World of Tanks – She Works Hard For The Money

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Source: The Jingles

Donna Summer once famously sang “She Works Hard For The Money” but I doubt she ever had to work as hard as some these guys.

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  1. man, that dumb jagtiger, should have backed up instead of pushing forward at a medium tank

  2. excellent!

  3. 8:36 How the fuck did this shot hit? If you go frame by frame, the T49 was completely behind the ridgeline before he shot at it.

    • How do you think? notice the movement of his aim recticle like at 9:02 or even better at 10:01 hits on the move twice the Renagrade then notice how he suddenly snaps to Schwarpanzer 56 at 10:13 on the ridge line even though he has a enemy tank directly in fornt of him..Notice especially when he’s battling the obj 430 12:49 how his aim recticle sticks to obj weak spots completely out of sync with his aim pointer…
      Yeah he’s using the new imporvement aimbot form warpack lol…

  4. 3:25 Jingles I think the technical term is called UNO reverse card!

  5. so many more mountain goats incoming XD

  6. Soviet tank gun is like soviet life: No depression.

  7. 7:20 only 2 huh? Guess you’ve been away for too long Jingles

  8. The Mighty Giggles and another good video.

  9. what the fuck is a Leppard?

  10. Very normal tortoise gameplay

  11. Eight minute average game on PC. Twice as long as the average game on console. Oh wait I just thought of something else.

  12. Very few of them last the full 15 – that’s what she said.

  13. When the EBR came around the corner on so little health attacking from behind, I thought, surely the secondaries will finish him off…… 😛

  14. Really pleased to see the T55A in today’s video, it’s one of those tanks I really like, so much so that I bought a 1/35 kit of one…Now I’ve seen today’s video I’m going to go and finish building it!! Cheers Jingles.

  15. So if it’s stupid and it doesn’t work, is it still stupid?

  16. Using prem ammo is no different than using a prem repair kit or AFE
    IDK why people still think a player should not use it
    With Penetration RNG and over armored tanks I think you’d be a fool to NOT carry some
    I also think that complaining about it is a last ditch effort to defend poor gameplay by the complainer

  17. jingles i just saw u uploaded a mechwarrior video, i never knew u liked that series why don’t u ever feature it? there is a f2p mechwarrior online game but idk where to start on it and i don’t know if its any good.

  18. 1:47 thought my phone was ringing for a second there. was so quiet I thought my headphones was blocking the sound lol.

  19. 7:20 well AKCHULLY Jingles, it’s a reward tank, not a premium.

  20. yeah I guess Jingles hasn’t heard of the expedition reward tanks

  21. Pfff be a while since i watched a WoT replay, that T55A… how many times did he sit still while fighting and reloading, always keep moving keep angling, he gave flat armour to two enemies at a time multiple times… trash play. Bye bye Jingles

  22. At least it was just 2 Tortoise.

    *Imagine seeing 2 Object 268/4 instead of Tortoise.* XD

  23. Out of Curiosity why does no one play the Badger? you hardly ever see one in the team lists of high tier replays.

    • Slow, easily penned by gold in front, needs specific situation to shine (defending hull down against assaulting tanks that don’t flank it).

    • @Brave Home That’s all armoured TD’s slow and easily penned by those who roll their face over the 2 key.

    • @Ushio01
      I don’t know. For some reason I have far more success in my T110E3, T-95 and TS-5 than I do in my Badger. I think it may be the Badger’s flatter turret presentation, which allows gold to more easily pen it than the other tanks (when shot at by similar tiers 10×10, 9×9, 8×8)

  24. Someone was watching too much of Bo and Moe – chuckling away to themselves, perhaps? Ah! That good old Taco Bell Liberation Front ‘I couldn’t give a fiddler’s f*c% – it was fun ..’ spirit at work. And that’s why we can’t have nice things. Bliss.

  25. T55A also has lower frontal armor than the T54, jingles…

  26. People who do not fire HE on tanks with no HP left 🙂

  27. i actually think the T55s A is better than the T54s, because it only has 1 weakspot at the roof unlike the t54 with 2 weakspots

  28. Andrews Art & Scale models

    Unless you are on the Asia server where most battles end in a draw!

  29. Theres nothing like watching a maus do this.

  30. A C T U A L L Y Jingles, there are more than 2 tier IX premium/reward tanks in the game.

    Jingles? What are you doing with that shotgun?

  31. “5% of gold rounds fired”…

  32. In fairness to the pair of testudos in the first clip, the bigger problem was that one of them was still running around with the 32 pounder instead of the 120. Had the 2nd guy had the 120, better outcomes would be likely.

  33. Who dareth dislike sir jungles magnificent scripture?

  34. jingles the T-55A has arguabaly the better turret than the T-54 (1 less cupola and a bit heavier armour) so it’s easy to see that the Obj. 430 can bounce multiple times

  35. My battles last 15 minutes due to campers sitting at the back.

  36. iirc Jingles, the T55a has a better turret, but worse hull than the T54

  37. I just had THE TALK with the specialist. She encouraged me and the rest of the family to come in and visit my Mum in the hospital. During the pandemic. We also discussed resuscitation, which they think is not worth it in Mum’s case due to quality of life. So, thanks Jingles, you are a bright spot in the day these days.

  38. Damn that dogfight in the T55 was absolutely amazing! I don’t think i’ve seen a fight like that since that crazy SU-122-44 video!

  39. Go on, how many of you thought I was going to magically win that 1v6 😀

  40. Do you know what you just did by featuring this first replay? The fallout from this could potentially hurt gameplay for weeks on end. Use you NAVY training! Something you have obviously forgotten. Why would you do this? Words escape me. Can’t believe you did this.

  41. is it not time to get a new intro for wot 🙂 ?

  42. maybe it ws rng?

  43. Sharing the hill with a couple of Tortoises. How can that be? My answer, the one I use most in chat – LOOK AT YOUR F**KING MINI MAP!!! Not surprising at all. Well played to all, especially the T55 player. What a game!

  44. the Tortoise last stand is Sabaton-song worthy

  45. WOW. Great Match at the end!

  46. Did u see Nvidia broadcast is now out???

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