World of Tanks || SNEAKY GERMAN!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m going to embrace the inner sneaky German tank destroyer with the Waffenträger auf Pz. IV!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Just what kind of brainless monkeys at WG that they think the OP268 4 is balanced enough to be released into the game. Also, what’s the purpose of supertest and test servers if they’re not going to listen or if the testers themselves are brainless monkeys too?

  2. the tank destroyer is so high that they only have 2 degrees of depression from the front… guess germany decided to use drugs on their tanks.

  3. Ya, I love the S1, and getting the high tier Swedish tank destroyers with my highly trained crew will be fun

  4. I personally like the (15 Cm?) Gun on this tank. Worked good in the City maps.

  5. I Love it when you says German Tank Names i am from Germany

  6. YoungHittaTrappin [MOMS]

    I love when you play german tanks

  7. Favourite sneaky tank? KV-2 hiding around a corner on a city map.

  8. I adored my SU-122-54 but now it is gone, For me it was one of the best td´s in the game

  9. UDES 03 is my favorite vehicle in the game right after the Jagdtiger

  10. I have fun replay with easy 8 105mm derp but how i sent it?

  11. Ps thats pretty good replay

  12. E 25 sneeki breeki

  13. Princeaerol Toga

    Well I still like my hetzer being my most sneaky tank (I did manage to barely survive a 1 v 1 against a kv-1 in the hetzer)

  14. Derrick sommers

    ZEE BEEN (Sieben) is seven in German

  15. Too bad it is after this horrible St Emil

  16. Llwellyn Cuhfwarthen

    My favorite ‘sneaky’ tanks .. in my garage.. M5a1 Stuart.. and the Dicker Max (Dicker.. sneaky you say ???) .. yes, Dicker Max.. I have had a lot of battles, using it while under camo/cover and crushing enemies without ever being spotted.. (I think it is a 4 or 5 perk crew on it now)

  17. 9:28 behind you*

  18. Thank you for saying it – if you’ve used a premium account or a premium tank to build up your crew experience, you’re ‘shooting gold.’

  19. skorpion still has more pen lol

  20. Michał Witkowski

    QuickyBaby, Which tank would you reccomend for money making: KV-2(R) od M41 90mm?

  21. I heard preferential MM tanks are getting looked at by Wargaming so what’s your say about this 😀

  22. The waffle 4 is not bad but the borsig with the derp gun is my favorite as soon I got another great play I will send it to you QB

  23. This game is 90% pay to win.

  24. I really do respect how unfiltered you are about critiquing World of Tanks, and its respective company, that you obviously want to maintain a good working relationship with.

  25. He is the only Youtuber that I know of who asks for dislikes lol

  26. Dorian Budimlic

    Did you block any arty player soon?

  27. ‘Make sure you give it a tumbs down’ lol whoever youtuber whould say that.

  28. I really enjoy your video. Keep up the good work. Kind regards from Poland !

  29. I quite like my SU-100 for its sneakiness. Low profile Russian fun.

  30. Ante Burilović

    QB’s skill is to make pretty interesting commentary with mediocre game like this (even with 8 kills)…

  31. Agree, Udes very fun to play, but its depends on map rotation. If you get Paris, Ruinberg, Mines, Himmelsdorf… its tragedy scenario

  32. If they wanted ro implement new phyisics why didnt slide the e75 ???

  33. Jasper Who'Knows

    Obj 268 4 getting a massive nerf to basically everything… right as I get to the SU-101 ;(

  34. WoT is 5% Pay to Win. Have you bot heard? LOL 🙂

  35. I only have one thing to say: MAKE THE HELLCAT GREAT AGAIN!!!

  36. Try to play world of tank blitz pls I want to see your game play of WOTB. I’m a huge fan

  37. EN – seven (7)
    PL – siedem (7)
    DE – sieben (7)

  38. Old ELC would be it. (not quite so much now)

  39. He is such a nice guy.

  40. Favourite sneaky tank? Well it used to be the ELC, until WGCB decided to copy PC and gimp it to death.

    Now my current favourite is the Type 64, by far the best tier 6 light tank.

  41. I would say its about 5 % p2w right(kappa)

  42. Backpack PePelon

    To bad Grill15 are the worst tier10 td in game.

  43. I like my T-30. Please make a video of it. I want to play better in it

  44. Wot is 100% pay to win

  45. Knocked out the 268v4 → thumbs up

  46. Wtf 2 ap low roll 1 he low roll

  47. Luís Augusto Panadés

    This vehicle do not have the accuracy or the pen. And do not have any fucking mobility. But it is still far superior of the shit Grille 15 that wargaming pushed over us.

    I did not see you commenting about its gun dispersion on turret traverse being by far higher than the 152mm gun of russian conterpart. How is it possible?

    This is the russian bias that you never talk about. And you do not talk about your ridiculous bad accuracy.

  48. “with a quick Dabba The Tookie…” is that like jabba the hutt?

  49. Gold spamming piece of trash

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