaknesses of other tanks
    4.) Learn how to play the maps
    5.) Use this knowledge to your advantage
    6.) Do your best and have fun.
    Yes, this is like a game of chess as knowledge helps tremendously but there
    is still much more chance in world of tanks then there is in a game of
    chess. If you lose and you did everything you could to win be happy with
    that :).

  50. Well the most obvious thing people do wrong, is when they don’t play the
    tank type, the way it’s mean to be played. I think heavy tank drivers are
    especially bad at this. How often have you not seen heavy tank drivers all
    the way in the back, trying to snipe with a 0,4 accuracy? That always gets
    me p*ssed off! Or when people just refuse to take that one shot, that could
    enable the killing of one or more enemies.

  51. You know it’s just a game. I’ve seen some really good players have average
    or below average win percentages because of the horrible teams they are on.
    Doesn’t mean they are bad or real good players cause of their win
    percentages. Most of what you call good players from the opposing teams,
    belong to clans and they get real good winning percentages cause of that.
    The world of tank match making system is for crud. Stop micro analyzing the
    game cause it’s just a game folks are trying to have fun playing. 

  52. Hey QB, yesterday I had an epic game in my Cromwell in which I did 2180
    damage, what’s the highest damage you’ve done in yours? One thing I find
    particularly interesting about the battle is that afterwards I didn’t get a
    mark of distinction… :/

  53. William Hetherington

    I think the key to getting better at this game is having a good attitude
    and being confident. When you see a match up where the chance to win is
    something like 39% see it as a opportunity to try and beat the odds and not
    as an instant loss to get upset over.

    I’ll try to explain. Say you play twenty games in a day. If half your games
    have a better than 50% chance to win and you win all or most of them, and
    half your games are lower than 50% chance to win and you manage to beat the
    odds only like two or three times out of ten, then that’s a 60% winrate for
    the day. Keep doing that over a period of time and your winrate will creep
    up and so should your WN8.

    So in theory all you need to do is play really well in two out of twenty
    games and your winrate should improve. The more your stats improve, the
    more often you are of the statistically better team and the less you have
    to play a really good game to beat the odds and improve your stats.

    Even if you can’t win those types of matches then just do the best you can.
    Aim to be the best player on the losing team. At least then you might have
    the opportunity to get a great damage roll whilst all the other players on
    your team die like idiots. Never surrender and never give up, and remember
    that good and bad luck evens out over the course of many battles and the
    only constant factor is you.

  54. QuickyBaby I’ve been watching your streams and videos for about a year now
    and play on the NA server. I want to join QSF and play strongholds, also to
    have a good friendship with the QSF community. The thing is I need to have
    a 52% winrating to join and I cant seem to get above 50-51%. My gameplay is
    good but im limited by my computers performance and fell as though that
    shouldn’t be a factor as to why I cant join QSF.

  55. What I see a lot of players often do (inlcuding myself at times) is
    forgetting to keep an escape route open or get out of dodge when things
    start to go bad. Most of the times you can then reposition and try from a
    different angle to halt the advancement. Can’t influence a game when you’re
    dead ;)

  56. I cringe when you say “Me and Ike”. Sorry Quicky.

  57. infinitelyExplosive

    At 6:43 he did a Battlestar Galactica shaky-cam

  58. I hate heavy campers sitting in the back of the map (epically if they are
    top tier). Or suicide scouts. Its like they throw their tank away! Anyway,
    hope all is well, and I would like another Teamwork viedo. They help me
    improve on my tactics.

  59. Blah blah blah credits blah blah blah stats blah blah i try to blah blah
    its totaly not my fault blah blah blah blah do this blah efficiency points
    and stats

  60. E100 gets nerfed next patch QB, GG

  61. whats your mod that shows the games wn8 in post battle results?

  62. I hate the idiots who think when you spawn north on Himmelsdorf you can go
    to the rubble pile right infront of the enemies on the hill (Where the T49
    was). Its such a stupid position and never works. All that happens is that
    the enemies go to the castle side and are entirely safe from fire AND hull
    down against you. While you sit on the pavement in the open without a
    escape route.

  63. I watched this live on stream. It was really pretty to watch. That was an
    excellent attack.

  64. remember seeing that part live 😛 was good match

  65. Hi QB. can you please add these Teamwork videos to teamwork playlist that
    you created earlier and only videos till #8 are there ? thanks

  66. There is always a location that people expect heavy tanks to go (which they
    mostly do) but sometimes putting your heavy tank in an off spot can throw
    off some players and you can take an advantage that way. Doing things that
    people don’t expect can really throw a wrench in that gear.

  67. haha overconfidence can kill you… and can cost you a game!

  68. ITS A TRAP!

  69. Kattle Prod.uctions

    I play by myself mostly on the XBox 360 version of WoT’s. What I do in
    every single game, is just wait and watch for those first 20 seconds. See
    who is going where, and in what tank, and support them. 

  70. Being a bit of a grammar Nazi here but you said it so many times, it should
    be “Ike and I” not “Me and Ike”. Just saying.D:

  71. ReadMyNamem8xXx_SampleCat_xXx MemeMasterz ftw xDD

    These tactics 2Sneaky4me.

    gr8 b8 m8 i r8 8/8 n0 h8 m8 plz don8 to get l8 ggwp

  72. Nice trap….not sure if the T-62a appreciated being the bait though…lol

  73. Guys, 1 year ago I had like 550wn8 2 tier 10 vehicles in 8k battles with
    47% wn. I started to watch QB livestreams (not videos I talk about live
    streams) and within 4 months my stats were like this 50% wn 1350wn8 11k
    battles (so 700wn8 in 3k battles) avg damage raised from 650 to 1200, right
    now my stats are like 1580wn8 (at december 31st wn8 was 1450) 51.90%wn 15k
    battles 1270 avg dmg and 6 tier X tanks very close to 7th. guys just dont
    rush in enemy lines like idiots and try to save your HP as much as
    possible, play calm and use advatages of your tank (if your tank has nice
    gun precise go snipe, good armor go in first lines, speed go on possition
    where are you close to your enemys but still safe)

  74. well you asked what people can do to be more of a team player in random
    battles. well for a start they can stop being selfish in trying to do
    PERSONAL MISSIONS as the goal in match’s. I watched your stream last night
    and you was losing games constantly and getting very frustrated because you
    was trying to get PM’s done over winning the match. it seemed the only
    match’s you played to win was the ones you couldn’t complete your PM’s in
    EG: kill with out taking damage – you got hit / or kill 3 lights and there
    wasn’t 3 on the enemy team ect. PM’s has encouraged solo play and split the
    chance of working as a team. even if you platoon it can cause frustration
    if say you need to cap out to do your PM and Ikzor needs to kill the last
    enemy player on the team to get his 3rd kill for his PM.
    so with all the nerf’s going to coming out in 9.6 added to this, my
    personal feeling is to uninstall WoT and wait for Armoured Warfare to be

  75. Very nice vid QB. Too bad more players don’t help out their teams like you
    and Ikzor.
    As for other comments on clan battles, yes clans help each other out more
    and because of the ability to communicate by voice with each tank I think
    it’s much easier to coordinate strategy. Been in a stronghold where we were
    outmatched easily in speed so commander had us all hide at base as much as
    we could and sent light to scout. When they showed up, surprise! And we

  76. Shelby Zachary Taylor

    Ike and I, Ike and I…not “Me and Ike”. If the English can’t speak
    proper; then us Americans are screwed!!!

  77. lemming train of idiots rushing one side of the flank and still losing ….

    like two weeks back 12 of our tanks went on hill in himeldorf and lost like
    wtf …

    heavy camping behind the tds and top tier heavy tanks camping base 

  78. QSF website says applications not being accepted.

  79. bounced of a comet turret in rhm borsig with 12,8cm gun…shouldnt that be
    an overpen auto dmg? just like the bounce on the 1390 here..sure angle
    looks like a bounce but its like 20mm armor and pen like 180 or
    more…nonsense imo

  80. How are you mooving on the map in replay?

  81. Thanks for the video QB, good one as usual, I always pick up a tip to think
    of when I play.

  82. Random team mates doing it wrong; ive noticed recently players see a group
    of their team mates surrounded and being ripped apart, and rushing over to
    try and help, but i know as soon as they arrive nobody friendly will be
    left alive and now that tank who’s gone to help is next on the menu.

    I type in chat to defend and stick together and wait for the big group of
    enemys so we can ambush, they dont listen.
    Ive seen half my team wiped out due to rushing 1 by 1 to try and help
    teamates which they will never arrive in time to help.

    Im a big advocate for going with the biggest group of friendlys whatever
    they decide to do, so i can make sure they dont fail, unless i know it is
    certain death.

  83. Man, you seem to play a lot of Command and Conquer! I approve.

  84. Great team work, nice results.

  85. A trap is great, but you usually give up the life of your teammates
    Is this moral ?

  86. How about the WT e100? That tank joined your ambush, not rushing in. At the
    top he helped take the hill.
    Keep up the good work! 

  87. Being a good team player: Think about how the team can win, not how you can
    cash in as much damage and XP as possible. Sometimes both ways of thinking
    lead to the same, but sometimes you have to sacrifice your tank in order
    for the team to win (e.g. flanking a heavy with your medium, getting killed
    by him, but your team can then shoot into his weak side turret armor).
    Sometimes you just need to be somewhere and block a road without doing much
    damage, just so lots of enemy tanks are there and not somewhere else
    (happened when me and my platoon mate kept four tier 6-heavies busy with
    our two tier 4-valentines). Your personal result will suck, but your team
    will have a better chance of winning.

  88. that was indeed one hell of an ambush, well played

  89. Can someone tell me what WN8 is?

  90. It’s a trap!

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