World of Tanks || Skorpion – Unexpected Friends

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of tanks. Today we’re going to make an unexpected friend while playing the T8 German tank destroyer the Skorpion!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Happy videos are needed the most.

  2. Federico Spadone

    Since I started playing this game again I remembered why I stopped playing it.

    Maybe it’s me and I’m just particularly unlucky, but sometimes I get streaks of 10+ games in which no matter how I play, even if I constantly end up top five on exp my team is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, EVERY FUCKING SINGLE TIME melting in front of the enemy and I get eventually overrun.

    The strange thing is that I never saw similar streaks of victories. Overall I’m still around 50%, not a top player, but I see a disproportionate amount of games when I’m in the bad team than the other way round.

    And if I have a x3 bonus you can be assured that I’ll be playing like a boss and losing miserably for at least five times in a row before finally winning the only one cursed game where I didn’t do much.

    RNGesus, why do you have to be such an asshole with me?

    Anyone feeling the same? GL & HF! (=

  3. 9:22 actually jingles this is… quickybaby…?

  4. DefendingTheFatherland

    Actually now the Progetto is the most played, by a huge margin too

  5. Did anyone become a sponsor of QB’s YouTube channel yet?

  6. QuickyBaby one question the scorpions hull is like a vk16.02 leopard

  7. Make a video about a tier V german VK16.02 leopard my most hated and adored tank in tier IV to V to IV

  8. Fake thumbnail

  9. Over powered premiums what? I have a lowe, T 34, Jagtig 8.8, SU 122-44, E 25 and Foch 155, none of them are op they all get tore up, I wanted to buy the Skorp because of its amazing gun but it has no armour and unless you have 100% camo crew in it, its not exactly as small as an E 25, people are just want to complain because they can’t have nice things!

  10. Don’t cry about friendly back-up. #WW2

  11. FFS QB!
    It’s BIS… NOT B I S

  12. dirt hut Gamer Hi

    Hummel, german td

  13. Genarel Betrayus

    Should have played Lionel Richie. Hello. for the part were your side bye side with that Churchill 7 or bp cant tell on my phone

  14. The random temp friends and effective battle communication that happens oh so rarely in random battle is my favourite aspect about this game. Unfortunately, toxic online culture is much more prevalent but it does make the good times all that more special.

  15. Cancer money tank

  16. MegaDethbystereo

    The more I watch you, the more you start to come across as smug….

  17. Kevin Gallineau II

    Please, never pass up a chance to make a “Happy WOT video”!

  18. Grinded?, ground?, whatever, lll

  19. Lovely.

  20. That end card is the exact issue people have with the 3-5-7 mm. 5 out of the 6 tanks with 1k+ damage were the top tiers. Is the game fun when you build in who gets to have the good games?

  21. Clearly paid by WG.

  22. I must admit, that a pet hate of mine, is players who park next to you or behind you when you are camo-d in cover, in a TD.

  23. Unexpected friend on the same map again

  24. Its even worth to watch this video just to hear your wonderful pronounciation of the Rrrrrrheinmetall Skorpion 😉

  25. 2 of the Top 3 having a good time in a 3-5-7 how odd.

  26. The Scorpion is so much better than the Rhm Borsig just because of it’s speed, shit design for a premium tank. I am at a point where I hate Scorpions just as much as Japanese heavies.

  27. ZeleneBeretke_RBiH

    When will be sale again of Skorpion G ?

  28. Roly Poly Shake Shake

    Romanasul nostru nu ne dezamageste

  29. great play thx for it

  30. ugh wait , what skorpion OP ?? wauw djees so germany has a good turret high calliber gun, on a prem and its OP,, djees guys wake up, it has bad turning speed, bad offroad, average speed, no armor, average gun depression , now lets say it also has no good gun and no turret, then what would this tank be ?? pure carbage, jeah if you ,, like quicky have a high skilled crew, then its very good

  31. DrFanta - Tech - Games - and more

    ah i remember watching this on stream

  32. Hoping that the unexpected friend on the game shows up in the comments section.

  33. Rares Nimic Mai Mult

    Unexpected friends ? I played with a friend in a standart match…and we didn’t played in a PLATOON


    Nice video, and I will still enjoy the game in the future but’ premium tanks should be left alone’ we paid hard cash for them.

  35. Hey Quickybaby it’s everyone

  36. the worst thing about this game is the attitude of the players, I hate turning of the chat, but it is too toxic in wot

  37. But then usually it’s KURWA BLYAT UNINSTALL GAME KEMP BUSH.

  38. Love these types of games. I often get them in world of warships.

  39. Quick i heard about 1.02 if you are newbies, they will give you a tier4 tank for free… Is it true???

  40. nice ‘happy’ game, Quickie! Well done.

  41. “the most popular tank in the game” ..ofc. nerf it and it won’t be that played.

  42. shit hacking , corupted and manipulating game

  43. Kha'Zix The Voidreaver

    Is3:”What a team… noobs” 352 dmg dealt in top tier tank.

    Man this kinda shit makes me boil.

  44. You carry so much premium ammo than I do? My load out is: 24AP, 4APCR, 2HE. Why do carry that much premium. I play my Skorp to earn credits and every premium rnd I fire screws that up. And the gun is soooo good the Skorp is competitive in T10 battles. I’m just curious.

  45. When will you make the K-91 tank preview?

  46. You’ll have to start thinking of another title.

  47. Is this tank going to be sold again??

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