World of Tanks – Sketchy

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Gonna do some sketchy shit, doo-dah, doo-dah. Hope we get away with it, doo-di-doo-dah-day!

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If you have a of Warships replay, consider using a hosting service like

Just be aware that I get hundreds of emails every week and I can’t promise that I’ll show what you send in.


  1. Once the game starts. Try restarting the replay… Claus has the same problem and it worked for him.

  2. damned shame wargaming stopped selling the tog. no reason for it.

  3. 5:42 Did you just conflate view range and render range? Wow! I know you were crap but not that crap.

  4. Start the video
    As the timer runs down and game starts…
    Rewind to start and restart ,, the engine sounds will work on replays if you do this

  5. You should still show his replay anyway- if it’s that good, it deserves to be shown. Try rewinding it like everyone else has said, and if that doesn’t work, show it anyway.

  6. If you really want engine sounds, do what my friend did for a stupid movie we made. Add the sound in after the fact…. Yeah that added about a week to the project.

  7. Petition to watch the engineless vids, please! Give pepe a chance! XD

  8. Just add some vroom vroom sounds in as you narrate. No one will be the wiser.

  9. Unwatchable? Gawd, Jingles, you can be so effeminate sometimes. And here I was thinking that WoT had gone eco and replaced all those engines with electrics.
    I watched an electric car race recently, so blessedly quiet! None of those overrevved engines screaming their lungs out.

  10. I probably would have watched the first video with the feeling something was missing but never figuring out what… Just upload it.^^

  11. Really a bug in a WG product that they refuse to fix? Who would have thought.

    Is it actually a game-replay bug or a bug in a mod?

  12. Mr. Potato Head

    Battle detailed report showing he earning the same creds and xp with or without premium account.. looks legit enough

  13. Jingles, where is your commitment? I expect nothing but constant ‘brrr’ noises out of your mouth for the entire battle!

  14. what is this teamwork!!! oh that is not allowed. great battle and well done chaps

  15. Henrik Frederiksen

    WarGreedy fucks the players over and over again and because the last idiot on earth hasnt been born yet, they keep getting away with it ..

  16. Baron von Limbourgh

    Rewind it en the sounds works.

  17. make a video about how stupid the HE nerf was

  18. If only engine noises are the issue, then just dub some light elevator music over it and see how it sounds. Maybe that’ll make it watchable.

  19. Obviously, the engine noise is the real reason people play these games. Without that, what’s the point?

  20. The SU-130PM should get a shout out too. He was second on the team list with 3K damage done and 2 kills. Which means he held that corner for a good little while.

  21. Dragan Crnogorac

    Rewind replay to battle beginning after game start…

  22. Sarcastic Velociraptor

    I’m not playing this game anymore because it crashes with my motherboards sound card drivers… WOT said they know about the problem, it’s been going on like this from January…

  23. Alexandros Megas

    oh Jingles… You don’t need view range to see your allied tanks as long as they are in your render distance

  24. Once WG pulled my BL10 from my ISU152, the game was done for me. I quit playing this pos game!

  25. c’mon Jingles, no engine noises doesnt make a replay unwatchable if its a good replay.

    ………and judging by a lot of the replays below, youve dropped a clanger by refusing to post them.

  26. Speaking of BL-10, WG did sneaky shit. But the players let them get away with it. So… totally deserved it.

  27. Happy Canada day my fellow Canadian miners.

  28. err so you only show replays that feature engine noise? and not the gameplay? lol did not know engine noise were part of the reason why a replay is good or bad :S

  29. Wow Jingle what a “F*** you” to pepe13. Why even show his clip even a bit if you weren’t going to feature it. You have personally made bigger blunders that have arguably made videos unwatchable, but no engine noise? Who cares? Seriously, now Pepe probably feels slighted just because he likely worked hard to get a featurable video to end up on your channel. Only to be shown how he wasn’t going to be featured. Kind of a garbage move on your part, and you need to feature his video. Put music over it or something ffs.

  30. It’s been amazing watching from the outside watching world of tanks slowly choke out and kill off there player base

  31. add engine noises.. Brrrrr Brrrrrrr. BRRAAAAAA!!!
    stop being lazy Jingles

  32. the bourrasque didn’t advance at the end bc he said he was having mouse issues and probably couldn’t shoot properly.

  33. 4:10 T. M. Jingles sings …. wow …. ahahaha, Nice 🙂

  34. he was waiting for the udes,if he reloaded HE it would have wreck him apart

  35. OneBiasedOpinion

    Um… I don’t mind not hearing the engine sounds. All the other noises were there, so what’s the big deal?

  36. War Gaming fixed this problem like the Catholic church fixes their problems. Move the “problem” priest to another parish.

  37. ToughAncientSpark

    I’m not too familiar with WOT as WOWS. But, a favorite trick of Wargaming in World of Warships is to introduce a new premium ship with a unique or OP characteristic, then after everyone goes nuts and buys the ship, to promptly in the next two or three months say that it’s overpowered and then nerf the ship.

  38. That’s a beautiful story right there.

  39. wait, not having that annoying engine noise is supposed to be a *bad thing*?

  40. Had to rewind the doo dah part twice

  41. …did WG nerf the amount of credits you get at some point?

  42. camping is the only way to play wotless

  43. Replays only work the right way with Russian tanks lol.

  44. Jingles! There is a fix! Just rewind the replay at any point and it will fix itself.

  45. Script777 is the MVP of this game.

  46. 7:40 – this arti DID shoot through the wall, right?

  47. Odd, Script777’s name came up as Ridare in the game… Does Wargaming jumble names in the battle recordings?

  48. Actually Jingles, the Bourasque said in the chat while fighting the UDES 03 that his mouse was starting to glitch out and he was having trouble landing shots on target. So he probably couldn’t hit the IS-3A.

  49. It’s like that for every game last 4 year’s, camping corners 24/7…

  50. Solothkar of Trinsic

    I loved the song… Dudedudaday.

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