World of Tanks – Sneaky McSneakypants

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

The T-50-2, one of the most gloriously overpowered tanks that ever was and yet didn't actually need to be or removed, so of course Wargaming did both. Not known for being particularly sneaky, though.

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  1. do you still login the garage Jingles, eventhough you dont play it yourself anymore?

  2. anonymous person

    Almost managed to go the entire battle without inflicting any direct hull damage at all on an enemy tank.

  3. I know it’s a more Warships tradition, but I expected homemade post battle result screen

  4. Best title in the history of titles !!

  5. 9 minutes video, i feel robbed

  6. WOTReplays IS nothing to do with Wargaming. It uses your WG account to login using OpenID, the same way you can log into third party sites with your Facebook, Google or Twitter account. I set up the same thing for a clan website a few years ago. So yes, this is exactly what WOTReplays said: WG broke something and they have to reverse engineer exactly how it broke.

  7. I miss the Tog videos

  8. Akazuki feels cheated, she expected to be in another battle result screen!
    Many scritches and scratches required, to make up for that good sir.

  9. Alberto Ferraboschi

    Jingles: but when physics got introduced into the game, things physically impossible became physically impossible!
    Wheeled vehicles: yeah, about that…

  10. How old is this replay??
    3 Light tanks in a PLT was over like a year ago wasnt it?
    or is 1 light per toon just an NA server thing??

    • You can still have 3 lights in a platoon at tier 6 the one light per platoon limit kicks in at tier 7.

    • @Tanki Cat
      Maybe that’s what confused me..
      Me and my Clan mates at QBall we toon at T-8 , T-9 and T-10, maybe we should drop down and toon three lil T-5 Chaffee’s and have some old school fun

  11. That things I have done in a AT8 on this map, it is really fun when a TD do that.

  12. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Very sneaky indeed

  13. I could have sworn the t50 was a tier 5 and the t50-2 was the T6.

  14. Jingles, that story remind me the last thing that made me quit.

    Anyone remember the Aufkl.Panther a.k.a spy panther or awful panther?

    I actually love that tank back when it’s in tech tree. They take it away and then try to sell it as premium iirc.

    So, instead of buying a nostalgia bait, I just simply quit.

  15. The T50-2 was mostly so overpowered because of the servers. The lag was so bad that you never knew how much lead to give for this tank exactly. So you could run straight at the enemy team at the start, kill the arty and make it out alive.

    Good times.

  16. unfair plane?

  17. Wargaming are complete twats

  18. The original 50-2 experience was like having a mini cooper car with a 1000 hp engine in it. Insanely small turning circle with clownish levels of speed that broke the laws of physics when it turned and didn’t turn the crew to jelly from the G-forces. The 50-2’s guns weren’t a problem it was 2 of them zipping across the map at the start of a match and the whole enemy team lighting up your team in the side leaving the cap circle while your team fired at the 50-2’s and 95% of the time missed them because of the clown-car driving they could pull off at full speed. A similar thing was the Type-59 wasnt broken by itself, its when the enemy team had 6-10 of them come flying down 1 side of the map as a pack at the start of the game mauling everything to death. Neither of these tanks were OP unless they had the other part of the equation. The old American TD T-49 was way more broken.

  19. Actually Jingles. Physics was introduced before t50-2 was removed. And it did fix it, it wasnt playable the same way as before (it had matchmaking that met tier 10 regularly).

  20. Best spotting I have done on this map is 8k in a is7

  21. Actually Jingles, to be fair, you login to the replay site using an OpenID implementation leveraging off WOT credentials. It’s just like logging into sites using your Steam login (e.g. the isthereanydeal website). The replay site doesn’t have to maintain it’s own separate full credentials system. I’ve no idea if WOT has direct or indirect control of the site, but they don’t have to for the site to use WOT credentials.

  22. If I remember correctly, the first thing I did when they introduced physics is flip my T-50-2 😀

  23. The long awaited sequel to “World of Broken Replays with Rear Admiral Jingles”, “World of Broken Replays with the Mighty Jingles”

  24. I would argue with the comment that he knows what he is doing, in tier 8-10 he would have been spotted the first time he fired, and also getting lucky while not paying attention and being outside of the Cromwell’s proxy by 5 meters.

  25. As someone who has only just, last week, came back to the game as a new player after not playing for 7,5 years. A lot of things have changed. But now experiencing it as a new player I feel it has improved so much. The changes to the KV and T50-2 I thought I was going nuts, seeing them both a tier higher now thinking I must have misremembered. Same with all the HE dmg that used to be done. Arty now being a constant annoyance instead of a 1shot kill if hit kinda deal. The game just feels so much more fun now 🙂

  26. The good old times, where you were either harrassed by T50-2 or in higher tier battles by platoons of T59.

    Did never like the Panzer IV Schmalturm, but with the matchmaking then it was needed, to stand even half a chance against the tanks you could face. remember there was a +3 tier spread then.
    What I can not really forgive them is that they moved the VK3601 from medium to heavy tank and significantly nerfed its mobility.
    Until then it was my favorite and most successful tank. When they allowed the konisch gun to also fire normal ammunition, it was a real killer. Was fun then going against K2s, you could bait them and before it could reload you would pump him full of 75mm shells from your konisch.

    That side of the map with the allay is great for small tanks spotting, especially if you have two heavies following you and killing everything you spot.
    It was great teamwork from 3 people not in a platoon.

    The top bush where the enemy T50-2 was, is also a great spotting location, until you get spotted, as then everyone on the map can shoot at you.

  27. Kristiaan Rossaert

    Aaw, I was looking forward to the return of Art by the Mighty Jingles with his handdrawn post batle result screens!! 😉 :p

  28. I remember playing the original KV, Panzer 4 with stupid looking turret and the T-50-2 at a time when it was actually fun to play WoT. But after WG started messing with things, and trying to extract money for tanks that I had previously enjoyed playing as part of the normal progression through the game, I gave up. WG hasn’t had a penny out of me since and whilst I still play the occasional game of Warships I can’t remember the last time I logged in to my tanks account. The other annoying thing is that I can’t make use of the gold credits that are still sitting on my tank account in Warships, as WG reneged on the point made that such credits would be transferrable across their 3 titles.

  29. If you want a sneaky light tank at tier 5 the elc bis is almost broken op. Up to 50% camo and 480m viewrange at a tier where most tanks roll around with sub 400m viewrange. Playing elc bis in maps like prokurovka and campinovka is disgusting. Im sure you remember jingles. The race car elc swarms with the huge canon. It was glorious.

  30. Ah wargaming forever disapointing us, unlike the stars of your videos. Stay safe everyone

  31. Jingles… can we get some more HMS TOG vids?

  32. ahh the T50-2, i remember watching these things literally zig zag through the middle of a fire fight, do a figure 8 in front of the heavy tanks on the front line then waltz on through to clip the arty without getting hit once!, the entire team use to stop what they were doing and try and shoot this thing when it appeared – usually unsuccessfully!

  33. before I uninstalled (3 years ago), the t-50-2 was the most consistently fun tank in the game for me. I bounced more shells of the Back of that turret than I ever did off the Front of anything else.

  34. Wot Addict Global

    Hello Jingles how are you doing today mate?

  35. Even if they reintroduced it with old physics and old turning circle, it’d be much easier to hit than it used to be.
    Back then, the spotting mechanic and hit mechanic had a much lower polling rate, which made fast moving targets far more difficult to hit.

    Also, tankers these days are simply more used to aiming at fast moving vehicles.

  36. Wot Addict Global

    I remember back in the day when it was called “KV” and yes I can confirm that it was originally at tier 5!

  37. Another thing that hurt high speed active scouts in those days was an across the board boost to the accuracy of all tanks. It used to be nearly impossible to hit little tanks zipping around.

    At the time it was a common tactic for noobs in light tanks to zip across the map at the very beginning of a battle and suicide into enemy artillery because you could drive right into the middle of an enemy spawn and not take enough damage to get killed.

  38. Great job of spotting overall. I used to call the T-50-2, the drift tank. Turn it at top speed and see how far you could slide. It was great fun in the pre-physics days.

  39. Wait I thought you couldn’t have 2 or 3 lights in a platoon? Something change?

  40. A mere 9 minutes. Are you ill Commander Jingles?

  41. I see it, click it, like it, share it, and comment… Jingles more!

  42. Well, at least it isn’t driven by a broody teenager with daddy issues.

  43. ToughAncientSpark

    @1:50 Wargambling and their infinite propensity to gouge every last nickel out of their player base!

  44. Kristoffer Mangila

    It seems that Wargaming forgot that some tanks were historically very overpowered, like the ISU-152 with the BL-10 gun. No wonder quite a ,ot of players quit playing WoT in favor of WT; those guys don’t care if the ISU is overpowered like hell, what matters to them is that it is historically accurate.

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