World of Tanks || Shoot and Scoot!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today I’m playing in the T8 British destroyer the FV4101 Charioteer showing you why it is the master of shoot scoot!

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is a Free 2 Play online game is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I am one tank away from that TD. Seems like a lot of experience to grind
    out on that Challenger, ha. That is okay. I do okay with it.

  2. I love my charioteer despite I don’t have the best cannon yet. Should have
    it today so I can start working on Ace tanker badge ;-). good video! thanks

  3. and the aiming time is fast

  4. My favourite sniper is Hellcat right now..I very like it because the
    traverse speed and the gun power is excellent in my opinion. But the turret
    rotation is slow..but it doesn’t matter and I very like this tank

  5. How to make unicums day bad,just know the positions every unicums uses op
    positions so just go there and shit on him,or fuck him with arty… unicums
    are uselss campers…

  6. Rune Vennicke Christiansen

    E25 is my favorite sniper ;)

  7. 8:04 – “the G.W. Tiger Pig on my team”. I see what you did there, gg wp.

  8. going to start grinding right now

  9. Mr. QB!

    Is there anyway I can request some form of private message from you? I
    would like to ask a favor.


  10. My favorite sniper in WoT is the KV-2 with the 152 mm derp gun. It hits
    every shot at 300+ meters, I just can’t hit anything closer than that.

  11. It’s pretty much a british Hellcat. I like it.

  12. RHM-Borsig & E-25

  13. Favourite sniper? I’d have to say I loved the M56 Scorpion since the first
    match. It has such a purity of purpose. It is there to get that truly
    excellent gun into a firing position and nothing more than that. Use it
    wisely and it will take very good care of you, but make mistakes and it
    will not forgive you.

  14. QB stop posting only 60 fps HD my internet no likey. 30 fps too please.

  15. favourite sniper?… KV-2 ofcourse haha

  16. What is normalization?

  17. I´ve played over 1000 games with the Charitoeer and i love this tank!, its
    my favorite 🙂 (also with the female crew)

  18. How do people keep getting so lucky on the road? Each time I go there there
    are 1-2 tanks I have to try to beat off with a stick.

  19. Does anyone know how to view old replays??
    Have a killer game here

  20. Why did T26E4 premium at charioteer??

  21. Do you guys think quickybaby should upgrade and border his facecam? Like if
    you agree

  22. Op gun, simple…

  23. Hmmm….. Favorite snipers? E 50 M, E 50, Leopard 1.

  24. Charioteer is a great TD but the ISU-152 with BL10 is soo Fun

  25. Nice replay! :)

  26. Never understood how stupid players are in the European server…. North
    America server you will not stay there more then 20 seconds on either side
    without getting shot at. Quickyfingers is a good player at best just
    because how stupid average players is. Will not score easy shot on North
    America server… I never see in my game peoples get away by going in the
    middle road.

    QB is still way better then me.

  27. G.W Tiger Pig lol, true.

  28. Why was this not an Ace tanker?

  29. New drinking game:

    Drink every time QB says ‘indeed’

    It’s a quick way to get fucked up.

  30. lxljessicalxl77 lynn

    I have 3 marks of exalants on it

  31. lxljessicalxl77 lynn

    my favorite sniper is my waffentrager alfalfa e100

  32. My Fav sniper?
    ISU 152!

  33. Is it just me or did the quality of replies drop by a tremendous amount
    these last 2 days? I wonder why that is.

  34. cooperation with artillery? preposterous!

  35. i think a reason why you do so good now is people see you and go OH MY GOD
    ITS QUICKY and freak out trying to kill you with misplays and such

    your still like the best player overall i know so it doesnt matter lol just
    pointing something out

  36. 7:42 QB nearly calls it a repair cat again! :P

  37. I really like the stug and cent 7/1 for sniping, and oddly t-62a as well,
    oh and also the conq

  38. really makes me want to start this line, I love that gun on the 7/1, esp.
    with HESH :D

  39. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Does this thing still have the hilarious rear turret armour?

  40. can you do a review on the pershing? I want some of your tips and tricks on
    how to use it better.

  41. I love how qb is uploading more that usual (it seems)

  42. everytime i do this i get spotted -_-

  43. So, it’s kinda like a British, tier 8 hellcat with a 105mm?

  44. The enemy team got Britished.

  45. For me at least on Xbox, that’s the worst spot to be on that map. If I head
    into town I’m always watching there. Once spotted there’s no place to run.
    That whole road is just a shooting gallery.

  46. My favorite tank in the game! Great replay, great tank. I prefer optics
    over binoculars but the idea remains the same. Otherwise agree with all
    your other suggestions. When I need a pick-you-up game it’s one of my
    preferred go-to tanks.

  47. Super Unicum … Wat …

  48. love my Charioteer , have it full of lady’s too , nearly at five crew
    skills as well quicky, didn’t like the look of the 9 and 10 tds at the end
    of that line felt like i was gonna be driving round with a garden shed on
    the top of my tank lol, love your vids keep it up cheers

  49. Well played like always .

  50. In a nutshell the Charioteer is a Centurion action X with less HP and worse
    gun depression

  51. Did QB say “GW Tiger Pig” at the end? :D

  52. I’m struggling at the moment with this tank, grinding the 50k Xp for the
    top gun is a killer!

  53. I hated the Charioteer, that gun is too inaccurate at long range and the
    lack of gun drepression is very annoying.
    My favourite snipers are E25, Rhm.Borsig and Leopard 1.

  54. One question about the start position: what do you do when the enemy goes
    there, too? Usually (8 out of 10?) I meet an enemy scout, and we both
    die/get horribly mauled.

  55. 8:15 most beautiful voice crack of all time. Literally want that voice
    crack in and around my regions!!!

  56. Favourite sniper tank? KV-2 of course :D

  57. So, Charioteer’s play style is similar to hellcat’s? Hide in the bush, use
    your view range, support your team from the distance, relocate.

  58. i like the look of it good job

  59. 700 games in the Charioteer, but I sold it. all I got was maps that this
    tank is shit on or t10 games, it doesn’t fit in the game for me.

  60. Hi QB, the Charioteer is one of my favourite tank. I have also a female
    crew in it 🙂 But you should try the vent instead of the camo net.

  61. GW Tiger Pig.

  62. tiger 1

  63. Great livestream on the XBox, Will. Over 4,000 viewers + and it looked like
    you were having a blast. Looking forward to your next livestream!

  64. I know this is kinda off topic (I have not watched the video) but I always
    thought the Centurion 7/1 had good turret armour, I got it a few days ago,
    I almost have the FV4202 (25k). The cheeks on the Cent 7/1 are awful…

  65. My favorite sniper tank would be the hellcat.

  66. My favorite sniper comes from
    soviet russia and is called the KV-2 with vertical stabiliser and Gun
    rammer -__-

  67. Corentin63490 Corentin123

    what thos female crew do

  68. Indien-Pz. With good crew

  69. M18 Hellcat and the M56 Scorpion! Those are fantastic snipers!

  70. voicecrsck at 8:15 haha

  71. FCM50T

  72. amazing sniper and the tiger as well very good sniper

  73. Best tank for sniping is KV-2

  74. jagdtiger 8,8

  75. I am so close to the Firefly, this has just spurred me to really push the

  76. I kept my Charioteer when I moved the crew to the Conway. Now that I’ve
    finished the Conway, it’s time to sell it and move the crew back.


  78. Love this TD but ammo rack is so weak

  79. My fav snipers are my hellcat e50m and leopard 1

  80. QB should have fired those HESH rounds at the Super Pershing to begin with,
    typically if your HE/HESH rounds are strong enough they’ll do a good enough
    amount of damage to targets with spaced armor. He would’ve killed the Super
    P in one shot instead of wasting three and not even getting the kill.

  81. SU-100 definite sniper!!!!!

  82. lol the title of this video reminds me of my old combat saying. “Shoot to
    scoot” nice to adaptations running around online.

  83. How do you get your mod to show your wn8 after battle?

  84. WorldOfTanks Gaming

    My favorite sniper is the T25 AT.. I enjoooooooyed playing that tank

  85. Chariot is by far my favorite tank in the game but it isnt the best sniper,
    shots tend to go verry off target to often and usually low even stationarry
    and fully aimed it can derp you as much as the BL10
    Siting and sniping the JPII and RHM are probably the best but the mobility
    on this thing makes it so amazing

  86. Charioteer ruuul i got dis TD and is my favorite tank

  87. Only downside with this tank, you have to grind the Challenger to get it.
    Man that was horrid. Though I found it was great as a passive scout. Had
    some great XP games when I played it as that. Charioteer is fun tho so far.
    Using the crew form the Cromwell Berlin on it’s 2nd skill “excluding BIA
    that is base”

  88. It doesn’t help when WG keeps removing more and more vegetation from the
    maps each patch. Its getting harder and harder to play TDs in this game.

  89. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஜ۩۞۩ஜ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
    T H I S C O M M E N T I S C O P I E D A N D P A S T E D

  90. Look that O-I AFK… i hate players like him… all batlle he was camping
    at A7… like f**** coward, and when he moved – boooom… what a TARD

  91. the best anti-tank or tank-destruir I have is the Hellcat.

  92. abro4all the frontier justice

    qb I challenge you to make a normal video WITHOUT saying the word “indeed”
    or any form of it.

  93. Grate match, why does qb replays web doesnt work? Because here is mine
    Scoot and shoot ! 🙂

  94. First thing that caught my eye: these shells go incredibly fast

  95. QuickyBaby Please answer!
    Do you have Xbox console and you play WoT on it?

  96. Arnas Kazanavičius

    yay, I gave the 1000-th like :DDD

  97. The Tier 7 TD in this line is such an awful grind. :/

  98. we need more Schnitzelssssss!!

  99. Thank you 4 the video!

  100. Flashy Plays B0is!

  101. The gun on this thing isn’t as reliable as it should. Bouncing far more
    shots than you expect. And accuracy is a bit low.

  102. Haha I shot a Charioteers front turret a few days ago in my T49 from around
    250 meters… did 1010 damage xD

  103. +quickybaby Are you going to upload a video of the Xbox One footage? I
    unfortunately missed the stream due to work, however I have both wot on pc
    and xbox, and I would be interested to see your opinion on the xbox
    version, because I really like what they have done on the xbox version. :]

  104. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    When it comes to sniping there is only one tank that truly embodies the
    role. The mighty Churchill GC, sacrificing everything for a gun, I’ve even
    fail platooned it into tier 9 and 10 battles and have had good games up

  105. Did your voice crack when you said “as artillery shoots him down”?

  106. 12:06 you say OVER 10.000 dmg but it is less 😀 QB you dirty liar!

  107. omg i made the best play ever in the Jg Pz E100! i flanked 3 med tanks and
    shot one and killed then backed up and rammed another for a kill then
    rammed another for a kill then shot another for a kill all in like 25
    seconds! i dont even know how that is possible in the jg pz but i did it

  108. QB title says shoot and scoot

  109. I’d about given up on this line due to the Challenger at tier 7. I like
    and still play the Achilles, but the Challenger is really trying. (Same
    gun as the tier 6 Achilles but a turret the size of a small barn.)

  110. “G.W. Tiger Pig” if that was intentional Quickybaby is turning into Jingles
    more and more each day.

  111. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  112. Rhm is a very good sniper too, with a lovely 490 alpha damage and around
    250 pene, and it has even a bettre camo than the Charioteer…

  113. My favorite sniper is the T25 AT. Awesome gun and very sneaky.

  114. Love You to camping?? I really hate camping.. Nice video and i love your

  115. sick tank

  116. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Challenger. The challenger…

  117. Dalton Beiser (Doubtful)

    Will this tank ever be on Xbox one?

  118. my favorite tank of the game for now!

  119. came from the livwstream hiiiiii!!!!

  120. IS-7 because soviet stronk campers. just kidding, probably Rhm -B. WT.
    because it has a great gun (128mm) and good camo rating.

  121. “Let’s just take a very quick look at the post game stats” flows so nicely

  122. competition is almost (dont quote me on that) a month over and 3 out of 12
    300k videos yet, I demand refund!

  123. I’d really like to see what the “awesomely skilled” british mediums players
    would act like if they nerfed this gun reducing its OP penetration…

  124. I was already heading down the new British TD line (I’m almost at the
    Firefly) and I see I’ve made a good choice

  125. Could you do a video on the jagdpanther? I think its one of the few tanks
    you haven’t done a specific video on :p

  126. i really like your videos keep it up !

  127. lol kool shirt QB.

  128. Good video. This tank is very good!

  129. 441 views when I start watching the video. 1881 Views when i refreshed the
    page after 10 minutes. Damn viewing bot :P

  130. ThatOneLoneCanadian

    One thing about this tank that Quickybaby doesn’t really hit home on is the
    gun handling is pretty bad. I often find myself missing shots fully aimed
    because the shot flies into space.

  131. Did you just refer to arty as a GW Tiger Pig?

  132. Love your content, keep it up

  133. How do u know wat type of tank u should use ? (heavy,TD,medium, etc)

  134. Watch a video from Jingles, go back to my Youtube home page, see a new
    video from QuickyBaby uploaded while I was watching Jingles’s video.
    Fine…I’ll watch this one too.

  135. Thank you Quickybaby for this great replay, I remember watching the game
    live at your stream. Your videos are allways of great inspration with your
    analyzing commentary and skillfull awareness.


  136. QB can you please put some gameplay on your channel of the WT auf Pz 4 as
    it is my favourite tank. and can you please tell me the best set up and
    crew skills:D. You are my favourite youtuber.

  137. 14!

  138. 5th view:)

  139. I bet the gunner drank too much tea

  140. nice video i really love them

  141. Wasnt First…

  142. Stop the first thing! I am a KugelClown! And i make WoT Let’s plays! oh

  143. Lol i bet all of us came from his livestream on the Xbox xD

  144. First

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