World of Tanks – Skidmarks

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Source: The Jingles

Skidmarks: The residue left on a road surface by excessive braking at high speed. Also: the brown residue left on your pants after playing a game of World of Tanks like this one.

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  1. What a game.

  2. He has 6th sense…….

  3. I was absolutely crap in my first like 5000 games (at 5000 games played I
    had 250 avg xp), and I’m still not good, 1040 WN8 and 1400 WN8 last 1000
    battles, averaging about 600-700xp per battle, depending on tank. but I
    still somehow have managed to keep a 52% winrate. I don’t know if i was
    lucky in those first 5000 battles or what, but I’ve always been in the high
    51% low 52%, since as long as I can remember, and no. I don’t play alot in
    But it was at arround 4500-5000 games played that I started watching
    Jingles and QB, I took a break from playing the game from winter 2013 to
    winter 2014, where i basically only watched youtubeclips of the game.
    Looking at my noobmeter charts since I restarted, my lines go very steeply
    So I thank you alot, even though you say “I’m crap” you have teached me

  4. BUT IN WHAT FRANKFURT? Am Main or Oder?

  5. Players in na are so bad …

  6. so he spent the majority of the game sitting in that one little spot,
    sniping people undetected for 600dmg/shot…. yeah, that takes a lot of
    skill, lol
    what pathetic camping

  7. The Mighty Jingles you are always the best, i like you`r hahahaha

  8. 4:48 – The T-54 kills the MT-25 , swerves north, and you see his icon run
    into the buildings and come to an abrupt stop before falling out of vision
    where his icon will remain for the remainder of the match.

    I’m pretty sure he flipped… anybody able to find this replay and free
    camera this and see what happened, it occurred within render range of him.

  9. Who cares about positioning bla bla yada yada, GREAT game:)

  10. that WZ 120 was just unlucky, what happend is that his gun went so much
    inside the jagd tiger that the shells just went right through, common bug
    with tanks like jgpze100 and jagd tiger

  11. Had an epic game with 9k damage and only made 10k credits? Horey shit WG
    fix the fucking economy.

  12. No one gonna comment on what an awesome giveaway this is? Thanks Mr.
    Jingles :P

  13. Jingles, Skiddy does have sixth sense, it goes off at 7:59. Odd that that
    was the only time it was triggered though!

  14. no sixth sense yet it appears in the fight vs t34 hmmmm are you sure he
    does not have it jingles

  15. EU as European Union or as Europe?

  16. jingles please do a mancave update

  17. Noob, you say? Hmmmmm

  18. Jingles m8 ya suck. he has sixth sense and he only has 10 kills

  19. jeova0sanctus0unus

    as someone that play a standart account, i can tell you he didnt think: “Oh
    only 10k profit” he thought: “Oh nice ! 10k profit!”

  20. That chair, the magnesium cast part that is at the base is weak and will
    break soon if you weigh more than 120kg. I just thought everybody should
    know this.

  21. When do you create a new and better intro?

  22. 1. he didnt seem to shit bricks, he was bragging how easy it was and how
    much damage.
    2. did I see sixth sense icon going off at one point?
    3. most of the tanks just rode infront of his gun, didnt see him, were
    focusing on other targets. they had to rush or reroute but didnt do
    neither. hence 11 kills

  23. jagdtiger is my favourite td, i have 3 marks on it :)

  24. No need to second guess the city move. It was a win. Case closed.

  25. Double A Batteries

    Have fun and safe travels Jingles and Rita.

  26. he played a good match towards the end there…even if they were nicely and
    neatly lining up for him

  27. I wanted to install WoT but then I remembered the money-grabing in game
    economy so I just bailed that idea

  28. Commentary great replays mediocre

  29. Hey jingles! Keep up the great work. :)

  30. I guess T-54 lost to physics. No cross-team chat to get any info from

  31. How to watch a Jingles vid:
    Press , watch intro and wait until you hear the immortal words of
    ‘Howdy fol\ Check the players in the game you are about to
    watch to make sure you are not in it, ok fine.
    Press , then instantly press again and double check the teams
    as you did have a really crap game on that map a few days ago… nope
    definitely not there, relax and watch
    … oh yeah, and don’t get caught out when there are two matches in one
    vid, or worse, it’s the good the bad and the ugly edition…

  32. Federico Di Liberto

    swear t54 is flipped

  33. Lol that mt-25 at 5:05 was hilarious

  34. Many people love the Jagdtiger. I wish I could say the same. However, the
    damage blocking that Skiddy did in this match, it just never, EVER,
    happened when I was playing the Jagdtiger. No matter how far I was from the
    enemy guns, no matter how perfectly I was angled, my upper glacis just kept
    getting penetrated, not the LOWER glacis, the UPPER glacis, where it is
    like 150 mm of sloped armor. The Jagdtiger was just a glass cannon for me.
    It had a great gun. The casemate was great. But the upper glacis was just
    paper. So, even though I have a 51-52% winrate (can’t remember exactly
    since I haven’t played WoT in awhile, especially since I recently got a
    Yamato, and concealment expert for my clemson captain, hehehe), I would
    have done exactly what Skiddy did, because I just would have been like a
    borsig in the town, just being farmed for damage by the enemy team. So
    yeah, I do not like the jagdtiger at all. I wanted to, but I just can’t.

  35. this is why WoT economy needs to be changed he did all that 9K damage and
    only made 10K Credits….you should not need premium time to make good
    profit…..hopefuly wargameing sees that credit rewards needs a buff wich
    might bring back some people who dont have a job,or are in school/college
    or simply needs there money for IRL things like rent or utilitys……

  36. WoT theshadow9929 (WoT theshadow9929)

    Thats a skill ammo loadout ?

  37. Clean up my skidmarks please Jingles?

  38. 128s ain’t cheap…

  39. The wz suffered from the bug i guess he got his gun thru the JT and somehow
    shots went thru the tank. No way how u can not do a dmg when ur gun is
    stuck in middle of enemy tank, just a “funny” bug

  40. Well he played not very good.Perfect tank in the best possible position.
    He paniks with the WZ , his aiming isnt very good and his decisionmaking
    isnt very good either.(for example shooting the T30 instead going for the
    kill of the O-NI)And this problem wouldnt have occured if he would have
    just supported in the town…I mean look at that Jagdtiger armor
    But props anyways

  41. Nice game. If the reds had some artillery, he wouldn’t of lasted long in
    that position.

  42. There was a problem with the jag tigers hit box when being shot from behind
    at close range, I sure the same bug happens with the jaggerroo.

  43. Jingles he has 6th sense

  44. Well 7 shots he fired did nothing and the ones that did have a bad
    damage/pen ratio because of all the kills so you can’t really complain
    about that profit.


  46. Your going to a weebo convention? Didnt know you had the patience for
    people like that, you’re an angel jingles.

  47. at 8.19 sixth sense go off so he must have it

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