World of Tanks || Sherman Firefly Schnitzel

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Today SchnitzelTruck from the NA server is going to show you how to roll in the brand new T6 the !

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. 1 St comment! I love u <3!

  2. I hope you guys enjoy this replay as much as I did, can’t wait to get into
    the Firefly tonight!

    I’m LIVESTREAMING right now!

  3. second lol

  4. well done

  5. the fuck?

  6. 6th :P

  7. wheres peppy
    or minecraft streams ?

  8. I wonder when the idiot with the “noob, luck only game” comment will post
    his shit :)

  9. Actually, it was famous for being the first Allied tank that could
    penetrate the Tiger II frontally with the use of APDS ammo. That’s
    theorethical as it seems that no Firefly ever faced a Tiger II. Soviet 85mm
    guns didn’t have problems penetrating Tigers. They weren’t “special” in
    1944 anymore since the T-34/76 was entirely replaced by the T-34/85 by
    then. That’s when the IS-2s rolled out as well. Of course, if we’re talking
    about the gun itself, it is one of the first that could easily penetrate a
    Tiger frontally with standard ammo. I’m not sure about details, but both
    the T-34/85 with the redesigned 85mm AA gun and the 17pdr came out of
    production around late 1942.

  10. You got kicked out of your house ?

  11. I’ve waited so long to be in the 301 club, but finally..


  13. It’s awesome how that Chaffee stuck with him…exactly what he should be
    doing even though his stats where bad

  14. i play wot to my name is stroyweb

  15. This tank is shit… Cromwell over it anyday…

  16. does the tank gets good mm ?

  17. look at the other team though…. you can be in a go kart with a paintball
    gun and still beat those fools. 

  18. That kv2…. waiting for stalin to show up from hell? duh

  19. Anyone notice the background of were he is recording 

  20. The dead death toaster looked so unrecognizable as if three CGCs had hit

  21. another unicum select game huh terrible

  22. o-lol… I NEEEEED THIS TANK SO BAAAD!!! I absolutely love the way the TOG
    rips apart everything even from a distance. And now we have the same
    ability… ON A SHERMAN. Oh shut up and take my money!!! XDD

  23. that dpm o_O

  24. he is obviously a good player looking at his stats – but against tier 4
    tanks it does take something away from the result of this match

  25. my friend got 9 kills in a KV-1

  26. That is a great name – schnitzel truck. That gun seems pretty darn good.

  27. The sound is out of sync A LOT

  28. Okay now the sound is ON sync

  29. so its is a tiger (microtiger) good name :P

  30. that kv2 had the 122mm not 152

  31. 0:23:
    The troll region, is that where KV-2’s are made? :3

  32. 4:55, if that was me, it would’ve been like, my first shot bounce, second
    shot pen, he pen me for high roll, then KV2 finish me. This happens like
    all the time to me. 

  33. I think the fury is better because its raid of fire is better and its dpm
    is better

  34. Just. OP. GUN.

  35. Just had a game in my kv-2 where a guy kept ramming me and pinning me to
    wall. XVM said he was new, so i ket it go. But then and kept doing it.
    Turned and shot him. One day ban now :(

  36. I really wonder why there are sooooo much deep red players at lower tiers.

  37. Looking forward to this tank, the gun seems really nice in all aspects but
    the mobility of the vehicle…
    I don’t think that it will beat the Cromwell though, it’s agility makes it
    superior imho.

  38. Pretty fun to see how OP a purple player is on low tiers

  39. You have an alienware ?

  40. QB why don’t you play war thunder?

  41. can u show us some 113 gameplay

  42. I hate mortars so much. I can not describe how much i hate them. Fuck

  43. It’s too slow, too inflexible. It’s like the obj. 416 – more like a tank
    destroyer than a medium. Which i guess fits this TD line perfectly. Anyway,
    i don’t think i’d like it.

  44. Ha! I played with this guy earlier! He was like ‘What’ You want ze
    schnitzel? and proceeded to wreck my team

  45. I wonder how the Firefly compares against the Easy8?

  46. awesome gun, but im worried it will be nerfed in gun handling. but the way
    i see it one german med gets a low pen high alpha gun and one russian med
    gets an awesome gun (t-34-85) and this gets a high pen gun

  47. Great replay! Thanks for sharing

  48. This thing looks more overpowered then a T-34-85… Wow I think I need to
    get this thing

  49. Burn the land and boil the sea, you’ll never take the sky from me!

  50. 3:14 I expect Chuck Norris to kill you.

  51. QB, I really appreciated that you left just enough (1 1/2 lines) of the in
    game chat. Schnitzel was AWESOME with his comments in the chat. the chat
    was almost as much fun as watching them get owned… even better with both.
    well done SchnitzelTruck 

  52. firefly is pretty much a panther with less armor at tier 6

  53. SchnitzelTruck was really being a dick throughout the entire battle, and
    for no apparent reason. He gets nothing out of saying those things to both
    the enemy and his team, besides distracting himself from the battle and
    making somebody dislike him.

  54. So this is basically the new tier 6 favourite, replacing the Hellcat.

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    shoots me in ass and for one camper for who sits in tree! 

  56. I’m not sure if i should download WoT again, Firefly seems pretty fun. So
    much pen doesn’t even require of you to aim in a tier 6 battle. How’s the
    T-34/85 for that matter? It’s the only tier 6 medium i haven’t played
    besides the Firefly.

  57. I think the Sherman fireflys upgraded turret is good I bounced a jpanther 2
    twice with that turret

  58. Good, a replay that actually showed off player skill and situational
    awareness instead of a retard player going yolo and getting lucky. These
    are the types of replay that should be shown more often.

  59. i nearly cryed at9:38 when this camping tomato-clicker- fuck killed the
    chaffee in TD mode. thats the reason why arty is the most unfair thing in
    world of tanks.

  60. that chaffee at the end followed around the firefly like a lost puppy…he
    should have done some more movement away from the firefly to do his job

  61. ohhhh yea… my platoon mate

  62. where are you in this comentary?!?

  63. This replay shows us why world of tanks is shit. These guys were terrible

  64. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Great tank, but the mobility sucks, I often find myself chasing the battle
    especially when we are winning. Cromwell is better if you have the skill to
    drive it.

    Great game anyway, nice tactics and a lot of luck :)

  65. armor of the firefly isnt correct there where parts welded on that made its
    frontal strong

  66. Damn all dem snapshots. This machine seems to be pretty accurate on the

  67. I played the Firefly on the CT server, but not the normal server. I don’t
    know if I’ll ever get it, but I definitely want to go up the other British
    medium line first.

  68. Still the cromwell, in the cromwell I always feel that I have a chance its
    just so damn versatile, while it still not just a jack of all trades cause
    the mobility is a real joy on that. 17pdr would be lovely on the comet

  69. People complain about lucky bad players getting a great game, then complain
    unicum players getting an outstanding game. Then all of a sudden its “oh he
    was top tier, not anything special”. Man people can really find something
    to complain about for everything Quickbaby posts. I guess I shouldn’t be
    surprised, it is the internet after all.

  70. I’m impressed about the Sherman Firefly on what it do in a Tier 6 game but
    its really a good tank from what I see from here. Congrats for that guys
    pool medal in the Firefly.

  71. bet jingles is happy that a new GUP saunders tank i in the game

  72. Nice tank, I’m on the grant, at the moment, thanks for the video

  73. “the hull is a tier 5 german”

  74. OP pls nerf

  75. great game!!

  76. -6deg poor gun dep? I would pay gold to have that on WZ-120 and 121….

  77. Ive got the Sherman Firefly to, its in my opinion a great tank.

    Yes mobility is not really awesome, but when you know how to handdle the
    tank correctcly like SnitzelTruck, its a great tanks with a awesome

  78. You assume too much Quickybaby. I do indeed want to know where to find the
    ground you walk on so that I may go there and worship it.

  79. Das ist der schlimmste panzer den ich je hatte, aber die runde gefällt mir.

  80. iM SORRY but youre voice just annoys the crap outa me ;-;

  81. You were in Tirol? Thats 2km from my home!! Nice :)

  82. “But it’s not the hull what this tank is special for…”. Damn it
    Quickybaby, I thought your grammar was good, but now you’ve gone all
    American on us!

  83. No mastery badge with that lvl of Xp!!

  84. After close inspection of the after battle report, you can see that he hit
    the flakbus 3 times. Yet at the end of the match, he killed it in two
    shots. This means that one of his random blind shots towards the unspotted
    flakbus earlier on must have hit him.

  85. Did someone say Schnitzel? :D

  86. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    VK30.02 (M) is a buch better Tier 6 medium 

  87. Culd you make a video of were to stand as a sniper on different maps pls
    need to know

  88. The Firefly is essentially a more mobile Tog

  89. Schnitzel is one of my buddies…and a total badass! Rock on!

  90. Yes Quickybaby as im german, I do actually want to know where you have been
    walking :).

  91. Endlich ein deutsches replay

  92. There are only a few TD’s who play like mediums.
    This is not one of them.

  93. It’s kinda ridiculous that the Black Prince, which uses the same gun but is
    a heavy tank and is a tier higher has a lower rate of fire than the Firefly
    (no Firefly hate)

  94. +QuickyBabyTV wow ! I wanna have these games too ! I got my firefly but I
    still need to get the final 17 pounder ! I think this thing is amazing ! In
    my opinion it’s a Cromwell for smart Cromwell players ! I enjoy the firefly
    more than the Cromwell ! It feels better to drive and I don’t know why ….

  95. It’s a purple guy playing with mostly reds, what’s the big deal?


  96. You can’t play British tanks without national voices on

  97. he really was a dick in chat

  98. How is that recoil working? How? Mine doesn’t work at all.

  99. Hey guys get me to 1,000,000 subs by tonight for free ferrari giveaway.

  100. Am I the only one who thinks this tank looks great? With 171 pen, you can
    even engage a lot of tier 8 tanks head on that the Cromwell could only
    dream to scratching the paint on. Yes, it’s less mobile than the Cromwell,
    but considering the mobility of the Cromwell is why it’s so legendary,
    no-one should be surprised. Basically, you trade maneuverability for a gun
    that just doesn’t bounce, which is a trade I would be happy to make. 

  101. I’m pretty sure Bruce lee killed chuck Norris first

  102. Sherman firefly approved by bruce lee

  103. It’s rather interesting that these restrictions are invented just to
    balance the tank, and really have no reason for being different from the
    other t6 Shermans. The tank shouldn’t have different mobility, for example,
    but is merely to make the tank fit into tier six, and not make the other
    Shermans’ inferior. Could the firefly be overpowered if these special nerfs
    weren’t added? Maybe the most OP tier 6 med?

  104. I think that artillery not sneezing on this guy was one of the deciding
    factors in him winning the game for his team, because as we all know arty
    is fair and balanced… Other than that however it was a pretty flawless
    performance, can’t really fault anything he did in the course of the game!

  105. imo, a little op reload

  106. scnitzel didnt even send this in lol

  107. Nice firefly game. A bit sad tho that the kv-2 and au-100 were so bad. But
    yes ofc that was lucky for him. 

  108. I prefer both depending on the situation and what mood I am in. For me the
    Firefly is an excellent sniper medium and decent brawler while the Cromwell
    is an excellent flanker and scout hunter.

  109. The tank is OP as f*ck! I’ve been kicking ass all night with it. Still
    can’t get Ace…

  110. Not maneuverable as Easy 8. Better gun. that’s all

  111. Woo Hoo that was fun to Watch 🙂


  112. Radley Walters Medel ?

  113. Firefly…..Direct competetion with Easy 8, damnit.
    But it is balanced as far as I concern. 17 pdr’s great at tier 6 and it
    still fires faster than Tog. Back when it was first on test server, it has
    a dpm of over 2700! Not even some tier 10 mediums have that kind of dpm and
    it got nerfed pretty fast, which is good.
    Easy 8 got better speed, mobility, armor and gun handling. And 6 degrees of
    gun depression on a Sherman chassis is definately something to get use to
    cuz Easy 8 got 12……Spider man of the tier 6.

  114. Wargaming was generous to the Firefly. All the reference works I can find
    show the real Firefly as having only 5 degrees of gun depression. As crappy
    as that is its amazing this tank achieved what it did in real life, since
    it could not use terrain as armor like a standard 75mm or 76mm Sherman. I
    guess there must be enough walls, buildings, and hedgerows to hide behind
    in North France and the Low Countries that ridge lines were not needed.

  115. aah this new British line with a bunch of 17pdr, makes Churchill Black
    Prince (Tier 7 HT) feels very very underpowered
    what do you guys think?

  116. Damn and I thought 3.5k damage in my second game was good 

  117. Thanks for making the chat readable +1

  118. Oh my god they killed Chuck Norris, you *bleepsters!*

  119. oh men.. totally lucky game tho!

  120. Surely the Firefly is a tank destroyer not a medium.

  121. Quicky, you always mispronounce the Japanese vehicle names D:

    Chi-he (first part is correct), “he” is pronounced like you would pronounce
    “hell” minus the “l”s.

  122. One purple wn8 vs a team of red wn8 coming at him one at a time….

  123. the firefly seems to be an interesting tank i cant wait to try it myself 🙂
    although i have to say i love the cromwell but i wouldnt even think of
    playing the firefly like i do the cromwell. the best way of thinking of the
    cromwell is like a t44 (a tank i liked a lot) with no armour as in its a
    great brawler whereas the firefly to me at least looks like a panther
    (another really good tank) without the armour.

  124. another one where purple stat padder bashes in some red skulls goddamn
    these vids are getting boring

  125. Hey I play with schnitzel (: awesome to see that he got featured on QB’s

  126. I donno how he didn’t get a mastery badge in that game…or maybe the site
    just doesn’t show it.

  127. the 12Rpm is really dissapointing i really wanted it to hae that 18Rpm

  128. looks like that enemy SU-100 got a bit too hungry for that top gun

  129. Yeah, I see these blue and purple stats players driving around this new
    tank but I can’t remember any gameplay where they actually made some even
    above average result.. but than again, I’m playing mostly tier7 and 8s (for
    WZ111 mission) and that is, probably, not the place where this tank can

  130. This really remonds me of the Panther, except the Panther wishes it could
    be this good. I really like the gun on that. Finally nice to see a medium
    tier American tank that can put up and shut up.

  131. Achiles firefly and challenger sucks they are horrible. the archer and
    charioteer is pretty much the two best.

  132. idk.. aint the firefly work similar to a TD, High Pen, Low dmg, High

  133. I have all shermans ingame soo….

  134. When you are going to play wotblitz and do some replays of blitz?

  135. Good battle. But he should take less gold pussy ammo and take meybe 3-4 HE
    shells. And biggest + he don’t use cheat zoom in like most players. Finally
    somebody who dont have removed bushes in zoom.

  136. why he got no acetanker?

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