World of Tanks || Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today the self proclaimed numberonegamer123 is going to have a tough decision in the T10 Soviet medium tank, the Object 140, should I stay should I go?

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. He is a clan mate and he really is that good, trust me. He intimidates me
    with his play. In the clan we just call him “Number” :)

  2. Wow great game it had my eyes glued to the screen the whole won’t
    belong before he goes Unicom if he keeps that play up.

  3. hey quicky if u want u can watch my replays 🙂 1 with vkb
    and second with t28htc
    there is not big dmg but for my tomato play is good:D

  4. No.1 Gamer 123’s name is as hard to pronounce in a commentary as the WZ-111
    Type 1-4.

  5. Unfortunately Wargaming over-buffed the T110E5 in the last patch, the
    cupola should never have been made “gold ammo only” like it has been. It’s
    currently the best heavy tank to do HT-15 mission’s in as the armour is
    completely over the top now.

    So much fun as well in this game, artillery. Did you see 123 camping hard
    all the time losing all that HP to artillery? It’s what arty does right,
    prevent camping….

    PS: The SU-122-54 is not a medium tank, it’s a TD on a medium tank chassis

  6. Soviet mids.

  7. A question for everyone; if tomorrow wg said they would half the amount of
    RNG (shot deviation/damage rolls/penetration rolls) in Wot if you said yes;
    would you say yes or no?

  8. The title of this video scared my ass out. At first glance, I thought that
    QB was considering to quit WOT …

  9. Skill + An extreme amount of favorable RNG… Any one of those arty shots
    could have killed him, the E100 at the end could have penned him, he could
    have missed that final clutch shot… Precisely why I quit this game, its a
    roll of the dice and i’m a lousy gambler.

  10. Quickybaby, have you noticed something odd about the penetration and damage
    mechanics in game lately? Your video reminded me of several games of both
    mine and my brothers’ the other day. We kept getting bounces on flat
    surfaces, especially the sides of turrets (was most obvious when an AP
    shell from the 105 on the T29 bounced on the side of an IS 2 at point blank
    range. Also, the HE rounds on the derp guns seem to have been über-nerfed.
    Several games, all of us experienced 80-100 damage rolls against light
    tanks. Weird.

  11. A number one gamer should take automatic fire extinguisher kappa

  12. Stop playing medium tanks and light tanks. Of course, it’s fast and
    exciting and very reliable. But, only seeing that is sort of getting old.

  13. It could be that numberonegamer123 (that name tho…) doesn’t quite have
    his head around bush mechanics, but looking at the situation I think there
    are a few things worth considering… The E-100 driver was a good player.
    Fair to say he had sixth sense. He was pre-aimed at the bush and appeared
    to twitch a little. He most likely twitched when his SS pinged, but keeping
    in mind the E-100 has excellent VR, our mate numberonegamer123 probably
    knee-jerked at the E-100’s twitch.

    Also even if he had pulled back behind the bush, he was close enough that
    he ‘may’ have still been detected, and that E-100 was aimed right at him.
    He’d have blindfired back for sure.

  14. Dem marksmanship… *Kreygasm*

  15. Since when SU-122-54 is medium tank?

  16. “balanced” medium who can beat heavy face-to-face without flanking, stronk
    game, come fast AW plz ~

  17. Poor E100 :(

  18. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    only the number one gamer can have that much luck dodging shells

  19. Aw is already better then wot already

  20. That last shot -.-

  21. SU 122 54 Medium tank?

  22. I’d also panic If i popped up an an E-100 was aiming straight at me.

  23. Good game. :)

  24. This was a nice change. Showing good play instead of just large amounts of

  25. Good job mam!!! Good Video QuickyBabyTV

  26. I like your usage of the free cam in this replay, QB

  27. Su 12254? A MEDIUM? Qb I think jingles is rubbing off in you…XD

  28. That was impressive Russian medium handling

  29. is it normal that at 3:21 when you stop the screen the t110E4 shot pass
    through his tank ?

  30. 8:10 SU-122-54 Which is a very fast tier 9 SOVIET MEDIUM TANK……. QB I
    caught you

  31. I think that he was afraid because the E-100 was already looking through
    the bush. A thing that I like to do is when there are “obvious” bush, is
    sometimes shooting at them after I’ve been lit. Occasionally you surprise
    the guy that goes to use the bush.

  32. Top bar killed E100, Foch155, etc. “Oh the T110E5 is better now” *it dies*,
    yet again another russian vehicle wins video. GLobal stat collectors of
    three kinds all say the russian 10’s are OP in the 52-57% win % per
    week/year. Not coming back.

  33. Quickybaby should totally use the Jingles way of dealing with names.

  34. Chris Rickus (SaturnShadow)

    SU 122 54 very fast Russian Medium? thought it was a Tank Destroyer listen
    from 8.06

  35. quicky, just copy jingles. if you can’t pronounce a name, just call him
    dave :)

  36. Damn why idiot E100 didnt shoot HE! 2 shoots and its all ower!

  37. What mod do you use to track shots you’ve taken?

  38. am I the only only one who feels like a complete noob after watching your
    videos great video as always keep them comming

  39. Quickybaby you all most have 300,000 Subscribers

  40. That is why, until recently, number was the commander of our clan the 1st
    British Armored Cavalry Division! Is a great player and mostly a modest
    guy, always ready to help with suggestions and tips for your tanks and

  41. Another Obj 140 borderline op replay..

  42. If the t110e4 and 183 actually aimed and hit their shots, this game
    would’ve turned from a monster game into a “why the fuck would you push 2
    tier 10 TDs like that?”. Pretty lucky he survived those 2 TDs unscathed,
    his game should’ve been over very early.

  43. How do you upload replays?

  44. Wen I was e kid, I was teh best World of Tanks pleyer in Siberia. But den 1
    day, bois frum another village caem and took my camputer awey. But aftor a
    whail dey realized dat dey wer pleying versus bots all de tiem, so then dey
    try to taek my inturnet cabul awey. But it wus 2 short. Den dey tried to
    taek my munny to buy launger inturned cabul.

  45. Rathbone, the bohème de l'autisme

    1. names himself “number one”
    2. adds the “123” like some 12 year old
    3. plays one of the tier 10 soviet mediums

    Douchebag detected. I really wished for that E100 to shut down that douche
    in his biasmobile

  46. wicked :)

  47. Awesome replay, amazing map awareness, Well played man

  48. Barrettslayer Windom

    Lol i loved it

  49. That tracking shot on the Foch was more of a misplay then a planned action
    i prosume.

  50. Wasn’t that a title to a song? :)

  51. Oh wow an Obj. 140 replay, this isn’t like the 10th time its featured…
    why cant we have a cromwell replay or something? :(

  52. One of the cleanest carries I have ever seen. Congrats #1.

  53. Intentional music reference ? ;)

  54. make it so number 1

  55. Well played #1

  56. Awesome game. Watching purple players is boring. Would prefer to see more
    green players like this, as it makes it more interesting.

  57. I like the video
    of a peek in my also have content wot

  58. Try World of Tanks blitz

  59. “when ever you get hit by artillery in this game it reveals their
    position”…uh what? I have been playing this game for probably 3 years and
    have never heard nor seen evidence this. Even at 10:15 when they get hit
    there is nothing showing on the map.

  60. Hi QuickyBaby! I wonder if you could do a review on M44. Thank you, Dvodan
    :)P.S. You’re the best W.o.T youtuber I know!

  61. Yea at 3:20 theres a ghost shell poor E4

  62. aimbot et its finest

  63. QB, there is new centurion action x that is replacing the fv4202, video
    about that pls?

  64. I would like to see a replay from some different tanks. Not just tier 9-10
    typical tanks. Just some tanks that you haven’t shown on this channel a
    lot. Chinese mediums, maybe? Or then just some lower tiers. Or maybe that’s
    just my opinion.

  65. *Hey Quickie you (preferably) or Jingles (he’s better at ships and planes
    etc) should re-review some older and lower tier tanks again. Do them how
    you like (perhaps a little brisker) but do please them. It would be good as
    many of the older one’s are now basically obscelete. and lots of new and
    older players would love to hear your informed opinions about the tanks
    they play.*

  66. dammit QB, it’s a rangefinder not a”top bar”!

  67. might sound like a nooby question but why didnt he get any ace tanker ?

  68. Indeed a very good player. Gold or whatever. His accuracy was stunning!

  69. thanks for the video really enjoyed it

  70. 3:20
    Ghost shell from american TD.

  71. OMG! near the end i was stacking from adrenaline just watching this battle!

  72. 8:12 sir QuickyBaby :)

  73. OP140

  74. oh man, i have VDSL and i cant watch those vids in 1080p60fps. it cant be
    my end of the connection, youtube just cant keep up at certain times. it
    lags hard

  75. Sadacy Geometrydash

    Su-122-54 is td not medium Kappa

  76. hey QuickyBaby your videos are great, keep up the good work

  77. comedy sportsgaming

    Awesome game lad

  78. Should i cool it or should i blow ?

  79. Here I thought that the title was indicating WOT vs AW

  80. Think the E-100 should have back off in the end get him to come out from
    behind the hill.

  81. 6.42 -6.54……love it man!…LOL!!

  82. Set video speed to 2x :)

  83. Tesla The Brave (Esminets)

    please please go quicky. you may regret it if you dont.

  84. some fine gunnery work in this video.

  85. what’s a more noob friendly tank: WZ-120 or T-54?

  86. The SU-122-54 is a very fast soviet medium tank. QuickyBaby Says so!

  87. I’m sorry but anybody who calls themselves numberonegamer or anything that
    implies that they are a massive cunt deserves to be burned at the stake

  88. Well, its good battle, but it can be better, check out decha obj140
    replays, for him this 9k is not to much 😉 Last battle i saw, he made
    almost 12k dmg :)

  89. Big Fat Juicy Orange

    +QuickyBabyTv As you’ve discussed the object 140 and the t-62a, will you do
    a overview of there 3rd brother the object 430, like comparing them and
    letting us show the different playstyles of these 3 absolute monsters?

  90. He’s in my clan! I wasn’t expecting to see that.

  91. I think QB needs a new intro…

  92. 3:21 shost shells are real, E4’s shot should have done damage

  93. great game! …foch 155 so underpowered since it got nerfed…

  94. Luv u baby✌?

  95. Just a wonderful game and result. We’ll played!

  96. Those quick shots though… damn… was it luck, RNG or skill??? He pulled
    off some really quick shot… Also, surprising he didn’t get any Mastery
    badge for this game…

  97. Please enable color blind mode as I have very hard to tell green and red


  99. Man I’m salty AF. Great game no lies but I wish my game was noticed by QB.
    8.9k damage in the 62A with a nice 1v3 finish.

  100. wow finally an Obj 140 that isnt spamming HEAT… wp

  101. They might have buffed the T110E5 with the HD model but the ammo rack is
    still weak as shit. Even a wet ammo rack and save stowage doesnt make a big
    difference. How stupid can it be to have a small and large repair kid to
    avoid ammo rack damage all the time? Shoots through the tracks in a 45°
    angle from the front = ok. But….straight shots in the lower plate counts
    as ammo rack too? Thats retarted! Well at least the tank isnt burning that

  102. since the rework the team in the north has a disadvantage in my opinion…
    they cant reach the important positions in the east as quickly as the guys
    that spawn south

  103. The fact the he was able to hit the top bar on the E100, looking up on it
    and snap shotting it no, is amazing. That weakpoint is not easy to hit at
    all even in taller tanks.

  104. meh tier 10 games so borind you have no choise on your wepons your stuck
    with 1 and thats all focking boring

  105. QB tier to tier the SU100M1 tier 7 TD has the best peforming 100 mm gun.
    with vents,rammer and 100% crew has reload which is less than 5 sec with
    0.35 accuracy and 1.7 sec. aim time. IT IS THE BEAST so the DPM is OVER

  106. Hax! (Jk)

  107. oow what a noob e-100

  108. why wot didnt know obj 140 is op?

  109. He probably paniced with the bush because the E100 was looking at that same
    bush just randomly and he thought he was spotted.

  110. QB is confused 😀 no. one. no. two ….

  111. im on ferdi but also on e50…should still go on for jpze100 or get the

  112. numberonestunna

  113. QB, i like your videos, but within your change to 60fps videos, i had to
    change to 720p. So i get a worse quality :/

  114. 123
    i lol-ed so hard

  115. 140 and T-62A are one of the best tier X tanks to play, you’ll always have
    fun if you know how to play them!

  116. JustAlex - Dansk Minecraft!

    QB can you send me 300 gold so i can buy my first tier 8 tiger2 plz

  117. For a second there I thought the title meant you were quitting WoT XD

  118. That arty got what arty players deserve.

  119. hey QB. I’ve noticed that the Soviet line of tanks always fairs better than
    its counterparts from every other country. Any reason for that you are
    aware of?

  120. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    Am I the only one who saw the title and thought QB meant should he stay on
    YouTube or quit? I got so fucking sad lol

  121. hiii

  122. Great illustration of why I laugh at people who think the E-100 is a
    breakthrough tank. It’s not, it’s soft as butter against those tier 10
    medium hovercraft. Also shows why I think sprem ammo is BS; if you can’t
    pen something with ~260mm pen and that level of mobility, you’re a muppet.

  123. 8:16 wut ? su-122-54 is a MT ? :)))))))) sure saying numberonegamer is
    causing u a headache QB.

  124. Xbox one version player, almost at that tier 9 soviet medium, what do you
    recommend I get first at t10, Obj-140 or T-62-A?
    I’m gonna get both but

  125. Very nice game! But dat name though, numberonegamer123, only a teenager
    would come up with a nickname like that one.
    Reminds me of the ridiculous nicknames you can see on dating sites, like
    hands0meb0y8546, twelveincheslong149…

  126. this replay shows exactly why tier 10 meds are genuinely op they can so
    easily have so much more of an effect in games than it is possible to have
    in any other tank class plus their massive pen means they most of the time
    only need to hit to pen. i own one of these things and it is shocking how
    easily you can turn the tide of a game in it and i consider myself average
    in terms of stats but tier 10 meds as a whole need a nerf to their pen and
    a change to their damage per shot or to their rof.

  127. this win was definitely deserved – plays were very good and precise, he
    made the right decisions at the right time also his use of autoaim and
    goldammo were very efficient. Nice >:D

  128. I’m an avarage player in wot, and had my occasional “pro game” but never
    had that record thingy on.. one day i will be featured on quickybaby ONE
    DAY! :d wait for it

  129. People have to be doing damn good in this thing >.< Got a couple 7k 4 kill games in this, and I got a first and then a second class on this 😛 Same with the E50. 6.7k, 5 kill, first class lol :P

  130. i never use gold ammo… to me it make the game unfun for both players!!!

  131. It’s the opposite in SEA server, people often abandon the town and advance
    south, some even say “no town” in the beginning of the match, if you ignore
    them, they will call you a noob, what a disaster.

  132. +QuickybabyTV I thought the Foch tier9 French TankDestoryer have the same
    155mm gun but without the autoloader not the 120mm

  133. 3:21 Ghost shell?

  134. +QuickyBaby Hey qb what do you think about the vk 30.01 p? Do you think it
    needs a buff or is it completely balanced in its tier?

  135. +QuickyBaby Hey qb what do you think about the vk 30.01 p? Do you think it
    needs a buff or is it completely balanced in its tier?

  136. that is a nice round there

  137. look at the E100, what a joke tank
    if he still had the HEAT rounds, he could hull down all day and penetrate
    the E100 turrent like paper, while E100 cant do shit to him unless he fires

  138. There are 4 Tier 10 sowj. Mediums, not 3 (Obj.907).

  139. very nice fps.. while im playing wot in my old crap patato laptop.. lowest
    graphic, low fps,. but still enjoying my t62A.. hope QB buying me nice one
    gaming laptop for my birthday this year on 25 oct. ?

  140. 3:21 watch in slowmo and tell me this isnt a ghostsell…

  141. I don’t blame the guy for shooting and backing up at the end. He popped up,
    spotted the E 100 who was looking directly at him, so he shot and pulled
    back before waiting for the sixth sense warning. He should have just pulled
    back without firing in that situation because if he was spotted he could
    have got shot without knowing due to the sixth sense warning delay and if
    he wasn’t he’d soon find out then go back to the bushes, but under all that
    pressure especially with the Radley’s on the line it’s no surprise he was a
    bit jumpy

  142. Do I really need this trouble

  143. Is free camera mod what quickybaby uses can be downloaded from somewhere ?

  144. Minecraftster148790

    I would have spammed 4 shots into the ground becuase then u would get a
    fadins medal

  145. did anyone else sing the title of this video?

  146. this vid looks smoother
    Are you render it in 45 or 60 fps?

  147. Potato quality…

  148. You have bad stats. xD

  149. I hope you guys enjoyed this round, congrats to numberonegamer123, I wonder
    if the other 122″numberonegamers” are ranked higher than him 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  150. omg I thought qb was debating whether he should stay or leave world of
    tanks :o

  151. It’s not only him that is confident, apparently there are 123 other
    numberonegamers out there that we know of, could be more.

  152. JoaoAfonso Figueira

    132nd view :D

  153. Jaxon gaming World of tanks, War thunder, and many more games


  154. ahaha hey QB

  155. number 3 ya!

  156. Hi QuickyBaby :P

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