World of Tanks – Snappy Dresser

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

When I was in the Navy we’d refer to a good guy as “An all-round good egg and snappy dresser”, which hopefully goes some way to excusing todays video title. If not, tough.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 10×1080 resolution

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  1. Wow, this is the earliest i’ve ever been to a Jingles video…guess staying up until 4am is worth it

  2. Why do people press the battle button and then go afk? ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿

    • Most likely it’s because they are too much of chicken, low spec computers, there net sucks so it’s taking time for them to laod or they don’t like the match up on the current map, meh who really knows but still, no one said the game was going to be completely fair, just play it for the fun of it or just don’t play it all if you don’t like it lol, just saying.

    • My WoT does this weird thing for the first game of the day where it takes an ages to load, usually 1-2 mins have passed by the time the game actually lets me play.
      And it only ever does it for the first game. After that, it loads perfectly fine and drops me in the pre-game wait.

    • Way too many legitimate reasons to be AFK, yet here are a few if you are confused:
      Someone at the door
      Important phone call, text, email
      Someone needs assistance
      Mother Nature calls
      Pet needs to be let out to do it’s thing
      Knocked off server
      PC freezes
      and so many more reasons……………………………

    • There’s this thing called life. It happens to some of us.

    • My kid is the main reason I have to afk in battle not every one is 100% focused but I like to get a game or two in when there time to play


  4. 1:06 Trust me Jingles, We Know the Skorpion G all too well

  5. Jingles, I promise I will go back to the salt mines after this.

  6. Woke up to pee and here I am good morning

  7. A broken tank, didn’t people on the all mighty RU server bitch about the Hellcat being used a a scout, and a fast tank? What did the fools at WG they nerfed the hellcat, then they release this S.G bs which most people use the exact same way as the hellcat of old. But the will not nerf that pos German aka fast tank.

  8. Jingles stop eat your words! Start eating yer veggies instead

  9. Screw college I’m saving up money to go see tanks!

  10. its king’s day in the netherlands today

  11. Morning Jingles!

  12. Secret Canadian Server confirmed.

  13. WHAT IS THIS team work? on a online game? is this real life?

  14. Lots of adjectives today

  15. GG. Nice to see some positive team play in WoT.

  16. This match was honestly boring :/

  17. Jingles! Isn’t this a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories

  18. apocalypse gaming

    jingels you are the only gnome who could pull me away form my instrumental Swedish death metal and my hole in the salt mines

  19. War Thunder videos please?

  20. typical skorp driver…afk at the start

  21. Why is every world of tanks youtuber using colorblind mode i dont understand it

  22. Nice to see the positive chat post battle.

  23. Love the video!

  24. Good play, good results. Quality people playing WOT. Had to check it out.

  25. Kemp Bush Unfair Plain (:

  26. Maybe his parents found out he was playing WoT without their permission, and pressed the shutdown button.

  27. Was the UDES sitting in gun cam the whole time? Or is he really just that dumb and has zero sense of situational awareness?

    Regardless he pretty much threw the match by camping in a location long after it’s usefulness to the team.

    He had two options.
    First option was risky, take the Scorpion G head on point blank range.

    Second option far safer, use the UDES stealth, speed, mobility to head to the right around the lake using terrain to not get spotted. Get an angle on the Scorpion G camo up and take the shot.

    But he took option three, camp hard and let the Scorpion G tear apart his team.

    His team did not help by getting greedy and trying to shoot the Scorpion G…. Oh well not that it matters now I suppose.

  28. Is it just me or Jingles’ voice is pretty silent

  29. Goddamnit man. It’s 430 in the morning and I’m trying to go to bed!

  30. He should have been one shotted when he was spotted and still poking his head out. Boom! Dead. No replay no soup for you.

  31. You need to make more badass tank thumbnails like this one 😀

  32. I have bounced jgpnz E100 in this tank. The armor is great.

    (Yes.. it only ever happened once. Nearly died of laughter)

  33. Ugh a cancer g. Another reason I pretty much quit playing WOT.

  34. WE WANT AD’S!

  35. To be fair to the AMX 13 75, it’s entirely possible he didn’t suicide. 1.0 physics has made light tank driving particularly hazardous, as they’ve made some of the terrain pretty weird. There’s a bunch of scenery now that are basically death slides, if you touch them, you’ll fall off the path and crash/drown/get permanently stuck. It’s happened to me on that Lakeside road before. So the AMX was probably just trying to get out of the TD’s line of fire, touched the wrong bit of the map, and slid to his death.

  36. Map awareness was all that he needed in this game to beat the enemy team. GG to the man :). BTW – I said this in one of the recently uploaded by Jingles WoT replays and I will say it again – UDES players/Swedeish TD players – amazing. The worst part is that this kind of “strategic geniuses” can and will often ruin your game and win by doing nothing through the whole game, sitting in one spot and just clicking. Balanced.

  37. EH, managed to get only 60% discount on Progetto 46 🙁 not going to pay that much lol
    If only there were no “bundle” then maybe. tricky WG, seems like giving us this “prizes” in between each mission is good for us, instead it makes the tank twice as expensive, thus making 50% discount worth face value of other medium prems…

  38. bart van herrewegen

    Hey thx for featuring me and my game!! 🙂 Srry i was afk at the start for personal home reasons , yet again want to say thx for the 2 guys that made the win possible

  39. really very good – thank you

  40. Wargaming, your pay2win is shamelessly showing

  41. Im proud of that UDES

  42. No way! I’ll be 2 days too late to see Jingles, gutted 🙁

  43. Jingles! You old bastard! Cheers from a drunk Belgian lost in Japan.

  44. 666 likes and 6 dislikes, did I just arrive in hell?

  45. 5:18 Wait, what, how did he manage to pen and blow the tracks off at the same time? It makes no fucking sense. If it were the tracks on the other side it would, but like this? Seriously?

  46. Video starts at 1:40

  47. I love those Skorpion players they all seem to spam gold even when I’m in my light tanks. You know what’s satisfying… Knowing that my cheesy little HE shells from my tier 6 light tank probably made me 10 times as much money as the Skorpion credit printer did to me. And you KNOW he’s a try hard and uses food too. I’m just thinking yeah that’s right and if you lose this game you aren’t even gonna make much or maybe negative credits…. Guys it’s got 248 pen you don’t need gold on tier 6s lol

  48. Funnly enough, I never get ammo wrecked in my PTA…. really, I expected it, I was prepared for it, Im almost through the grind, never really got double damaged or something like that…

  49. That shot at the Lowe over the shoulder of the T95 was a bit risky.

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