World of Tanks || Skoda T40 vs Lakeville

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Skoda T40 the Czechoslovakian premium medium tank is taking on Lakeville!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Just so you know QB, the test server is closed apparently. They forgot to
    announce it on the EU server. Doesnt look like its going to go back up

  2. Hey QB! I was just wondering if you are going to make a review of 9.14
    patch? It would be great since its by far one of the most interesting
    patches in last few years (new phisycs and sound system, reworked maps, new
    HD models) that wot has made. Would love it if you got acces to those

  3. I feel like the Skoda T40 is shit. Everyone says it would play like the
    T-34-85, and yet it doesn’t at all. It’s really big for it’s type and tier,
    and the gun feels very RNG reliant. I actually prefer the Chi-Nu-Kai over
    this thing, and I do not believe the Skoda is competitive at all. You
    cannot frontline, you cannot carry, you cannot snipe, and now you are left
    in this awkward half sniping but still in spotting range position that
    ultimately fucks you over. If you’re needed on the frontline, the best you
    can do is wait until:

    A. The enemy shoots your teammate
    B. The enemy gets sidetracked, and pays attention to something else

    0/10, if I had bought this with anything other than tournament gold I would
    be disappointed.

  4. aimbot noob

  5. I can not connect what to do with manna phone number has changed Innocent I
    change my passwords

  6. you shoud have loaded a HE shell for the hummel

  7. Has anyone noticed that quickybaby has a tick? Or has it always been there
    and i have never noticed…

  8. Good try mimicking Jingles “But jingles…” voice, QB :)

  9. I have to say, that I don’t like the more agressive bush… I never got
    something from there, only getting killed, compared to the bush one behind.

  10. I enjoy playing my Skoda T 40, its thinly skinned but has a nice gun and a
    decent fire rate … Just wish WG would bring the Type 59 back to how it
    was when they released it ( well nearly ) as then it would be competitive
    as it is suffering power creep :(

  11. So with the appearance of the Töldi III, can we see that as a hint of a
    Hungarian tech tree in the making?

  12. I disagree with this position. I rarely see anyone live longer than 2
    minutes sitting at this spot because there are a lot of tankers looking for
    the people who always go there. Yes occasionally someone has a nice game
    here but usually it’s death.

  13. J Quiznos (HeatGuy)

    Thank you for FINALLY saying what I’ve been saying in game all along, the
    Type 59 has been nerfed ( to near uselessness). I don’t expect it to be a
    god among premiums; after all, it does still make creds, but it’s not fun
    to play anymore. Everyone pens you, you pen hardly anyone unless you’re
    spamming gold (nullifying the cred making advantage), and it’s not fast
    like it used to be. I’m just disappointed that I spent real money on a tank
    I don’t get to enjoy anymore.

  14. how come the 304 does not spot the hummel ?

  15. 7:46 What does he say? “Don’t tell the ? about that”

  16. 8:45 thats what I do in my kv-2

  17. Whenever I try to go that middle road in my meds at lakeville I get killed
    instantly. :P

  18. Im always waiting for a new video?

  19. 1:01 LOL Quicky trying to be Jingles again!

  20. English auto generated subtitles said “Go Daddy 40″

  21. should have done a Valentine video today

  22. Nice match QB, and thank you for the spotting tips

  23. God damn arties never miss shotgun mode

  24. God damn arties never miss shotgun mode

  25. the 35, the 38, the Hetzer and the Marder were here first. i think the T-25
    and the Grille as well.

  26. Valentine’s day and no Valentine gameplay? Blasphemy!

  27. Would you ever consider trying the console version of World of Tanks

  28. its singles awareness day not valentine’s day. get it right damn it. lol

  29. Next time load HE when there is only arty left….

  30. What computer do you have???

  31. Great info on the Skoda Thank you Keep them coming.

  32. Congradulations on being a husband!

  33. :v Every times i’m in a arty i wait for around 40s and shoot those 2 bush.

  34. Happy Valentines Day to you and Peppy!

  35. I finally know how to use my skoda t 40

  36. Luiz Felipe Rodrigues

    Kids are destroing this game in Xbox One. NA server

  37. Could you do a review on the Churchill Gun Carrier? I don’t know when
    exactly, but I’ve noticed it had been buffed in 2015. For what I saw, it
    seems that the aiming time had been reduced from 2.9sec to 2.1 and it’s
    traverse speed had been buff from 24 degrees/sec to 28. There have been
    probably more changes done to it, but I don’t know them. Anyhow, it would
    be interesting to hear your opinion about this tank.

  38. the testserver should be up on monday, i asked a community contributor and
    he told me so

  39. is it worth going through the t28 prototype with gold to tier 9 t30 because
    in my opinion this tank sucks

  40. It’s funny, before I watched this video I was just on that map in my skoda
    T40 with 4 kills and 3304 damage.

  41. @quickybaby You should do fanmail openings or something 😛 it’d be pretty

  42. nice stream today mate

  43. Aleksandar Sasa Jerinic


  44. Even Quickybaby must mock my loneliness with his Happy Valentine’s Day

  45. the spots he says are OP in Lakeville don’t work on N/A server.. people
    aren’t stupid enough to allow tanks to sit openly in the middle road like
    that on N/A server.. I see tanks get destroyed in the first few minutes of
    every battle in those spots..

  46. Yeah, for some reason, the test server went down after I got some gameplay
    on it.

  47. My friend wanted to buy me this tank yesterday. Maybe i should get it

  48. Naw the Hummel went submarine mode and went through the pond to flank

  49. I just had a thought about the test server. Everyone always complains that
    they hate it because people do nothing but spam premium ammo because of the
    massive amount of gold and silver you get. So why not just remove the costs
    for purchasing tanks on the test server, and drastically reduce the amount
    of silver and gold they give people? Make it so you still have to earn
    credits if you want to spam premium ammo.

  50. I don’t mean to bash this game,but if any of you tank lovers didn’t try AW
    go for it,you will be surprised how fun it can be,just saying i don’t want
    to be one of those guys saying wot is trash,but played AW since last
    week,and i feel relaxed,im not raging,overall nice experience.

  51. Congratulations on your new status

  52. The hummel probably hid in C/D2: in the valley there are two seperate
    sides. Sometimes one can hide himself there quite efectiv.

  53. Great game QB! 🙂
    By the way I think the Hummel was actually camping in C2 (I don’t think he
    could’ve gone all the way around) – 8:00 you can see the FV304 wouldn’t
    have spotted the Hummel if it had been sitting in C2.

  54. Were you referencing sucking from front to back?

  55. The test server is closed right?

  56. “This is the front bush, this is the back bush…”

  57. This same thing happened to me. 7v1, E-25 left. I was in a Hummel and had
    done 2.5k damage, enough for my SPG-15 with honors for the first set. Then
    of course my whole team missed the E-25 and he killed me….

  58. Skoda T40 is love Skoda T40 is life

  59. Hey QB and/or a anyone else reading, I just got the comet and I was
    wondering what is best equipment setup? I assume rammer + vert. Stabilizer
    but then should I go w/ optics or binocs or vents?

  60. Aleksander Zagmajster

    Hey QB, what do you think about removing a wt e100? Is it really
    overpowered or is just a case of angry russian minority hating everything
    thats not soviet and is somehow good? Thanks :)

  61. I love my chi-nu-Kai

  62. QuickyBaby, Could you start a series that spotlights a map or two where you
    point out where there are good spotting positions, sniping positions and
    defense positions?

  63. Autoaiming artillery? facepalm.

  64. way are you mad you snap shoot him first.

  65. #flute

  66. Forgive my ignorance for not knowing, but congratulations Quicky!

  67. the Type 59 is the most over hyped tank in WoT. . . its not even that
    powerful. it only looks good because allot of top tier players play them.
    WG even uses them to make players want to watch there streams because to be
    honest, there streams are not that fun to watch anyway.

  68. What did you get for your dear sweet wife Old boy?

  69. I think it more likely that the Hummel was moving along the 2 line when the
    FV304 went up the valley. They just missed each other on opposite sides of
    that hill in the valley. That made it quicker for the Hummel to come back
    and defend.

  70. Love is in the air!!! Happy valentines day QuickyBaby. I hope its a very
    special day for you two:) 🙂

    Peace from across the pond!

  71. Yannick Assenmacher

    I really hope the testserver is working tomorrow, because it’s kinda
    annoying when you try to log in and always the same message pops in :/ But
    I guess I am expecting too much. It’s just a testserver.

  72. Your a faggot quick cry baby you got shoot because you didn’t answer your
    fans question and you got set on fire and cry started…

  73. Very cool ! Good comments but could you make a video with the ARL V39 ?

  74. Cant wait for polish tanks xD

  75. Thanks for the review QB. Funny, I just watched a video from a guy that
    does “is it worth it”, and he said it was a bad tank!

    Perhaps, compared to the Rudy and the Bromwell …

    But this is very similar to the 3001P, one of my favorite tanks.

  76. Food? Way too try hard for me! QB doesn’t need to do that.

  77. Hey QB, is it can you reduce the size of your minimap on your replays? It’s
    surprisingly enormous.

  78. hye quickybaby i love your channel and you was my inspiration to play WOT
    ive boguht lots o rpemium tnaks and spen around 111pound to play as good as
    you love you man greate replays and just love you over all

  79. QB got married?! Wow, I’ve seriously been out of the loop.

  80. Brilliant innuendo QB! I’ll take both bushes depending upon my mood, but
    the front bush is the best bush!

  81. +QuickyBaby can you reupload your res_mods folder which you use at the
    moment would be very nice :)

  82. hummel was probably at c2 d2

  83. Bert is love, Bert is life :)

  84. IS-5 ? :)

  85. Pragerovy Příběhy [NYNÍ NA WATTPADU]

    Yup, the test server is completely broken. Don´t expect WarGaming will try
    to repair it during weekends :P

  86. Dragon Knight Davion

    very bad camping location because i love to hit that way from city with my

  87. Lisek in polish means “Fox” in cute way. I mean – diminutively :P

  88. Hello Quickybaby! Maybe you could do review of JagdPanzer E100 after 9.14
    test server?

  89. The Black Rabit Gamer

    Do you think you could review the t49 tier 5 American tank destroyer I
    really like the look of it and I never got it so if you do thank you but if
    you don’t that’s okay I just want to know more about it

  90. kv3 is tier 7 and has 390 alpha dmg.

  91. the OI and the KV2 loves the Skoda T40 one shoting them with HE

  92. Perfect game showing of how utterly useless valley pushing is on this map

  93. Gotta love being the first viewer :)

  94. If I had to guess, the Hummel hid at C/B 2/3 just to the east of the small
    rise in the valley as the FV304 ran straight up the 1 line, then looped
    around the northernmost outcropping .

  95. I have only fired 5 premium rounds in my entire WoT career. I honestly
    don’t know if that’s good or bad.

  96. Quicky, could you do a comparison between the Vk 3001 P and the Skota t40?

  97. Why didn’t you load HE for arty at the end. It could have been way better
    battle. Q_Q

  98. new intro?

  99. I think that the Hummel simply hid on the West side of the ridge in the
    valley xD FV304 did not check there ??

  100. Wish i had a pc to play the real wot :(

  101. I want jap heavys on xbone !!!

  102. Way to pull off a Jingles :)

  103. why u dont load HE for arty?

  104. where did da 300k go?

  105. Quickybaby as much as a tank will be nerfed as long as your not drunk you
    will win the game with any tank trie to prove me wrong but I believe your
    to op to prove me it anyways there is one big I am talking about a tiny to
    to see but huge impact in your games and that is that you blacklist your
    fans for doing something wrong you are the teacher does a teacher kick the
    ass of a student for doing a mistake? (I think no xD) so give some love and
    you will get some back + this day is called the valentines day the day the
    prices of things go from 10 to 50 just because it’s valentines day don’t do
    the mistake to buy something now because someone told you that this day you
    must buy something to your lower to show him your love let me tell you that
    women prefer doing this an other day of the year and not because someone
    told you that you should do that today anyways no more of ky criticism I
    give you as a person a 9.5 out of 10 as no one is perfect but you have some
    problems you can fix anyways love you I hope we platon one day and that we
    meet an other time you come to Cyprus so I can call you as your family (I
    hope you make kids :P) to eat a traditional Cypriot meal or if you want an
    other fast food xD ok I thing I wrote allot so sorry if any of this makes
    you angry with me I am just like a close friends that tells you the
    mistakes straight to your face so you can tackle them down and fix them as
    soon as possible anyways peace out and happy “valentines” day

  106. Before the test servers went down i was playing around and I can’t wait for
    9.14 to be released, it’s so much fun

  107. I was on the TS server for 1 day and boy it was amazing.. Damn it WG ?

  108. well. gg hummel. why cant i get rng like that

  109. World of Tanks - BBMaster770

    I saw you ingame, as I played with Wasilijsaizev1 :D

  110. Hello QuickyBaby 😀

    Could you please help me? What should I buy: T-54 First Proto, AMX DCD, or
    Panther 8,8? Please answer ASAP because the deals won’t last much more.
    Guys please thumbs up so QB can see 😀

    Keep up the good work!

  111. valentinesday – forever alone…

  112. AnotherIdiot PlayingGames

    try that bush in an e25, it will make you feel almost as dirty as playing
    the t18 in its glory days

  113. on the 9.14 common test server news page it said that the test server was

  114. RIP 9.14 test server

  115. When i watched that video i was like
    Wait ive already seen this video?
    Quicky are u becoming senile?
    But then i realised that ive been watching ur stream to that time and uve
    been a little pissed to that time ;)

  116. Cheese is yummy :)

  117. Hey Quciky, I`m seeking for solution of my personal problem and that is
    that I like wot and even more following you for long time. In my problem is
    included sucsess, fun etc. But, I cannot play this game as it is now, It
    looks unbalanced and prety much p2w. Could you tell me your oppinion how to
    improve my happiness while playing, I realy dont want to quit it, I`m
    playing for so long, about 5 years. Keep up with best wot channel in YT
    history if you ask me. :)

  118. Isn’t this from stream?

  119. Will, that thing you did that Paul does when he is talking as a critic
    would to him was hilarious, hilarious to hear you do it too, still

  120. hummel always do this , a tiny little of a clutch shot and hits , happens
    to me too , wth is this tank ?

  121. anonymous “i see you” !

    Pls will you do a E-75 replay again, thx.

  122. I like how you pulled one out of Jingle’s book with the typical commenter
    saying, “Well, actually Quickybaby…”

  123. Happy Valentines Day QuickyBaby, I hope u and peppy are having a wonderful
    day :)

  124. Did QB just copy Jingle’s “snarky commenter voice” ?

  125. excellent map analysis as always

  126. HE would have finished the job with Hummel, imho.

  127. The Testserver was up but for less than a day ^^

  128. what is your world of tank mod name

  129. Yeah those test servers are really drunk.

  130. when will the tanks be in xbox 360?

  131. QB’s videos are the only way i enjoy WOT, bevause dealing with the “people”
    at the NA server is horrible

  132. Arty is so broken.

  133. the Hummel was probably on the other side of the small hill in the valley,
    he’s too slow to go all around and through an entire swamp

  134. someone know how you can get that free cam angle in your replays like at
    8.00?? :/

  135. Very Good !!!

  136. Shrek The Psycho Therapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life


  138. Happy Valentine’s day

  139. Great result QB! GG

  140. Hey QB! Can you play the ISU-152 next?

  141. Shoulda played the valentine

  142. Hummel could’ve been on right side of mound around C2.

  143. QB, Are you German? I REALLY NEED AN ANSWER!

  144. Quicky, you should be with your missus… card revoked!

  145. should have been a valentine…

  146. 14 Minutes!

  147. Noke | CS:GO and More!

    Happy Valentines Day Fellow Tankers!

  148. češi jsou nej ? Kdo souhlasí like (y) :D

  149. Oh it’s that bloody tank game…..

  150. Hi QB u are My hero :)

  151. hey QB, would you mind helping us poor mini-youtubers figure out how to get
    the free camera mod to work?

  152. watching stream enjoying..

  153. Hello Stream.. is it me you’re looking for?

  154. WOT IS A FUCKING GAME ! i lose all game now we have 0 win today
    0win/27battles I fuck this game

  155. Never been this early before.

  156. Nice I want.

  157. first person to dislike is an idiot :)

  158. i was first views

  159. hey good video watch stream

  160. norwegianminecrafter lynnes


  161. damn you benmcone

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