World of Tanks || Settings Guide #TankBetter

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks #TankBetter guide to settings. The default settings in World of Tanks confuse while not providing all the information at your disposal.

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  1. Gamingwithgrandpa420

    This informational approach is great! I have a better understanding of my
    options now, but please keep doing the game play vids.

  2. I can’t seem to find the windowed borderless option in my settings. Is this
    a mod of some sort?

  3. thx qb this helped me so much!

  4. Is that setting mode about game recording also works at other wargaming
    product, or only tanks?

  5. Thaaaanks !!!!

  6. Nice video quickbaby I am not a skilled player so thank you

  7. It’s unfortunate that the penetration indicator doesn’t work in colorblind
    mode, or at least, I can’t see the color changes. It would be nice if I

  8. noahj456 got sponsored to play world of tanks on console, he was given a
    press account. he also thought that wot was new to console ?.

  9. what is ambience volume?

  10. That intro was awesome

  11. Nice to see that WG implement mod ideas into the standard UI but there is
    one thing they missed on that damage tab, in your mod pack you could see
    what type of ammunition ppl was shooting you with but somehow WG “forgot”
    to implement just that into their version.
    That was very help full to a new player like me to know if i angle my tank
    wrong since AP pen me or if he use APCR.

  12. Daniel Gramm (Mÿgzühl)

    Would be nice to get some in-depth knowledge about how the damage-rolls
    work i.e. what distribution is the RNG using? Gaussian? Exponential? What
    is the standard deviation of the distribution etc..

  13. I like this series 🙂 I am old player so I knew everythin in this video,but
    who knows?! maybe,the next video ull post,I may not know everything 🙂 GL
    QB Love your channel and I enjoy your streams very much :)

  14. Jordan VanBlitterswyk

    Love to see more of these videos! As a fairly new player myself this
    information is really helpful! Could you maybe show a video on play styles?
    Ex: how to play in a KV-1 heavy or how to play on certain maps

  15. Marcelo Gutiérrez

    Very good video I’m about to hit 22k battles and didnt knew about the
    horizontal stabilization and the grass inside sniper mode good tips also I
    think you forgot to shout out that 25x zoom wont make your dispersion
    better for every 100m cheers QB

  16. QB, so excited for this series!
    One thing though, if this video about settings why didn’t you talk about
    server reticle?
    Maybe you plan on talking about it later because you mentioned this video
    was about removing screen clutter at the very end?

  17. Thanks :)

  18. Matias San Martín

    8:13 Oh shit, I shit. XD

  19. Thanks QB, appreciate the effort you put into all your content, hope you
    have a great festive season & all the best for next year mate! XD

  20. This seems really stupid, the fact that even game settings can lead to
    unfairness for new and even not so new players. WTF?

  21. Trittan Don delos Reyes

    these are really useful. Thanks!

  22. Nathanael Luttrell

    This video is very helpful to new players like me. Thank you for making it.

  23. The view range system difference between 445m and 500m……

  24. Talking about low rolls, first and only shot fired after unlocking
    jagdpanther 2 top gun low rolls minimum 368…

  25. good tutorial!

  26. Even with 20k+ battles under my belt i had missed a couple of these
    features. Thanks!

  27. Chris Noorman v/d Dussen

    Hey QB you forgot to tell that when your view range is max, you get the
    quantity becomes quality rule. Wich does mean that 550 view range isn’t
    useless, and u might do want to boost it.

  28. I also recommend that if you’re a cheapskate and have a special mouse like
    me, you set your manual fire extinguisher to space bar and your handbrake
    turn to one of the buttons to your mouse.

  29. How did you get the option to have borderless windowed mode? I’m assuming
    that you are using a mod because i do not have that option on my settings
    menu :O

  30. Frankie played like an absolute donkey,playing T110E5 with high explosives

  31. AKOthePERSIANkiller


  32. OMG!!! this totally helped me out! I can’t wait for your next episode. Been
    playing since 2010 and this only proves that lack knowledge of this game.

  33. didn’t even know you had turret stabilization. having trouble wiggling and
    aiming…. I play on console though.

  34. Great job QB!That really helped alot!

  35. thx that you finally explains how the spotting range works so many people
    are stupid and think that you only can spot when your’e close range THX.

  36. I’ve got lots of these settings, but still learnt from this. Great vid,
    thanks QB!

  37. Fantastic! Thanks Quicky. As a noob player this has really helped me.
    Looking forward to seeing the rest of the series :-)

  38. Awesome tips!

  39. can I ask why I can’t chat in the game

  40. quickybaby. you didnt tell players to hit the + key and increase their
    minimap size. the default size is too small for it to be useful.

  41. Quickybaby forgot the first tip always turn off the censor so you can say
    fuck in world of tanks

  42. Lol, the problems is that me and my friends play WoT on the Xbox so
    everything is always different (usually). Our crews are much different from
    yours (I love the Xbox crew setup much better than PC). WoT feels like a
    real good console game adaptation unlike WarThunder on the PS4 which is
    very complex but still fun.

  43. I think QB forgot all of those YT’rs gave zero fucks when they played

  44. I am a brazilian guy and I moved to Germany, but the Wargaming cant move my
    acount to play in european servers, even living in europe I still play in
    USA server, this is a shit(because I play with a big LAG than the
    anothers…). Any sugestion???

  45. good video, useful info. Look forward to the rest of the series. Best of
    luck and thanks.

  46. this was actually useful.well done

  47. How do you play in windows borderless mode in world of tanks?

  48. thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I know I am not a good player but love this game. This will help

  49. I’ve got a couple of UI/XVM mods I use that I really miss from your modpack.

    1) Tank carouselle vehicle info. In short it overlays thumbnail with info
    like tank specific winrate/MoE progress/Ace tanker badge/Number of
    games/average damage and avarage damage done by everyone else in this tank.
    This might be a nice way to give more visual feedback in the stream too
    while selecting tanks (Aslain)

    2) Crew info in battle. Think it is bound to my backspace key now, shows
    crew/skills/modules of the tank I am playing.

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