World of Tanks || Sir Havoc WoT UNI Give away Results

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Source: Sir Havoc

World of Tanks || Sir Havoc WoT UNI Give away Results

The one we we take a look at who won some prizes

Here is the results of the winner of our You Tube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch Giveaway!!!!!
Have my videos helped you? maybe you can return the favor…

►Looking for replays with-
(Replays MUST be the latest version of WoT and meet ALL requirements set)

Hall of Fame Rare Medals Or Base XP over 1600
Its Moron Time – People on your being Dicks
Really Funny things in game LOL moments
And moments

Please title the email with one from above and put in the stamp of what there is to see

Please send replays you would like featured to:
►Looking for a Clan~?

EU Clans

Please apply to H3VOC

UP FOR CLAN WARS? You Must Have Tier 10


►Mah WoT UNI Hommie Oinkeds Channel

►Music –
Aaron Wilde is a brilliant up and coming Composer, please give him your love guys!!!

Mitchell Miller another outstanding Composer and a great guys


  1. Grats to the winners and thanks Sir Havoc for the vids.

  2. Dang It I have subscribed to Sir Havoc but i may not have won because i
    made my account invisible, so when he goes to my account he will not see
    that i subscribed 🙁
    Dang it :(

  3. Svetlomir Dimitrov

    more tier6 bro

  4. Hi, I just joined and I’m enjoying the videos and information given.
    Hoping to learn and improve.

  5. Your doing great Sir Havoc! Love the channel and everything you have been
    doing. Thank you for the videos you have gave us. And the stuff you have
    taught me and the rest of the people. Stay awesome and keep doing what your
    doing =).

  6. natbornkilla “123thebestkilla” l

    For the twitch one u could of just ran 2 tandom number generators . 1 for
    page number and 1 for pm. Just a idea for if u do that again :)

  7. well done to the winners.

  8. You pick facebook comments, but you said facebook PM’s, personal chat

  9. if i had to guess is suspect that if someone was going to pick a tier 6
    prem they will pick the japenese tiger because the only other tier 6b prem
    that is really an option is the type 64 which isnt a bad little tank but
    the dicker max is too easy to kill and the su 100 y is a giant shoot me
    target but its russian so it can still be insane sometimes.

  10. Congratulations to the winners.

  11. 12 Giraffes, two moustaches and 2 baboons.
    Was that correct?

  12. InfinteGaming101

    Good job Havoc, thanks for the giveaways. :)


  14. congratz to winners!

  15. The winner of the giveaway subscribed “6 days ago” So clearly he just did
    it for the giveaway.

    Rewarding loyal subscribers? i think not.

    • +Joe Thorpe Not really – You’re just using “longtime subscriber” as a
      throwaway argument where it isn’t appropriate.

    • +LojakZeRo Okay, i get that, but you guys are missing the point.

      Anyways, i see no point arguing over something that’s already happened.

    • Exactly Mansen. I’m a recent sub come over from Jingles recommendation. I
      am in fact here for the long haul, followed on twitch as well and really
      like Havoc’s video’s, personality and generosity. So Joe there is a
      positive flipside to the coin. Cheers.

    • +Sir Havoc Besides a recent subscriber might very well be in for the long
      haul. 🙂

    • +Sir Havoc I am being sensible. You’ve got to admit, that “subscribed 6
      days ago” is pretty suspicious.

      Whether that person will continue to be a loyal subscriber is irrelevant.
      It’s about the here, and now..

  16. Viktor Woloszczuk

    38th view and 5th comment boys!!!!! I’m finally in the under 301 club!

  17. Congrats to those that won i will be checking out the live stream for the
    tier 8 and 360 days, there is still time yet

  18. Hi Guys thank you for taking part!!!! stay subbed for more giveaways, the
    more views i get the more i will do. I know the twitch giveaway can be
    improved i tried to find the right software but i got everyone to pm me, I
    will make sure i can get proper software for the next one. The twitch
    giveaways during the live stream I use deep bot which is excellent. apart
    from that, recognized and fair software was used for all the others
    giveaways and the winner was picked completely at random.

    The remaining prizes will be given away LIVE on my stream on Thursdays over
    the next 3 weeks, I will be using a keyword raffles system 🙂 have a great

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