World of Tanks || Silent, but Deadly

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today InnerSilence is going to have the fight his life in the T8 Soviet the going 1 v 8 with the majority the enemy team!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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World Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. whats the name of the tank. is premium?

  2. Hey guys,I’m thinking about purchasing a T34 as my first premium tank. I
    have about 4000 games under my belt,1200 WN8 and a 52% win rate. Any tips
    on how to play it,and do you recommend it? By the way,I do own some high
    tier vehicles,such as the AMX 13 75,and Centurion I,so I’m not
    unexperienced with high tier vehicles. By the way,I already have enough
    money to purchase it,even without a discount. Cheerio!

  3. What about that wz 132 that was a heart break?

  4. i like playing heavy tanks with good guns do you know which premium tank to

  5. the fight with the tier 8s was ok but everything after that was 1 or 2
    tiers below so not really that impressive

  6. Yesssss! Soon maybe the Swedish line will enter the battlefield!?

  7. He was the hero they needed, but not the one they deserved…

    Also, that xp on a loss, mother of god

  8. I wonder… does ANYONE know about the thin hatch on the face of the IS-6?
    Those shots at him from the BP makes me think, not really.

  9. Crogamer productions

    I wil report that m41 noob….

  10. Click, no skill wahatsoever. It is not the arty that is the problem, it is
    suckers who play it.

  11. Imho no heartbreak at all, he didnt deserve to win…
    He didnt even fully aim a single shot and yet, hit them all (exept 1). On
    top of that, he blocked the bulldog in the beginning of the replay propably
    killing him with that

  12. I have it, it is very frustrating tank. Is6 is completely RNG dependent.
    With 175 pen you are going to be pulling your hair out with every BS
    bounce. Buy T34 instead.

  13. I already saw that French premium tank in fight and when i tried to see
    that guy statistics it just blocked me…I’m not allowed bullshit….why
    and how can i hide my statistics from annoying people?

  14. No the IS-6 is actually known for 2 things, it’s Communesium armour and
    spamming gold, of which this guy is doing in spades. Lookit all dem skillz
    spamming gold in the care bear faction tonk.

  15. I had a Heartbreak game similar to this except the artillery pulled a
    bullshit shot right after stopping. Hit me dead on as I was moving back
    behind cover and only a sliver of my tank was still exposed, he still
    managed to lob a panicked shot at me and wipe me out. Of course the guy who
    made the shot was a complete shitter tomato with the reddest stats and the
    game decided to give him a game-changing shot which fucked over my top gun.

  16. Super Unicum drives straight towards artillery…

  17. can u plz show us ur graphics settings ?

  18. Scumtillery.

  19. m4 what? lol sorry QB i guess you’re alright when it comes to russian, but
    french? non. :p

  20. i am very amazed by the result of this battle considering that enemy team
    in fact didn’t do any thing correctly.

  21. OMG this guy is MY HERO. A battle so well played in my favorite tank. Gosh.

  22. What XVM colour scale is that?

  23. Andrew Stephen Panlaqui

    Brutal heart-break indeed…

  24. 125mm penetration on a tier 8 Heavy, the IS-3 -Quickybaby 2015

  25. All RNG at the end, that’s the problem with arty. He could have won if RNG
    rolled differently, but there was no way he could win the way it went. Part
    of the reason I’m looking forward to Armored Warfare now that it’s going
    into Open Beta.

  26. When the is 6 didn’t kill the m 41 I had an idea of what was to come after
    killing the go and the m41 went un spotted I knew what was going to happen
    the whole time I was thinking drive around the buildings any of then throw
    of his aim a little bit don’t drive straight toward his last known position
    but then again I have made the same mistake before well played to both the
    is 6 and the m41 both played well and both deserved to win but sadly there
    is only room for one on the podium and please guys stop hating on the arty
    what was he supposed to do let the is 6 win? And before you call me scumbag
    arty loving camping noob I have thrown games because I charged the enemy in
    stead of camping and lost us the game so with that i say one final
    congratulations to both players for they are together the winner good night
    everybody *clap*clap*clap* end credit music

  27. so apparently the IS-3 got a huge pen nerf at some point :P

  28. The top of the IS-6’s turret is laughably weak at 30mm. So if you’ve ever
    got the high ground on one, or a tall tank like the KV-5 or something. You
    can just lob shells right into it and pen every time.

  29. U doing anything for 300 000 subs?

  30. thiscouldntblowmore

    Lower tier opponents, that are worse players, with much worse tanks…
    getting old really. i would want to see a replay where somebody carries
    alone against better or similar skilled players with competitive tanks or
    same tier or higher…

  31. Gods Pillar (RICH KING)

    Camp boosh, win game, create heartbreak, yes arty like :3

  32. boy wish the 50 120s armor worked like an IS-6s armor

  33. go arty go

  34. After watching so many replays, I can only assume I would get higher than
    1.8k WN8 if I EVER loaded gold.


  36. that last kill… Why I quit the game long ago. gg

  37. Monster game, epic heartbreak :(

  38. Killed by a scumbag.

  39. 304 OP!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. I guess the garbage players will always have an option to play the least
    skill needing class, artillery.

  41. fucking scumbags…

  42. The Warlord of the Rising Sun

    You know all these people claiming arty isn’t broken

    Meanwhile I’m just here snap-shotgunning Crusaders and one-shotting KV-1s
    in my Grille. I’m fine if they keep it the way it is, it’s broken as fuck,
    easy to do, and makes a crapload of cash.

  43. Hum, rampage. I was never able to do any of that. I cued up my T57 Heavy
    and sat there until I got bored of waiting. Did that twice. Too bad.

    Well, you can not win them all, sometimes no matter how well you do. I
    think many of us have had those battles that we just dominate in but still

  44. Heyyyyy… Thats what I call my Farts!!!

  45. Stupid coward artillery. M41 HMC you suck, come fight in World Of Tanks you
    stupid little wimp, if you were in the war, in an arty, you would obviously
    not have the skill to even shoot a good shot into a freaking Soviet Beast.

  46. I think he should have gone to the enemy base (not the cap itself) to gain
    an elevation on that arties, even though IS-6 has bad depression, I think
    it would be a better position in close combat vs arty.

  47. Moral of the story (video), arty needs a nerf..

  48. 1:50 IS-3 top gun has 125 mm pen?

  49. SPOILER!!!!

    8:48 – Brutality ;__;

  50. The goal in this game is to play to the strength of your tank. If you’re in
    a heavy tank that’s strength is going hull down, on whatever map you’re on,
    and arty hits you, what’s the point in even playing? Are you then supposed
    to play to the weakness of your tank, like this example, a heavy with weak
    hull armor that’s forced to get out of hull down because of arty.Arty ruins
    the game, plain and simple. Wargaming needs to do something about it.


  52. amazing game ruined by brain dead sky cancer pigs

    back when wot launched in 2011, wg was told again and again to rebalance
    arty and remove shitty maps.
    they did neither.

  53. Hey quickie, u said the is had 126mm of pen haha I don’t think it does lmao

  54. The comment section is like “damn arty” while that IS-6 is not even aiming
    80% of his shots and still hitting and penetrating. And that M41 HMC did
    exactly the same thing as ANY other last survivor (just with a fuckin
    shitty aim).

  55. Boosh is very stronk. Arty is very stronk. Boosh+arty=notgoodtimes.

  56. Fucking IS6 camping, you deserve it noob ! Thanks my shot fly over the
    moutain because it’s balanced.

  57. Why would you put a kolobanov’s medal in the thumbnail QuickyBaby? I hate
    heart breakers they’re a waste of time imo.

  58. now an is3 only has 120mm pen lol u ok qb?

  59. The beginning of the game realy felt missing. Anyway, thanks for the video!

  60. it was most likely the FV307 who shot him behind that rock for 500 dmg. FVs
    average is 450 on a pen and he got him at about 450-500 max range, so his
    arc is extremly high. No problem penning IS-3 or IS-6 in that
    circumstances. I think he could played it better against that artys..but
    still very nice game and sad end

  61. Why do you have to do this to me?! After he was spotted I just
    thought…..oh no….


  63. Zak Stratford-Smith

    I think that artillery should have never have been added into wot, yes they
    were in the world wars and used against tanks but they aren’t really a
    tank. when you think of tanks, you think of a heavy Russian tank fucking
    shit up, not a SPG hiding at the back of the map shooting the sky. Driving
    an arty is saying your a pussy, if anyone enjoys artillery please tell me

  64. 1) another imbalanced tank spaming gold in a tomato match up
    2) everyone who would lose 1vs5 and say no cap should be killed with their
    family.Disgrace to mankind.


  66. fuck all arty players, drive a real tank faggots

  67. APCR – st emil got only apcr on Dicker max gun (stock gun)

  68. Can you please for the love of god turn off motion blur

  69. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    How do you have the log of shells that hit you on XVM?

  70. Please start from the beginning next time. It helps the viewer tell what
    the heck is going on. Thanks!!!

  71. RIP QB memory He remembers 125mm pen of Is3 :P

  72. How is he getting so lucky shots?!

  73. World Of Tanks need to increase the Xp you earn because you get so little
    when you have higher tiers to unlock

  74. That is such a heartbreak…

  75. could you rebroadcast the live on youtube so i can see it later in the
    evening pls.

  76. I died a little bit inside :(

  77. I have the IS-6 on Blitz, truly a monster tank when top-tier. Definitely
    one of my favorite tanks in the game so far. I’ve gotten two Pool’s Medals
    and countless Radley-Walter’s and a Kolobanov’s or two. I’ve played all of
    the Russian tanks that use that 122mm so I was used to the pen on that
    thing and I generally don’t need to fire too much premium ammo unless I’m
    fighting a player who I know is better than me in the IS-6 (on Blitz we
    don’t have XVM so basically I have to know these guys from the forums for
    me to know) or Tier 9 heavies.

    I’m hoping to master the PC version so I can get the IS-6 in order to have
    it available once I get to Tier 7 or 8. When I got the IS-6 on Blitz I
    hadn’t had a Tier 8 yet, just the IS but I still did very well because the
    IS-6 is pretty much a buffed IS. It’s helped me get my three Tier 8’s and
    countless other tanks and currently has over 600k free xp sitting on it
    waiting to be converted. I just reached my 5000th game on Blitz the other
    day, and of course I celebrated it by getting a 2nd Class Mastery in the
    IS-6 with nearly 3000 damage done in a Tier 9 game.

  78. TheWaffleApocalypse

    Why’d you put kolobanovs and pools in the thumbnail if he didn’t get either

  79. Anyone have a link to the mod QB is using that tells him what type of ammo
    is being shot at him? It’s not a part of his XVM pack so he must download
    it separately.

  80. And there we can see Arty working as intended, punishing camping and
    balancing the game, right? RIGHT? RIIIIGHTTTT WARGAMING?????????????????

  81. Sielnt but Deadly eh 🙂

    Like this comment if you get the reference

  82. If I was that M41 I would have missed on purpose, he deserved that win!

  83. 2:05 When did WG implement physics into tank deaths?

  84. What’s that for usa east coast

  85. Top Tier against a bunch of turbo donkeys.. lol

  86. World of arty gay cancer .

  87. wtf is that m4 french premium tank at the end

  88. It weighs a ton, Oh the humor he’d be dead with that ram xD.

  89. Yeah fuck arty

  90. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    This is why I play Blitz and not PC. PC sucks.

  91. I think that M41 HMC is a pussy

  92. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Stop uploading heartbreaks. Disliked.

  93. again bs arty spoting tank before they spot them ye gg unfair plane he kemp

  94. Called it bitches!!!!! ;)

  95. Why didnt he get an Ace Tanker and I would love to see a replay like this 1
    but with less amounts of gold shells.

  96. +QuickyBabyTV luuker disliked this video

  97. That was a massive save for the M41 driver, who through clever gameplay
    turned around a disaster for his team by outplaying a guy who was much
    better than he, and while in a situation in which most arty players die.
    Clutch shotgun plays like that are rare for SPGs to pull off successfully;
    the best they can normally hope for is to go down swinging.
    Saying it was a heartbreak for the IS-6 is fair enough, but it would have
    been a heartbreak for the M41 had it gone the other way. He was a hero for
    his team.


  99. That WZ-131 only had 1,910 damage. Kill stealing?

  100. Quickybaby i am begginer youtuber and can you tell me how to go into free
    camera mod it would improve my videos ☺

  101. You made a video about a pro who made a noob move?

  102. Arty does not need to be removed. Just rebalanced. I would recommend to WG
    to take after armored warfares arty mechanics

  103. C’mon QB you are close to 300.000 subs!!

  104. 3k exp loss.. wow.. lols

  105. ooop iam early better make a joke

    My life :(

  106. I cried after watching this game…

  107. Rage quit

  108. Edward Cuttlethwate III

    Skycancer ruins this game

  109. If I keep seeing IS-6 videos, I swear, I’m going to buy it so hard. I know
    that thing is going to be taken off the store anytime now.

  110. Ha is6s don’t suck!

  111. Alexis LEGRAND (LEGRAND73)

    this is why arty must be removed: It’s the cancer from the game.

    It’s not even a question of damage per shot, It’s just because even the
    principle of arty is fucking stupid and made for tards…

    wot without arty is by far verry better, arty’s are usless for the gameplay
    and make’s the battles verry longer…

  112. Arty WILL stay in the game, it’s just Q whether it’ll be reworked to have
    play-style like in Armored Warfare… now look at the Bert!! That’s what I
    consider bloody annoying and that’s exactly what ppl are looking forward
    for arty to look like in WoT… “but you’ll be warned when targeted by
    arty”- yeah, like I don’t know when Bert starts with permatracking… so,
    please WG, leave arty as it is, don’t make things even worse

  113. very very smooth frame rate. nice new computer quicky.

  114. Remove these shits from the game already ffs!

  115. Just proves how weak the Black Prince is.. Seriously lol

  116. gotta love the french accent :’) great video as always, thanks to your
    advices I got out of the 49% win rate zone and I’m working on getting 51%
    keep it up I’m just addicted to your channel!

  117. Of course it’s arty that kills him in the end with that camo…

    But if he had played the most ideal game, he would have gone into the cap
    and baited the M41 into hitting him. But the M41 would have 1:40 to splash
    him, and that wouldn’t be hard to get just one splash. You never know what
    might happen.

    Tough match, he played very well. Close, but no cigar.

  118. I describe my farts the way you titled this video :)

  119. “arty stop people from camping”… yap tottaly proof at the end of video!
    cause u know IS-6 was tottaly camping the entire game especialy at the
    end… srsly i want to quit this game simply because arty i just got 1 shot
    killed by t92 in a m103… ON STALINGRAD

  120. I like that you do not spoil the hearthbreak in the title anymore. Now it’s
    more enjoyable to watch. You do not know the end :)

  121. QuickyBaby do you know how to fix problem with extracting updates?
    Please notice me :P

  122. Ouchie…. I thought he had it after the WZ-131 went down

  123. I think QB wanted to say 225mm of pen ?

  124. Nice misleading thumbnail… :p

  125. I hate you Quicky, I was so hyped of him winning and then comes the big
    disapointment :/

  126. I see so much players in every WN8 who dont use the SHIFT-mode and just
    shot while aiming normal.
    So my question is: what is the trick with this? In 95% I use scope only,
    cuz thi are “save-shots”. Are there mechanics that I do not know?

  127. 08:48 wait wat

  128. I will be the guy who says that he had more errors than the rush for arty
    in the end.
    There was the moment when the M 41 Bulldog threw his tank in the way of the
    Centurion, and got beaten up for it. Our hero took cover from the Is 3 who
    then proceded to kill the bulldog. Had the bulldog lived, he might have
    removed some of the gamechanging artilleries on the enemy team

  129. WHAT? 125 mm of PEN???? AN IS3????? WHAT???? QB plz….u are becoming a

  130. Absolute disaster, oh great result there, absolute disaster, oh great
    result there…

  131. i wonder what happened to the first 3 minutes ……….

  132. well i didn’t expect him to die

  133. arty is fair and balanced, and also very good for the game, it prevents
    from camping, so pls buff 🙂

    just kidding :D

  134. terrible play when he charged the arty at the end

  135. can u pls do a video about the tiger P

  136. ‘Quite a few tons, to be exact’
    That’s not very exact.

  137. I have done 7.6k damage and get 9 kills on my IS-6

  138. what a heartbreak

  139. Almost 300k subs now man rly good job keeput the good work!

  140. This was nothing spectacular. Normal IS6 game.

  141. Towards the end I had to of course read the title to double check it wasn’t
    a heartbreak, you fooled me QB, into thinking this was a win, so cruel

  142. Oh man, my heart sunk at the end…

  143. le seum !

  144. 125 pen ? :P

  145. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)


  146. everybody hating on the arty, yet this guy is playing an is-6

  147. silent but deadly.. do you speak of the farts?

  148. lol….excitement got the better of him at the end..


  150. Little bit sick of soviet medium tanks

  151. Darn cant wait to see the skoda-t40!

  152. Arty in TD mode is a bad thing? He should have looped around instead of
    going straight in. He knew where the arty was approximately so come at it
    from a different angle. I’ve made that silly mistake once. You only do it
    once. Or go and cap and let arty come after you.

  153. Qb you are geting old 😛 IS-3 125 mm pen

  154. Anyone who did not see the ending coming does not know the Arties that
    fight for their damage.

  155. I thought yes IS4 finaly!! looked closer IS6 BAH BAH when is Quickybaby
    ever going to play the IS4 it has been for ever!!!!

  156. wz should have gone upp hill, they would have won for sure. scout him 24/7
    pretty much and just + cap ezpz. tobad people are not that clever in wot

  157. That was very good play but he did a fatal mistake at the end going after
    the M41, should have capped and lured out the arty

  158. OFC idiot clicker ruined epic game 🙁 I hope all arties will be totally
    nerfed (for example m41spg reload: 50 sec, accuracy: 2,0, aiming time:
    about 20 seconds)

  159. He should have went wide at the end, forcing the arty to turn and lose camo
    value. Going straight around a building that an artillery is hiding behind
    is a nooby mistake, not calling him a noob by any means though. We all make
    nooby mistakes and what he did was one of them. GG

  160. hey quickly baby can you do a review of the IS 4? there is no good videos
    of it on youtobe. could ya be nice an do one?

  161. Beautiful arty dodge,pathetic aiming in first shots,useless premium ammo
    usage,good map awareness,black prince with a comet gun and a finish that
    pissed me off.Nice replay overall.

  162. Quickybaby 2015: “But he is managing to bounce the enemy IS-3, who if he is
    using the top gun, has 125 or even 126 mm of penetration.” I love you
    Quickybaby. XD

  163. “And it weighs a ton, actually a few tons!”


  164. Make server EU 3 with no artys.. problem solved

  165. Fu arty fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu !

  166. Oh no… Such a good game, but that last moment was such a huge mistake.
    InnerSilence should have smoked the M41 out by threatening a cap victory.
    Then again, who am I to criticize such a skilled player.

  167. Patrik “PAŤO” Horosz

    gold ammo…fail

  168. So SAd :(((((

  169. Я твой самый большой фанат. Im ur BIGGEST fan.



  171. thanks realistic camo mechanics

  172. Very nice play by him!

  173. my best tank is t 43 should i keep it??


  175. whats the best tier 6 heavy tank?

  176. Too bad we cannot cure cancer. Guess I should have studied biology and

  177. wrerdwfghjklkujzhgfd

    And this is why i stop playing this **** game! 🙂 Wants to play with heavy
    tank? No you cant becuse artyes are ****ers, ok.. i will take TD – Nop..
    you cant! 🙂 What about light tank? I thing 90% of all players goes with
    light vs arty and arty kill him.. I soo love artyes:*

  178. Cechoslovakian tanks will be very op :)

  179. brilliantlysplendid

    Artillery on it’s own certainly isn’t op, but when there’s three of them
    focusing on one tank like that it can get pretty ridiculous

  180. and after a game where he worked his ass off to destroy 9 tanks, ebola
    wins, GG wg

  181. Another demonstration of abject stupidity. Even the FV could have gone to
    the cap and hidden and forced him to come back; it would have spotted him
    first and allowed the other arty to kill him.
    Don’t know why he didn’t cap himself once he killed the GWP.
    Stupid everywhere, lol. And sprem spam. And 3 arty. All the highlights WoT
    has to offer!
    Perfect video in that sense.

  182. I hate the stress you get from trying to find something amazing to type
    when you are one of the first viewers

  183. spoiler alert
    fuck all artillery

  184. I don’t get what players like that M41 are thinking when they kill a guy
    having a great game…

    PLZ WG

  186. gg , omg what a heartbreak

  187. what a sad ending, arty ruined his Pools Medal. I cry everytime ;(

  188. Aiming is hard as both sides prove. Then again the arty probably spent more
    time aiming then snapshotting.

  189. The fv could of capped when it all started going south.

  190. this was the 100000000th comment

  191. Just had my first game in the 59-patton, loved it weak turret but really
    lovely tank for the rest my ace badge in the first game for me woo :D

  192. OK THATS why every game shoud have 1 arty 2 Tanks destoyers 3 medium tanks
    and 2 light rest Full heavy plate metal, 3 artys in game whats the point
    playing a heavy tank when you have hide behind the rock cuz TD’s and Arty
    how the heck you dont camp ?

  193. can you actually stop showing us games like this?


  195. Got my first ever stripe yestarday and it was on my ELC AMX :)

  196. Allabaster Die Yang

    So much GG awesome game anyway

  197. Could someone explain me how works that premium account / vehicle thingy?
    If you play premium tank, is there difference between having and not having
    premium account? Does the credit / expirience multiply even more or what?

    Thanks for answers.

  198. no hartbreak, just a fail at the end in going straight towarts the arty.

  199. Yet again cancer prevails

  200. 2early5me. great vid as always Qb, will be watching the new Czech tank

  201. Is it just me or is the vid blurry/jerky? Especially noticable from 0:45
    when you see the IS6 from the front in motion. 720p60

  202. I was very sad at the end

  203. wow from the thumbnail I thought he would have pulled through and picked up
    the kolobanovs medal…I like what you did there QB :)

  204. I’m not looking those video anymore if it’s to see some **** arty giving
    cancer to a player ….

  205. And I’m just sitting here with my WZ-111…

  206. Bajan_Other_Canadian

    I shall get 100 qb’s scalps so far 002/100

  207. Just another reason why no one likes having arty in the game :P

  208. Hurt so much….. can’t sleep tonight… too painful…

  209. Omg :)

  210. hello

  211. Wow, and i thought the 175 of penetration of the IS were bad …

  212. veeery sneaky

  213. sad replay :(

  214. Dante Xavier (dfisher12)

    wow im early

  215. 5th comment. thanks for keeping me entertained cause I’m in high school
    right now. keep the Good work. love your commentary. ✊✊?

  216. apcr from the start…

  217. Great vid as always qb.

  218. #Goldnoob QB Kappa

  219. I’m playing 3 brand new tanks in 2 hours time @ 19:30 BST (UK TIME)! LIVE
    for an hour putting them through their tests on the live server.

  220. You are awesome QB! :)

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