World of Tanks || Skoda T 27 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Skoda T 27. Here’s the first T8 Czechoslovakian premium tank with a rapid firing 88 mm autoloader!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. @11:28 see emil 1951 was 300+ mtrs far and tanks shot was accurate even it was just stopped moving.

  2. QB! Make a Blitz channel, I would watch the hell out of it

  3. QB you look like you are sitting in the garage now

  4. Balanced premium tank soooo, have to do a pay to win event for it, if you buy it, you can do missions for female tankers, nice job…

  5. BS…Claus said FU

  6. More magazine cancer in frontline

  7. Cop out, should be compared with the TVP/VTU as well to show off how bad that tank is

  8. The T27 has better stats than what was shown in the part at the start of the episode

  9. of course its better than TVP VTU

  10. Go to Claus kellerman or Sir Foch for a balanced review of this tank, they are guys who don’t worship Wargaming like QB does , they dont use an 8 skill crew on the tank they are reviewing. This guy uses a pimped out crew and also a game in which has had an above above average game. You will not get an accurate review using the criteria this guy uses

  11. Hey QB can you update your mod pack please?

  12. Just to report a big scam
    I can confirm that this game is a big scam and especially a money pump
    WG TRICHE to make pay those who can
    Victor Kilsyi, founder of the Wargaming scam company, in Bovington, during the Tank Fest
    think it’s the biggest scam in the history of video games!
    parties and tank capacities are controlled
    pay attention to you paypal account and to you credit card

  13. 12:52 “with big guns that will overmatch me down below” wow didn’t see that coming

  14. Sooo ein FeuerballJunge

    So what did you learn from this Video? Quickybaby likes it extra bushy

  15. Making Stuff Awesome

    What happend to.. “You’ve been Epic ?”

  16. @quickybaby maybe you could make a video about bushes in the world of tanks and as CC ask them why they are bad?


    Not worth the moneym that’s for sure 🙂

  18. Next up, a British Premium Light tank that’s actually fantastic and makes the tech tree line look even more anemic and disabled…..

  19. QB is trying his best to sell us this tank but it is a meh tank compared to Progetto and even Lorr 40

  20. Hello QB, I noticed you didn’t have your normal XVM stats showing during countdown. Did 1.6 finally get rid of XVM?

  21. bert onderdeel tweser_g

    There more unbalancd into wot let them fix that first before i go play this ruchia bulshit game again

  22. Sverigetrotter0046

    Wanted to buy this as I saw a new Czechoslovakian tank.. then I realised it’s still Wot..

  23. My thoughts, it’s very fun, but very average, personally I’ve been doing quite well (though not amazing), but I keep getting mastery badges so I recognize it’s not normal

  24. Probably the first English youtuber who can read Š.

  25. Been grinding my t 44 the last few days and have encountered alot of skoda t 27s. I was able to pen the turret cheeks regularly with standard ap of the 100mm gun (190 pen).
    The gun mantle will bounce those rounds however it is not very wide.
    Do not expect to go hull down in your skoda and fight effectively. You will have to brawl and wiggle alot.

  26. Now imagine if WG did like in Warframes where one could EARN said “Prime” / ‘prem’ things, and not per some fake shite realistically not in reason to do….. lolz

    (and/or more often)

  27. I was on the fence with getting this tank. Thanks for this review, and give a little bit of a heads up!

  28. Ill keep my Is3-A thank you. Just cant get enough bush!

  29. Qb… you spent more time talking about bushes and locations.
    Lets get things straight. SKODA T27 is the absolute worst tier 8 prem tank ever.
    A little bit underwhelming?
    It is a nightmare.
    I want my money back.
    I can do more damage in a tier 8 battle with a tier 6 tank.
    If you are watching this vid, and considering to buy a Skoda t27, just dont.

    QB, how many crappy games have you had before getting one with enough footage to make a review? .
    Give this tabk the respect it deserves.

  30. Oh great ANOTHER tier 8 Premium tank for our broken game…
    Does Anyone know how many Premium tanks, especially tier 8’s are in this game?
    Oh, and Surprise Surprise…its a Autoloading Premium Spammer!

  31. You cant get autoloaders in czech tanks until t9 but italian, french, american and premiums all get them at t8. Just another shameless money grab by WG.

  32. Wait what? I just saw video about T27 from WG and there it was 0.33 accuracy… and on that site its 0.38?

  33. its very balanced ummmm…why?

  34. csaló retek!

  35. Czech bias! Looks cool!

  36. 17:10 You say unload 3 vehicles ( meant to say 3 shells).???

  37. Y U NO release the modpack again QB?

  38. Buff TVP VTU .

  39. We have to buy this tank in order to get female crew reward.. lame…
    Wargaming indirectly begging us to buy this tank?

  40. Very balance reviewed, nice job for a Brit.

  41. They want 44 USD for it. Not worth it. 30 I can see, 35 maybe. NOT 44.

  42. Man try playing the T69, it needs some love for sure

  43. The tank is shit, shit gun handling, turn like a boat and slow, terrible dpm for a 3 shot autoloader. This skoda need buff

  44. 280 Alpha could have been a good middle ground between 240-300 alpha. very lackluster damage especially since the Progetto can do way more with the 240 alpha due to its autoreloader, The T 27 should have the damage model of those British tanks that get a 280 alpha gun

  45. To save you 23mins of quackybaby it’s garbage worse dpm than its single shot brother the TVP VTU

  46. 9:36 someone is pissed

  47. please upload daily WoT

  48. World of tanks community: QUICK MAKING TIER 8 PREMIUM TANKS
    Also World of Tanks community: *buys premium tank*

  49. “Most people are using five skill crews in their Premiums”… Not really, QB… I don’t think you’re really in touch with the ordinary players.

  50. is it worth 30 quid???

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