World of Tanks – Silver Lining

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Source: The Mighty

After spending the entire day on what was supposed to be my birthday trying to fix it and rendering the video out at least eleven times it remains unfixed. It only seems to be affecting World Tanks videos, everything else is fine. Eventually I gave up and just uploaded, I’m fresh out of ideas.

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  1. Have a good day and happy bday ✅✌️

  2. Happy birthday Lord Jingles!

  3. John Francis Terne

    If I’m going for tier X french meds, I’ll just take the AMX-30B

  4. Jingles, the sound is a little bit delayed on the video and this is not the first wot video i’ve noticed it on

  5. Happy birthday Uncle Jingles!

  6. MrFinalresistance

    Actually Jingles, it was just around 1500 damage with his full clip. 😀 sorry I had to do it. Happy birthday, o generous gnome overlord!

  7. If you dont have a good Vid for showing dont try to talk one up. 12 min of my life wasted and i dont get the premium unlocks for bullsh. Sorry to say old man but this was a bad one. But hope you enjoyed your birthdayparty, meno for next year ” Dont do filmclips with hangover, stay in bed 😉 “

  8. Happy Birthday Jingles 🎂 I’ve been watching for ages now. Back when armor was a thing, when T-50s and T-50-2s and ELCs roamed the battlefield. Many more birthdays to come.

    KV2 salute! 💥

  9. Happy birthday dont worry im right behind you 51st birthday in july i hope you have a great one you salty sea dog

  10. Happy Birthday Jingles. Tpdaus match reminds me of many games I’ve played. More frequently than some realize.

  11. Jingles, I’m sorry, but you gotta sync your audio

  12. hmm, i think this french tank deserves a little bit more credit than jingles gives it.
    you see paper stats are all fine and good but more importantly is how the tank performs and what is it’s potential. kind of like the italian autoreloaders, on paper they are not that great, and in the hands of your average joe it will be allright, not great not terible, however, in the hands of a good/RLY GOOD players, thous tanks become absolute monsters.
    kuz unlike your average joe, thous players know how to work around thous autoloaders and autoreloaders, remember there is a reason as to why they like to pick thous medium tanks when it comes to rank/competitive play (or ofc you can just pick an OBJ.(whatever the fuck) but that’s a different problem alltoghether )

  13. Happy birthday Admiral Jingles

  14. Jingles laughs at the armour value, I don’t, I’ve shot these little buggers with the T30’s cannon, no damage.

  15. Well, it’s nowhere near the Matilda troll you once showcased (where a matilda driver killed a buttload of enemy tanks and won after he got to be last tank standing on his team) but this one really did the most of what he could achieve, given the lemons of the circumstances.

  16. The Family Woodworker

    Well done, you. Surviving another year, and a ridiculous year at that, you still produce pretty great content. You publish, we’ll watch.

  17. Happy level up day Jingles

  18. I’ll be damned…

  19. Jingles never ages, he simply is immortal

  20. 9:00 this is why I cant stay interested in this game. A tank literally going invisible as he is shooting at it. In what world is that a good mechanic?

  21. Yup the tier 9 Batchat is a gold sink tank. You try and grind through it as fast as possible and then sell it to the scrapyard. Very frustrating tank to play as it has no redeeming qualities.

  22. Nar Jingles, you’re wrong mate, the phrase is, “if you can’t take a joke, you shouldn’t be playing any game published by Wargaming”

  23. Happy Birthday Jingles, I have seen your videos from 2012.

  24. Happy Birthday Jingle McJingleberry, starboard ten and back again! Hope you’re doing well, been loving your content since oh for a long bit, I still absolutely adore your M3 Review (who the fuck doesn’t?) and I do have several playlists saved that I personally use so I can sleep at night while they play on my speakers. Max Vibes to you, sir, keep on’ chugging along! o/

  25. Happy belated birthday old man

  26. Happy birthday jingles. Thanks for the years of laughter and getting me into Girls und Panzer

  27. happy birthday jingles, great video as always.

  28. Happy Birthday

  29. That intro still rocks!

  30. Good day 🙂

  31. boristhebarbarian

    Congrats on your birthday Jingles. hopefully it got better after your work on these video issues. I enjoyed todays video immensly so keep up the great work.

  32. This reminds me of the good old “It can always get worse” video where someone was doing like 5000 damage to enemy TD’s and had to survive. He got the 5000 (or however much it was) and then got shot by his own arty, which means no survival, which means no mission completed. That was a sad day for us all

  33. Not a great battle jingles. You can do better than that especially since you don’t give us alot of WoT replays.

  34. Happy Belated Birthday Jingles!

  35. Happy birthday old man!

  36. Damned Juggernaut

    I got my 260 this year, its awesome.

  37. Happy Birthday you old fart!
    I wish you and yours the best of days, and neck scratches and chin rubs for everyone 🙂

  38. that was miserable to watch the camera was all over the place and moving around like a maniac :/

  39. So. Matchmaker is really shite in WG still…

  40. I don´t know if anybody approves this but personally, I love watching more Defeat Battles than wins because from Defeates, you can learn, by far, more and it Displays perfectly of how Dumb the players on the Team are and/or have become in this Game !!!

  41. Happy Birthday! Long live the gnome overlord!

  42. How come their turret is staying in place so much?

  43. Happy birthday, Jingles!

  44. Happy belated birthday young man 🙂

  45. samuel tschiderer

    Happy birthday sir, we’ve all chipped in a decided not to take our beaks in the salt mines as a gift for you.

  46. “Armor as thick as 30mm…” So the obligatory ‘beer-can jock-strap’ armor package. Gotcha

  47. I’ve been watching your channel since 2014. I was 14 years old and in love with WoT. I haven’t played the game since 2018, but I still watch your videos. I remember the days when you were the BohemianEagle. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been watching your videos for 7 years…

  48. Me: expects great feats of human tanking

    Reality: gets a shitty match that I could have seen anywhere

  49. daniel castillejo

    Hey Jingles can you play the tog with Quickybaby again?

  50. Happy birthday

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