World of Tanks || SHAME ON YOU!

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks Ó . Today IÙm talking about different equipment loadouts and how they can lead to moments where youÙll have your enemies saying Ütrick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, shame on meÝ!


World of Tanks is a online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.

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  1. the video thumb nail was dumb had nothing to do with the video

  2. 0:40 magic sand bag

  3. back in the day, when the T18 was a tier 2 TD and people were sealclubbing like crazy, i ran a spalliner on my H35 to cheese them and it worked wonderfully

  4. Wounder how well this would work for you in something like the Jagerroo

  5. Lol green shirt on green screen

  6. This is the only thing that honestly aggravates me. It’s the one tank I love more than any other, love it’s game play, the way it feels and it’s monster dpm. However on xbox one, anyone you practically go against hits your little shield just in front of your armor where the cannon is situated and you actually take damage. I don’t understand if that’s suppose to be the way it is, or they’ve messed something up on the xbox one. I didn’t see a single tank, specifically that German TD with the tier 10, go to shoot the little shield-like armor piece. I might need some information on this.

    It’s the only thing that bothers me about this vehicle, every single shot in receive goes straight through even though there’s over 200 mm of armor behind it. Just mind boggling.

  7. only way to beat Tortoise with consistency is to work with arty and flank it…if you have no arty…keep it tracked in any event if you outspot him, avoid it until you can wipe rest of his team and take him on at end. If you can outscout him and snipe…praying you have enough ammo to wear him down…you must watch your ammo count, because if you can’t pen, all you gonna do is give him armor medals til yer outta ammo. HE can do funky tricks if you get a lucky pen or burn his repairs and crew revives away. If you can pen engine…HE him right after that and light his ass on fire.
    Reminds me of when I used AT2 and beat the crap out of enemy team time, and time again, tho AT2 has no alpha…but has shitload of RoF with decent pen for it’s tier. Derpin with AT2 is likely to fail.

  8. Always had to use two repair kits on Japanese heavies as their ammo rack seems to be a wicker basket hanging off the side of the tank.

  9. First

  10. I’ve reinvested in heavy spall liners for some of my tanks recently after getting arty focused, E75 being one of them, but also my T-10 too, even though it’s fast, it really suffers when you get 3 arty focusing you down on open maps and I have had arty literally drain my HP to 0 in some games without any hits from any other tanks.

  11. Have you heard of a super heavy Russian tank called a kv6. From what’s on Google it’s totally mad. I hope you can look into this just for fun. My load out’s on most of my tanks are 2 repair kits and medical kit and my equipment is what varies depending on how I want to play the battle

  12. Why’s the video called Shame On You? Did I miss something?

  13. Douglas Campbell

    I always run a super heavy spall liner in my Jageroo.
    I also take a few HE rounds to. Nothing like doing module damage with that 17cm gun when you want a laugh.

  14. I use a spal liner on my E100…It seems to work.

  15. I hate this tank and find you really have to be in a battle that plays to its one only good strength the fire rate. You can clearly play it better then I do, but I still hate it.

  16. if you use a prem first aid kit, you would get an additional 10% chance in crew not getting hurt to add to the spall liners ratings…

  17. I use a superheavy spall liner on my TOG.

  18. having the cyclone filter on the a-44, along with two repair kits and the good 76 mm gun, its a russian cromwell that losses its tracks and engine alot 😀 but its super fun

  19. Excellent as always QB, thanks. I do not understand the “Shame On You!’ though. Care to explain?

  20. Hey Will, (it is Will isn’t it?) Can you tell me what ‘meta’ means exactly? It’s probably something I should know, but I seem to have missed what it means in the 8 years I’ve been playing (not sarcasm). Thanks mate, love your work.

  21. I’ve just under 3 secs repair time on my T95. Works great.

  22. quite smashing, indeed

  23. can we have a review of the T-43 tier 7 soviet medium? im currently playing it and it sucks.

  24. I will definitely be trying this!

  25. add in the consumables thats only 11000 credits profit and if you dont get that result everytime your bankrupt

  26. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    Phly daily uploads a video on the tortoise seconds before this one….hmmmm…shame on you QB

  27. Shame on you? Didn’t get why this title…

  28. I think higher tier tanks need to be made more profitable. Nobody should have an amazing game and not use that many premium shells or consumables and have such a low profit. Sometimes in my FV4005 I fire mostly AP and a HESH shell here and there. If I lose like 700 HP I immediately have a 40 K credits repair bill. It completely destroys the high tier experience.

  29. Just spam HE if u see QB playing Tortoise. likely his crew will get kill and cripple.

  30. The National Socialist American Workers' Party

    War Thunder coming to Xbox has spoiled me, I uninstalled this garbage. It’s amazing not having RNG dictate everything you do. Need to snipe a tank 1km away? No problem, your shots won’t be going every which way however they feel like. Not to mention if I get tried of playing tanks I can jump into a Stuka or ship without switching games. I’m just waiting for WoT on console to die off completely once WT is out of early access. It’s inevitable at this point.

  31. Lol. Gets penned from the front with gold spamming, and didn’t mention it at all.

  32. oh cool, when I was newer I bought a few large repair kits to hold on my tanks for the repair boost. Cool to see it done by a pro

  33. fuck quickdick and his preferential accounts

  34. Pegasus Aquarium

    Okay so I’ve been losing interest in world of tanks, but I want to know a way to get back into it. Any suggestions for an entertaining tank line?

  35. that has the full tier 10 tank destroyer gun 3NINETY FIVE MM OF HEAT PEN (0_0)

  36. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    what is up with youtube lol. i paused the video and kept going?

  37. Good job on the thumbnail qb

  38. On some vehicles (scouts) I have removed the mandatory Gun Rammer. Therefore I can use use Binos and Optics on scouts. On scouts, when one uses them for spotting, you will not fire from one position over and over and use the DPM. Instead you fire just once, get unspotted, relocate, wait for the spot and fire again. So it is not that important to have a Gun Rammer as it is on Heavies or Mediums.

    And killing Arta without a Rammer is more fun as they “fight” for another second 🙂

  39. I would put my money on the leopard instead of the 103 0 the leopard was also healthy and was in close quarters with the 103 0 and we all know how flexible those swedish TDs are

  40. Why not improved repair kits as equipment and usual repair-medkit-tea?

  41. Playing the IS4 with the same setup

  42. Also spall liner helps with some heavies when you are sure most of the enemy team will be type 5 and be alike, eg you are playing ranked and everyone is hulldown so game is down to who can outlast incoming HE shell splash. (Assuming you are in is7, sconq or anything doesn’t give an option other than HE spam to the other party when perfectly hulldown.

  43. 5% premium rounds

  44. the tomatoplayer in the pzkw VII did a decent job too…..he is red player but in this case he support your win!

  45. On my T95 I use enhanced repair kit and BIA and repair skill on all crew to have super fast track repair to mitigate people tracking me all the time.

  46. This is what happens when arty leaves QB unchecked

  47. yup, I’ve been using two repair kits for the past year.. plus usually a small medicine kit to recover knocked out crew. works well for my aggressive style of play in heavy tanks and heavy tds.

  48. Very nice! I use 2 repair kits and a large med kit in my T95 and T110E3 all the time.

  49. hey guys its quicky baby and heres another clickybaity title

  50. *SHAME ON YOU*

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