World of Tanks || Sheridan – Tank Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

of – Sheridan. Let’s take a look at the brand new T10 American light tank the Sheridan which has the option of 105 and 152 mm guns!

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  1. Anthony Marandola

    “I think it’s time to whack on that bigger gun.” -Quickybaby

  2. when QB jumped I was thinking
    The 2 Heavies: We are safe here.

  3. Wargaming Super Noob


  4. AMX 13 105, because I already have 13 90.

  5. They still had these when I joined the Army in the early ’90s. I was never a tanker but I had some friends who worked with the Sheridans. The Sheridan was not missed when the Army finally got rid of it.

  6. It’s funny watching QB force out a positive review for a tier 10 light after his furious denunciation of WG’s asinine nerfs.

  7. Those were The only ones

    That was awesome

  8. So what is the point of playing a light tank again? A medium tank can do just about everything better now.

  9. So, basically, unless you want a little more speed..there’s no reason to play a light tank anymore. Mediums can pretty much do the same or a bit better than you can in your light. Way to make a class of tank useless wargaming..goodjob.

  10. 500th comment

  11. how about we not get any tier 10 Lt so they buff them

  12. wargaming are a pare or retards for nerfing the light tanks there is no point playing them. the only thing they have is mobility but the maps are not big enought to fully use it

  13. 17:07 At this very moment Quickybaby realized, he fucked up.

  14. I have been unable to play…

  15. 8:45. “Yes it totally makes sense for LIGHT tanks to have equal or less view range than mediums”-

  16. I wonder how often if at all QB reads our comments. QB we need to protest against the mutilation of light tanks such as the RU-251.

  17. -_-wtf tier 6 and tier 10 with the same gun

  18. Nuclear Disco Donkey


  19. The Sheridan definitely looks like the best T10 Light tank, in my eyes. It is still AWFUL compared to the mediums. WG, why the stupid nerf? #SaveTheLights

  20. I will go for WZ 132 1 WHY?? Well it is very fast, it has very good frontal turret, alpha dmg is still 390, with best standard pen over any other LTs, and it is the heaviest tier 10 LTs, means it can ram other light tanks and some mediums as well such as the Tier 9 B C 25 t AP and some arties, too.

  21. Love the Sheridan in real life, AT missiles and HE rounds from the same gun, just insane

  22. Christopher Wilson

    definitely going for Sheridin!

    think it’s a great tank!

  23. Light tanks are only really fun if they are super fast and you can zip around the map early on or at the end of a match so that probably means the German tier 10 light for me.

  24. lol see u later

  25. Th3_Pr0ph3cy / AP

    The Sheridan with the 152mm is useful to dig out overpowered hulldown russian heavium tanks and totally tilt them.

  26. Did you know the M551 Sheridan had aluminum armor?

  27. Worst update ever in WoT, game is unplayable…

  28. Christian Kofod Riber Kjær

    tirst tier 10ligt is the Germans tank

  29. I still believe that a huge improvement to this game would be that light tanks would be unable to pen the true heavies (E5, Maus, Type 5 heavy etc) no matter what. Frustrating to have a tier 8 light picking apart a Maus or Type 5.

  30. I have T71 which i used to get T69 and i ll continue to Bulldog

  31. this was really unsatisfying, quickybaby

  32. Cigans No Sabilles

    This isn’t a PREVIEW, it’s a REVIEW.

  33. I Going Rhm pz Because I Dont have Other Lights ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  34. how did he make his map so big?

  35. The sheridan is probably the only t10 light that isnt much worse than the meds, the t100 is a good scout and can be played but the amx for example is just worse than the batchat

  36. The Sheridan was lightly armored because it was designed to be air-dropped in support of airborne forces. Its gun was a smooth-bore gun to use a AT missile (Sheleigh). I have read the recoil was so bad that it messed up all the optics in the turret when fired.

  37. Hi QuakeyBoobey i am a Cromwell 😀

  38. Currently i dont own the sheridan, but in the future i will play it with the durp ofcource. The durp makes it more unique. Just like i would not play without an outloader on french lights.

  39. only HD??

  40. still think they should have given it the 90mm and had it at tier 9 with the production Sheridan with 105mm at tier 10. Hate how lazy WG were with the the American LT line

  41. My Scorpion G bounced off the front of a Sheridan this morning… 14mm is just too much

  42. this game has a very toxic community.

  43. Why would you do a review on a tank you don’t even have yet?
    And is it really necessary to roll your R’s all the time?
    It was nice to see you comparing the stats, and those were nice games, but come on, it invalidates your premise.

  44. anyone knows why EU servers keep crashing every evening ? it hapens 3days on a row when my clan have clan wars deam WG cant handle servers ?

  45. give it an atgm that’s fair

  46. Pls amx 13 105 next

  47. René's Video Ecke

    wie ich so leute hasse die auf der hochfahrt einfach stehen bleiben und dann alles versauen!!!!?

  48. Frederick Burkert

    KV2-Bulldog ???? Bulldog was nerfed 40% less shells for same reload so now it’s just a puppy

  49. you at tankfest this year qb?

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